he was such a perfectionist

Photographer looks for the light and rolls with the punches at RNC, DNC

Photographer looks for the light and rolls with the punches at RNC, DNC

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(CNN)About 20,000 photos.

That’s how many pictures CNN photographer

John Nowak

snapped over the past two weeks, during the Republican and Democratic conventions. So which one is his favorite? A difficult question, considering he’s such a perfectionist. “It’s tough to choose one image as my favorite,” Nowak said. “I might be happy with five, maybe less.” But he is partial to one image — of a…

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anonymous asked:

How about you try to describe what their dicks would look like? Like, everything, in your opinion/imagination, from length to the way they groom themselves. 😏

Jaebum: I don’t think he has a very large one, I think he’d look average but it’s a very pretty dick with a glistening tip, I think he has some hair there but not too much

Mark: not too big, not too small, but thick for sure and he shaves it off most of the time

Jackson: this one’s thick and a bit longer than the average, a lot of veins, he doesn’t shave it a lot, maybe once a month

Junior: pretty jinyoungie has a beautiful cock, it’s small but still satisfying, it’s just really cute and I think he’d shave everything cause he might feel uncomfortable with hair down there, probably also because he’s a perfectionist

Youngjae: believe it or not but I think this one has a nice decent dick, very thick and definitely a nice amount of hair, he’d groom it once a week

Bambam: well, he does say it’s big and stuff but I honestly think he has a cute little one, not too little though, just enough, hairless

Yugyeom: ughhhhhhh listen to me, he has the biggest and longest one out of all of them, trust me in this, this boy has a nice veiny dick and short hairs that he’s too lazy to shave

“I haven’t slept in days and you choose now of all times to bother me?” Danny wasn’t trying to be harsh or cruel or rude but he really needed sleep being up for over 48 hours because of his perfectionist nature was wearing on him. “So unless you’ve got an emergency or you intend on laying with me, please leave,” he mumbles from where he lay in his bed.

Will Smith Makes Three Crazy ‘Tonight Show’ Entrances

Will Smith stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his new movie Suicide Squad. The 47-year-old actor came out dancing, but once he sat down, Will felt like his entrance could have been better. So Smith went backstage and Fallon introduced him again. This time he came rolling out in one of those giant human hamster balls.

Once again, Smith felt like he didn’t give the audience the entrance they deserved, so he went back and tried it again. Fallon hurried through the introduction and the curtain opened revealing a Soul Train-style dance line. Smith then danced his way down the middle and over to Fallon’s desk. The host thought it was an amazing entrance, but Smith is a perfectionist and felt he could do it even better.

So, one more time, Fallon mumbled quickly through his introduction, then the curtain opened and an entire choir walked out singing “He’s Will Smith” over and over again. The Concussion star then rode out on a unicorn (a horse with a horn strapped to its head), dismounted, and walked down a red carpet while the choir continued singing. Fallon joined Smith onstage and the two exclaimed, “That is an entrance!”

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on CBS. 

See why Donald Trump was partly responsible for Matt Damon’s career:

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Will Smith Makes Three Crazy ‘Tonight Show’ Entrances

Will Smith stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote his new movie, Suicide Squad. The 47-year-old actor came out dancing, but once he sat down, Will felt like his entrance could have been better. So Smith went backstage and Jimmy introduced him again. This time Will came rolling out in one of those giant human hamster balls.
Once again, Will felt like he didn’t give the audience the entrance they deserved, so he went back and tried it again. Jimmy hurried through the introduction and the curtain opened revealing a Soul Train style dance line. Will then danced his way down the middle and over to Jimmy’s desk. The Tonight Show host felt like that was an amazing entrance, but since Will is a perfectionist, he felt like he could do it even better.
So one more time, Jimmy mumbled quickly through his introduction and the curtain opened with a whole choir walking out and singing “He’s Will Smith” over and over again. The Concussion star then rode out on a unicorn (a horse with a horn strapped to its head), dismounted, and walked down a red carpet while the choir continued singing. Jimmy joined Will onstage as the two exclaimed, “That is an entrance!”

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SRK feels he can never be disciplined like perfectionist Aamir Khan

Like everybody else, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is very impressed with Aamir Khan’s look in ‘Dangal’. Talking about Aamir’s fitness, King Khan expressed that the 'PK’ star is very disciplined and works really hard on his body. SRK continued that he can never be this disciplined in life. Interestingly, Shah Rukh also spilled the beans that he started working out only after 'Om Shanti Om’. Good to see such dedication in Bollywood stars.

He was nervous to say the least. The box in his pocket felt a million pounds and he shifted nervously from foot to foot in the bathroom of the restaurant. It was one of her favorites, he knew, and he had managed to get a good table with the reservation he had gotten earlier in the week. His nerves weren’t from what she’d say but rather what he was going to say. He had a whole speech planned out and Elijah was a perfectionist to an alarming degree in every aspect of his life so he went over his speech in the empty bathroom before facing the inevitable with slightly sweaty palms and a fluttering of his stomach. 

Clearing his throat, he walked through the crowds of people in the restaurant until he came to rest at their own table, his eyes meeting hers for the first time in too long  - even if it had just been about twenty minutes. He could see the concern there from his absence and wished to wipe it away but he stayed silent and took a seat. “Have you decided what you’ll have?” Inwardly he winced at the sterile tone used but it was out into the open now. 


Bespoke by Megan McFerren and Val Prozorova is a contemporary gay romance from LT3 Press.

Vance is having a terrible day, and the crowning insult is his lost luggage, which contained all the suits he needed for the conference he’s attending. An unbending perfectionist, he refuses to settle for some cheap, shoddy substitute.

He is directed to Ethan Adler, a supposedly brilliant tailor who proves to be too brash, proud, presumptuous, and handsome to possibly be any good at his job. When he completely ignores everything Vance says, set on his own design, Vance is determined to teach him a lesson—but it’s a lesson that may cost him far more than a perfect suit.

Pick it up at LT3, Amazon, Kobo, B&N, iTunes, ARe, Bookstrand, Smashwords, or request it at your local library!

Irrfan Khan - The many faced screen God

Irrfan Khan – The many faced screen God

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Versatility is feat that comes naturally to Irrfan Khan. Undoubtedly one of the most talented actors of the current generation, Irrfan is known for his spectacular choice of roles. The National award-winning actor’s character portrayals have all stood out, not just with his impeccable acting but with the unique looks adapted for each role. The perfectionist that he is, Irrfan inculcates the…

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Enneagram: Enneatypes’ Passions and Virtues

Enneatype 1 – The Perfectionist

Idealist, reliable, efficient. He yearns for perfection, his Primary Emotion is Anger, which is generally interiorized. That makes him extremely critical of himself and other people; he feels ethically superior and judges harshly.  The Enneatype 1 is often an individual who feels his childhood has been stolen; he had to grow up too quickly and he is convinced that he will be loved only if he manages to carry out his own tasks in a perfect way.  Obsessive search for perfection originates this Enneatype’s distinctive Deadly Sin: Anger.

Enneatype 2 – The Giver

Loving, generous and empathic.  His main concern is to get other people’s appreciation and meet their needs, often neglecting his own interests.  His Primary Emotion is the Need of Recognition by Others, in particular by those people he considers close to him.  His distinctiveDeadly Sin is Pride.  The Giver decided to love and serve the others to receive appreciation and gratitude in return; He finds it difficult to receive criticism as he feels superior to the others by virtue of his extraordinary capacity to love.

Enneatype 3 – The Performer

Optimist, pragmatic, success-oriented.  He devotes himself to be competitive and efficient, and identifies himself with the results he gets.  His main faults are deceitfulness, narcissism and superficiality.  His Primary Emotion is the Need of Recognition by Others for his professional achievements.  His Deadly Sin is Deceit: when he is carrying out a plan he doesn’t hesitate to resort to manipulation and lies to reach his goal.

Enneatype 4 – Tragic Romantic

Individualist, creative, refined, very sensitive. He has an artistic temperament, avoids ordinariness and is emotionally intense.  He might seem moody, shy and vulnerable.  HisPrimary Emotion is the Need of Recognition by Others for his originality.  His Deadly Sin isEnvy: the Tragic Romantic experiences a sense of deprivation and longs for what he feels he is lacking, he tends to pursue unachievable goals.  He rejects real life but at the same time he feels attracted to it as if he was “missing” it.

Enneatype 5 – The Observer

Intuitive, curious, self-controlled.  His Primary Emotion is the Fear of other people’s obtrusiveness.  He is attracted to knowledge and tends to isolate himself feqeuently.  He might seem cold and aloof but he is actually an hypersensitive person.  Often eccentric, he may be noted for his innovative ideas.  His Deadly Sin is Avarice in the broad sense of the word: theObserver is basically incapable to give himself.

Enneatype 6 – The Loyal Skeptic

Cordial, trustworthy, security-oriented. His Primary Emotion is the Fear of other people’s unreliability.  He is cautious and anxious, he can face up fear in two different ways: a phobic Enneatype 6 sees danger and traps everywhere, even when there is no reason to feel threatened, while a counter-phobic has a cheeky and sometimes imprudent attitude.  The Loyal Skeptic’s ambivalence can be seen also in his relationship with the authority: on the one hand he doesn’t put up with the authority, on the other hand he tries to find charismatic figures to delegate his decisions to.  At his best Enneatype 6 is reliable, cooperative and well integrated with his work group.  His Deadly Sin, Fear, reveals itself as a social phobia, a lack of confidence in other people, which induces the Loyal Skeptic to follow a relational strategy centered on estrangement and unobtrusiveness.

Enneatype 7 – The Epicure

Cheerful, playful, hedonist, he could be described as an eternal Peter Pan.  His Primary Emotion is the Fear of Boredom.  That’s the reason why he is perpetually looking for fun, new experiences and thrills.  Usually, he is narcissist, superficial, impulsive and undisciplined; he tends to avoid (and often deny) pain, and he can’t understand other people’s problems.  At his best the Enneatype 7 is charming, imaginative and a good entertainer; he fulfills himself within creative and stimulating environments.  His Deadly Sin is Gluttony, in the widest sense of the word: the Epicure is “hungry” of new sensations, pleasure, social prestige, although, due to hectic way he tries to satisfy his appetite, he doesn’t taste life in its fullness.

Enneatype 8 – The Protector

Dynamic, practical, self-confident.  He lives life as a struggle: his Primary Emotion is Anger, which is processed consciously and expressed through the constant search of conflicts with others as a demonstration of strength and to defend his territory.  He is aggressive, despotic and egocentric, but at his best the Enneatype 8 might prove to be protective and generous, and devote all his strength to serve the others.  The Protector’s distinctive Deadly Sin is Lust, not referring to the sexual connotation of the word, but referring to its etymon, “Lúxus”, whose meaning is “to be eager for  things”.  In the Enneatype 8 this tendency manifests itself as a desire to demonstrate to be always the strongest, to be always right even at the cost of smashing the others.

Enneatype 9 – The Mediator

Affable, tolerant, tactful.  He loves peace and devotes himself to avoid any kind of conflict.  HisPrimary Emotion is Anger, which is processed unconsciously and rarely expressed.  The Enneatype 9 tends not to take sides and prefer to let himself be guided by other people.  He is passive and complaisant.  At his best, as  Enneatype 9’s definition suggests, he is an excellent mediator, capable of bringing a conflict to an end and re-establish harmony among the people.  His Deadly Sin is Sloth.  The Mediator tends to stay at the margins, he renounces to express his opinions and adapts himself to the others rather than altercate and compromise the harmony of the environment he lives in.

In the articles for the following issues we will analyse more accurately each Enneatype and its traits, in order to provide a wider and more detailed description of Ennegram’s character types.

reginae-noctis  asked:

🍳 — cooking


I’m very unsure about this one because while I definitely don’t see Camus as a master chef who spends his time on this, he is a pastry chef in an AU of utapri, and he is a perfectionist who most likely is very good at – at least – following instructions from a book, I can’t really see him messing up during cooking, but at the same time… why would ha waste his time on this? He may as well go to a restaurant, he may as well have someone cook for him (like Haruka lmao). It can honestly go either way. There was this OVA that I still haven’t watched where like everyone was cooking or whatever? And I don’t think Camus was cooking in it, but just in case he was – I’m leaving this open because I’m unsure. Then again. If he’d have some hidden cooking skills I suspect I’d have heard about it somewhere ( it’s been years since I checked official info on him tho lmao ).

anonymous asked:

Detective!Wright, What are your thoughts on the fop?

“Oh, y’mean that new kid with the fakey euro-rock accent? He’s uh… he’s certainly something. I haven’t really got a chance to work with him yet but I’ve heard stories. They say he’s a bit of a perfectionist… which is really the only professional thing about him, apparently. I dunno. I can’t help but roll my eyes a bit but I guess I should give him the benefit of the doubt, right?”

He doesn’t say much to the actors. But he told me to put away the book I had brought for our scene – Cate and I are strangers on a plane – and listen to her as if I had known her for a very long time. He’s also known for doing only a few takes, but Cate is a perfectionist, and I don’t think Woody was used to that. We did endless takes. He’d say, ‘We have quite a few good ones,’ and she’d say, ‘Just one more.’ That’s why she’s so good. That’s why the movie is so good.
—  Joy Carlin  (appears in one of the very first scenes in blue Jasmine)

anonymous asked:

What would Sasori be like if his parents were still alive in a modern day AU?

Hmmmm I’d say Sasori would grow up to be more relaxed, very ambitious, and very enthusiastic. He’d be eager to let his parents in on his hobbies, especially if it still had something to do with puppets. I feel he’d also be more open to making friends and inviting people in, instead of brushing them off and isolating himself. He’d still retain his need to be punctual and refined though, which would make him a very reliable friend to have. He’d still be a little harsh sometimes though, mostly because he’d be quite the perfectionist, and would try to correct his friends or people he cared about 

My “this is why I do this” was a very calm and collected kid. He was by far the most hard-working kid I had in any of my classes, but particularly in his class. He was always the last one finished with any assignment, because he always made sure to show his work and then double check and triple check, and if he wasn’t sure about something he’d try it again, over and over until the bell rang. He wasn’t a perfectionist, he just really wanted to show me what he could do. Unfortunately, he often missed the mark – by a lot. But I refused to give up on him, I was infinitely patient with him, and I always gave him my full attention if he desired it (which may have been a little unfair to the others, but they weren’t trying nearly as hard, so…). Then, we got to the last test before the midterm. Like usual, he was the last one to turn it in, right at the bell. I decided that as a treat, on Monday everyone that got a 100 would get a candy bar. So I went home to grade the tests, and this kid had gotten a 96! Sure, technically it wasn’t a 100, but for this kid it was like a 130%. So when I went to buy the candy bars for the 100’s, I made sure to grab one for him too. The day I handed out the tests and the candy bars, I asked him to stay after class so I could personally congratulate him and give him his reward (I didn’t want the other kids to question why he was getting something too). The look on his face when he saw how proud i was of him still brings tears to my eyes (including right now). Then when I offered him his candy bar, he refused – he told me he hadn’t earned it. He didn’t want a reward unless he earned it like everybody else. Not only was he respectful and hard-working, he was also incredibly modest.

To this day, whenever I have a bad day and I’m thinking “Why am I doing this,” I think about this specific student and I am reminded. I am doing this for him. I am doing this for those who truly want to be great, those who need somebody that will believe in them and push them to achieve greatness, those who want nothing more than for somebody to celebrate their greatness with them.