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Hey Rebornica, so I showed my friends the colored drawing you drew of Michael with Faith and Captain on top of him, and they keep on pointing at Micheal and saying he looks like a creepy dude, and then I laugh because I know that he's like the opposite except when it comes to asking criminals about stuff.

Lel yea

Michael can be creepy if ur the criminal he is interrogating tho cause his robotic eyes can do the whole black w white pinpricks thing

Seriously, Facebook needs to be taken away from me. I mean, I hardly ever go on it anymore, but when I do … I get into fights over the Confederate flag, states rights (what is this 1865?), feminists ruining comics, and the concept of “hate the sin not the sinner”. I go over there and it’s like … PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS SHIT IS THIS REAL LIFE NEVER MIND BACK TO TUMBLR I.E. FEMINIST MARVEL FANGIRL HEAVEN.

LIS July Challenge

Day 2: Least Favorite Character

Mark Jefferson

This guy rubs me the wrong way. He gives me an uneasy feeling and he’s my number one suspect for what ever happened to Rachel. He’s creepy, and he is always singling Max out. Like, back off dude. You just want Max to win so you can creep on her in San Francisco. Ew.

I don’t even care if he does end up being a chill, hip teacher. I still think he’s gross.

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How do you feel about the obvious plot holes in the show? I personally found it very very upsetting, especially when they tried EzrA thing. I'm not saying writers should write the show as fans wish to. However it just lowers the quality of the show and makes integrity of the show questionable. Oh, and I always appreciate your posts :) I hope you have a nice day!

Writers should never cater to what fans want. Fan-service can be detrimental to a show. Buuuut, I’m reserving my judgment about plot holes for now. I want to see 6x10 and see how it all goes down and then we can think about plot holes. I really loved the Ezra is A story. I actually would have preferred if he had gone legitimately dark instead of just creepy stalker dude. >.< But anyway. I think plot holes are inevitable. It happens. The best shows have ‘em. Hopefully they’re able to fill a lot of them up by the end of summer!

i was at the gym running on a treadmill and there was an elderly Indian guy (def older than my parents) behind me off to the side on some other machine and i kept getting a really uncomfortable feeling and every time I would take a quick break and turn around, i found him staring at me. finally i moved to go lift weights and a few minutes later he came up to me to tell me that im doing a great job (???) before he left

A Bit Too Late - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Request: Liam imagine where there’s a dance coming up and she gets asked by another guy before liam does and she says yes? Thanks!!!

“You know, you’re never gonna get anywhere if you just sit here and stare at her,” Stiles said, stuffing another cafeteria-cooked French fry in his mouth.

Liam had been staring at you from across the cafeteria since lunch had started, and as long as you remained oblivious to his loving glances, he was going to continue them.

“Dude, seriously, this is creepy,” Stiles shook his head. “Just ask her to the dance already.”

Liam sighed finally looking away from you to look down at his completely full plate. He poked at the macaroni on his plate with a plastic fork.

“I can’t,” he mumbled.

“And why not?”

At that point, Liam wished that the rest of the pack was there; he figured they’d be better to talk to about this Stiles who was not helping the situation at all. Nevertheless, the pack had gotten themselves stuck with lunch detention for something Liam couldn’t even remember.

“The other day I overheard her say that dances weren’t her thing. She thinks they’re stupid.”

“Uh huh, and by overheard, you mean eavesdropping?”

“That’s beside the point, Stiles,” Liam rolled his eyes.

“Whatever,” Stiles retorted. He stood up, grabbing ahold of his nearly empty lunch tray.

Later that day, Liam spotted you at your locker like he usually did before your last class of the day. This time, however, he wanted to move in to talk to you. He was actually going to try listening to Stiles.

His confidence was at an all time high until he noticed an unfamiliar boy walk up to you and slip his hand around your waist. Liam’s heart shattered as you smiled up at the boy, giggling as he kissed your cheek.

And even though Liam wanted nothing more than to run away and hide, he still found himself walking over to you and your new love interest. He had no clue why.

“H-hey, [Y/n],” Liam stuttered.

You turned away from the boy beside him to look at Liam who only ever really talked to you when he needed to borrow notes or the occasional pen and pencil.

“Hey, Liam! Did you need to borrow my math notes again?” You automatically assumed.

“No, I was actually just stopping by to say hey.”

“Oh,” you nodded, “Well, ey.” You tightly gripped the strap of your bookbag when an awkward tension filled the air.

“So who’s this?” Liam took a quick glance at the silent boy beside you.

“Oh, right, sorry! This is Nate. He’s my…friend. He actually asked me to the dance last week,” you informed joyfully. “Nate, this is my friend Liam.”

“Nice to meet you,” Nate said.

Liam brushed it off as if he hadn’t said anything, “I’ve never seen you before. You go to school here?”

“Yeah, I’m a junior.”

“Oh,” Liam said quietly. He slightly glared at the older boy.

“Yeah, well I better get going to class,” Nate said awkwardly. He turned to you. “I’ll talk to you later?” he asked.

“Of course.” You leaned up to kiss his cheek which made Liam furious, but he somehow managed to contain his anger—well, barely.

“Bye, [Y/n]. Bye, Liam.”

Liam mumbled a small ‘bye’ under his breath.

The better part of him wanted to be nice to your new ‘friend’, but he just couldn’t find it in himself to do so. He could only imagine he’d be in Nate’s position if he’d asked you out earlier, but poor Liam was just a bit too late.

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So I went on that slightly creepy dude's account and he exclusively reblogs you, and I'm fairly certain he's reblogged everything you've posted, even the one calling him a creep... ...what a creep.

I just blocked him, weird as hell, he should find someone else to annoy

OutOfBooks: So I just nearly had a heart attack walking my dog.

Was in the back area of my apartment, where there’s a parking lot and grassy areas, and there is a few lamps and stuff lighting the place up in specific areas, but for the most part it’s fairly dark. So I’m walking, and there is one more person out there with me, some old man that looks like a stereotypical trucker. Flannel shirt, jeans, baseball caps, that stuff. He’s just kind of walking around, which is already pretty creepy cause I have no clue what he’s doing. He looked like he was just walking around the perimeter of the parking lot. idk. 

Either way, I’m walking, headphones over my ears, not paying attention to this man, when I just suddenly hear a few male voices screaming “RUN! HE’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU! RUN!!!”

You know it’s creepy when you hear that and then turn around to see Trucker Man like 20 steps behind you going in the same direction.

At this point, if this guy was going to kill me, he had a perfect chance cause I’m just standing there, staring at him, asking him what’s going on. He walks past saying that he has no idea. I take that moment to turn the other way and just walk back into the apartment.

So I either met a killer who didn’t kill me because there were people who would witness the crime, or a bunch of teens are standing on a balcony and playing a joke on me.


but in reality he isn’t and the creepy mask dudes have kidnapped him???

I know, its not likely but a girl can dream

When Mom and Dad Aren’t There

Even with no bad guys or evils to defeat, the Hale Pack still finds themselves in conflict.

On AO3. On Fanfiction.

After everything was said and done, the pack was comfortable around each other and around Stiles and Derek, but everything was pretty dull due to the lack of activity.

Things slowly went back to how they were and maybe even better.

Scott was still that protective older brother they all needed. Jackson was still an attention deprived, ‘tough’ guy that believed he always needed to prove himself. Peter was still a really creepy dude. Ethan and Aiden… well they were nice and more open. Ethan could cook so that was a plus. Aiden was a lot like Jackson, which was not always a good thing. Isaac was still the baby of the pack - somewhat since Liam had pretty much stolen his place. Isaac didn’t mind though, he was content with just being in the pack.

Erica was still a spitfire who somehow ended up with Boyd, the most level headed boy ever. Allison was still a badass and a sweetheart, somehow at the same time, along with being something like a big sister to the pack. Lydia was still a bitchy genius and Danny was still… Danny.

Kira and Malia hung out a lot with Allison, Erica and Lydia, who were ecstatic about having more girls in their group. Liam was still their favorite little hot head. Stiles was still their hyperactive pack mom and Derek was still their broody Alpha who was actually getting less broody.

At the pack’s high point, Stiles and Derek thought maybe they’d reward themselves with a trip.

The trip went well for them. The same could not be said for the rest of the pack.

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When people make Brett out to be this awful creepy guy who would sexually harass girls in the field house or say demeaning things to them bc they’re friends/dating Liam or suggest that he could be abusive or other things like that, I honest to god want to fight them. Brett was a total dick (especially to Liam) in the beginning but by the end of s4, or even at the end of the first few episode he’s in, he turns out to be a good guy.

If you want to write about a guy like that use Peter. He’s literally a psychopath. He’s a creepy dude. I love him and he’s a great character but he’s actually a bad person. Brett isn’t

|| stolen-dragon-pearl ||

Tyrone had been following the girl for a little over an hour now. He could understand how that might come off as totally creepy, but- he had good reason! This girl had wings. Wings, dude. And he was more than determined to find out just what was up with that.

However, he’d managed to blow his cover in a matter of seconds. Taking a step to follow after, the boy tripped, going down to land on his front side with a surprised yelp. Oh, no. He sighed to himself, not even noticing that he’d caught the girl’s attention as he moved to brush himself off.


Beorn’s Honeycakes, from The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien! 

When I was a wee lass, I remember devouring The Hobbit in a few days, my stomach growling the entire time. What is it with fantasy writers and delicious descriptions of food? My favorite character in the book was definitely Beorn, however - as wonderfully wry as Bilbo could be, Beorn was just this marvellous, cheerful and yet ever so slightly dangerous enigma.

I also really enjoyed his house, mostly because I loved (and still love!) animals of all kinds and it was fun to read about the sheep and the bees living in harmony with him. He was also a gigantic scary man who happened to be a vegetarian, which impressed me quite a bit! 

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