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Alright I finally finished this lil project of mine that was inspired by @smedenn ‘s cosplay. This also helped with me a lot practicing backgrounds cause I’m normally shit at them, so if you’re able to find all the lil Easter eggs and references I put in their rooms I’ll be a very happy clam cause I worked way too long on them. But yeah! Hopefully you guys like these and see if you can find all the refs :]

Link to op: https://smedenn.tumblr.com/post/174901763738/all-my-different-sander-sides-cosplays-all

Bonus Remy!


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@smedenn (sry to tag ya twice, but only doing so so I don’t forget to add ya to my tag list :] sry if it’s annoying)


I sketched these about a year ago, finished them this year and I’m posting them now, a few months after finishing. Don’t Starve is a good game (DST especially) and I love all of the characters. I never play as Maxwell unless he is given to me at random, but he’s my hubby’s favorite. Besides, drawing him is so much fun! Lets see if I’ll draw the rest of the gang…


Pride Month: My Favorite LGBT+ Characters

1. Loki Laufeyson (Marvel) - Bisexual & Genderfluid

“Your savior is here!”

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“thank you. for standing up to him.”

(or the one in which chapter 192 of bnha left me a sobbing mess)

  • merle when he arrives at an ipre family get-together: okay guys i brought my new paramour, as the kids are calling it
  • lup: first off no one calls it that you old, old man, second off holy fuck you have a date???
  • john hunger, appearing from behind a corner, avoiding eye contact: hello
  • taako, amidst the shouting of Everyone Else but merle who looks vaguely confused by how upset they all are: well well well, if it isn't hungry john the vore man................let's get one thing clear. i am Not calling you dad

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Hnnng I love this Tsunade & Kakashi content! I’ve always had the headcanon that if Sakumo had survived the Sannin would have been like eccentric uncles/aunt and Kakashi would forever be impressed with his Aunt Tsunade’s muscles. She would tease him and they’d be Salt Buddies from the time Kakashi could talk. When the other jounin and their kids find out it’s in the most ridiculous way possible. Jiraiya fears when they team up because no one escapes unscathed 🤣

HI I LIKE this headcannon so much I was even willing to draw jiraiya. in this house, we pretend jiraiya as not a huge creep because yea.

also I love drawing shit kid kakashi