he looks like a tiny bby here

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Tiny baby Scorpius waddles over to his dad and plops onto his butt, tugging on his pants leg. He stares up at him with big eyes and giggles.

Draco looks down at his son, smiling. “Did you walk here all by yourself?” He asked, leaning to pick up the baby and putting him on his lap. “What is it, Scorp? Got tired of playing alone?”



so i designed rudy (german bby w/ big eyebrows) a cute tiny baby spanish bf called emilio!!

emilio is here to kick down ur gender roles and rock floral outfits and mascara as rudy quietly supports from the background. rudy’s eyebrows are emilio’s pride and joy

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do you have any pictures of bare-faced xiumin? ;A;

Um it’s really hard to find some in my folders tbh because baby bun wears BB cream (or face masks and sunglasses) like pretty much all the time (huhuhu during mama era he had a constant foundation line because it was kinda the wrong shade heh aww). And the fansites are nice and edits everyone’s tiny flaws most of the time. But here’s a few where you can kinda make out what he looks like bare faced.

(the next one’s are hd, but still with bb cream, so zoom in or something?)

and this one (don’t give him shit for having bad skin please, he has to wear makeup all the time and probably gets very little sleep and stresses a lot, you’d get bad skin too I promise)

Sorry I don’t have more :// Minseok is so beautiful, I’d love to see him bare faced more often… but I wear BB cream all the time, myself, so I get it hahaha. Enjoy(?)