he was so good in this :(

Okay but consider:

Changbin when he smiles really hard and his nose scrunches and so do his eyes and he looks super cute

I really hope we get to see more of Hill in Food Fantasy because his intro was basically the funniest moment.

Ichi, lost in the woods: hey can you help me

Hill: ?!? Get out of my house?!?

Ichi: We’re outside?!?

Hill, reaching for a big stick: I won’t ask twice!

Ichi: Ok fine god!

Ichi, probably still within sight: oh shit I should have asked him to teach me to roast fish.


71: Kestrelflight

Me: Kestrelflight is canonically grey and white

My brain: no his name is KESTRELflight give him kestrel colours and also make his design really cluttered and ridiculous looking for no reason 

Me: h,,,

What I say: indruck is mostly a crack ship but i love it
What i mean: indrid and duck have an astounding amount of interesting parallels that would really work in a relationship. They’re both running away from something- indrid his past, duck his future. They both have premonitons of the future that could tie them together even further. Them being together allows a level of confrontation to what they were running from-duck provides indrid access to try and help again, indrid provides duck a way to really see what his destiny could become. They’re both,in ways, shut off from everyone else- Indrid more literally, Duck more figuratively. Even though we’ve barely met Indrid, the fact that all these parallels already are clear means theres a lot of potential in their relationship
Me: but yeah. A crack ship.