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Hi! Do you know where is "the international centre for the advancement of the arts and sciences of sound"?? Isn't "the lab"? (Jared's old house?). Please. Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much. P.S. Love your blog.

Based on the structure of the new pic and the placement of his inspirational photos (which I’m living for at the moment) it looks to me to be the lab at his old home in Studio City.

Which is surprising because his new home has copious spaces for recording?

So many that he’s been renting space at Wonderland out to people for video production and recording - so….we should all submit a request, right?

Maybe the The International Center For The Advancement Of The Arts And Sciences Of Sound (formerly known as The LAB) is just already well-equipped for how Jared likes shit, and he feels more comfortable recording there? Good memories maybe? A coziness he hasn’t replicated yet on the compound?

What’s most-interesting to me is that he’s holding on to that 1st  home…
I kinda love it.

Oh, and thank you for your sweetness. It’s so few and far between on tumblr - or at least in my ask inbox - so I appreciate it ; ) thank you. xo

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I have the head cannon that their names are based off like powers that they have. Like they were basically lab rats for BL/I before they ran so now they have like mutant powers, like Ghoul could go invisible and through walls like a ghost and Kobra has fangs and venom like a snake and Party has something to do with poisons and such and I'm not sure about Jet

Kobra’s powers sound pretty badass. People would probably think he’s a vampire. And Ghoul could definitely make life hell for BL/ind. (And scare the shit out of people–if he tried to steal supplies, it would look like a bunch of supplies are just floating in midair.)

I’m crying I’m watching this show nd they showed the fish tank in the house and I was like omg it’s salt water!! aaa exciting. nd then they were looking at lab results and they were like “this guy died by drowning and there were elevated levels of sodium in his system…. meaning he was drowned in sea water” and I was like holy shit he drowned in the salt water tank!!!!! and then they had to do this long complicated process of trying to figure out it was the fish tank from one of the decorations and I was like binch!!!!!!!! duh!!!!!!!

I just wanna say that I love how Cecil handled Carlos’s University head coming to look for him.  Like he saved her, but then when she asked where Carlos was he was just like, “Idk man.  Definitely not here.”

Because that’s how you handle shit when your boss comes looking for your lover.  Their bullshit is your bullshit.  Cecil doesn’t know that Carlos WANTS to talk to these people.  He hasn’t talked to them in 2 decades he probably doesn’t.  Cecil doesn’t know that Carlos didn’t fucking…  free all the lab rats or something.  He doesn’t know that they aren’t looking for him to punish or capture him or something.  And he was instantly like, “Idk what he did, I don’t care if I ever know, but I totally covered for him.”

Probably should have done that with Janice too instead of telling the whole town that she illegally broke into the hall of records but…  he’s not super consistent.

polisical the dog she did this to wasn’t carson his name is sampson and he was my old roommates dog and he was a scottish terrier/yorkie mix i think? carson is a mutt though but idk he kind of looks like a lab

idk shit about dogs though 

This morning in my first period history class, my teacher was late so we’re all talking and everything so suddenly my teacher BURSTS into the room and he’s like “Ok we’re going to the tech lab but FIRST I need to SHOW YOU SOMETHING” and we all follow him to the engineering classroom and he’s looking out the window and there’s this big-ass hot air balloon and it’s all low near our school and it gets out of sight so my teacher’s like “LET’S GO OUTSIDE” and we all run to the back door and we’re watching this balloon go by and once again, it’s out of sight so then he yells “DO WE WANNA GO OUT FRONT?!” and we’re all like “HELL YEAH” so we go back inside and we RUN through the hall and out to the front parking lot and THIS FUCKING BALLOON LANDS RIGHT THE FUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PARKING LOT and we don’t know who the hell it is and we’re all sort of confused and so the people are saying hi to us and we’re saying hi back, and the guy flying it goes “I AM THE GOD OF FIRE” and he lets out the fire and it’s loud as hell and then he asks some of the teachers (by now there were a few outside) if he can stay or if he should keep going and my teacher has no clue. So this dude asks us if it’s our first day and we’re all like “no” and he goes “DAAAAAAAMN I MESSED UP THE TIMING.“ Then the principal and vice principal come out and he goes “oh they look important” and so they tell him that he needs to take off and he’s like “alright” but before he could, one of the guys in my class ran up and took a selfie with these people and then a selfie with them and my principal and then these people just took off in their hot air balloon.

Honestly tho the worst thing about that racist math lab Prof was that he said it in stages. Like first he said he didn’t like rap, and that had a mildly negative reaction in the room, but that’s like a p general statement w/e. No big deal
then he added the whole black music comment and everybody starts looking around at each other like “wow did he RLLY just say that out loud just now” and commenting about it
At this point I’m p sure he was at least a lil aware that some students were uncomfortable and/or commenting like holy shit this guy is racist, yet despite that he feel the need to really drive home the point and told the story on how he almost got kicked out bcus of his hatred for rap music like I just???????? Why?????? Why would you say that?????? One of the other math lab prof was this young black girl and I felt so bad for her like she prob has to work with this guy all the time and he doesnt even respect his fucking coworkers holy shit

Today i went to my first lab and its a begginers course so most of us didnt have registered log in shit for the computers and the teacher is absent this week so there was like a TA there i guess and basicallu he didnt know how to get us into the computers so he said just turn them in when we can and do them at another time when we can log on. And i stood up to get a better look at his email and office and idk man i just kinda left and no one else did that i saw and i mean the ta seemed super casual about it like it seemed he hadnt given that day any thoughts until right when it started and idk i feel like an asshole like i just booked it and idk man basically i dont want to show my face in there again ever ever