he probably wonders how peter puts up with it

Honest to god Wade is me

Peter Parker Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: can you write an werewolf AU where ur a werewolf and ur dating peter parker. and so one night he invites you over to dinner (he invited the avengers as well) and you decided to go. but than he wants you to stay longer, and you didn’t want to hurt his feelings so you stayed, but the thing was, the night you were staying was the night the full moon was. and so as the full moon shined through the window, you race up to his bedroom and you started to transform. he wonders what’s going on, thx sm!! ♥

A/N: Werewolf AU || it’s long ;3

Warning: fluff

‘‘You better not have any plans with anybody tonight Y/N. It’s full moon tonight and you know what that means-’‘

‘‘Werewolf transformation.’’ you finish for her.

‘‘Yeah.. Yeah, I know mom. You’ve mentioned it ever since this morning. No need to keep telling me every hour.’‘ you sigh, rolling your eyes.

‘‘Just warning you honey.’‘ your mom smiles, ruffling up your hair with her hand.

‘‘Don’t worry mom.. I’ve got nowhere to go. I’m a lone wolf, remember?’‘ you smirk, pulling your phone out.

    Your mom laid a kiss on your head and than went off upstairs to sew up some clothes that you’ve ripped from previous transformations. Right after she left, your phone vibrated and a text popped up. It was from your crush, Peter Parker.

‘‘Hey Y/N. If you aren’t doing anything, I was wondering if you’d like to join me and some friends for dinner tonight?’‘ peter texted.

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Never be like you

A/N: So I haven’t written in quite some time and wanted to write a little something. This is based off the song Never be like you by Flume and kai. Requests are open so request away!! 

Warnings: Swearing, a really self doubtful reader and kinda sad?

Pairing: Peter Parker x Fem reader

(Not my gif, credit to owner)

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I can’t help it. Everything I do leads me to self-sabotage. I deny every opportunity of happiness. I have always been like this. I just cant accept the fact that something good will happen to me. God, what I would do to take away this fear. I would do anything to have him, Peter Parker in my arms again. I’m a fuck up and I know it. I fuck up every good thing in my life because I never think i’m good enough. I hurt him and now i’m laying in bed with a complete stranger and he’ll never be like Peter. I’m always so wrapped up in meaningless things that I never realize what I need is right in front of me. I would give anything to change how I am. I would give anything to have Peter back because the person next to me is not the one that I yearn for, he is not Peter and he never will be. No man will.

Peter was the best thing that ever happened to me but I pushed him away because I was too afraid to let him in. Peter looked at me like no one else, he looked at me like I was a goddess. He saw all my imperfections as masterpieces and always reassured me that I was beautiful. The way he looked at me, like no other. You could see the love and pure adoration in his eyes. I am such a fuck up and yet he still loved me. I took a perfectly good boy and fucked him over all because I was too insecure about our relationship. 

How did Peter do it? How did he put up with me? How did I make him want to stay? These are the questions I ask myself late at night when the stranger next to me is asleep and I am still up wondering about the relationship that use to be. Peter has probably gotten over me by now. I bet he doesn’t think about me like I do him. Thinking of all the ways I could have saved this relationship by letting him in. 

Even though there is someone next to me I feel alone in this bed without Peter. I feel empty inside. I fucked up and I miss him. I miss him so much. I keep replaying the night we broke up over and over in my head. The way he looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes that I loved to get lost in when I told him I that I didn’t love him and we needed to see other people. I watched something in him shatter and I regretted it right away. Before that night I had spent weeks shutting him out because I knew deep down he would find someone better and eventually leave me. I miss him so fucking much. Why do I have to mess up every good thing in my life? Why do I push people away?

After months and months of missing Peter I finally got the courage and went to his apartment to apologize. I know i’m not good enough for him and I don’t expect him to take me back after I broke him but I guess its worth a shot. 

I knocked on his door and right away I heard footsteps coming towards the door and someone undoing the locks. The door swung open to show Peter in his pink pajama pants and over sized white t shirt. By the looks of his outfit and bedhead he had clearly just woken up. He looked surprised to see me. Shit, I would too if he randomly showed up at at my apartment at ten in the morning. 

“uh, Hi Peter” I say shyly.

“Why are you here?” He says confused.

“I’m here because I miss you, and before you say anything just hear me out. I know ok? I know I fucked up. I fuck up the one thing that was good in my life but i’m here to try and fix that. After I broke up with you I started sleeping with every man that looked in my direction thinking it would ease the pain but it didn’t. All it did was make me want you more and more because it showed me that no guy will ever be like you. I’m sorry Peter. I’m sorry that I broke up with you and shut you out. I knew you would find someone better and drop me soon so I broke up with you because I couldn’t take that pain and I regret it every fucking day. I love you Peter” I say holding back tears.

“No. Don’t say that. You broke up with me. I thought this whole time it was all my fault, that I was the reason we broke up, because I wasn’t good enough for you. You can’t come back months later and expect me to take you in right away. You were my first love. For fucks sake I loved you (y/n) and nothing could have ever made me walk away from that relationship. You cant keep building walls and not letting me in. As much as I love you I cant do this anymore” He says shaking his head.

“I’m sorry Peter!! I’m only human, I make mistakes. I am on my knees begging for your forgiveness. I’m a fucking fool. Just look me in my face and tell me you don’t want what we had back” I say letting the tears fall. 

Peter looks me in my eyes and says “I do, believe me (y/n) but I can’t keep doing this”. With that he closes the door and locks it leaving me standing in the apartment building crying in front of the door. I stare at the door for a minuet before whispering “I’m sorry Peter”.

Thank you for reading!!! Was it good? Could it be better? Tell me how I could improve and please send feedback!! 

rrrromeo  asked:

tybalt for the "give me a character" meme

  • How I feel about this character: he’s basically a living showcase of what growing up in Verona will do to your psyche, especially in the Hungarian version (which I’ll probably mostly refer to bc Szil is my favorite Tybalt musical or otherwise), and he’s most definitely done bad things to put it extremely lightly but I still love my wonderful awful son
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: Mercutio, the red haired dancer from the French and Russian versions who I’ve named Helena, Hungarian Peter, sometimes Paris but it depends on the actor, his Hungarian manservant, Lady C’s Hungarian manservant, and Il Gato (yes that’s the name for the Italian catboy according to wikipedia)
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: Juliet, La Muette, Petruchio (from what little character he’s occasionally given that isn’t just my headcanon)
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: idk if “stop pairing him with Lady C” is an unpopular opinion but it’s definitely one I feel strongly about
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I wish he hadn’t died after only three scenes (in Shakespeare; though granted he gets even less in the older versions so shrug emoji I guess)

So uh guys, it happened again! :D :D And Jenna was there too and they signed my book and they were both incredible and basically I just spent my entire day watching live Doctor Who!! :D They were both wonderful and it was amazing and I am so lucky, Peter Capaldi is so great he kept coming over and the security practically had to drag him away from the fans and he always promised he’d come back and he did, he was there for like an hour after he was done making sure that everyone who wanted to meet him did and Jenna was lovely too and it’s been such an brilliant day I can’t even put into words how great it is! :D I can’t wait for series nine I know it’ll be amazing! :D