Short interview at the Mercury prize nomination


Harry knew he had some rotten luck from time to time, and the fact that the death eaters messed up the ritual he had been studying as an unspeakable was testament to that fact. He had just been about to power the runes when he was hit hard, knocked back into the time turner case behind him.

Which is how he ended up in 1975, in his parent’s fifth year. But that’s beside the point. Now he was trapped in the past with no way back….further than he had intended to go. He wanted to travel to his first year, adopt himself, and guide himself.

He looked at Dumbledore stood before the school after the first years were sorted. He shifted, seeing how his own skin glittered in the light, courtesy of his time sand infused scars. He still isn’t sure if that will affect him.

“Welcome to a new year!” Dumbledore said with a smile, “Before I get into yearly announcements…we have a transfer student to place. Harrison Riddle, please come forward.”

Riddle. Harry had a wicked sense of humor and couldn’t go by Potter. So he chose Riddle…claiming his life was a riddle now. Besides…it would drive Voldemort crazy so he wasn’t going to pass up this chance. He took a seat on the stool and the hat touched his head.

“Aha! I’ve sorted you before…” the hat cried, “But what’s this? A time traveling unspeakable? Interesting….so where should I place you. You are here to destroy Voldemort early….such ambition. Yes….I know where you’ll go…”

SLYTHERIN!” The hat cried.

Harry didn’t even blink as he stood, seeing Dumbledore look at him in worry and suspicion. No doubt assuming he is the son of the dark lord or other such nonsense. He walked to the Slytherin table, and sat near a young Snape. He might as well start with him.


sarahkristena  asked:

How do you thing Sirius would react to The 1975? Would he accept them because his s/o loved them? Would he hate them on the outside but love them secretly?

I really think he would genuinely like them. When I listen to the songs, I associate a lot of them with Sirius and his personality, or at least what I think it to be like. :)