I’m getting over what very well could be a friendship lost in an attempt to make it out here in the Bay Area.

One of my buddies decided to move out here after hearing about the booming industries happening in the Bay Area. I agreed to let him crash on the futon in my castle for one month if he was actively looking for work. I really should not have agreed to anything without seeing a solid plan…but it’s hard to say no to a friend at times.

The minute he shows up at my cottage, I can tell I have made a huge mistake.

Within two days my castle turned into a complete shit hole. I’m talking my kitchen looked like a cannabis meth lab and I have two dozen Sunkist 10 calorie cans scattered around.

After three weeks I finally kicked him out and bought him an AirBnb for the following six days.

One day before said AirBnb ended, I enlisted the help of my BFF Pawl (definitely a post dedicated to him later will happen, he’s incredible) to try and help my friend.

Two minutes Pawl detects my buddy has a drug problem, sees a deeper issue at hand and wants to help him get his shit together. He pulls his magic powers from the universe and lands my buddy in the backyard of a Harley Davidson lovin’ cancer survivor who needs help moving things around his property.

One day is all it took for my buddy to get kicked out of said miracle house.

Will I ever let another friend crash on my futon again? Most likely. But in the future I will be more cautious in the types of situations I place myself in. I also learned that the Bay Area moves at an incredibly fast pace, it will chew you up and spit you out if you are not committed to the grind.

Now I have my cottage back. I can now walk around the castle naked with my queen and my life is slowly returning to normal. I am extremely blessed to be living the life that I have right now, and spend every day finding ways to give back to those around me.

For once I am beginning to think about the future that reaches beyond a few months. What can I say, I have found a woman that makes me want to be a “real man”, not because she expects it, but because I want to provide a dope life for both of us because that’s what I WANT. I’m doing shit for me from now on and I am loving the results.


superrillaroo asked:

While Cortex labs is usually a quieter place (at least when a bandicoot isn't running through it), the silence would be shattered by the sound of glass breaking. Uh-oh. Looks like Rilla Roo has gotten into your lab and is tossing glass shit everywhere.

The madman quickly ran in at the sound of glass smashing against the ground and wasn’t too pleased at who he found as the culprit.

“Rilla Roo, stop that at once!!” 

He stomped angrily over to the hybrid, though making sure not to stomp on the shattered pieces of glass strewed about the room.

Well Damn(is what this is titled)

Bucky sat in the windowsill watching the water. You know in those movies when the sky seems like it’s perpetually orange? Like it’s always sunset and it’s always sun rise? That’s how the sky looked right now. It was kind of weird. Bucky sighed. Everything was shit. Steve was dead Bruce is gone Tony’s locked him self in the lab as a result of losing his Lover and science bro. Pepper still comes by but she can’t get him to speak to her. Bucky has only been able to get him to drink coffee and those Kale shakes he likes so much for some reason. Bucky has to take care of him. He lives with him he has to keep him alive some how.

Tony moved the three of them to the Malibu mansion after it had been rebuilt so that they were further from their trauma. Well almost everyone was happy to be here. Bucky remembered the day Alumina had lost her glow. It was a bad day. Tony hadn’t said anything seeming not to care about anything except work these days. Bucky sighed as a another flashback hit him. He was taking it all in stride now. They’d come they’d pass he’d be left feeling like shit but then again there’s no where else for Bucky to fall.

“I know Tony’s not are you hungry?”


serpentofishana asked:

As if things hadn't been bad enough in recent time now there seemed to be an electrical short happening in Hilda's Lab. Moments later a rift opened in the middle of the room a green haired male stumbling through the rift closing behind him. "This... doesn't look like Kokonoe's lab... I may have done the spell wrong." he muttered looking around not seeing the purple haired scientist behind him.

Hilda blinked, the giant wrench she was using to try to fix the surge dropped to the ground. She moved her glasses to rub her eyes to make sure she wasn’t seeing things.

“Who the fuck are you?” She yelled out, stomping up to poke him in the chest. “You can’t just pop in a lab like that, causing all my shit to go crazy. You could have blown up everybody in the building.”

Story time: Bug lab

Probs my favorite things about working in the bug lab are how little ppl know about what’s going on, how open we are about it, and how foul-mouthed we are. Like, my supervisor (who RUNS THE FUCKING LAB) was grumbling yesterday, and he looked up at me and went, “Why are there so many different fucking species of Muscidae?” (a family of fly)

“To piss you off?”

“That’s fucking it,” he agreed. “How are the beetles treating you?”

“I’ve flogged them into submission.”

“Good. How bad did you scare them?”

“Made two or three shit themselves, then the rest fell in line.”

“I taught you well.”

End scene, back to work.

I fucking love that lab.

packbaby asked:

*lil' baby Charlie scrambles up onto the back of his sofa to pad over to sit on his shoulder like a little scaly bird, chittering happily*

He’d been looking forward to going home since he got up that morning. Of course,
there is the added stress that he’s technically not supposed to have the raptors in
his bungalow. They’re supposed to be in the lab’s special containment enclosure;
you know, filled with all the fancy shit the guys in white coats think that baby dinosaurs
need. Owen knows better– he knows his animals better. They’ll trust him more if they
grow up as close to him as humanly possible; and what is closer than living together?
So when he finally collapses onto the moth-eaten cushions of his old couch, he’s not
the least bit surprised to have company in seconds. A smile breaks across his face
as he settles his hand gently over Charlie’s head to offer quick scratches against
her scales. 

               “Hey, sweetheart. You have a good day?”

Martin Van Buren looked like shit though...

He’s the first and only U.S. president that looks like he runs a meth lab behind the white house and only hides it with a tarp and leaves.

So I told my lab supervisor I have to get an MRI, and he went, “Why do I get the feeling you’ve had one before?”

I think he meant it as a joke, so he wasn’t expecting me to go, “Yeah, but the last one that actually worked was, like, ten years ago.”

He actually looked a little scared.