he probably taught her to greet people by doing a little bow


she’s trying her best

Character Analysis: Hanzo Shimada.

So, I’ve been wanting to do a post on a character for a long time and well, there are so many things I’ve noticed about Hanzo. I decided “fuck it” and here we are.
Hanzo Shimada is a bit like Marmite for a lot of the OW fandom - you either love him (guilty as charged) or hate him (I can understand, everyone has different tastes). And Hanzo Shimada isn’t a one-dimensional man, he has a lot to show, which tends to be covered up under his usual masks.
Firstly, the most well-known things; he was born and raised in Japan under a traditional Yakuza family known as the Shimada Clan in Hanamura. They were a powerful force to be reckoned with and Hanzo was the first-born, therefore the next in line. He excelled in many areas, including business, swordplay and archery and wasn’t rebellious like his younger brother, Genji. It all unfortunately went horribly wrong when Sojiro Shimada (their father who we recently found out the name of) died and the Elders pressured Hanzo to “deal” with Genji. Now, the wiki description doesn’t quite make it clear whether they expected Hanzo to dispose of Genji or whether to just punish him, but either way, the brothers fought and Genji was horribly wounded. Hanzo believed he’d killed him and ran from the clan, distraught. Now he’s a wanderer, taking assassin and mercenary work as it comes and attempting to find redemption. Recently, Genji came back to reveal he lived in the Dragons short and Hanzo changed his look in the Christmas comic.
Now, while we all know without a doubt that attempted fratricide is pretty morally awful and illegal and will land you in jail or death row (depending which country you’re in), Hanzo didn’t just do it for no reason and he isn’t without remorse about it. In fact, as someone else pointed out not too long ago, he’s one of the few people in the OW verse to really regret and grieve over his past transgressions. But what made him snap in the first place? And why do so many people believe he’ll either join OW or Talon?
And while we’ll get to the first question later (that one has been discussed in the OW fandom a fair bit), the reason I ask the last question is because there are a few things I believe we may have been missing. The first thing people seem to miss is rather surprising, considering that this is canon as of today (and most likely will be for some time to come).
The fact is, Hanzo has joined neither. In fact, he seems to be fairly resistant to the idea of joining them in general (and while the canon is not in the actual game, the voice-lines do help us judge their characters, whether Blizzard likes it or not). When Widowmaker tries to tempt him with promises of restoring him to his true seat of power, Hanzo outrightly tells her “But at what cost?”
This leads me to believe he knows what happened to Widowmaker (at least the basics), due to rumours or info leaks from Talon (if Sombra isn’t involved in cheekily leaking info from Talon, I’ll eat my hat) and DEFINITELY does not want the same fate. However, from what I can gather, Talon (for the moment) seem to be offering him the chance to come willingly. But he has refused, so if he is interesting enough to them, it wouldn’t surprise me if they tried to take him by force, as they did Widow. And this leads to my next point that we’ve missed. Why would Hanzo not jump at the chance to take back power, especially as he seems conflicted over the Shimada Clan and his once-empire still?
Because it means he loses control.
For Hanzo, his whole life has been about being under someone else’s control. From the MOMENT he was born, he was groomed and conditioned to do everything the Elders told him to for the good of the Clan. He was raised to believe that doing immoral things (like probably weapon-smuggling etc) was beneficial to the Clan as a whole and taught to be accepting of power and monetary gain. While he wasn’t conditioned the way Widowmaker was, Hanzo was still very much psychologically manipulated. Genji seemed to get away with more under Sojiro because he was the second-born and one Sojiro most likely could afford to spoil a little - I believe Sojiro was fairly tied as well, as respecting your elders has a stronger influence in Japan. Of course, Sojiro most likely spoiled Genji too much, but Genji was able to remain more outside the Elders’ influence in the process. Hanzo, on the other hand, had no chance of escape. Did he probably feel stifled and smothered? Did he most likely fear the Elders as well as respect them? Did he feel the pressure every second of the day?
I believe so, yes. And as the Clan were apparently traditional, honour and holding yourself up were most likely very strongly taught. Hanzo had no room to let himself rest - he needed to uphold honour. There is a really good post on Tumblr that describes more of this cultural attitude in Japan (I wish I could remember who made it but it is a fairly popular post in the Hanzo tag at least).
And I think when Genji defied and refused to listen to Hanzo’s pleas…it was the rod that broke the camel’s back, as they say. Of course, Hanzo was in the wrong. But the Shimada were an abusive family, despite Sojiro possibly trying to shelter them both from that. And abuse from your own family is pretty terrible. It’s a least a reason to understand Hanzo’s actions, not agree with them.
This all means that Hanzo fleeing the Clan took an act of great desperation, mental breaking and, dare I say it, courage. To run from people emotionally and mentally abusing and conditioning you is terrifying for anyone and Hanzo was still fairly young - in his late twenties at least.
And while Overwatch definitely does not have the same rep as Talon, Hanzo would still feel used and exposed, possibly under someone else’s control as a weapon. He can’t and won’t go through that again - I genuinely believe he has a phobia against that. Or at least deep-rooted trauma from his time in the Clan and Genji’s “death”.
So he doesn’t. He doesn’t join either.
And I believe Genji knows this, to an extent. In the Dragons short, while he does hint that Hanzo should choose the side Genji works for, he doesn’t pressure Hanzo. He doesn’t even stay to convince him. He just quietly and almost longingly tells him he has faith in him, then leaves him to think it over. He’s giving Hanzo the freedom to CHOOSE. He’s telling him “You are free, Hanzo, I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do”. Which is why it sort of confuses me when I see multiple fics where Genji outrightly CHASES Hanzo into OW when he’s never done anything of the sort in canon, nor do I think he would want to. His time with Zenyatta has most likely taught him empathy with what Hanzo went through and he cares enough for his brother that he doesn’t want to put him through any more of it. Will Hanzo seek to join his brother in OW one day? Perhaps.
But it will be his own choice, and HIS ALONE. That may even be something he can be proud of (I hope it is ;_;).
Hanzo is also traumatised enough that he can’t hold a sword anymore after Genji’s “death”, so it also confuses me when I see fics where GENJI is the one to give him a sword and be all “Hey let’s spar bro, nothing will go wrong, lol”, but I see the appeal in writing that scenario. It’s more likely Hanzo either gets over that hurdle through careful therapy and training, or in a desperate self-defence scenario where his bow is broken and a sword is all he has available, but I think the first is more realistic.
Hanzo is also stand-offish, defensive and possibly shy around social interaction, being quieter and less outgoing than Genji, but he has moments of humour and even loudness (there is one line where he literally shouts “I GREET YOU” and if that’s not a sign of flailing and a “shit what do I say to break the ice” scenario, I don’t know what is). Grumpy too, but I don’t think his grumpiness defines him. I think he’s the type to slowly warm up to someone the longer he knows them and he’d be a quiet, but highly loyal friend if you ever gained his trust (that would be a rarity, sadly and with good reason). I also think he sees Omnics as beneath him, but fairly neutral otherwise (an anti-Omnic feeling most likely bred within the Clan and not the same as Zarya or Torbjörn’s outright hatred and distrust) but that has been tempered a little by his wanderings. Numbani makes him uncomfortable, but not just because of Omnics relations there, but because of the warm, caring atmosphere. It’s not something he’s used to.
He’s also very intelligent and would absolutely be fluent in English and several other languages. He MIGHT not know every English saying or slang, but nobody knows every word in every language anyway, so that’s a moot point.
And with the obvious signs of trauma, depression and self-loathing to wrap it all up, I think I’ve said enough about Hanzo Shimada. I like to think and hope that the Christmas comic shows a small step in his healing, but…Blizzard is ultimately in control of his fate, whether we all like it or not. XD
I hope this was okay - just some musings I had regarding Hanzo. Any thoughts or disagreements, I’m happy to discuss! Sorry for any possible offence as well. I’ll happily add anything I might have missed.


Sandy Hair and Mud Face

Björn Ironside X Reader

Where to start with Ragnar Lothbrok and his family. To you they were not just farmers, Ragnar felt he was a descendent of Odin and you believed that. Lagertha was Shield maiden legend. Ragnar’s children, you believed, would be legends in their own right. Each with their own name and legacy. But after you became friends with Björn your opinions changed. For even though he was your friend, sometimes you bloody hated Björn. He could be so annoying that you actually thought you were going to kill yourself. On obvious over reaction on your part, but you were only young.

“Y/n!” Björn screamed as he walked down the beach. You groaned, lying on the beach. Björn laughed at you, a hungover mess.

“Björn. Please go away.” You covered your eyes with your arms.

“Why’re you on the beach?” He asked sitting near you.

“I fell asleep here, had too much to drink last night.” You sat up and looked at Björn with the sun beating down onto your face.

“I don’t even have a hangover and I had twice as much as you to drink.” He declare proudly. You stood up.

“That’s because you fell asleep like a baby before you saw me have my third round.” You laughed and walked past Björn.

“Shut up.” The smaller boy protested as he ran after you. You smiled down at him and hit him on the arm.

“You’re it!” You ran off into the undergrowth and Björn cursed before running after you.

“Y/n!” He yelled after ages of not being able to find you. “Come on. I’ll go inside if you don’t come out soon.” Björn warned but you only smiled. You were hiding up in the sheltered part of the lower branches of a tree near to him. You smirked.

Screaming a war cry with laughter mixed in, you jumped onto Björn and he fell to the floor with you on top of him.

“You’re terrible at finding people!” You laughed joyfully. “I win because you could not find me and I even surprised you with an ambush!” You said proudly.

“You’re awful at hiding. You gave yourself away to easily.” Björn returned with a smile. You pinned down his wrists and raised an eyebrow.

“And yet who is pinning down who?” You asked as Björn kicked you off him and stood up.

“Come on then!” He laughed as you ran at him.

You two wrestled for hours, or chased each other through the forest. Constantly ambushing one another and throwing punches. After a while you were both sitting on the beach near where the tide lapped at your feet. Throwing stones and seeing how far you could get them (You won, obviously).

“How’s your father?” You asked.

“I think he’s okay. Just trying to figure out how to get around Harraldson.” Björn sighed and rubbed his hair.

“Sandy hair!” You teased.

“Shut up Mud Face!” He threw back and you laughed.

Looking around, you saw Ragnar and your father talking to each other. Ragnar smiled at you and waved, you waved with brows furrowed.

“Why’re our parents talking?” You asked Björn who looked round to see the same thing.

“Who knows, could be anything. C'mon, I’m hungry.” Björn stood up and brushed himself off.

A few months later the farm was pillaged, you hid in the undergrowth with your brother. No one saw you, but your whole family and everyone else were dead. You didn’t know where Ragnar’s family were and it worried you that there was no trace of them. When you heard the Ragnar had become Earle of Kattegat, you got it late, you were more than surprised. But you felt more than ever that you had no right to go see the family. Their new status made the family higher than you and it would be mortifying to have to bow to them. So for years you forgot about Björn Ironside and his new title.

Until now. It had been eight years and you were now eighteen. Björn would be twenty but you tried not to think about him. Your brother was ten years older than you and already a seasoned warrior. He taught you how to fight and you got stronger. Now you felt like a Shield Maiden and wanted to fight too.

One night, your brother, Tyr, had just got back from hunting. He brought back a great deer and you began to gut it.

“I’m going to Kattegat soon.” He told you, sitting by the fire.

“Hmm.” You didn’t look at your brother and stuck your knife into the deers hide.

“Cmon Y/n. You know you want to see them as much as I do.” Tyr stood up and walked to the other side of the table.

“No I don’t. I don’t even think about Björn Ragnarsson.” You grimaced and pulled away some of the skin of the deer, throwing it into a bucket.

“I didn’t even mention Björn.” Your brother laughed and began to help you with the deer. “Tomorrow we are going to Kattegat.” He told you and you didn’t protest.

The following day you and your brother made the journey on horseback to Kattegat. You tried to seem calm and collected but you knew that you would probably freak out if you saw Björn. He’d been your friend since birth and you hadn’t seen him in eight years. It would be hard not to greet him as you always would have. Your brother could almost sense your anxiety and he knew that it would be funny to see you together again. He had wanted you to marry Björn, as had your father and Ragnar. The match was well found and both parties thought that their children would be willing. At the time, you were just ten and Björn only twelve.

“There it is.” Your brother stopped on the hillside. It overlooked Kattegat and you stopped your horse next to his.

“Close.” You whispered.

“You get closer to your boyfriend with every mile we make.” Tyr laughed as he rode off in front of you down the hill. You were about to protest but just followed him.

As you arrived at the entrance of Kattegat, you were greeted by a woman you didn’t recognise. She was blonde and tall, with kohl around her eyes. She was walking with two young boys who stayed close by her.

“Travellers. What brings you here?” She looked at the swords you and your brother had must your belts.

“We are old friends of Ragnar’s!” Your brother announced with a laugh that made the woman narrow her eyes at you both.

“Of course. I shall take you too him.” She nodded to two men who took your horses. “I am Aslaug. Ragnars wife, these are two of our children. Ubbe and Sigurd.”

“I am happy to meet you finally my Queen.” You smiled at her and then at her children.

“You know Björn then? And Lagertha I suppose?” She asked as her sons ran off into the building in front of you.

“Yes. It’s been a long eight years.” Smiling at Aslaug, the doors to the building were opened. You and Tyr followed Aslaug mad walked in, feeling the warmth from the fires. Ragnar was sitting in a throne just ahead of you.

Tyr remembered seeing Earle Haraldson in the same throne when he was here at a younger age. As Ragnar saw his wife walk in with two people he sat up and then recognised Tyr.

“It can’t be! Tyr!” He walked over to your brother and embraced him in a hug. “It’s been to long my brother!” He smiled.

“Ragnar, we’ve missed you for too long my friend.” Tyr drew back and Ragnar looked at you.

“It’s not Y/n? The little girl I knew all those years ago.” He smirked and you nodded with a smile. He embraced your with the same excitement in his eyes.

“I’ve missed you Ragnar. As we both have.” You laughed slightly and looked around the throne room. “Quite a name you’ve made for yourself my King.”

“None of that. We are friends and equals in our own rights.” He put his hands on both of your shoulders. “You’re both grown now. You a warrior.” He looked at your brother. “And the little girl I knew had turned into a Shield Maiden. Lagertha will be over joyed to see.”

“It’s been too long.” Tyr repeated.

“Either way. Meet my family. My wife Aslaug and put sons. Ubbe, Hvitserk, Sigurd and baby Ivar.” He gestured to each son that smiled at you. You walked over to Aslaug who held Ivar and smiled down at him.

“His eyes are beautiful.” You smiled at Aslaug.

“I feel that he is special.” Tyr walked up to the baby and put a hand on his head. “He is destined to be like his father, a fighter.” He continued and Ragnar seemed to laugh.

“What’s funny Ragnar?” Aslaug asked coldly.

“He cannot be a fighter Tyr.” The King walked over to his child. “He will be a clever boy with wit. But how can he fight if he cannot stand?”

“He cannot stand?” You looked from Aslaug to Ragnar.

“He is deformed.” Ragnar took his son into his arms and pulled back the blankets to reveal his legs, thin and useless to him. “He will never walk.” You tried not to look shocked.

“He still has arms. A fine archer or swordsman can be achieved without the luxury of walking.” You smiled at Aslaug who loooed warmly from her son to you.

“In his destiny of greatness, a lack of legs will be his strength and not hinder him.” Tyr smiled down at Ivar.

“Come. Let’s find Björn. He will be overjoyed to see you both.” Ragnar turned and walked away quickly.

“I shall see you both soon.” Aslaug promised and then turned and walked away. You and Tyr followed Ragnar, your heart beating fast. You were going to see Björn. Still lying to yourself, you said that you wouldn’t freak out when you saw him. Wouldn’t run into his arms. You also lied that you hadn’t thought about him most days.

“Björn!” You heard Ragnar yell around the corner.

“Father?” His voice was lower, more manly and you couldn’t deny that you were ridiculously nervous.

You stopped before walking around the corner and Tyr saw your anxious face. He came to your side and smiled at you.

“Cmon. It’s only been what, eight years sweet sister.” He joked and you hit him. “Alright. I’ll stop. But you never know what’ll happen if you don’t try.” Tyr rubbed your arm and you began to walk around the corner.

Björn was standing, talking to his father. Now taller than Ragnar and you by a way. He was built like a man now with muscular arms and legs ready to run. His eyes looked sharp and ready for anything. Ragnar sad something to his son and he looked in your direction.

“Old friends reunited!” Ragnar laughed as his son stared at you.

He ran up to you and picked you up. Spinning you around and laughing. You were laughing whilst protesting for him to put you down

“Are you happy to see me Sandy Hair?” You laughed.

“Of course I am Mud Face.” He laughed too and let you down. Before embracing you in a long needed hug. “I’ve missed you.” He whispered.

“It’s been strange not having your annoying little face around me all the time just to piss me off.” You smiled and gripped onto his arms.

“Fuck off.” He said softly and you hit him in the gut. “Still haven’t lost your punch though.” He groaned standing back. “Now we’ll see who’ll win the fights between us.”

“It will still be me.” You grinned.

“Of course. You hold your title very dearly to you. I can see.” He joked and you pushed him down onto the floor. “Someone’s angry!” He laughed loudly and you put your hand out to help him up but he pulled you to the floor. You fell face first into the mud. “Oh, Mud Face is back!” He yelled.

“My punch never left.” You whispered before punching him in the bollocks. Björn groaned and held his crotch, going onto his knees. Your brother and Ragnar laughed.

“He’s missed this!” Ragnar laughed joyfully.

“Of course father.” Björn managed to get out. He stood up and still kept a hand over his crotch as you tried to hit him again.

Seeing your brother he smiled again. “Tyr! How are you?” They hugged and slapped each other’s backs before laughing about something. Ragnar beckoned you over to him.

“He’s talked about you you know.” Ragnar smiled and you blushed.

“I suppose I can’t lie and say I haven’t talked about him.” You rubbed your neck and began to walk back to the great hall with Ragnar.

“He’ll be spending a lot of time with you now. Just so you’re ready.” Ragnar glanced back at his son who was talking to your brother.

“I’ve missed him. It’ll be nice to talk to each other again as friends.” You looked up at Ragnar who’s constant smile put you one edge.

“We both know you’re not just friends though don’t we. I saw how you two looked at each other. Me and your father both thought you would make a good match for one another.” Ragnar rubbed his head and pulled his beard.

“I suppose we’ll see.” You didn’t want to deny your feelings for Björn. But you also had no desire to acknowledge them either. He was now a Prince and you still hadn’t been into battle with anyone.

You stayed in Kattegat when your brother left to go do something or the other. Before long it had been three months and you had been spending almost every day with Björn. No raids had really taken place and Ragnar was contempt with planning and not acting yet. You were just happy that you were with Björn, at this point there was no point denying that you had feelings for Björn. Aslaug had picked up on it and talked to you about it. She said that she believed Björn felt the same way but you couldn’t be sure. When Lagertha arrived in Kattegat, you greeted her at the gate and she recognised you almost immediately.

“Y/n? It can’t be!” She said jumping off her horse.

“Lagertha. I’ve missed you.” You smiled at her and she embraced you.

“You’re a woman now. A promising warrior I see.” She looked at you in the same sort of clothes that she was wearing.

“I hear that you’re an Earle now?” You asked as you both walked toward the great hall.

“Yes. Hedeby. I inherited it and love it as my home.” She put a hand on your back and followed you inside.

“Mother!” Björn greeting his mother with a hug and looked at you. “Would you have ever predicted it mother?”

“I wouldn’t. Never thought I’d see you again. Where’s Tyr?” She asked looking around.

“He had to go home. But I wanted to stay here. I like it and I was awaiting your arrival of course.” You glanced at Björn before looking at his mother.

“I am your only reason for staying? Because I don’t think I am.” Lagertha teased, raising an eyebrow at Björn. She walked away to go speak to Ragnar.

“Everyone seems to be doing things like that recently.” Björn said, slightly tripping over his words.

“I haven’t decided if there’s any meaning in then yet though.” You looked into Björn’s eyes and he seemed to understand your meaning.

After dinner that evening,
Björn and you were both slightly drunk as you stumbled into his room. He lay back on his bed and you sat at the end of it.

“It’s your fault that in drunk!” He laughed and you frowned.

“You asked for a drinking game.” You raised your eyebrows.

“Yes. But I didn’t realise my father would say Wessex so many times!” He exclaimed and you laughed.

“That’s why I won!” He announced and you lay forward on your stomach so that you were looking up at him. He sat up against the headboard and you stared at each other.

“I don’t think I’m supposed to be in a Princes bed.” You said quietly.

“I want you to be here.” He put a hand on yours. “I think I’m supposed to pretend, about my feelings and shit. But I can’t.”

“What are your feelings telling you?” Your voice almost a whisper.

“That I want us two separate people to become… a together.” He interlocked his hands and you laughed to yourself. “What!”

“You just looked so concentrated when you were interlocking your hands and it’s cute.” Sitting up, you got close to Björn and put a hand on his face.

“Don’t laugh at me.” He made a mock sad face and you smiled.

Going forward on your knees you leant closer towards him and he put a hand on your neck. Björn moved forward and kissed you. You both didn’t know where to put your other hand so they were both in the air trying to figure out what to do. Both of you had your eyes shut so it was inevitable that your hands would collide with great force. You both groaned and then laughed at your own stupidity.

“That would only happen to us!” You exclaimed lying back on the bed. Björn turned around so that he would be lying next to you.

“I like this.” Björn whispered. He propped himself up with his arm and leant on his hand. He used his other hand to play with your hair.

“I’ve wanted this to happen for ages.” You smirked at him and he kissed you slowly again.

“Can you stay?” He asked.

“I don’t see why not. I haven’t got any parents holding me back for a marriage alliance, guarding my Maidenhead like a jewel.” You laughed and Björn blushed, smiling down at you.

“I think this could be good. I always did have a crush on you. Even as children it was recurring.” He kissed your cheek and lay next to you. You put your head on his chest.

“Well. Boys were disgusting so I can’t return the sentiment.” You laughed and Björn hit you on the arse.

“You wicked woman.” He rubbed your back.

“But I agree. I’d like this to work.” You got up and sat on top of Björn. Pinning his wrists down. “Who’s won? Oh I think it’s me.” Björn quickly pushed your foot out from under you and turned you over. So he was on top of you. Pinning your wrists down.

“This never happened. I’ve finally beat the Queen.” He smiled down at you and you tried to flip him.

“Only because you’re a heavy shit now and you used to be a tonne lighter than a ten year old girl!” You laughed and Björn shut you up by kissing you


Prologue / Part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV / Part V

Summary: Jihoon had wished more than anything that Mina and him would live happily ever after. But, when that doesn’t happen, you enter his life and make an absolute mess out of the seemingly perfect prince. Prince!Jihoon AU

Idol: Park Jihoon of Wanna One

Word Count: 1796

Warning: None

Life seemed meaningless sometimes. A lot of the times. Most of the times. But Jihoon could never voice that, and it frustrated him to no end.

He had to be perfect. Perfect smile. Perfect tone of voice. Perfect at his studies. Perfect at anything he was asked to do. And he just went with it. He let himself be controlled like a puppet.

Sometimes, he wondered if he even had a limit. If he were asked to give his life for his kingdom, would he do it? Probably. He wouldn’t be surprised if he had just gone with it. After all, he was reminded multiple times that his existence was purely to serve his kingdom. He couldn’t deny it either. Without this title, he had no meaning.

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Fated Love || pt. 1

JJ Project Series AU

Originally posted by miewmiew

Jaebum x Reader (you) x Jinyoung 

Warnings: smut and violence in future chapters

Word Count: 3.3K

Summary: As princess of the Kingdom of Asilama, it is your duty to serve your people and protect them from any danger. Thus, the fate of your kingdom is weighed upon your shoulders when you are forced to marry a prince. With this abrupt news, your fate with love has changed between your best friend to an unknown prince. With a torn heart, your future became harder to decide as danger begins to arise. 


in honor of jjproject’s comback, i’ve decided to make a series out of these two. i’m super excited for this story since it’s my first time writing a big series like this in a long time. i hope you guys will enjoy it as much as i enjoyed writing it. the next update will be sometime this week, hopefully haha! -admin

The calming wind blew the leaves on the tree as the sky vanishes almost completely, only a few fragments of blue remain like scattered pieces of an impossible jigsaw puzzle. The air was rich with the fragrance of leaves. After many hours of rain that have passed, the soil remained wet, slowly releasing its heady fog. It was close to evening and everything was cool with a hint of softness of that time. The only movement was the occasional bird, startling in a tree or a squirrel dashing up a nearby trunk. The sound of running water in the brook has the same hypnotic quality as music, creating a sense of peacefulness throughout the forest.

You took in a deep breath of fresh air as you raised your bow in the air, the arrow inches away from your cheek. With one eye closed, you aimed for the apple that was tied onto a tree branch. Although the apple was set far away, you were confident enough to aim right for the apple’s core. Your sense of pride gave you the confidence to release the tight string that sent the arrow flying, hitting the apple straight in the middle.

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The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving: Part I- The Hurting

“Boss or Toss kissing someone you’re on tour with.”

“So this last beautiful girl that I am going to introduce has the most beautiful emerald green eyes in all the world, and she has a wonderful mind and she says smart and intelligent things and she’s my favorite, Lauren Jauregui.”

“Do you guys know who Camren is?”

“They call her Mila, I call her Camz.”

“Mine’s Lauren.”

“I love Lern Jergi.”

Bright lights flashed against her green ones and soon she found herself standing in front of thousands of people. She blinked once or twice to see if all of this is happening and suddenly it hit her. She was having of those flashbacks again. Groaning internally and doing everything to not look like she was pissed at someone- which clearly was herself to avoid misunderstanding, she just heaves out a breath out and looks to her right and sees two of her members, Dinah and Normani who were getting all cuddly cuddly. She takes a glance at Ally who looked like a mother looking over her daughter who finally got the dream girl and when Normani met her set of eyes she acted like how people wanted to see, like a proud bestfriend giving a thumbs up, making sure everyone could see just so they could make about things and theories about this one later on.

Giving the final bow, All of them went back to the dressing room, changing into their party clothes and headed off to the club for an after-party event located at the heart of the city. Even before arriving they knew there’s going to be a lot of people which represented mostly by the media hoping to snap something to post it later on their columns. And although this people piss them off, they had to pose and look good because that’s what people wanted to see. So like the management taught them to do, they posed all for the flashing lights before leavinbg them wanting more.

Entering the club they greeted some familiar faces and they also kissed some on the cheek. Immediately Ally found her boyfriend and heads to him. Looking at the couple, the three of them couldn’t help but feel jealous because if Ally had one thing in this world that they would be jealous of, it was her boyfriend’s consistency to prove to Ally that he’ll always be her number 1 fan.

Lauren’s heart was still melting at the sight but a pair of arms wrapped around her waist shifted her attention and she didn’t even need to turn around to see who this person was. The mixture of weed and alcohol with a little bit of his favorite perfume and the signature kiss on the shoulder brought a smile to her face.

“What’s up pretty face?” She turned to look at her friends who nodded in understanding.

“Hey this is our twerk song c'mon.”

“You know I’m right wherever you are babe.”

“You sure those two aren’t lesbians?” He wrapped his arms around her tights and resting his chin on her shoulder.

She simply gave him an eyeroll which wasn’t obvious in his eyes. “They can be whatever they want them to be.” He should know by now she hates labels.

“Alright, no need to sweat. Come and meet the family babe.”

Her co-members had a very neutral reaction when she started seeing him. It started off as catching up with one another up until the rapper started showing his intentions and she, the one who tried to get things off of her mind accepted him and sooner she realized that he wasn’t much of an ass, well most of the time especially when he’s on his good side. When the girls heard it from her personally they didn’t acted too negatively. They just nodded their hands and hoped that she’d be happy and he would be responsible for it.

And she did in all honesty. It was so cute to see this adorable sight of him and being so close to family was one of the things that brought her into agreeing in dating this guy. He made her happy, he made her feel loved and cared and that she deserves these treatments. What did the management thought about it though? They thought to make a big deal out of it spreaidng rumors one after the other and now it blasted through the entire world and she wanted to say something about it. She wanted to say that there’s nothing serious between them right now and that they’re just testing the waters but just like how the management wanted her to act, she said nothing and kept her mouth quiet. And for this, he took the hint that they were in fact an item.

With his hands still around her waist she was introduced to probably half of the people inside the club which she would only probably memorize only 10 and she kept accepting drink after drink offered to her by his friends or his co-workers and family. She didn’t want to embarass him so being the good girlfriend that he wanted all of them to see, she was approachable and understanding.

Two hours later she finds herself getting full of the conversation. At first yeah she was liking how the flow of the conversation went but then onen of his friends made fun of women and it angered her. It angered her knowing that all of the guys agreed while they look at women like some piece of meat and how he invited some hookers in their table. Well, high-class hookers but nevertheless, she saw how much disrespect his friend showed to them and what angered her the most was he never said nothing about it. He just kept on flipping his long ass dreadlocks, laughing and agreeing to everything that comes from these low, imbecile people. She wanted to rant, but she also didn’t want to cause the scene. So like how her date wanted her to act, she excused herself politely and made her way towards the balcony.

Surprisingly, she sees her best friend there with heels on the other hand nd eyes up above. She normally sees the latter inside the club twerking her heart out or jamming to every song played by the DJ or drinking higher than her usual tolerance but she smiled at at the sight, slowly walked towards her. She just stopped right beside and neither of them said a thing. It was silent but it was a comfortable one and she felt thankful for that with their lifestyle, sometimes it’s hard to find solace.

“I like looking up at the stars sometimes. They’re so still it makes me feel that time stopped and if I focused enough, I could hear the busy street noises fading out and everything else. In times like this I feel that I am Normani. No awards under my name, no bullshit nor I am a member of a worldwide girl band, it’s just Normani… Normani Kordei Hamilton, the 20 year old girl from Houston.” She smiled still her eyes were on the sparkling tiny dots in the sky. “It’s worth the pain in the neck.”

Lauren smiled. “I think I like that too Mani.”

“But your eyes aren’t on the stars Laur, you keep looking at the moon.” She says. “It still reminds you of her isn’t it?”

Instead of giving an honest answer, Lauren built up her walls and shrugged. “Sometimes I guess.”

She should’ve known better that her bestfriend could see right through her. Still being the bestfriend that she is, she just shakes her head. “How do you do it?”

“Do what?”

“How do you look at her and tell the public otherwise?”

“Uh, it’s because the management told us that I should be the one who should be vocal about it. I had to maintain my image who didn’t take anybody’s bullshit about me while she had to remain the sweetheart that everyone wants her to be.”

“Does it hurt? Whenever you deny her?”

“More of like she’s the one hurting. She told me that my words were too realistic that it was hard to draw the line sometimes.” She answered. “She got used to it as the time passed by, what’s the purpose of indirects anyway.”

Normani nods her head. “I see.”

Lauren furrowed her eyebrows. She knew about the new set up of the management since they needed to spice things up, they thought it would be better if it was Normani and Dinah’s turn to be the one who everyone shipped. She was there when the management proposed the idea and she saw how comfortable the two were the idea, and they even banter about who was going to get jealous first and then laugh it off. It was nice to know that things weren’t awkward between them unlike when the management told her and the other one act to be an item to boost their popularity up.

But now looking at her bestfriend, she knew something was up and she was going to find out by the end of tonight.

“Mani you know-”

“I am just like you Laur.” She was confused by her friend’s statement. “I am a unicorn who fell in love with a dragon…” She trails off and looked at her with tears threatening to fall from her eyes. “And mother will never approve.”

Instantly she pushed forward the dark-skinned beauty inside her arms just how quickly Normani cried her eyes out. She sobbed and Lauren could feel her top getting wetter every second and how Normani poured her heart out tonight. She knows how painful it must be for the other girl to finally recognize her feelings to the person who’s inside probably dancing until she passes out with some guy she’d forget about the next day. Funny how Dinah couldn’t notice that she was breaking a heart of someone without her noticing it.

What she even finds funnier is that she couldn’t help but imagine that this was her years before when she was still here with them, and her crying figure wrapped around her bestfriend just like how she was hugging Normani now. Pathetic, she couldn’t hate Dinah even if she wanted to, she was Dinah years ago too.

“How can she call me babe and ask me to be fine with it? I mean did you see her tweet? When she called me her girl? Fuck, I fucking lost it or how she posted the screenshot and how she is in her normal way I knew I was a goner. I am a goner for her Laur.” She continued to cry.

“Shhh just let it all out.”

“I didn’t planned to be like this, man I never imagined because we always talked about boys and now it’s just- goddamnit now all I could think about is her, no matter how hard I try to fall for some guy, she would always creep my thoughts and managed to stir my feelings up.This was supposed to be just an act and now I find it very hard on what to believe…” She paused for a moment. “So tell me Laur, how do you do it? How do you get over these stupid feelings?”

“You never get over them Mani. You just let time pass you by and hope that tomorrow, it won’t hurt like today.” She said. “You just continue to hope babe and one day it’s gonna happen.”

“Thanks Laur, I really appreciate you being here and I don’t know if I would’ve bottled this entire one up.”

“Is this your first time coming out because-”

“My family knows and my mother expected it to happen sometimes soon. She kinda felt it when I brought Dinah for Christmas and then I went to celebrate New Year with hers.”

“Not even dating yet you celebrated the holidays together? I am offended!”

“Barbara on the other was a little in denial at first but she finally got over it. She even told me that if Dinah and I won’t be together by the end of this year she’ll disown me.”

Lauren chuckled. “Wow, talk about pressure huh?”

Normani laughed along too. “Yeah.”

After the laughter died, Lauren cleared up her throat. “You know what Mani? I actually regretted something this entire time.” Her best friend looked at her while waiting for her answer. “It was when I never told her that I love her, even when I knew I already did.”

“What are you talking about you guys say I love you to each other every time.”

“But she was the one who always initiated it, it was never me… I always said I love you ‘too’ and it probably made her feel that I was just agreeing with her, like I was just saying I love you because she loves me and now thinking about it, I should’ve said I love you to her more.” She fixes her friend’s hair. “So if she doesn’t know, then let her.”

Before Normani could answer, the door opened and it revealed Dinah looking at them with a non-expressive face and when she spotted the two Lauren could see the Polynesian girl wasn’t even trying to hide her frown and it was only then she saw their current position in. Normani probably noticed the position too as the DWTS star immediately created distance between them.

Lauren immediately chuckles mentally as she saw who’s the whipped one before the relationship could even start.

“What’s going on? Am I missing something?” Lauren wanted to laugh, Dinah was really the worst when it comes to hiding something.

“Oh nothing, we were just catching up.”

Dinah raised both of her eyebrows in amusement. “That’s some way of catching up.”

“You know how close Mani and I are DJ, it’s not like you’re not used to us being all so cutesy. She’s my Manibear after all. Ain’t that right BABE?” That earned her a playfully shove from her.

“Yeah I can see that now.” The Latina couldn’t hold it any longer so she lets out a laugh. “What’s so funny Laurenza?”

“Nothing, I just remembered I left him behind his egotistic friends and how he’s probably so pissed at me which means I should go. Great talk babe, we should do this more often. You guys are taking the Norminah shit way too real my heart can’t take it anymore.” She cooed.

Laurent left the two of them and she could hear her other member asking her why was she out here and how she noticed that she was crying and demanded for a reason why.  She turned back to take a glimpse of them and she sees Dinah placing a kiss on Normani’s forehead and hugged her and by that she knows that it’ll only be a matter of time before they could admit their feelings for one another.

She really didn’t feel like going back inside the club as she feels that she was draining from the concert and so she gives him a quick message and continued walking on the streets just taking her time as her hotel was a walking distance from the club. She actually felt happy because people was just passing her by not harassing her or even demanding something from her and it’s not that she gets to experience this every single day. Normani was right, it felt nice to sometimes feel normal.

She stops as the pedestrian and waited for the signal so she could cross and get inside the hotel. While waiting, she remembered her member saying how she kept her eyes on the moon and tonight was no difference. Looking up, she saw the moon sharing its light down on her. She smiles and pulls out her phone tweeting-

                                             Eyes on the moon

And she crosses the street, enters her hotel room and let the sleep take over her body.


How does Lauren Michelle Jauregui spend her Saturday Nights?

Well it’s either she’s home with the family, chilling out on their Miami home with boxes of pizza as their cheered on their favorite team on various sports or just screaming their hearts out for a movie marathon. She could also be on a plane towards another state or another country while trying to catch up with some jet lags or being notified on their schedule. She could also be at the recording studio messing around with words or melody or at her room with Leo on her side, a book on her hand and a cup of her favorite tea on her desk. Depends really…

But tonight she was doing neither because this Saturday night she’s killing her red dress and heels with his arms wrapped around her waist as they were bombarded with paparazzi when they were entering the club for he was invited by Pharell, who was celebrating his birthday tonight.

“You alright there?”

She takes a look at him. “Yeah sorry I dozed off for a minute were you saying something?”

“Is there something wrong? You know we could leave if you’re really not up for it.”

Now she feels guilty. “It’s not that, I just zoned out for a minute but I really want to be here with you. Also, I haven’t been out for a while so it’s nice to have some fun tonight.”

“Okay cool. Now let’s go find him I mean if we ever do cause this place is huge.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not really impossible not to find him. I only know a few people that could rock this type of hat.” She chuckles. “We’ll find him eventually but let’s just enjoy the night yeah?”

He smiled and kissed her forehead. “I like that.”

Lauren could also feel that there’s something wrong. You know the feeling that you know there’s something bound to happen but you just couldn’t describe what time of event would that be and although it’s at the end of your tongue and you really wanna say it you just couldn’t and it frustrates the shit out of you? Well that perfect describes Lauren’s feelings right now.

So when she wants to distract herself from thinking things she doesn’t even want to, she usually goes to places like these and enjoy the night out by being high or wasted or neither. She just wanted to have fun and basically that’s what they did tonight. The couple danced the night away while meeting with some friends. She even got to meet Halsey, a good friend of hers and both of them agreed on doing a song very soon.

After all the sweating, Lauren chilled out at the bar, grabbing a drink first and looking at the people. She smiled to herself as she was successful blocking certain things off of her mind. But reality bites like a bitch, especially to someone who has been trying to run away from it when Lauren felt everything slow down as her eyes landed on a certain brown-eyed girl who she hasn’t seen in a while.

“What the fuck?”

Lauren couldn’t describe the situation even better. She just didn’t see Camila Cabello for the first time in probably a long time but she sees Camila dancing with someone else and distance between them was hardly seen. The second thing that matched Lauren’s words was how close those two were and something inside of her stirred when she knew that the younger latina was dancing with another woman.

“Lauren I don’t understand, I thought we were-“

“We never were! We were just two people forced to act as if we were one because the fucking management wanted to spice things up!”

“I know you’re scared because there’s Lucy and-“

“Damn right I’m scared! Fuck why do you have to come in and ruined everything!?”

“It wasn’t my fucking fault when the two of you didn’t grow up some balls to fix things!”

“No fuck you. We’re done and-“

“You don’t mean that! You always say that but you always end up coming back to me!”

“No this time I’m done, whatever this is, is done, I am growing up some balls and fix things with my girlfriend. So fuck off, fuck your feelings and good bye Camila. It’s better if you would’ve left.”


Lauren tries to shake off the memory that hit her like a bitch. Her mind was immediately brought back when the song changed into I Got You and her eyes immediately landed on those two figures who were dancing intimately. She hated the fact that this woman sang the lyrics I can see you hurting, I’ve been through the same thing baby don’t you worry I got you.

Who the fuck she think she is? And why does she smiles at her as she leans onto her more? This is fucking bullshit! And why the hell am I seeing this now? There were a lot of questions that were going through her mind but she never wanted to know the answers. She swallowed her drink in one go while dialing a number and waiting for the other person to pick up the phone.

“What’s up Lauser?”

“Dinah do you know something that I don’t?”

“Whatchu talkin’ ‘bout girl? Mani I swear to God give me my fucking pizza back or I’mma poly beat down your ass.”

“Dinah focus! Do you know something that I don’t?” She said sternly this time.

“How am I suppose to know when you keep talking to me-“

“Do you know that Camila’s seeing someone right now?” The person on the other line went silent and she groaned. “Dinah just answer my fucking question!”

“Yes I know and I don’t know how the hell did you found out but you weren’t supposed to.”

“I wasn’t supposed to? The fuck does that mean?” And then she could hear the two conversing on the other phone and something clicked inside her. “Does Mani know? Does Ally know too?”

“Look Laur-“

“Wow, so much for trying to keep me up with everything.” She immediately hanged up and ordered another shot while the bartender looked at her weirdly. “Well? Are you going to grab my drink or not?”

“Y-y-yeah. I’ll be back.” She sighed, she didn’t mean to snap at the poor guy.

Pharell immediately got up on the stage and people cheered for him and they sang the happy birthday song altogether. He said thanks to all the people who were here tonight and he expressed his gratitude and said the most cliché lines which was- drinks is on me! As the crowd laughed and Lauren would’ve laughed too but she was just beyond pissed. From afar she could see Camila picking up her phone and she saw how the younger one tensed up and began searching throughout the entire bar.

And after what felt like an eternity, a pair of chocolate-brown eyes finally looked at the pair of eyes which had bright emerald in color. It brought back so many memories to both of them. Back then, they liked talking to one another through their eyes and some videos have become proof of it and right now, Camila was telling Lauren to follow her out of the club and being the Lauren who wanted immediate answers, she gave the other one a small nod before seeing her whispering something at the person who danced a while ago with her woman before giving Camila a small nod and turning back her attention towards the music. My woman? Pathetic. Lauren mumbles to herself as she follows the Cuban out on the club towards the underground exit and there was this big guy who nodded at Camila and opened the door of an SUV before leaving them there. This was it-

Tonight will be the night where all of Lauren’s questions will be answered, by hook, or by crook.


She enters the SUV and then she was met by silence. It was so silent that you could hear the air condition making sound and it the physical movements like shifting sitting positions, licking of the lips, the playing of the nails and two bodies breathing so cautiously. Lauren felt Camila was looking at her and hearing the latter one sigh, she knew that the other one would be starting the conversation.

“I’m sorry you had to find it out that way.”

Lauren scoffed, “As if I was ever going to find it out… As if someone will eventually tell me what’s going on because clearly, you were stopping them.”

“I wasn’t and I just told them that there’s no need for you to find it because it’s not like you would care anyways. You have your own life, I’ve got mine.”

“You’ve kept them updated so I couldn’t see why you couldn’t update me as well.” Lauren defends. “You’re right, I don’t give a shit so why hide? You think I would be so damn jealous of your new thing?”

“Why? Aren’t you being jealous right now? ‘Cause if you really weren’t, you wouldn’t call Dinah and if you don’t give a shit, then don’t look at me that way.” Camila says sternly.

“How am I looking at you now then?” She challenges.

“You’re looking at me as if you give a shit.” That caught Lauren off guard. “You’re looking at me as if it hurts you to see me be with someone else. You’re looking at me as if I am still yours when clearly you told me months ago I was never yours and you were never mine, that we were just used by the management to spice things up and that I was the one to blame because I stepped in your life and things got fucking messed up.”

Stop going back to the past, it all means nothing to me now.

 “Well then you can get the hell out of my car, we’re done here. I’ve done my part explaining.”



Camila couldn’t take it anymore so she just made her way outside the car and back at the club when she hear Lauren say- “What does she have anyway? Who the fuck she think she is to dance so intimately with you? Fuck her! She shouldn’t be-“

 “No fuck you! She can dance with me whatever way she wants because someone I really care about and I want to actually be happy this time!”

“What the hell  are you talking about!? Weren’t you happy!?”

“NO!” She bursts out. “I wasn’t happy because you took it from me!” She walks back to the older Latina. “I used to be so happy in your arms, made me feel like everything is real, that we were real, that what you’re feeling for me was real until you fucking destroyed it all for me when you chose her over me. When you chose HIM over ME.”

“So this is what it’s all about huh?” Lauren paused. “You want revenge on me on what I’ve done to you years ago?”

Camila stared at her with great disbelief. “Are you even for real now? I just told you, I want to be happy this time around and that’s me putting my happiness in my own hands because when I placed my heart in yours you fucking squeezed the life out of it. Not everything about my life is about you Lauren, not anymore because I actually realize that I need to put myself first.”

“You put yourself first way too much because you fucking left the group who was with you through thick and thin for 5 years.”

“You’re impossible to talk.” She shakes her head. “I am not doing this with you and your mindset right now.” She started walking away again.

“Yeah go ahead Camila, fucking run. That’s you alright, you fucking run away when you know you’re about to lose and when you’re too afraid to admit something!” She chases Camila and grabs her by her arm. “You’re running away from me because you know deep down, it’s still me you’re in love with.”

She removes herself from Lauren’s grasp. “Yes, I am running away from you. I am running away from you because I know if I stayed I would let your words get to me and if I stayed I would be the same 15-year old Camila Cabello who, no matter how hard she fucking tries, she always find herself loving the 21-year old Lauren Jauregui just like how she loved her when she was 20, 19, 18 and even for the very first time we met. I am running away because I cam choosing myself, because I am so done to be continuously be broken by you.” She already has tears in her eyes but still she continued with her talk. “I am running away from you because I am done staying in your life like I was okay with everything. You know how I felt for you then, EVERYONE knew how much I love you and yet you kept coming back to her and when she breaks you, I let myself break for you just to see you smile again. I let you be in my arms tonight only to find you back in hers the next morning and I have to act like everything’s okay. Well a little heads up, it’s not and I am never going to be okay with the fact that we didn’t even got the chance to be together because you were too scared to realize the fact that everyday you’re with me, you find yourself falling out of love for her.”

“That is non-sense!” Lauren defends. “I love Lucy, you and I both know that, which is why I chose her over you.”

 “Oh yeah? So why did you guys decided to stay friends then? If you were so sure about her, then why would you always push me away every time we would talk about what we are?!  You keep running back to her because she was safe. You chose her over me because you know for a fact that she won’t hurt you like I will and you keep on choosing her over because you’re a fucking coward and this is the same reason why you chose him over me because up until now Lauren, you’re the only one running away from the truth that no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, and whoever you’re with now, it’s still me- Camilla Cabello that you’re still in love with.”

Lauren can’t even formulate a proper sentence nor a word for the speech that came out from Camila’s mouth. For sure she already knew that this conversation was going to get heated but she never expected for Camila to not hold back anymore and lay all her feelings there out on the field. She looked over her and she saw how she was panting, tears flowing in her eyes and all she could see in those brown orbs were pain and sadness. Lauren backed away her stare and looked on the ground and remained silent.

Camila sniffed and wiped her tears before composing herself. She started walking towards back to the club when she stopped and Lauren waited for her to say something.

“I have a song about us and I hope you can listen to it one day.” She says. “And when you do, I hope it hits you like a fucking train just so you can understand the half of the pain that I was going through.”

So this is the first one or the other half of the chapter. I’ll release the other half tomorrow. Let me know on how you think about this one! This is my first time writing about Camren so please be gentle lol, bye see u tomorrow :)

Lean On

Shingen fluff for @otomehideout-indecentconfessions I hope his helps you feel better, Darling!

Earnest eyes and a bright smile were her trademark look. She wore them where ever she went, no matter what she was doing. Today they were nowhere to be found, chased away like the sun in the sky at twilight. When a smile did find its way to her face, it was forced at best. Painfully fake to anyone who really knew her. No today she was simply going through the motions, a part of the world and yet completely absent from it. How else could he stalk her around the palace all day without her noticing his persistent eyes on her.

What could have happened to steal the smile from her face? Although the thought crossed his mind constantly, he had been too busy ask her about it yet. He figured, whatever it was, she just needed some time to think it through. Whenever he needed to think things through he went to the toilets to read… He then pondered what she did when she needed to think through something.

“Isn’t obvious?” Kansuke commented from the shadow filled corner of Shingen’s study. His comment seemed as if he had read Shingen’s mind, an uncanny habit of his. “She cooks… that’s how she deals with everything.” Shingen chuckled and nodded. He set about finishing the letter he had started before Kansuke arrived.

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Adrinette Monday Day Twenty

Today’s prompt is personality swap. Wasn’t sure how to draw it… so I did a little change up to parts of the Origins for a basic understand of how a personality swap!AU would work. Also, read the notes after the story for further ideas into this universe.

Oh, and for those who follow my *ahem* blog, I have posted another part to Nothing Else Matters.

Rating: K
Genre: Fluff
Pairing(s): Adrinette
Summary: Just a simple idea for Personality Swap Prompt.
Warning: No warnings… though, no offense to Chloé fans. There is still room for redemption in this swap idea of course! I just didn’t write that far.  

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Summary: Emma Swan is the hidden princess of Misthaven, when she was born the kingdom was under siege from the Evil Queen, and King David and Queen Snow in their desire to protect their daughter locked her away. When Emma is twenty her only dream is to see the world, and create a life of her own. Her parents deny her. Instead they sign a treaty with the Dark One her hand the in marriage the price of such a deal. Desperate and angry Emma does the only thing she can think of. She steals away into the night, and finds herself at a tavern in the village, with a blue eyed stranger.

Killian Jones is a pirate. He lost his hand in a duel with the Dark One, and is consumed by thoughts of revenge, but even so. Who was he, to deny himself the simple pleasures when in port? So when he comes to the aid of a beautiful blonde, who is being harassed by a drunkard, how is he supposed to know she was a princess as desperate for escape as he?

also on FFN

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Ma’am, Is This Your Dog


Day five: AU 

(A/N: I was really having a hard time coming up with something, but I think this is a pretty okay idea. :P )

There was a dog in his apartment. He didn’t own a dog. 

And yet, there it was. Sitting on his couch in all of its white, fluffy glory, drooling out of excitement to see him. 

He lived on the 13th floor. How on earth did this dog get in here?

Inuyasha stared back into golden eyes that showed no signs of distress at being a location he wasn’t supposed to be. He took a step back, and looked at the door. Yep, that was his apartment number. He looked back at the dog. Nope, that wasn’t his dog. 

It wasn’t a small dog either. It was a very large, very fluffy, and very unexpected dog. If he had to take a guess at what kind of dog it was, then he would have to say an Akita Inu based off of the size and shape of it. 

But how did it get in here?! 

Inuyasha kept an eye on the dog, who besides smiling in the way dogs do and wagging his very large, very long, very unexpected tail around minimally. The dog clearly wasn’t too too excited to see him, but still showed some sort of joy at seeing a person. Inuyasha started to quickly inspect his apartment for damage. There was no sign of how the dog got in. And yet, he apparently had gotten in just fine.

This was the exact opposite of what Inuyasha needed. He had just come off of a 16 hour shift as a for-hire bodyguard/bouncer. It was a human event; some stupid yakuza had wanted something a little more than a human to guard it, but not wanted the risk of a full fledged demon who could be uncontrollable. 

While it wasn’t an ideal situation, considering the drugs that were there, it paid better than any job he had in a while and he needed the money for college. His half-brother certainly wasn’t going to put out any money for him.

Going to school part-time and working full-time meant that Inuyasha wasn’t really ever in his apartment besides to sleep. It was a single room with the bathroom attached, and that couch was where he slept.

But he couldn’t go to sleep because there was a very large, very hairy, very immobile dog sitting on it.

Couldn’t a guy just get some sleep?!

He started at the dog for a couple of minutes before realizing it had a collar on. Bingo! He could call the owner and get it out of here.

He approached the dog slowly, as he was unsure if it would make any sudden movements, and didn’t want to take any risks. The dog seemed very uninterested in him and had taken to scratching himself, releasing fur all over Inuyasha’s bed–couch. 

Reaching the almost mountainous dog, Inuyasha gently grabbed at his collar and felt for tags.

He almost shouted for joy when his hand grabbed them.

Pulling his phone out of his pocket, he took a good look at the tags. One was the dog’s vaccination records, and one was his name: “Namahage”.

Namahage. Mountain ogre. Oddly fitting, Inuyasha thought. 

He flipped the name tag around. “I’m not lost, just taking myself for a walk”.

It took Inuyasha a few moments before the words sunk in.

I’m not lost, just taking myself for a walk.” 


Namahage, the dog who seemed perfectly content right up until that moment, cocked his head and gave him a look that translated into ‘What’s your problem, buddy?”


“I know it’s been a while, Inuyasha, but I think I’ve been well behaved as of late.” Inuyasha whipped his head around to stare at the intruder to his apartment, still holding onto the dog’s collar.

“What do you want, Miroku?” Inuyasha growled, barely containing his rage.

“To know what the fuss is about.” Miroku walked through the doorway, and closed the door behind him. Inuyasha realized he forgot to close it when he came in. Damn dog distracting him. 

Miroku was the friend Inuyasha didn’t realize he had until one day he did. Miroku lived across the hall from Inuyasha, in just as tiny of an apartment, even though he was the head priest of a nearby temple. Inuyasha was a little suspicious that the reason Miroku kept a separate home from the temple had to do more with his wandering hand than anything else. But, Inuyasha didn’t want to know, so he didn’t ask.

Miroku finally got close enough to the see the dog fully. “Why hello there, Namahage! A little out of place, aren’t you?” The dog let out a little ‘boof’ in response and slobbered on Inuyasha’s hand.

“You know this damn thing?” 

“Of course, he’s the lovely Priestess Kagome’s companion! He loves to wander, though, hence his name tag. He goes home when he’s hungry, so she says she doesn’t worry since he must be full if he’s not home.”

“Well he’s a little lost to get into my apartment.” Inuyasha released the dog. At least he knew where to bring the ginormous thing. 

“You didn’t pick him up?” Miroku seemed confused at what was happening. He had assumed Inuyasha had found the dog, and, in some sort of comradery like way, brought the fluffy animal back to his apartment. 

“No, I came home and he was sitting on the couch like he owned the place!” Inuyasha animatedly waved his arms. “I can’t for the life of me figure out how he got in here or how my door was locked when I came in if he was in here!”

“Kagome-san taught him how to lock most deadbolts so that when he wanders home at night, he doesn’t leave things unlocked and at risk of being stolen or vandalized.  Namahage must have locked the door out of habit.”

Inuyasha stared at Miroku. This dog was taught to lock doors? What else? How to pick locks? 

He then decided he didn’t want to know. 

“So you know where the mutt lives. Good. Let’s bring him home.”

Miroku smirked. “Why? He’s just taking himself for a walk.”

Inuyasha fought the urge to punch his grinning face. “Because I want to go to bed and it’s time the walk ended.”

Kagome wasn’t surprised to see Namahage coming up the steps to her family shrine. She wasn’t even all that surprised to see Miroku with him, since Miroku often walked Namahage home. She was surprised to see the silver haired man with ears on top of his head.

“Welcome,” she bowed low, but keeping grip on her broom. “The Higarashi shrine welcomes you.”

“Your dog was in my apartment and I want to know how he got there.”

Miroku sighed. “What my friend means is that Namahage was unexpectedly in his home and we have come to bring him back.”

“No. I mean, how in the hell did your damn dog get into my apartment.” Inuyasha huffed and crossed his arms. He was significantly taller than this woman, and felt he could stand a good chance of getting answers out of her.

“Namahage comes and goes. I don’t really control him. He just eats and sleeps here. Most people around here think it’s good luck to have him in your home. He is a very sweet dog and only wants to see people.” Kagome smiled at the grumpy half demon, paying no attention to his tone. He wasn’t the first angry one, and he wouldn’t be the last.

“You don’t understand. There’s no way he could get into my apartment.”

Kagome looked at Namahage who had decided the conversation was too boring to be present in and went to lay down beneath the great tree.

“You’re right I don’t understand because I don’t try to understand Namahage. He brings only good will.”

Miroku added, “he probably felt a dog was present in that apartment and wanted to say hi.”

Inuyasha stiffened. He didn’t like to talk about his heritage, even though it stood out worse than a boil on the face. 

Kagome paid no mind to the sudden tension.

“If I had to guess, I think Namahage saw you on one of his walks, and thought you would be nice to visit. Unfortunately, once he knows how to get inside a place, he tends to do so very frequently until he is bored of it.” She turned and tried to smile as nicely as she could, but found only an awkward half-grin would come out. 

Inuyasha turned to leave with only a “keh”. Miroku sent her an apologetic smile and followed. 

Inuyasha was visited again by Namahage the very next day. He came home from his long shift out in the sun as a concrete-mixer operator in an affluent part of town. He was tired, gross, and humiliated. He had heard nearly every nasty thing whispered about him. He just wanted to lay down and pretend the world wasn’t such a cruel place.

He knew as soon as his door creaked open what was going to be sitting there.

This time, Namahage greeted him with a small ‘boof’ the same way he had Miroku before and a more wagging tail than before.

Inuyasha contemplated what to do. He thought about bringing him home, but then he would have to go out and look at humans. He decided he would let Namahage have the couch and just sleep on the floor.  

As he approached, the large, extraordinarily lanky dog got off the couch and sprawled out on the floor next to it.

Inuyasha planted face first into a fur covered couch and feel asleep to the sensation of Namahage gently licking his hand.  

When he woke, Namahage had gone, but this time he left the door unlocked.

“So he can’t pick locks,” Inuyasha murmured, before succumbing back to sleep.

It would be weeks before Inuyasha saw Namahage again. 

Inuyasha had picked up an odd job cleaning up garbage for a couple of weeks for menial pay. He was walking down the street next to a rather large shopping mall when he heard a commotion behind him.

Over the years, he had learned to keep his head down and guard up, so while he didn’t look to see what was causing the fuss, he kept aware of where it was happening.

Then he saw a massive, white puff ball dog waltz pass him like it was natural he was there. Then he heard people yelling and running after it.

Namahage had recognized him and stopped to give him kisses.

“Ma’am,” Inuyasha heard from behind him, “is this your dog? You aren’t supposed to bring pets to work.”

Inuyasha whipped around and stared at the man. Realizing the errors of his ways, the man backed up and left. Or maybe he was scared of the look the male half demon had given him.

Inuyasha gave it no more thought.

Namahage hadn’t even noticed.

“What are you doing? This is no place to be taking yourself on a walk.” Namahage continued to pepper his legs, hands, anywhere he could reach in kisses.

“Let’s get you home,” Inuyasha walked to put back his bin and stick, and began to make his way to the shrine. Namahage followed closely, happily walking behind and ‘boof’-ing at people he recognized.

Kagome wasn’t on the steps like before. Inuyasha realized that he hadn’t made it past them before and once he was at the top, he didn’t even know where to begin. Namahage didn’t go lay by the great tree like before, but decided to stay close to Inuyasha as he searched for Kagome.

Inuyasha also realized he couldn’t remember the priestess’s name. No point in calling out then, he thought to himself. He walked around the paths, and looked in every building until he came across her.

She was in the bottom of a well house, plucking at the weeds that had started to grow at the base. She was oblivious to his arrival and Inuyasha had a chance to admire her. She really was pretty, with her soft hair that shone a deep blue tone in the peeking sunlight and her delicate hands plucking softly at the vegetation but barely disturbing the dirt. 

He called out to her, like the man had to him. “Ma’am, is this your dog?”

Kagome’s head snapped up. She saw the silver haired man and her beloved companion’s head peaking over the edge of the well, little droplets of drool pouring out of his mouth. 

She made eye-contact to the man who was part dog demon. “Why, yes. Yes he is.” 

Inuyasha fought back a smile at her sincere answer.

“Oh good. I thought he was lost.”

Kagome stood up and began to climb out of the well. Before she could answer him he continued.

“But it turns out he was just taking himself for a walk.”

Kagome stood in front of the man. “Well,” she spoke carefully, not wanting to misread the man’s intentions, “shall we join him on his walk?”

Inuyasha held his arm out. “I think we shall.”

A/N I like this story line. Maybe I should make it a multichapter thing? I haven’t done that in a while.

If you want to know my inspiration for Namahage, it’s Wasao (a super cute Akita inu. He is on tumblr and I live for his pictures.)

Meeting Their Latin Girlfriend’s Family ✷ EXO & SHINee

This was quite fun to write for a first try :) I hope you like it!


Kim Minseok:
Your father doubted your decision to date Xiumin the second he walked in with his baby face and adorable manners. His smooth voice greeted everyone with excessive cuteness, arms wrapping in the warmest hugs a human could give.

One of your grandmothers instantly wanted you to marry him; the other wanted to adopt him. Your grandfathers, however, were about as convinced as your dad. Wasn’t Minseok too, huh, young-seeming?

When you told them he was older, the oldest in the band, and when he «proved» it with a demonstration of his skills (carrying random objects, mostly), they finally accepted him. By the way, when is the wedding due? We oughtta invite the rest of the family.

Zhang Yixing:
He’s used to balancing both Chinese and Korean traditions/sensibilities, so he’d be very understanding and even look forward to meeting your family. He researched Latin culture, the habits, behaviour, what to say and do (and what not to), and verified all of it with you, just to make sure.

When the day came, he gladly complied to anything they’d prepared, talked to them for hours on end, and you had to admit you’d rarely loved him as much as in this moment. Even your mother joked about him being the perfect man, which plussed your father and prompted a «battle» for the title of perfect man between your boyfriend and father. No one remembers who won, but it was hilarious.

One mistake, though: poor Lay accidentally tried to learn Latin instead of Spanish, which you told everyone at the dinner table. He never lived it down.

Kim Junmyeon:
As the leader, he knows how to deal with people and get his way. Unfortunately, your family is vastly different from executives and managers.

Suho did his best, politely bowing and greeting everyone, but was caught off guard the second your grandmother moved in to smooch his cheek. Physical contact is starkly un-Korean. He awkwardly smiled through the ordeal of kissing your family members, which earned him a remark from your grandpa.

Soon enough, though, he got comfortable discussing with you and listening to all of your childhood stories. Your mother will never let you forget that one time you angered a teacher by being a better Spanish-speaker than them.

Byun Baekhyun:
On his way there, this little shit literally would not shut up about all sorts of stereotypes he’d heard about latinos. Tacos, «fiery lover» tropes, you name it, he knows it. He’s probably not trying to be offensive, but oh Lord do you wish he’d stop talking.

He did when your father opened the door. Suddenly, he was the kindest man in the world. He hugged your family and kissed their cheeks, chuckling lightly as your grandma told him he looked handsome. You were convinced you’d hallucinated the whole way to the house, but Baekhyun’s shit-eating grin at the delicious burritos on the table made you realise he’d purposefully riled you up.

Why, you’ll never know, but you spent all the evening on your toes, fearing the wrong word would escape his mouth. Your mother noticed your unease and asked you if everything was fine, whacking your boyfriend upside the head after you told her about his teasing.

Kim Jongdae:
Before meeting your family, he asked you for an exhaustive list of all the things he could and couldn’t do. Oh no, not to be polite or respectful. Just so he’d know how much he could fool around without being kicked out and cursed to Hell.

He spent all day telling lame jokes, play on words and one-liners, to the point that even your grandpa got tired of it. Chen also trolled your father by pretending all the cutlery in the house had disappeared (your grandma actually hid it under the cushion, barely containing her laughter as your dad was going crazy to find it).

You’re surprised no one died that day.

Park Chanyeol:
Happy virus made everything merrier.

He walked in with a grin so wide it startled your mother who’d assumed Koreans would be calmer and more reserved, and hugged everyone tightly yet carefully so as not to break anyone’s bones (as if he could. Your grandparents were much tougher than he thought).

After downing a glass of a local alcohol he’d never heard of, he suddenly started rapping in half-Korean, quarter-English, quarter-Spanish. Your grandmothers hummed a harmony while your father fetched an instrument from the attic. If music had ever brought people together, it was in this moment.

Do Kyungsoo:
Poor boy is ridiculously shy, so he bowed a lot upon stepping in your family’s home and got bothered when everyone came forward to hug him, pat his back, kiss his cheek. Of course, you’d warned him beforehand, but it still took him a while to compose himself and say the Spanish greeting you’d taught him.

He then proposed to help your mother cook, but everything was almost finished anyway (who does he think they are, amateurs?), so he sat down with your grandparents as they questioned him all about himself, his life, his behaviour towards you…

By the end, they all loved him and he’d collected the recipe of your grandma’s delicious tamales. And when you told him of tamalada, he insisted to be there.

Kim Jongin:
He feared he’d be out of place, thus bringing his dogs along. They won your grandparents’ hearts over, and Nini hit it off spectacularly well with them. While your parents inquired about him and how good he was to you, he was babbling on with your grandmothers about Latin dances and music, waggling one arm as his other hand petted the cute pups.

In no time, he had invited them for a dance. They both giggled in their hands when your grandfathers stood to demonstrate their own skills, ending up in a dance-off that left everyone exhilarated and exhausted.

The dinner was received with exclamations of joy and relief, the food eaten up slowly between more discussions and laughs.

Oh Sehun:
The beginning didn’t go very well. Sehun may be playful with his friends and band members, but with strangers (namely, your family he didn’t even share a language with) he got silent and cold. He bowed curtly and muttered an accent-warped Hola, almost hiding behind you as your father tried to get too friendly.

He didn’t talk beyond the occasional Korean exclamation, giving your mother a small smile when she served him pupusas (which he absolutely adored). Until your grandmother leant into you and whispered for you to ask him what was wrong. You did, and he replied: “I’m afraid I’ll mess it up if I do anything.”

Upon hearing the translation, your family guffawed and reassured your rather confused-and-terrified-looking boyfriend that he didn’t have to worry about that. He winced a little as their voices boomed and their hands slapped his shoulders, but relaxed as soon as you informed him that what they were showing him was in fact affection, not scorn.

Lee Jinki:
His usual goofy self seemed left behind as Onew met your family. He hugged them and asked to help make the table, disappointed when told it wasn’t necessary. Even then, he tried to aid in any endeavour, up to and including fixing a lightbulb (he fell from the ladder trying to replace it).

Now with an ice pack on his forehead and your grandmothers pampering him, Jinki ashamedly rambled to explain that although he’d failed that, he usually was a good and useful boyfriend. You reassured him it was all right, and your father sighed about your responsibility towards that man-child. Well, at least your mother liked Onew.

Kim Jonghyun:
How could they not love him when he acted so sweet?

He worried about not being considered a «true» member of the family and tried so hard to show he was worthy of you, even your eldest grandpa had to admit he was a great boyfriend. Regardless of his K-Pop idol background, your mother enjoyed having such a kind son-in-law-to-be. Jjong nearly leapt in glee when she gave your relationship her blessings.

Little did anyone know, he was actually concerned about whether they’d seen him topless or not, and how they’d feel about their (grand)daughter’s boyfriend baring himself for millions of fans to see. No one brought it up, though. He felt relieved.

Kim Kibum:
Although a meal was already waiting in the kitchen, Key somehow convinced your family to try out kimchi and bulgogi. He talked heavily about South Korea and its culture, emphasising his desire to share it with them and learn theirs. Your dad’s mother argued that she prepared better food than the Korean take-out they got, but you know she loved it nonetheless.

After dinner, he sang and danced to a few of SHINee’s videos as they played on the computer. Then, you switched to Latin dances. He mastered merengue dizzyingly fast, dancing a few steps with you then inviting your mother for a routine.

Choi Minho:
You were almost jealous when that playboy flirted with your family to the point of making your grandmothers blush. And you almost didn’t mind when your father smacked his forehead for acting like an imbecile.

The mood was somewhat lightened when your grandfather demanded to see proof of whether or not he deserved you, and he twirled, dipped, and kissed you. It was a bit embarrassing but a whole load of fun.

Lee Taemin:
His love for tame milk almost got him killed when your mother served him her (in)famous dish of red rice, chicken, and every damn existing spice on our beautiful Earth. Your grandpa sure laughed a lot when Taemin rushed to cleanse his scalded mouth.

He later apologised to your mom, who seemed very understanding of his trouble and, to be forgiven, served him yet another plate of raw spices. She explained he’d get used to it over time. His tonsils did not agree.

The Mom Ch. 7

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Choi Seung Hyun

Synopsis: The blood of the covenant…

Warnings: Seeing as how we’re dealing with the sister, there is one (partial) racial slur.

Author’s Note: Well, you knew there had to be a bit of angst sooner or later, right? lol This one is a little short, just under 3,000 words… but that’s just how it happened this time. *shrugs* I hope you enjoy it anyway. :)

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.


No…” you whispered, feeling sick to your stomach.

Suddenly, Seungri ran towards you from the other side of the room where he’d been chatting with Seung Hyun’s mother. He slid a little in his sock feet across the hardwood floor & threw his arms out in front of you as if to protect you.

________-ah?” your husband asked, confused. “What’s going on? Who is this?”

Before you even had a chance to answer, the maknae did it for you.

That’s her sister…”

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Scenes with Michiko (Kazuchika Okada imagine)

Warning: None fluffy kid fic.

A/N:  I had a lot of idea for kid fics so I just decided to do this. ( Chicchai is a cutesy version of tiny, like pronouncing little wittle)

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~1900 words

Scenes from Kazuchika’s life as a father.

His cheeks hurt. Muscles sore, teeth bared to the air more times than he could count. Adrenalin pumped through his veins the same way it did before a match. His wife doing all the work while he offered little more than positive reinforcement and a hand to squeeze. Any moment now, less than a handful of pushes, and there she would be.

Michiko came into the world wailing, a shock of black hair atop her head, already – in the eventual long line of unamused moments in her life – completely annoyed with the situation. Kazuchika cut the umbilical cord, letting his shaky hands rest then in his wife’s, kissing her sweaty forehead. He sniffed away his tears.

She’d been fed and burped and had promptly fallen asleep —after her journey he couldn’t blame her— and in the small hours of the morning he held her close to his chest. He unwrapped her swaddling blanket, counted each finger and toe, and then again, studied the soft plump of her cheeks, smoothed her puff of hair flat only for it to bounce up again.

“Michiko.” He smiled down at her, her face oblivious in sleep. She shifted momentarily, his brain freezing up for a second, until she settled into his chest.


Three hours. Like clock work, his eyes snapped open to the sound of Michiko’s still new cries filling the apartment. He sighed, putting a hand on his wife’s arm as she sat up.

“I’ll get her.”

He grabbed his glasses from the nightstand and stumbled over to the crib in the corner of their room. Neither could see sleeping away from her, it was never a subject of discussion. Steady hands still getting used to the routine changed her diaper despite her wiggling protests, which quieted none even as he spoke softly to her.

He put her against his bare chest, taking the few feet to the bed in a dance to try and calm her before handing her over to her waiting mother. Michiko had taken naturally to the breast; a blessing given she had an absolute lack of patience when it came to her needs being met. Any anxieties he’d had about that issue, from the countless baby books that filled the prior 9 months, had been quelled when his girls had taken to one another like they had been doing it for ages.

He snuggled against his wife’s shoulder, turned to watch the infant blink slowly as her belly filled and her annoyance waned. Awe had over taken him in the last ten days. Even on little sleep and a tour looming like a ghoul in the corner of the room, he’d lost hours in her presence, amazed at what they created.

“I know it’s early, and I’m probably so sleep deprived I’m drunk,” his wife whispered as he ran his fingers over Michiko’s back. “But I don’t ever think I’ll get over this.”

Kazuchika cracked a smile but said nothing.


He knocked on the door tentatively. “Cover up, I have a very important guest.”

A moment passed, bouncing the wide eyed baby in his arms before he pushed through the door. “Introducing Okada Michiko: future Rainmaker.”

The room erupted with muted cheers, his friends and brothers coming to crowd around the duo. Michiko, a month old and hardly caring about anything less than mama’s milk and a dry diaper, studied the group in their cooing voices with little amusement. Someone had already made a crack about her having the Rainmaker face down pat. Gedo, already more than acquainted with the baby, stood to the side, laughing quietly to himself at the way Kazuchika’s proud smile never faltered for a second.

“She’s gorgeous, man.” Rocky complimented, letting her clasp a hand around his finger.

“Michiko, this is Rocky-San. He’s tiny, just like you!”



A grin spread across his face as he sat down in the locker room. Sweat took its part in messing his hair, still sticking his skin, his lungs finally settling to a normal rhythm.

“Papa, you did so good! I knew you could do it!” Still the biggest Rainmaker fan in the world, Michiko babbled excitedly into the phone. “But why does that Kenny guy with the ugly hair keep bothering you?”

He laughed out loud. “Some people are very determined, Michi. Can you put your mama on for a minute?”

“No! I’m sorry, I mean, could we get on the video, just for minute? I wanna show you my favorite parts!”


Watage strolled into the kitchen, his face going straight for the water bowl. The fur on his head adorned with strategically placed, matching bows.

“Why does the dog have bows in his hair?” Kazuchika questioned.

“Papa, anybody can be pretty.”


Her feet slapped against the hard floor in quick succession. She giggled, her father taking long strides to keep up with her, a game to her as she sped down the hall.

“Michi-chan!” She was scooped up into the arms of Rocky Romero, a frequent playmate whenever they were anywhere in the same vicinity. “Where were you going, huh?”

She squealed loudly, Kazuchika coming to stand at their side. “Chicchai!”

Rocky sighed, his nickname cemented for months, but none the less ridiculous, while Kazuchika didn’t even try to stifle his boisterous laugh.


“I don’t want this.”

“Michiko, it’s a perfectly fine meal—”

“It has those green things in it.”

“You like green onions.”

“No, I took them out last time. The cat didn’t want them, either.”

The old man frowned his brow at her, stern it ways he’d learned raising his own two boys would get them to obey. But he had never raised a girl. He has never raised a half Japanese girl with a western mother whose influence was apparent.

“You will eat the food your grandmother made. Y-”

“Michi,” Kazuchika leaned down to her in the seat beside him. “Why don’t you go and fetch your book you wanted to tell grandma about, okay?”

He watched her obey enthusiastically and take off into the other room. When he turned back, his parents looked less than pleased.

“My boys would have never.” His father shook his head, taking a bite from his bowl.

His mother, somewhat softer, interjected, “You know we love Michiko, Kazu. She’s just so…strong willed, and it doesn’t help giving in to her all the time. You must have a firm hand with children. Your-”

He acknowledged her sage wisdom through nods and soft agreements, everything he had been taught as a good son. But his mind was elsewhere as Michiko came into the room, her eyes lit up as she looked at the cover of her book, even if her face stayed unaffected.

So she didn’t want her soup, big deal. She was funny and sweet, with an independent streak and a selective vetting process for who and what she spent her time on. Little bits of her mother, of himself, shown through in everything she did. Perhaps it was his soft heart or his pride, perhaps it was both, but there was nothing wrong with her strong will.


“Doctor! Doctor!” He sobbed dramatically. “Please, he needs help!”

Michiko put the plastic pieces of her stethoscope into her ears, carefully placing the end onto Watage’s chest. “What happened to him?”

“He fell down! Oh please Okada-Sensei, can you help him?” Kazuchika clapped his hands together, as if pleading with the little girl.

“I can. But I will need your help.”

“What’s the treatment?”

“Ice cream, with lots of chocolate sauce.”

He kept himself from laughing, being polite to the esteemed stuffed animal surgeon in his presence. “But, dogs can’t have either of those things!”

The golden chow chow yawned, uninterested in their game. Michiko sighed as she put the stethoscope around her neck. “We’ll just have to eat it for him.”


Michiko had been avoiding him all day. Fresh home from a tour, she was usually the first person to greet him (followed almost simultaneously by Watage, and then when they were finally finished, his wife was allowed). Instead she had told him hello from across the room while the dog circled him and accepted his hug only half-heartedly.

He’d given her space, whatever emotional roller coaster a 5 year old could be on he assumed he couldn’t last long. But when it stretched through dinner, past bed time (a request for a story specifically from mom) and into the next day, he sat her down.

Her eyes were glued to the floor as he knelt in front of her. “Michi, do you want to talk about what’s wrong?”

She shook her head.

“Did something happen?”

Another negative.

“Did I do something?” he finally asked.

She let her eyes move finally up to meet his but said nothing.

“Is it because I was on tour? Did I miss something important?”

Michiko sighed loudly. “I saw you!” He went to open his mouth but her determined hands came up to emphasize her point. “I saw you playing with the other kids in that card commercial!”

Kazuchika often had to quell his laughter, careful not to hurt the dramatic but very real emotions in her mind. “Do you remember when we talked about make believe?”

She sighed again, nodding.

“How I sometimes have to act mean in the ring? Well, anytime I’m on TV it’s like that.” He wanted to comfort her, but held back, her body language still cold. “If I could stay here and play all day I would. Plus, there’s no kid better at playing doctor.”

“You mean that? No joking?”

“No joking.”

“Well, I guess there’s no better dad at tea parties, either.”


Braiding hair was not that hard. A somewhat mindless repetition of under and over, muscle memory at the end of the day. Get the right ratio of hair, maintain the desired tightness, and don’t lose your strands. Hair done and out of the way.

But the first time she’d asked him his brain tensed up.


He’d seen his mother quickly rid his sister of her bothersome bob that way, but he’d never given it more than a passing glance. He’d watched his wife turn her locks into waves with a French braid. But again, it was just background scenes.

“Papa doesn’t know how to do that, Michi,” he sighed to the hopeful eyed little girl

The feeling of uselessness crept up on him. If she wanted something procured with the swipe of a card, that he could do. A day at the zoo, a trip to an amusement park, front row, no waiting, done and done. An extra book before bed even though she should’ve been asleep a half hour before, those were the moments he lived for. But a super human wrestler with money and muscle to spare, his hands still couldn’t do the simple task his child was asking.

“It’s okay, papa.” Michiko’s small voice still unwavering as she grabbed a hairband and pushed her bangs back. But he stood as she secured her backpack around her shoulders. “It’s almost time to go!”

He simply pressed his lips together and followed suit, already knowing the plan for his morning. And by the evening, his youtube history was filled with tutorials.


Blunders and (happy) Beginnings; CHAPTER 4; ~ 2, 200 words; FF.NET || AO3

It’s that Jane Austen CS AU you have (not) been reading *g* This chapter is from Killian’s POV, maybe a bit darker but it was time we got a glimpse of his inner workings as well. So hope you enjoy! 

Contrary to what most people throughout the ages have said, believed, set on paper or even, on occasion, experienced firsthand, Captain Killian Jones never believed nights to be time and place where loneliness lurks, bids its time and lunges at unsuspecting gentlemen and ladies alike, thinking themselves safe in the comfort of their library or bedchamber.

Killian, to his surprise as much as the reader’s we are sure, has rarely come to know this dark face of the later hours. No. Nights are too calm for all that – all light dimmed, all sound shushed, all conversation ceased and all social ‘graces’, that lacked the very essentials of grace (frankness and sincerity), stripped away.

Loneliness did not have time enough to sneak under his threadbare sleepshirt and sink into his weary heart when his bones were so heavy, when his head was already sunk so deep into the pillow and he was miles and miles from the overeagerness of his brother’s nudges, the overagreeableness of his friends’ conversation, the overrichness of ink on bills he still had little habit of dealing with and would probably never acquire any, the overheaviness of the contraption he strapped on his left forearm every morning with barely a shuffle and took off every night with an exhausted clang and a curled lip.

No, indeed, nights were somewhat safer for Killian Jones than most writers wrote them, with much softer tones than most painters painted them and much shallower sounds than most musicians played them. Safer in their being an end and not an unknown and unpredictable beginning, softer in their being dulled by tiredness and insensibility, shallower in their being too shrouded to need to dig deeper for even denser shadows.

For him, the evil was to be found in mornings. In their crispness, the sharp colours, the bright and painfully distinguishable forms, the strong and freshly unearthed smell, the rejuvenated and unrelenting birds’ songs.

For him, all the weight of all the loneliness in the world managed to squeeze itself into a couple of seconds, into two drops – if drops it had been – less than a spoonful of sorrow, into a sliver of semi-consciousness, into the place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming.

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thotwing  asked:

It's Halloween, how would Ravus react to seeing kids dressed up as him? What if they asked him, "trick or treat?"

Hm… I can see this going one of two ways: a serious way and a silly way.

In a serious standpoint, I can imagine that Ravus would honestly be saddened by the sight of kids dressing up as him, possibly even disgusted too. In his eyes, he’s not the kind of man who people should idolize and look up to. After all of the atrocities he committed as apart of the Niflheim army, he’s still doesn’t want to show others (like his sister) the true side he shows unless he has to. He’s cold and bitter at the world. And so seeing children of all things tell him that they wanted to be like him – perhaps as an idol or as someone scary, who knows? – it would break his heart. 

Because he would wish for nobody in the world to have the life he’s lived.

In a silly alternative though, I can imagine that Ravus enjoys Halloween – mostly because it probably fits into his secret love of theatrics, but also because it’s the one day where he can pretend to be something that he isn’t. That, and you know, candy. But with children coming by with their costumes of him, he might also find it a little amusing – especially amusing when there are the small handful that are dedicated to their role. He’d probably give them extra candy, but also, I wouldn’t put it past him to pretend a little with them. Children are innocent, after all.

He’d pretend to be the supreme commander as he commands the little deputy commanders to do his bidding. Probably teaches them how to talk and talk, salute and bow – trying to teach them to be chivalrous and all. And then, of course, he’d probably get them to greet Lunafreya with what he taught them, getting her to giggle in amusement at just how well-taught they were.

He does enjoy having that little bit of authority, after all.

Dead Poets Society: Neil Perry x reader: Roar


A/N: requests are open, this is the list of fandoms i do requests for

Neil Perry POV

Why we are here? I have no idea. Was I complaining? No. On a Saturday the Captain had the idea to take us to a kind of a festival/market a little outside of town.

We went along, curious to see what all the fuss was about and just to be away from Hell-ton for a few hours.

We arrived near a large grassland where the festival and market was, and walked through the gate.

We walked through the little streets made with marketcarts until we came out at a large open place with a podium on the end opposite of ours.

I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath

Scared to rock the boat and make a mess

So I sat quietly, agreed politely

I guess that I forgot i had a choice

I let you push me past the breaking point

I stood for nothing, so I fell for everything

There a girl stood, her hair (h/l) and (h/c), she was wearing a pair of jeans with sneakers, a black and white striped shirt and a brown loose vest with a barret. She looked beautiful and her voice was no less.

Suddenly Mr keatings voice snapped me out of my daydream saying: ‘ow! The girl on stage, I know her! She was one of my students, I taught her and her friends before I came to Welton.’

We all stood there is silence, watching her as suddenly, her voice started out low and gradually got louder and louder to hear her roar,

I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter

Dancing through the fire

Cause I’m a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar,

Louder, louder than a lion

Cause I’m a champion and you’re gonna hear me roaaaaaaaaar!

She was standing about 7 meters away from us and only had a microphone powered by one speaker… And yet, her voice was powerful.

Behind me I could hear Charlie whistle and the boys cheer. The girl on stage, with her mic in her right hand, spread out her left before bowing, what looked a little mockingly at us.

After that she pointed and waved at a group of girls who were also cheering her on, her friends and classmates probably.

‘so I’m sure you all remember the barbaric yawp? These students of mine, they don’t yawp, they roar.’ Mr Keating said with a certain proudness in his voice, making us laugh.

After a few minutes she came back to join her friend in front of the stage, there she talked for a while before one of her friends pointed our way. I’m sure she meant to look at their old teacher but I could swear she was looking at me…

She alone made her way to us, she greeted the Captain with a salute, making both of them laugh. ‘We didn’t know you were gonna be here today.’ It surprised me how soft her voice was after hearing her so loud and powerful on stage just mere moments ago.

‘I wouldn’t wanna miss it for the world, (y/n)’ he smiled. She smiled widely back at him.

‘Shall i introduce you to my new students?’ she nodded. ‘(Y/n) (l/n) may I introduce you to, Steven Meeks, Richard Cameron, Gerard Pitts’, he pointed us out as he said our names, ‘Knox Overstreet, Charlie Dalton’, the Captain leaned a little towards (y/n) and whispered loudly, ‘beware that one, he is a flirt’ making her giggle, ‘and Neil Perry’ he pointed me out last.

She looked at me and smiled, ‘nice to meet you’ she stretched her hand out at me to shake, i did. it was then that I noticed I held on to her hand a little too long, even though i didn’t really want to, I dropped it.

She didn’t seem to mind that I held it though, she still smiled at me, and if I’d seen it right, she even blushed a little.

There we stood for a while, just looking at each other. Only much later we noticed that all the guys and mr Keating had moved on to introduce themselves to the group of girls in front of the stage.

‘Uhhh…’ we both mumbled at the same time, then laughed.

‘You were really good up there’, I said, trying to break the ice.

‘Thanks’, she smiled brightly, her eyes shimmering.

We just talked there for a while, about our interests, Mr Keating classes back at her school,…

Suddenly I heard Mr Keating: ‘come on Mr Perry, time to leave.’

I mumbled something like ‘nice meeting you’. I had to admit i was a little disappointed to leave her already. She nodded, understanding I had to leave and started to walk away.

Maybe I should… no she would never.

But why did she look so disappointed when she saw I had to leave?

She’s almost gone, maybe I should…


‘Uhh, wouldyouliketogoforacoffeewithmesometime?’ I asked quickly.

She turned back, looking confused ‘I-I’m sorry I didn’t quite catch that..’

I breathed in and out, ‘i said would you… like to go for a coffee with me sometime.’

It mesmerized me how her eyes shined at times. ‘Yeah, I’d like that.’

I smiled back at her, ‘you know the coffee shop at the end of the street near here? Meet me there tomorrow at 2 okay?’

She walked back to me, and before I could say anything, she put her hand on my arm and kissed me on the cheek.

‘It’s a date!’ She said, before turning back and walking away. Though she looked back smiling a few times.

I smiled even though I was certain my face was bright red right now.

‘It’s a date’, I breathed, staring at her walking away.

Be Her Valentine [2/2]

Read the whole thing on Ao3

Part 1 on tumblr here 

The competition based on actually doing their job properly heats up between Eren and Levi.


There was only one more week left until Valentine’s Day before Levi dared make his next move. Eren hadn’t done anything new either. Or at least, not to Levi’s knowledge, and it was making him fidgety.

What with Eren’s brazen first interference, you’d think he couldn’t wait to show Levi up with some other attention-grabbing intervention. Maybe he was preparing something. Something big. Maybe he actually had set some great plan in motion. Maybe he actually could be subtle, and Levi just hadn’t caught on. Actually, scrap that thought, probably not. Was Levi worried? No of course I’m not worried, why should I be worried, there’s nothing to worry about. Though, just in case, he decided he’d better step it up fast.

He needed to be able to work with the assumption that Farlan knew the perfect opportunity to ask Isabel out was coming up fast.

Well, Eren would no longer be the only one lacking subtlety around here.

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Scenario: ☁ Lies

Title: Lies

Pairing: Bobby x Reader

Genre: Romance, Marriage au

Length: ~2400

Request: Bobby attending the marriage of the girl he loves in the US 

- requested by anon

“No, thanks”, Bobby snorted at the poor stewardess who only offered him some coke. He bowed after realizing that he might have been a little too rude and mumbled a quiet but soft “sorry”. After all it wasn’t his fault that he had to attend the wedding of the girl he had loved for almost all his life now. Just thinking of it, the reason that he was taking the plane just to get off and see you in another guys arms made him clench his fists.

“The plane will land shortly, please…”, a voice resounded through the plane, not getting the attention of Bobby. His mind was messed up with thoughts of you. Past memories that danced in the back of his mind, forming a little smile on his lips just to get interrupted by your oh so beloved soon to be husband. He didn’t even know how he looked like but he was sure that he must have been pretty handsome to steal your heart like that. The only thing that broke his thoughts was the stewardess that had offered him a coke earlier. “Sir, you need to fasten your seat belt!”

With that, Bobby fixed his position, straightening up his back to put that damn belt on. Didn’t mind if he got hurt though, there was nothing left for him anyways, now where you had found your love.

“Mother, do i really have to do this?”, you asked quietly. You already knew what she would answer, her reply literally echoed through your head a few times before she actually said it. “Don’t be so immature”, the cold voice crept on your skin, sending shivers all over your body. You should have been used to it by now, however there was always the little glint of hope that thought everything would be better someday.

What did you expect anyways? The marriage was already set up, the people invited and it were just mere 24 hours till you would be married to some rich-ass arrogant guy who you had met for exactly 2 hours. Of course your parents had thought you were having the time of your life, being out with a rich guy who would buy you everything you had ever wished for– your parents thought you had ever wished for. But it wasn’t like that at all, after driving around and getting you expensive gleaming stuff you didn’t even need, you had just told him that it was okay, that he didn’t have to pretend that he liked you and stormed off to a café nearby, spending your precious Saturday where you could have lost yourself in your books instead.

He was just like everyone else. You were sick of these arranged marriages. Why were rich people so stupid? Only being after more money, even marrying strangers by a stupid contract just to make more income in their filthy little business. You really hated such people. You were always different than everyone else. Maybe it was because of Bobby

A sad smile found its way to your lips, your eyes immediately filling up with the salty sadness called tears but you blinked a few times before letting them escape. Bobby had taught you how to live happily, without money and all. There was no money needed in the life Bobby had, it was simply that joyous smile, making his eyes almost invisible since they always screwed up into small crescents, quickening the rhythm of your heart beat immediately. You had always wondered how he did that. As if he snatched it right out of your chest to make you his. Now he was coming and what for? To see you marrying off another guy.

Sooner or later it had to happen anyways. It wasn’t like Bobby would have ever married a person like you. Someone who grew up in a wealthy family where money and reputation came before love. Bobby didn’t deserve a person like you. He probably had met some cute Korean girl already anyways.

I arrived. Where are you? Not even greeting me at the Airport? ):

The message of Bobby flashed on your phone and you leaped up immediately. You had totally missed the time. Without even putting something accepting on, you ran out the door with your sweatpants and loose shirt, moving your feet as fast as possible to the airport.

When you arrived, all you could do was gasping for air and  swiftly moving your eyes, searching up the airport for a familiar looking figure. “Hey”, you heard a familiar voice calling from behind, “you’re pretty early, miss”. Your head whipped around and all you could do was pull him close, nuzzling your face into his chest and never let go. At least that was what you wanted to do. His scent was the same, however his broad shoulders and tall figure were different. He looked so much manlier now, you stepped back to take a look at him.

“I am sorry, i totally missed the tim–”, before you could even end your sentence, his hand connected with your face, making you freeze up and sending shivers down your spine. The warmth of his hand was still the same. “You’re totally sweating, what were you doing, running here?”, just then you noticed your messy hair and outfit. Wow you probably really left a good impression after seeing him after all these years. You closed your eyes, panic washing all over you. “Please tell me i am not my wearing my pyjama and looking like a complete mess”. “Would you hit me if i told you exactly that?”

You covered your face in embarrassment, “YES”. Just then you felt his soft touch once again, removing your hiding place out of your face and looking straight into your eyes. “Don’t worry, you look pretty anyways”, he smiled and your heart melted just like that. At the same time you noticed the empty look in his eyes, his smile didn’t even reach his eyes and he put a distance between you immediately. It was just a step back but it suddenly felt like he was a hundred miles away.

“Anyway, congrats on being engaged”, he looked away, avoiding eye contact, “tomorrow is the big day huh?” His laugh sounded so bitter for some reason, not like Bobby at all. You sighed, why did he have to bring this up now. You just wanted to run away. For a few seconds you had totally forgotten about reality and had lost yourself in your sweet dream, the curing illusion of your mind, caused by the sweet scent of his which made you dizzy. Though now it was the hard and sad truth that hit you. You did not understand why you were disappointed when he mentioned it.

“Hah, thanks”, you pressed your lips together. “Please… let’s not talk about it okay? I want to spend the rest of my unmarried life with you, not even wasting a thought over what’s gonna happen tomorrow”. Bobby’s expression changed,  worry and concern lying in his eyes, “wait, shouldn’t you be happy that you finally found someone..”

“Y/N, don’t tell me it’s one of those arranged marriages of your parents”, his voice changed drastically, you could totally hear the great shock that he had just received. You looked down, fiddling with the hem of your shirt. “Y/N”, he repeated again, not believing the situation. “Hey!”, Bobby came back close and hold up your head, so that you could look directly in his eyes. You really hated this, you hated how angry and shocked he looked, was he gonna treat you like your mother now? “You promised that you would never accept the marriages that your parents arranged–”

“You promised me Y/N… you said you’d marry someone you loved!” You hated yourself for breaking that promise. It was still clearly treasured in those memories which survived all this time, keeping them close in your heart. “I know but–”, your voice broke into soft sobs. “Please don’t hate me, i am sorry”, you pressed your lips together and swallowed down the pain. “Let’s just go home for now okay?”

After finding a taxi to drive both of you over to Bobby’s, you sat down quietly. The ride in the taxi passed by in silence. Bobby was never angry, he barely got mad no matter what situation you were in. But of course you made him upset right when you saw him after all these years. “Bobby, i– i like him though”, it was the only way to lighten the atmosphere. Even if that meant you had to lie. You wondered why it felt so much thicker though after you spoke out the words. “Really?”, he asked after a long pause. “Y-Yeah”. Another pause. “That’s good then”.

The rest of the day had gone by in more silence. It felt like you had made the whole situation even worse. A sigh escaped your mouth when you went out the apartment of Bobby’s family, walking down the streets in the depth of the night. The moon shined on the edges of the cruel world you lived in and made it look a little less scarier than it actually was.

“Y/N”, you heard a familiar voice. Your heart made a flip, and a sad feeling spread out in your guts. Of course, who else would be calling your name like this at this time of the day. Your eyes met his and you smiled. You missed him. It were just a few minutes you were apart but it felt like years. You missed Bobby, the happy Bobby who would tease you about your looks just to make your heart flutter with a sweet compliment afterwards.

“Yeah?”, how much you wanted to go back to your past, having a normal conversation with Bobby at night. Now it just felt different. It felt like both of your were showing each other a false reflection of yourself. Everything felt wrong.

“I am happy for you… if you like him, it’s good”, and there was that smile with his crescent eyes and heart-shaped lips and your world just seemed to break into pieces.

“You look beautiful, miss”, your chauffeur looked at you through the mirror, before having his eyes back on the street. Your heart was screaming but your mouth remained shut. You didn’t want to look beautiful, not for the person you were gonna marry in less than 20 minutes. You closed your eyes in hope the reality would seem a little less real but it just made you tired. “I am happy for you”, it still ringed in your ears. He wasn’t supposed to be happy, he was supposed to say something differently. Anything but that.

“Can we please stop the car for a second?” Your chauffeur drove the car to the side immediately and you opened the door to get out of the sticky air which lied in the car. “Are you okay, miss?”, “Yeah, i am fine”, another lie spoken out like that. Was your whole life based on lies? Why couldn’t you just say what you really wanted to.

At that moment you took out your phone and dialed Bobby’s number without even thinking.

You heard his voice on the other line, but he didn’t even get to say something. “I lied”, the unshed tears finally rolled down your cheek. They were literally burning in your eyes for all this time. It felt good to cry. It felt good to say the truth.

Without asking you what you were even talking about, Bobby asked you where you were instantly and when you told him where, in the middle of nowhere, dolled up like a princess and in that ugly white dress your mom had picked up for you, it were only minutes till he arrived. “You can go without me”, you politely told your chauffeur, he looked a little helpless but only bowed and got in the car.

Bobby quickly got out the car and once again you felt everything spinning when you saw him dressed in that suit. This time it hurt, it hurt so much that you just wanted to die right there and never come back. What had you done? What was gonna happen? Expecting the worst, all you felt was his warmth that flowed through your whole body when he came close and embraced you. You sobbed into his shoulder, not only ruining your makeup but also his suit. “I don’t like him– god i don’t even know that guy!”, you yelled crying, letting out all your frustration. “I don’t want to marry him”, this time a little quieter and time seemed to stop when he pulled away and pressed your foreheads together.

“It’s okay”, was all he said. “I lied too”. You didn’t quiet understand what he was talking but it didn’t matter because all you felt after were the sweet taste of his lips which made you feel light, so light as if you were floating in the air. The heavy weight on your chest fell off and you only pulled him closer to deepen the kiss, to let him know that you loved him. The words that you couldn’t say up until now but were burning on your tongue for this long.

“I love you”, you pulled away, catching your breath just to say that.

“I know you do”, his teasing smile was back on, you really wanted to punch him but for some reason you couldn’t, you had missed it just too much. “After kissing me this desperately it is pretty obvious that you are head over heels for m– ouch!”, okay maybe you could after all. He rubbed the spot you had just hit, pretending to be hurt but he laughed. This time it was a real laugh and it sounded so beautiful that you wanted to pull him right back into a kiss but you resisted or he would have really though you were completely crazy for that idiot.

“Okay so i get no proper response, i am just going to marry that guy now, bye”, before you could even turn the other way (which you didn’t even had planned to do), you were pulled in for another kiss. This time he stopped halfway though, his lips being apart for not even an inch. “I love you too”, he whispered so quietly, somehow it felt like he was screaming and the whole world stopped just to listen to those 4 words he said.

“Well, that's… good then”, you replied, biting on your lower lip before Bobby could make them his again, desperately kissing you on the street in the middle of nowhere. It really looked like he was the groom… which he was gonna be not long after.

- Admin Moyo

New to the family

@charliechaplin2blr Sorry for the delay, here you go! Although it’s less Hak-Mundok and more Son family.

Title: New to the family
Characters: Hak, Mundok, Tae-yeon
Summary: The day Hak met his little brother

“The people of Fuuga will be your family now and they’ll protect you from evil people like your parents did. You can relax here, got it?“

To his surprise, it worked. The child showed him a shy smile as he curled up on his lanky lap. Hak felt relieved, even though the kid was immobilizing him. So much for grabbing a grapefruit.

"Are you my family, too? My big brother?”

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