he looks like a minion


Another interesting question - for how long did Gemini know miss Heinous(Meteora)?

A bit hard to judge by the last episodes, because he:

1) may not know about the true nature of Heinous(Meteora) and serve her as “any villainous minion,” just because God of Cliché wanted him to. (In confirmation - He really looks like the standard “evil minion”, and his attachment to his “villain” fits into this cliche).
2) could have been assigned to Meteora even earlier (before she became miss Heinous) as a babysitter (he did not have any success in this, but that’s another story). He isn’t a fighter, but his mechanical eye and the prosthesis is now impel me to believe that it is Gemini, not Heinous, who was the creator of those robot-guards and the life exhaustion mechanism.

Perhaps when the idea of Marco’s exposing failed, he offered the former headmistress to leave this “stalking”… because it became dangerous (miss Heinous “inflamed” too much and her marks had begun to show more often) and they could reveal themselves. Also, that moment in the room in the Monster Temple seemed a little strange (when Gemini talks “how is that possible” about lullabie; or the moment when he tells Mina that Miss Heinous is not Meteora)… they looked more like attempts to “push away” Meteora from her memories.
Probably Gemini believes that “security is in being oblivious”. Considering what a terrifying enemy Mina is (and assuming that there can be more “hunters” like her), and that there is neither school-fortress, nor robot army now - Heinous(Meteora) chance to survive drops to zero. That’s why Gemini thought that it would be much better for Heinous to be just a “terrible evil headmistress” (and possibly to be imprisoned for crimes against the princesses) than the child of a monster and mewnian (and be annihilated by some crazy bounty hunter).


Me with a Minion from T-SPOOK!!!
I super-dashed up to the Minion to give him a hug
I was so tired when I got there.
I love them so much… (T_T)
This is a picture I took with Stuart.
I was like “Gyaaa!”


WESTWORLD | 1.01 | Hector & Maeve

First scenes together

4x17 “Identity and Change” Ask Round up.

Okay I got A LOT of asks on this so I’m combining here.

Anonymous said: hi! could you do a breakdown of the 17 promo if it’s not too much trouble? thanks!

Anonymous said: do fitz and aida really kiss again next episode? I had to watch the promo with volume off but the shots looked so similar to this weeks kiss that I wasn’t sure if it was a new one or they just randomly showed the kiss this week in the promo again to emphasise the ‘id cross the universe’ thing.

Anonymous said: Sorry to bother you, but what was your overal take on the promo for 4x17? And more specifically about another Fitz/Aida kiss being in it. I’m sure someone has probably all ready asked this question, so I’m sorry to bother you.

Anonymous said: could you do a post breaking down your thoughts on on 4x17 promo?

Anonymous said: Hi! :) What do you think about the promo for next week? I’m so sad about the kiss tbh, they’re trying to kill us

@the-nerdy-stjarna  said:  4x17 Promo questions. When Madame Hydra says “I need to find her and expose anyone who’s helping her.” Do you think she’s referring to Daisy or Jemma. 'Cause the latter would mean she presumably showed Fitz a picture (which may explain the surprises look on his face?) but the former would make more sense seeing Daisy clearly being hunted at HQ (and Aida’s interest in keeping info about Jemma as far away from Fitz as possible). (I’M SO EXCITED!)

Anonymous said: Analysis of the promo??

Okay lets break this puppy down!

Can we find out what it is with Mace and putting bags over people’s heads here?   And nice try Mace, both Jemma and Daisy know exactly where you super secret base is at.  

Mace gets his angel wing shot and is revealed as leader of the Resistance.  AKA nailed it.

He also says, “Welcome to Shield” and confirms the Resistance Shield.  I also love this shot for Coulson’s “What did you get me into look here?” look.  I’m also kind of interested who is standing behind them in standing behind them in the civilian clothes.  Come on Trip!  Or Hunter!

Jemma’s obituary again, though what caught my eye on the frame by frame is look how many Classified Files there are on Jemma….adding fuel to the fire that something is being covered up…and that no she did not die in a lab accident.  She was eliminated…maybe for being ‘contaminated’.  

The voice over talks about finding “Her” and anyone who is helping her.   So Her could be Jemma in which case Daisy, Ward, Shield, and soon Radcliffe will be in their line of sight.  Same goes for Daisy.  Those people are all helping her and in danger.  

And where we really start to have fun….That is not Fitz AIDA Is talking too.  There isn’t enough beard.  So this could be a random minion, Ward (double or even triple agent now), or another returning face…lets say Mr. Bakshi.

Fandom rejoice!   Its our Fitz!  That is actual puppy followed by I know something is up Fitz right there.  And I know the promo can be misleading with how its cut but it looks like he perhaps overhears AIDA talking to her minion.  Especially if part of AIDA’s conversaion is making sure “The Doctor” doesn’t find out who “Her” is.  So this could be a big turning point for Fitz or at the very least, enough for him to start digging on his own.  Where Fitz is going to be in major danger is when he starts to go against AIDA and starts to break free as he is who she needs.  

Going under the thing for length….kiss speculation is under it if that is what you are after.

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I feel really bad for missing this one, actually. Bullet has an amazing design and seems really interesting, and he never appears in the series again (outside of two non-speaking cameos.) He absolutely deserved an analysis back when I covered Public Enemies, but I somehow overlooked him.

It is strongly recommended that you read Wulf’s analysis before you read this one!

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