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I guess is finally time to show him

I had been drawing and think about a character history for two days, and now i finished with the most important thing.

He’s Mr Patrick, teacher at the Inkwell school.

He’s currently working like a teacher at the age of 52. Patrick did have a lot of students in his life and he’s pround of everyone and happy to see them have great works. [For example = Beppi and Bon Bon].

At the moment he’s teacher of the cup bros and, he’s having some difficulties with Cuphead.

But he knows quiet well Cuphead can have better notes just with a little more of motivation. He’s going to do whatever just to make him pass and see him happy. Because great grades gives everyone a big smile [That’s one of my teachers always told to me, i mish her].

He’s a teacher that everyone can trust, he’s like a friend to everyone [a really old one] and Patrick is going to help everyone solve their problems.

Often Mr Patrick gets excited so much about his classes even if the students don’t want to [He even make jokes to cheer a little his students]. When Mr Patrick start the classes, from the beginning to the end somehow he manage to do really interesting and enjoyable work.

About his fashion sense, well, we can se he’s kinda colorful, isn’t it? Patrick likes it. 

Patrick besides being a really good teacher, he’s a friendly man with a enormous love to books. Is normal to see him at the park readding some books or even correcting exams. The calm park make him more confortable. 

He still talks with old students when he have free time, and they, sometimes, hang out to drink some coffee and chat about regular life things.

Mr Patrick doesn’t like talking about the past, so don’t even try asking him. That make him uncomfortable. 

He never married someone and never had kids, he doesn’t need any.

Mr Patrick know well how to defend his students and himself when there’s troubles outside. 

He can generate ink in his hand and create a ink sword with it. 

He’s a knight for everyone.

And this is all i can say about him.

Mr patrick is the best teacher in inkwell and a knight with golden armor for everyone.

Who inspired Tove when creating Snufkin?

Snufkin was inspired by Tove Jansson herself, her brother Lars, but above all Tove’s boyfriend from the beginning of the 1940’s, Atos Wirtanen. Snufkin appeared in Moomin stories at the time when the couple was dating and during their years together, Tove wrote and illustrated the first five Moomin books. Since Tove’s Moomin books inspired Atos, his idea was also the Moomin comic strips. In 1947 the first Moomin comic strips (Moomintroll and The End of The World) were published in newspaper Ny Tid where Atos worked as an editor.

Snufkin reminds Atos a lot with his looks – hat and pipe were common for both of them. Also the backpack describes how they were coming and going all the time. Atos’ view of free life where the material assets are unnecessary is also one of the best known traits of Snufkin.

Atos Wirtanen

In many ways the relationship of Moomintroll (Tove’s alter-ego) and Snufkin describes the relationship between Tove and Atos. Moomintroll admires Snufkin who still is quite distant and very often Moomintroll is also experiencing a deep sense of longing and yearning when Snufkin is leaving for his adventures or choosing to be at peace with his own thoughts. Moomintroll tries to understand Snufkin’s desire for freedom, even though the waiting is not easy.


Cernunnos is the Celtic god of life, fertility, wealth, animals, and the underworld.

“At the Sacred Centre, in the Grove of all Worlds, He sits with legs crossed beneath an ancient Oak. Entranced, connecting the three worlds Earth, Sea, and Sky, and the worlds behind the worlds, the god and the Great Tree are One, His immense limbs widespread, stretching into distant sky and starry space.”

Cernunnos is considered to be one of the oldest gods in Celtic origins. It is believed that he was around even when dinosaurs were around. When humans came around Cernunnos became even more relevant as he began to be painted and carved into caves abroad.

Cernunnos is the son of Anu. Cernunnos was brought to complete the circle of life.


Cernunnos is depicted as being half human while wearing an antler crown. Cernunnos is the leader of hunt and harvest rules. Not only does Cernunnos have a deep connection with animals; Cernunnos is considered to be ‘The Guardian of The Green World’ and is one with the trees. His branching antlers symbolize the tops of trees spreading wide. Wisdom of Cernunnos consists of “the old must pass away to make way for the new”. Along with this Cernunnos is also a god of The Underworld, he comforts and sings to the dead souls to their rest. Cernunnos also pursues the souls of evil beings. Another form of Cernunnos is known as Pan. Pan is a proud celebration and has quite the sexual energy. Pan is not associated with human interest or violence, rather the life and death of The Natural World. If this domain is threatened, you are subject to fear or panic being induced upon you.

Interesting fact about Cernunnos is that he was mentioned by William Shakespeare himself as Herne the Hunter, the demon and guardian of Windsor Forest, the Royal Wood.

Chant of Cernunnos:


Stag Horned Hunter, Hunted One

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Greenwood Lord of Life and Death

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Herne and Pan and Every Man

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But you don’t understand! Hero was the first ever video I watched of Monsta X. And now they’re singing it in Japanese (my favorite language and the one I’m trying to learn)!!! This line was the reason I fell in love with Wonho! Oh my gaawd my heart is engulfed in so much nostalgia and feels I cannot…


Gotham | 4.15