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whisper i wanna learn more about emmet

O: i me an, im hittin the bottom of the barrel, i kno that hes like 5 yrs old but u guys hav gotta understand im ADHD and hes changed so much so uh probably jst gonna go over everything so sorry if theres any repeats

  • emmet is trans!
  • hes autistic
  • he has ADHD
  • he started off being interested in being a doctor when he was really young like at 5 years old but he never really thought he would go through with it
  • little did he know when he got stranded on a dumping planet at age 12 he started to learn it from the creepy old dude who lived on the planet
  • (the old dude isnt rlly creepy and they felt like emmets first family member bc of, Stuff)
  • emmet really does have a huge crush on the mechanic on the ship, but he has absolutely no idea how to deal with having crushes so he jst deals with it terribly 
  • his favourite colour is yellow
  • his least favourite colour is pink but hes not super against it hes just not that much into it
  • his actually super squeamish, but not with cutting open bodies and stuff just mainly around food thats super soft he cannot stand it