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Dating Jackson would include

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Jackon Wang
- This boy
- Never a dull moment
- Sassing each other
- If you can’t reach something on a high shelf, Jackson will be like “I’ll handle it, babe”
- Then he goes to get Yugyeom to get whatever it is you need
- Calling you babe all the time tbh
- “Hey, babe”
- It’s just casual
- S k i n s h i p
- Back hugs
- Probably holding your waist or thighs a lot
- He’s not even trying to be sexual half the time, his hand just feels right there
- Inseure Jackson tbh
- He’ll lift up his shirt to show you his abs
- He knows you love it but he’s still insecure
- “Do I look good?”
- Your jaw is on the floor because what does hE MEAN OF COURSE HE LOOKS GOOD W H AT TH E H E C K
- You can’t listen to music without him singing along
- Not actually singing tho
- “Babe you don’t have to listen to Whitney Houston, I gotchu”
- “Wait no please do–”
- Cue Jackson screaming
- But when he does actually sing oml
- He doesn’t know it but you hear him singing when he thinks he’s alone and it’s the greatest thing in the world his voice is so nICE
- You have to move apartments like five times because Jackson starts fires while cooking probably
- Trying to watch a movie while Jackson is doing a handstand in front of the TV
- If you don’t pay attention to him he’ll just drop into the splits
- Right then and there- splits
- If the splits don’t work he’ll probably just take off his shirt
- Jackson backflipping across a parking lot to you because that’s how he is
- Your friends stay confused about how weird your boyfriend is but you’re so used to it by now that you’re like “???? what?????”
- Amusement park dates where he tries to win you giant stuffed animals
- Him trying to get you to work out with him
- “I can teach you how to do a backflip!!!!”
- Uses Wang Puppy attack on you to get you to do what he wants
- It works every damn time
- Sweaty Jackson is the highlight of your life
- Shameless self promoter for GOT7
- You’re in the car and Jackson is controlling the music and you know what you’re gonna listen to? GOT7 damn straight
- “Can we listen to something else this time?”
- You realize very on in the relationship that you cannot break up Markson
- “Can Mark come with us?”
- “#markson for life”
- “Mark is so beautiful”
- But you’re not even mad because you’re happy that there’s another person looking out for your boyfriend
- Jaebum telling you to control Jackson and you’re like “ ….. sorry I can’t…”
- Because you really can’t
- Going with him when he goes to China and meeting his parents
- Arguing over completely pointless things
- These arguments last for maybe ten minutes and then they don’t matter anymore
- J e a l o u s J a c k s o n
- “He disrespected you!!”
- “He just looked at me Jackson”
- "New phone who dis”
- Sleepy nights where he’s really worn out and actually quiet and you guys just lay on the couch with his head on your chest and you play with his hair

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Okay...weird shit happejed to you throuout yojr life, but has anything happened on Halloween specifically (other than you selling your soul to a demon)

Alright, it’s time for the requested and promised Ouija Board Story™

Listen, before I start this I wanna put a REALLY STRONG trigger warning on it- I really, truly recommend you not read this if you’ve been affected by suicide or get very easily freaked out by thoughts of death and the afterlife. I am not fucking kidding around here, okay? Someone in my family killed themselves over the summer and I’ve been trying so hard to not think about this whole event, because it’s terrifying to imagine anyone I know in this situation. Really think about it before you keep reading, okay? While this is an interesting and cool story I’m posting for Halloween, I don’t wanna get anyone too freaked out. If you think this is gonna mess with you or sit with you, just keep scrolling. 

This happened in 2015. My friend Zoe (@commando-rogers) decided to have some friends over for Halloween, because like, who doesn’t want plans on Halloween, right? Also there was Alexa (@starshiprangpr), Patricia (@trishaslats), Liz, and Ian (I don’t know if they have accounts if they do I’ll add them later). I’ve known these guys for years, so it was sure to be a fun night. 

Now, like. I’m bored with life. I’m freshly 20 years old. It’s Halloween. I’m dressed like Mabel Pines. I’m ready to fucking party. And we did have, you know, regular, normal fun at first- ate junk food, joked around, stuff like that. Average hangout. But then, a few hours into the night…Zoe pulls out a fucking Ouija Board. 

I’m immediately on the other side of the room, tbh. I’m very interested in paranormal stuff, and I was raised Catholic, and I’m also not a dumbass, so I know not to fuck around with Ouija Boards. You just don’t use them, ever! It’s never a good idea! Even if nothing talks to you through it, you’re still opening yourself up for something to happen. But I also knew this was five against one, so I didn’t stand much of a chance complaining. I conceded to watching whatever happens from a safe distance on the couch and not actually touching the board. Lord knows, I insisted, with my luck? Touching the board will get my ass possessed. 

The girls seemed to somewhat agree with me on that- Ian was the only person who agreed to use the board with Zoe. Ian’s a very smart, logical guy, you know, like the token genius asshole friend that you love to death even if he gets a little condescending occasionally? Love the guy. But he was pretty sure it was all bs and nothing would happen, versus Zoe’s deep belief in the paranormal, so they made a bit of a weird pair working the board. I remember texting my friend Raychel about what was about to happen, and getting the response “YOU MOTHER FUCKING WHITE PEOPLE FIT ALL THE HORROR MOVIE ARCHTYPES GET YOUR BULLSHIT TOGETHER AND DONT DO THIS”. And I agreed with her, honestly, but I did actually have a strong curiosity to see if anything would happen. Zoe had told me all about her trying to use the board by herself before (bad!!! idea!!!)- she said she never got any words out of the board, but her camera or phone or whatever she was trying to film the session with would always malfunction or die unexpectedly. No one expected what happened though. 

Now, before I really start, I wanna say- could this have all been an elaborate hoax by Ian or Zoe? Sure. Absolutely. Believe that if you want- but Zoe was so freaked out and even got all shook when we were going over details the other day, and Ian seemed really rocked, and honestly I can’t think of anything they’d get out of keeping up a ruse on it for two years now, especially when people they’re good friends with were literally crying during this mess, so…I really don’t think this was fake. Like, I want to believe it was fake. As I mentioned in the trigger warning, this has really stuck with me and been bugging me as of late, so if one of them suddenly fessed up that it was a prank? I would fucking jump for joy! But it doesn’t look like that’s the case (otherwise, they’re just, you know, dicks by this point). So, anyway, whether you believe it or not, just know that I am absolutely not lying about anything that happened in this story. I’m recounting everything truthfully. 

Okay, so…Ouija Boards have rules, you know? You have to be polite, say hello and goodbye even if nothing speaks to you, you have to keep at least two fingers on the planchette and ‘charge’ the piece, I’m not going over all the guidelines right now. And also, when a living person is manipulating the planchette…Like, you can tell. You can feel it. Zoe and Ian charged the piece, we all said hello, and we waited in silence. 

Zoe asked ‘Is there anybody here?’

Nothing happened for a long moment, but then…the planchette slowly started sliding towards ‘YES’. 

Ian was trying to look like his eyes weren’t wide, and going ‘Zoe! Zoe are you moving it!’ but Zoe was already having a mild freak out, her voice higher then normal and repeating ‘Holy shit holy shit holy shit!’ (like I said…she’s a deep believer in the paranormal). 

When it finally landed on yes, she took a deep breath and tried to seem a bit, I guess, politer. “Um, okay, hi, I’m Zoe? This is Ian and our other friends. What’s your name?”


Patricia made some joke about the name but got shushed. 

“Are you…usually in my house?”


“Are you…here for someone?”


We’ve only been at this for a few minutes and there was already that feeling in the air- you know, the one that gets over described every time anyone recounts a paranormal experience? Just a heavy feeling in the air, a twisted feeling in your gut, the feeling that someone is right behind you. Tension was building even though nothing had really happened to warrant it yet. 

“Who are you here for, Kevin?”

The planchette starts to slide towards the ‘I’. Cue to five girls yelling “IAN” in high pitched, worried (and some teasing) voices as the boy in question’s eyes are flying out of his head. 

It spells out the rest of his name. Zoe asks, “Is there anything you want to say to Ian?”


Me, an asshole who needed to cut some tension before she got sick: “Hello from the other side~~~~~~”.

Pillows were thrown at me.

The board respelled ‘Hello’. 

I will literally never forget the awkward forced smile on Ian’s face, or the raised eyebrows, or the way his confused voice cracked when he said, “…Hi, Kevin?” 


“How do you know Ian?”


Ian looked at is, giving an insistent whisper of “I don’t know any dead Kevins!”

That had us all stumped for a few moments, before “Do you think maybe like, past lives?”

Zoe asked Kevin if that was right. The planchette flew to the ‘YES’. 

“So Ian was your friend in his past life then? Who was he?”


“Evan! So how did Evan die?”


“Oh. Were you, like…with him?”


“How did you die then?”

Nothing happened for a few minutes, the piece didn’t move an inch. They recharged it and Zoe tried again. “Was that a rude question? Do you not want to talk about that?”


“I’m so sorry, we’re not trying to be rude.”


We started brainstorming for better questions (Zoe or Ian had to be the ones to formally ask, though). 

“Where were you from?”


“And what year did Ian die?”

(I’m going to admit here that I can’t remember the exact year, it was definitely around the 1920′s or 30′s, though. We all thought it was a bit odd that the death year wasn’t exactly close to Ian’s birth year)

“What year did you die?”

He spelled out the same year. 

“Oh? Um…how long after Evan did you die?”

A long pause, and then: …W…E…E…K. 

“But you didn’t reincarnate like Ian?”


“Why not?”

The board fell silent again. They recharged. “Sorry. Um…Why did you decide to find Ian in his current life?”


Before we could all start flat out cooing at that, it kept going, spelling out ‘…S…A…F…E.’

“Oh, so you’re his guardian angel?”



No response. “Okay…How did you know Ian was Evan?”


(cue everyone going ‘awwwww’) “You have the same eyes when you reincarnate?”


“So…what were you doing before Ian was born?”

It fell silent again. 

“Kevin? We’re sorry?”


“What did you mean by ‘close’ to a guardian angel? Are you not an angel?”


“So…what are you, then?”


“Okay, sorry. Um…Is anyone else here with you?”


“Who’s here with you?”



WHEN I TELL YOU WE SCREAMED. No one was Goddamn prepared for an answer like that! We’re just a bunch of asshole teens! None of us actually wanna die! What the fuck!!!! 

While we were all busy freaking out and trying to rationalize, Zoe managed to choke out a “Is…Death here for someone in this room?!”


“Is Death going to effect someone in this room?”


That got us to all calm down slightly, but….We were literally just told DEATH IS AMONG US. We were still freaking out, and were trying to figure out what Kevin meant by that. After a while though, something clicked. 

“Kevin? Does Death just have to be with you in order for you to talk to us?”







We all slowly recovered from that scare, a little more wary about pissing Kevin off but also…more curious, because there was a lot to ask and a lot he seemed to want to hide. 

“Um…so is Heaven and all that real?”

A very, very long pause. Zoe and Ian almost went to recharge and try a new question, but then it slowly slide over to ‘YES’. 

The pause seemed to make it clear it wasn’t something he really wanted to go into. But, “So…what’s Heaven like?”

A long pause. …D…R…E…A…M.

“…And…is hell real?”

The planchette immediately flew around the board, spelling: …N…I…G…H…T…M…A…R…E.

None of us really knew what to say about that. 

We asked a few more questions, but Kevin still didn’t want to talk about himself that much. He liked talking about Evan, though (After this night, we had a running joke for a little bit about ‘cant believe we’re shipping Ian with a ghost’. There were some ‘implications’ I remember we all picked up on) But he still avoided questions pertaining to him. Zoe had a very worried look on her face around this point. She had been very curious about Kevin’s unwillingness to talk about certain topics, and things were slowly piecing together in her mind. She tried once more to get answers. “Kevin, I’m really sorry for asking, but I just- Um, I’m sorry, but did you kill yourself?”

There was a bright flash in the room. 

That made everyone jump and look around- we had caught it in the window, but we couldn’t see anyone outside or around the house. Zoe’s parents and brother were upstairs. We couldn’t find anything that would have caused it. It was just a flash, but we were completely alone and with the timing of the question…Well, everyone was unsettled about it. 

We eventually settled back down and recharged the board. “Kevin?…Did you?”

Slowly, it slid towards the ‘YES’. 

“…Because Evan died?”


“And…that meant you couldn’t be reborn?”


“So…what happened?”

It stayed still. 

I had a very sick, sinking feeling in my stomach at this- I’d gone to Catholic school for 9 years, and I knew suicide is classified as a sin. In the more modern times the Church stopped being awful about it, always prayed for suicide victims and didn’t deny them burials anymore and always told the families the same spiel about being in God’s hands, but…It was still considered a mortal sin none the less. I told the group as much. 

Zoe said in a small voice “Were you…in hell?”

A long pause. ‘YES’. 


“Um…for how long?”


“That’s why you’re not a guardian angel then? Because you were in hell?”


“How did you…get out to find Ian?”


We’d all been on edge with the turn of the conversation, but that. Fuck. I nearly lost it at that. Zoe and the other’s asked who Lilith was, because she’s not common curriculum, but, well, short story answer- She was created before Eve, but she didn’t want to submit to Adam, so she was tortured to give birth to a dead child every day, but other accounts and stories of her do go on to say she became a lead torturer/essentially queen of hell. Fucking. 

Lilith let you out of hell?”


“Why? Like what for?”


“You don’t….You have no idea why they let you out?”


“So you found Ian and became his…Guardian demon? Is that a thing?”


“Does everyone have one?”


“Do I have an angel or a demon?”


Zoe, even though she’d been talking to a seemingly reasonable demon all night, looked a little worried about that. Back then we had a running joke in our friend group that Zoe was Satan, and well “Um, do I have a demon because of all the jokes I make?”


“Um??? I’m sorry? Fuck.” 

We were all a little #shook but trying not to laugh at the look on her face at that. She went on to check with Kevin that having a demon instead of an angel didn’t actually mean anything bad, she wasn’t in like, undead trouble or anything, the only difference is the demons are usually working off a debt or something versus the angels not…But when Zoe and I were going over this the other day, she did suddenly realize that she hasn’t made a single Satan joke since this night and she’d ‘feel weird if one was made now’. Make of that what you will. 

He said me and the other girls all had Angels (Shoutout to you, Sarah! I’m still kicking at 22!).

Patricia, however, wanted some proof that ‘Helena’ existed and was there for her. Which is reasonable. She asked if her angel wanted to tell her anything. There was a brief pause before the planchette spelled out: …E…R…I…K…I…S…G…O…O…D. 

We were y e l l i n g. Listen, I know that’s clearly not going to be convincing evidence to a bunch of random people reading this, but basically Erik had been dating her best friend at the time and she was just…Very worried about the relationship. Very worried. For many reasons.‘Erik is good’ is exactly the thing she needed to hear from a guardian angel. (And, spoiler alert from two years in the future: he IS good!) But like. She teared up hearing that. It was nice. 

We tried to stray into lighter topics than the whole hell thing, because, again, fuck- I remember thinking to myself at some point ‘this poor guy is after-living the plot to a really great book’- but none of us wanted to upset him again and none of us wanted to get anymore upset ourselves. Liz had already had a panic attack by this point (the hell talk obviously got to her), and she was actively trying not to sob as she asked if she could speak to any passed on family members. We were told pretty much everyone gets reborn and there was no one else around except for Kevin and the other guardians (and good ole’ Death, of course). 

Ian’s got a big birthmark on his face, right? It’s adorable and we often made a lot of jokes about it (fondly), so at some point, while trying to stay on lighter topics, someone asked ‘Did Ian have that birthmark in his past life?‘


Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about that theory that birthmarks have to do with how you died in a past life, but….shook. We all started trying to figure out if we had any meaningful birthmarks. Zoe got further freaked out because she has one on her wrist and one on her temple. What the fuck did she theoretically get up to in a past life?

That was the last really substantial thing he gave us, all the other questions tapered off so we could try to pretend we hadn’t learned we were talking to a demon who went to hell for no seemingly good reason and also no one would be able to talk to dead loved ones. After we finally came to a loss for questions, and people started having to leave- we just did the proper ‘goodbye’ and everything, followed all the rules, put the board away and split up. Liz was still drying her eyes when she left. Ian was mumbling to himself and swearing up and down he didn’t fake all that.  Zoe was frantically researching the information we received and kept repeating that that was the craziest fucking thing that ever happened to her (and she actually did find some thread about guardian demons). We talked about it for a bit before I went home. 

And, it’s like…Again, this could be nothing. But it doesn’t feel like nothing. It feels like a shifted view because…Even if it’s not real, it’s still an outlook on the afterlife that I had never considered before, and it’s…horrifying? This whole night I’ve just never been able to shake, I can’t get it out of my head, because if it is true? Fuck. If it’s true, fuck. The whole drive home I couldn’t help but think ‘ignorance is bliss’. 

It just left me with so many questions, questions I literally don’t think you can get the answers to until it’s too late, and…I don’t know what to do about that. 

basically the now now

humititty: idk but 2d is thicc

trans: m a s t u r b a t i o n  i s  g o o d

hollywood: hi my name is damon albarn and im political and uh ew fake news and celebrities and look snoop d o g g o

magic titty: 2d gets high lost and b i l l b o a r d  o n  t h e  m o o n

kansass haha i’m so funny: me when the album dropped also wow the new blur single sounds amazing

sorcererz stone: “damon no you can’t record a song with strep throat” “try me bench”

lake zurthicc: rememer v a p o r w a v e ? this is him now, feel old yet?

fireflies 2 - owl city: “murdoc? idk him” *ugly sobbing* - 2d writing this song 2018

one percent represent! *throws latte*: stop crying u bench 

souk bi: “you guys are so funny i don’t miss him at all good riddance” *writes angsty love song obviously meant for murdoc explaining how much he loves and misses him* “lolol what no it’s not for him we’re just bros”

ida ho: rememer phase one and two yeah fuck you we’re bringing it back also napoleon dynamite

i love this album more than i love myself

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Hello! Mind if I ask for some headcannons on how the boys/girls sleep with their s/o? I think it would be cute!

I’m guessing you’re referring to all of our main babies so I went with Masaomi, Mikado, Anri, Shizuo, Izaya, Celty, Shinra, and Kadota and his crew.


- He’ll totally go to sleep cuddling his s/o

- High-key Low-key gropes in his sleep

- Eventually just spreads out like a starfish

- S/o either falls off the bed or is covered in a pile of limbs

- He throws the blankets E V E R Y W H E R E


- The first time he’s totally fidgeting and getting as close to the edge of the bed as possible

- Super blushy, too petrified to move

- Totally curls up into the fetal position and rolls towards the s/o in his sleep

- Somehow ends up on top of the blanket???


- Suffocated by booooooobs

- V cuddly though

- Clings to s/o’s waist 

- So awkward about it but eventually just gives in and gently tackles them

- Hides face in s/o’s chest

- Doesn’t really move around a lot while asleep


- On top of s/o in seconds

- Puts Masaomi’s groping technique to shame

- Stays up all night reading manga

- When she finally passes out she probs flops an arm on top of her s/o

- Her hands are colder than death

- Reaches under the s/o’s clothes in her sleep to sap their warmth

- Forgets to take hat off before bed a lot

- Loses the damn thing under the blanket every time


- It all starts with average sleep positions

- Maybe a little bit of cuddling, back to back, s/o laying their head on his chest, etc.

- Ends with Walker curled up on their face like a cat

- Or upside down

- S/o once found him with his back laying on their legs and the entire lower half of his body on the floor

- He rarely sleepwalks but once he managed to crawl in the tub and accidentally turned the shower on on himself

- That water

- was

- I C E  C O L D

- He was too tired to think and crawled back in bed with s/o soaking wet


- Sleeptalker all the way

- Mumbles about his van every night

- EVERY night

-Kinda clings but not too bad

- S/o once caught him making “vroom vroom” noises in his sleep

- Occasionally sleep drives

- Tickles s/o in their sleep when he mimics steering


- Only useful during winter months

- Overheats

- Clothes when he lies down, naked when he wakes up

- Says he’s cold and steals the blankets to cocoon himself

- Light cuddling, still enough to make his s/o sweat

- Occasional sleep cuddles

- Suffocates s/o in his chest

- Kind of rolls on top of s/o and smothers them even more

Shinra & Celty (writing them w/ each other but you can read as them w/ their s/o too):

- Shinra clings and cuddles so ferociously

- Tiny doctor bean just wants some love

- Celty kicks him away 99.99999% of the time

- (idk if Celty sleeps or really even needs to sleep but ANYWAYS)

- She gets really cold and steals the blankets

- If she’s still too cold she’ll cuddle a little a little in her sleep

- Shinra gets a little… “grabby”

- Celty pushes him out of the bed EVERY time


- Always goes to bed with an arm under s/o’s head or around their waist

- Overheats like Kadota

- Not quite as bad though

- Wakes up in a koala cling around s/o

- Looks like he’s climbing a damn tree

- Legs are wrapped all the way around s/o’s waist

- Arms are pinning s/o’s arms to their sides

- S/o looks like a bent up slinky and at least 75% of their body is asleep

- Shizuo snores

- If he’s lying on his back he sounds like a bear

-It’s really gentle and quiet when he’s on his side

- Suffocates himself if he ends up on his stomach


- Violently barrel rolls away from s/o in his sleep

- S/o violently barrel rolls and chases him to the end of the bed

- Refuses to admit he snores

- It’s almost unnoticeable but his s/o catches him once when they wake up in the middle of the night

- They don’t let him live it down

- He ends up rolling into a blanket burrito unless s/o steals the covers

- Sleep stabs

- S/o occasionally wakes up with little bruises from being jabbed by Izaya

- He occasionally kicks s/o in his sleep

- Poor s/o

- Save them

This was my first hc list so I hope it turned out okay????? But yes, all the children. Sorry, it got a little long though. :P

- Pasya

Yandere! MX: When You Try To Escape From Them

Anon Asked:  I love you Yandere’s imagines!! I can have one with Monsta X with the reader trying to escape!!

AW thank you kindly! :’( Here you go bb! I hope you enjoy!~

*WARNING* This post contains themes of stalker, and kidnapping?? Please do not read on if this makes you feel uncomfortable.


  He knew your game plan right off the bat, as you said you weren’t feeling well and made your way towards your room. As soon as you closed the door behind you, you ran up to your window where you had made plans to escape that day. You didn’t bother taking much since you didn’t even know if it would work. But soon you found yourself climbing out from the high window, ever slowly, switching your gaze from the ground, to the door and back again. You could feel your heart beating loudly in your ears from the adrenaline. There was no going back now. 

  The house you shared with Shownu, wasn’t two story, but the window was fairly high from the bottom. You shut your eyes and took a deep breath as you let go from the window sill and hit the ground with a hard thud, making you yelp out in surprise. You had landed on your knees and was in shock, feeling worried that you had possibly hurt your legs. Panic set in, as you stood up feeling worried, but that soon went away when you found out that nothing was sprained or broken. You started to make your way down the alleyway, towards the main street, but stopped, frozen, in your tracks, by Shownu. He stood there, blocking your way with a look of disappointment that soon turned into concern as his eyes trailed from your scared face, to your now bleeding knee. 

“Sho-” You managed to choke out. “This isn’t what it looks like.” He didn’t say anything, except, “Are you okay? You didn’t hurt anything else did you?” Yes, he was hurt by the fact you tried to leave, but he was more worried about your injury and well-being. “I’m alright..”

He sighed as he lifted you up bridal style and held onto you tightly as he walked back towards the entrance. “Now you see why I don’t let you leave? Because of something like this.It’s not safe out here for you. And yes- I knew what you were planning. But you’re not to do this again..understand?”

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The two of you would be eating dinner. He laughed and smiled, but you didn’t, which concerned him. “___?What’s the matter? Why are you making a face like that?” He became frantic as he reached over to you and tried to grab your hand, but you pulled away making him become dark.

“I want to leave…I’m tired of being just…here.” You suddenly said.

“What’s going on? Do I not satisfy you anymore?” He pulled his hand back towards him and clenched it into a fist.

  “It’s not that..It’s just I’m not happy..I want to live my own life..I’m tired of being stuck here all the time.” You stood up feeling a sense of dread as you worriedly looked over at Wonho who now hung his head low. His eyes were covered by his fringe, but you could tell that he was crying, by the way his body started to move. “I’m sorry that you’re not happy, but I can’t let you leave..”

  Of course, him saying this put you on edge and made you swiftly turn on your heel and run towards the front door. He quickly got up, making the chair got knocking to the floor as he ran after you. “Please ! Don’t leave me! I need you! ___!”

You yelled out as he wrapped his arms tightly around your waist and fell to his knees. “Please stay..I need you..” He was literally begging on his knees now, which made you stop in place and sigh as you reached down and pat the top of his head, making him start to bawl into the fabric of your shirt.

“I promise I’ll be a better boyfriend, just please stay!”

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  You quickly moved around your room trying to gather all your things, shoving them inside a bag of yours. You were teeming with anxiety as you hurried to pack your things and leave, but just then you heard the door handle jiggle and the door swing open, with Kihyun standing there in shock as he stared at you from the doorway. 

  Your face fell when you slowly turned to look at him. You couldn’t move anymore. You knew you were caught and worried for what happened next. 

“What- what are you doing..”He asked suddenly after a long pause of heavy silence, though he already knew.


“If you’re leaving me, then it’s not going to happen,’ He cut you off. “ I won’t let you- Oh my God…It was something I did wasn’t it?” He put a hand up to his mouth as his lower lip quivered violently. “I-I..you know I would never do anything to hurt you right baby?”

  He inched closer to you with his hands reaching out to you in a consoling way, but you felt yourself grab your bag and step away from him. “Kihyun..I’m leaving..” 

  At this his face muscles and fingers twitched and he stopped for a moment before going up to you and grabbed ahold of your bag and tried to pry it away from your chest. “Come on baby..Don’t be like that..”

  “Stop!” Now you were yelling as the two of you pushed and pulled against eachother. His face twisted up into an angry expression until you finally gave up and he tossed the bag to the side. He huffed as he looked over at you and roughly ran his fingers through his hair. “Dammit ___! I thought everything was going so perfect!”

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 J O O H E O N

  He was always the hot-tempered kind of person, so you were on edge when you planned your escape. You had to be careful, making sure that he wouldn’’t find out, especially since you were having one of your friends from work, help you move out, after he agreed to take you in until you found something well suited for you.

  It was finally move out day and Jooheon was out of the house for the day, running some errands so you didn’t have to, or so you thought. 

  Your friend came in, trying to console you that everything was going to be okay, but you couldn’t help but feel as though the two of you were being watched and you were right. There was Jooheon, standing in a dark space of the room you were in, quietly hiding until he couldn’t take anymore and he emerged making you slightly jump with a small gasp.

  Your friend asked what was wrong as he picked up one of your bags, but as soon as he saw Jooheon he was thrown off guard as he took a step back. Jooheon walked up to him and ripped the bag from his hand and set it down before pushing him to the ground, knocking his fist against him face over and over again making you scream. “Jooheon! Get off of him! Stop!”

  At the sound of your voice he stopped for a moment, and looked over at you, huffing with a look of sadness then anger as he remembered that you were trying to leave, and with someone else. “I’m not letting you go ___. Especially not with some- some guy!” He turned back around and finished what he started.

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  He knew that you were trying to leave, he knew you had wanted to and he didn’t blame you with the way that he kept you cooped up in the house at all times. Still, he knew that with your beauty, someone might try to steal you from him ,and he would never let that happen. So he did what he knew best once he found out what you had wanted and made sure to change all the locks to the doors in the house, and install locks even on the windows.

 Pretending to sleep, he knew that you would take this opportunity to flee, and you ended up taking the bait. As you quietly slipped down the stairs with your luggage, he slipped out of bed and down the hallway.

  He leaned against the railing as he watched you look around for him like a scared little kitten. He couldn’t help but smile sadly at your attempt knowing that you wouldn’t be able to get out of there. Still he admired your efforts, but it pained him knowing that he was the reason behind all of this, and knew you would probably hate him after you found out what he did.

  He watched as you jiggled the door handle, and tried the old key that he had given you when the two of you first moved in together. But after noticing that it wouldn’t work, you decided to try the window next. You groaned as you try to pull it upwards, but it was no use. You slammed your hand against the glass in frustration, finally making him realize that he had his fun already.

“It’s not going to work ___. You can try all you want, but I’m not going to let you leave so easily. And why would you want to?” He talked lowly as he walked down each step with a slow motion. “I just want to protect you from the outside world…What’s so bad about that?” He said as he slammed a hand against the door that was behind you while he looked at you with a serious expression.

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  Frantically you sent a call to one of your friends, letting them know you were finally leaving Minhyuk, and if they could pick you up and wait for you outside in about an hour or so. After setting up the plan, you quickly went around your home and gathered all the things that belonged to you. He let you out and about, believing in boundaries and you having your own space, thinking it would make you happy, but you just weren’t. 

  Yes, you loved him. You just didn’t love the fact that everytime someone tried to talk with you, soon after they would get hurt or disappear. It worried you and worried for the safety of your friends, and knew for a fact that he had something to do with this. You couldn’t let this continue on anymore and you decided to pack up your things and go.

  Minhyuk happily walked through the door, with some take out for the two of you, “I’m home!” He exclaimed with a smile then it dropped along with the bag of food as he walked in upon seeing your bags near the door. He crouched down and looked into them, fearing the worse. Whenever he saw what he expected, he shot up and looked around the house yelling at the top of his lungs with tears streaming down his face as he pleaded for you to come out. When you walked from the other room with more of your clothing, you shook your head as he inched towards you. “___..why- WHY?! Why are you leaving me?” He sniffled then grew serious. “It’s because I gave you so much freedom that you got used to it..” He then grabbed your arm making you protest and pull away from him. After some time you found yourself handcuffed to your headboard and him sitting at the edge smiling through his tears. “This is what happens to bad girls. Don’t worry, I know I’ve neglected you too much. Well I’ll be here with you at all times now.”

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  He knew something was up, he just didn’t know for sure what it was, and it made his a nervous wreck. Until he found out about you wanting to leave. He found the messages on your open laptop, to your family that you were going to leave him and go live with them for the time being. It made his blood boil knowing that he wasn’t doing enough to make you want to stay with him forever and he flipped out. Throwing all your things to the floor from your desk. After he realized what he had done, he started to shake over the thought of all of this being your things, as he started to pick up the pieces, promising to replace everything. 

  As he started to pick up the pieces he picked up a frame that held a picture of you and him when times were happy and you had leaned on him for anything. He became angry again and something snapped as slammed down the frame, breaking it much more. He knew what he had to do, even if he didn’t want to.

  You walked inside heaving bags of groceries, and forced a cheerful smile as you called out to him for some help, knowing he was always at your every whim. But after you got nothing but silence, you decided to open your mouth to call out for him again, but went wide eyed at the feeling of someone step from behind the door and tightly place their hand around your mouth making you struggle until you passed out.

  When you woke up, you realized you were caged up and wearing something different than before you blacked out. You sat up and gripped the bars as you looked over at Changkyun who was sitting on a chair on the other side of the room. “Let me out! What’s going on?! Let me out of here right now!” You started to plead but got frustrated in the process and started to yell at him to which he just sighed and went over and crouched in front of you.

  “Don’t you like it? Your new outfit? You look so cute in it..But no…I can’t let you out..I’m sorry, but I knew you wanted to leave, and if I keep you here long enough, we can go back to how things used to be..”

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Lazy Day with Stray Kids

Member: Stray kids

Plot: a lazy day with stray kids

Genre: Fluff

Note:I’m getting major lazy day vibes from tidy and I just want fluffy fics and someone to sing me to sleep please thank you. Also I wrote this kinda more leisurely compared to my other fics, so things do end abruptly and are kinda over the place, I hope you don’t mind

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[ C H A N ]

•his laptop literally only had one purpose for the day and that is to play movies for the both of you as you cuddle underneath the blankets

•loads of your guys favorite snacks piled around

•though you sorta had to fight the productive chan to get the lazy Bang Chan out

•somewhere in the middle of the movie third Chan tucks his head in the crook of your neck and highkey falls asleep

•and high key look super adorable

•after the movie phase the booth of you would attempt to bake keyword attempt

•before returning to cuddle on the couch or bed

[ W O O J I N ]

•Loud funky music blasting through the whole apartment as he runs around , while giving you a piggyback ride

•highkey loves watching you dance in his shirt because you look so precious having so much fun

•afterwards lets you turn into his whiny little princess/prince and will wrap you in a burrito blanket before carrying you to the room for much need cuddles

•will actually sing you to sleep like no joke

•and might even fall asleep himself

•once you both are re energized you can be he’d down for movies or just lazily singing along with songs while cuddling you from behind

•his arms loosely gripping your waist

•but he really doesn’t care cause any lazy day with you is the best kinda day

[ M I N H O ]

•onesies and food period

•like actually really loves lazy days with you because it’s just filled with cuddles and food

•likes to play chill indie music as you both make chocolate strawberries

•also loves to sing along to the songs while making them

•if he’s not feeling like he wants to make food he’ll order your favorite takeout like so much it’s actually enough to feed a village but who cares

•will actually take your cuddles *sorry not sorry chan*

[ C H A N G B I N ]

•Cuddles with you and Gyu are the best but who’s the third wheel…

•will actually watch an entire Pokémon season with you just because

•prefers to have you seated in his lap because he just loves cuddles that much

•If that gets too boring he might just initiate a playful fight between you too which would end with him showering you with kisses

•also maybe the only day he every let’s you have a little at home spa day with him

•Deals with your shit while you put on his clay mask an tie up his bangs

•But will get his revenge when he puts on your clay mask

•Afterwards will watch a bunch of movies with you till you both finally fall asleep

[ H Y U N J I N ]

•it’s supposed to be a chill day and both of y’all are having a cute little dance battle

•Hyunjin being your personal hypeman everytime it was your turn

•afterwards when he saw you starting to get shy he’ll giggle and hold you tight

•legit will order a large ass pizza for the huge ass Netflix marathon you both were about to have

•loves to wrap the both of you up in blankets whilst pulling you on top of him

•and if that get boring y’all can bet he’s going to fanboy over Got7 with you

•Also has this thing where he like to rest his head on your tummy

[ J I S U N G ]

•actually builds a fort with pillows and blankets with you

•and it’s not one of those crummy ones it’s like one of those ones you see on tumblr it’s just that aesthetically pleasing and extra

•literally all you two do in there is watch movies/binge Netflix series  and cuddle together like the cute little beans you are

•neither of you actually step foot out of the fort unless it’s actually for food or to go to the bathroom

•there’s literally nothing else to it because Jisung is in his clingy mood and wants to hold you as long as humanly possible

•though he does shower you in kisses and compliment midway through it

•and even spoils you with his singing

[ F E L I X ]

•gaming tornument 100%

•actually finds it super cute when you concentrate really hard on the game or start screaming for his help because the zombie game got too scary

•when he thinks the both of you had enough of playing games will urge you to attempt to make something with him

•which ends up with him just hugging you from behind and waddling behind you as you made lunch lmfao

•afterwards literally with drag you to the bed for cuddles cause he was tired and because why not??

•there he’d literally turn in the cheesiest person you’d ever know as he showers you in complements

[ S E U N G M I N ]

•prefers to chill in bed with you in his arms

•has a casually conversation with you where you both are speaking softly and absolutely LOVES it when you start laughing and giggling

•would honestly stay like that forever if he could

•but of course y’all got to eat but afterwards it was back to cuddling

•Really loves to run his hands through your hair and sings songs to you

•Honestly anything that involved you just cuddling up in his arms was the best, but if you fell asleep he wouldn’t mind reading a book quietly or joining you on your little nap session

[ J E O N G I N ]

•Sleeping till like 1 in the afternoon seems like his cup of tea

•Holding lazy conversations with you while you both scroll through your phones

•If he gets bored of of that he wouldn’t hesitate to snatch you up in his arms for playful cuddle/tickle session till one of you taps out

•Sings his trot loud and obnoxiously while you prepare dinner because he knows you love it no matter how annoying he tries to be

•Won’t admit but is super cuddle and shy about it

•will literally finish the day watching every disney movie with you with zero hesitation

anonymous asked:

Can you write the RFA and minor trio reacting to MC's little brother (around 12) who is very attached to his older sister and does not like the RFA? (All men/women are wolves MC!) How would they win him over?

I’m so sorry this took so long, anon!! I hope you read it even though it’s been awhile since you asked;; It’s been in my drafts forever and I haven’t ever been able to write the minor trio for this request, and i’m so sorry for that!!! I might make a separate post for them later? I hope you like this.. -Green


-you brought up one day that you weren’t going to be really available because you were going to babysit your brother for the day

-he didn’t know you had a brother!

-he asks if he can join you, and of course you say yes.

-you two drive to your parents house and Yoosung briefly talks to them before they leave, and you two are alone.

-then suddenly you shout from the TOP OF YOUR L U NGS,


-yoosung is.

-he doesn’t even know.

-but suddenly your little brother is dashing downstairs and you guys are wrestling so???

-what does he do help him

-once you guys had your little. reunion? ??? yoosung still doesn’t know what happened but is too afraid to ask

-you tell both him and your little brother what you have in store for today so you all don’t get bored. You’ve planned a movie, arcade, and fast food for the night and Yoosung thinks it’s great!

-but he can’t help but notice your brother hasn’t said a word to him?? and won’t even look at him??

-o h  g  o d

-then he sees overall that your brother. does NOT appreciate him here

-Movie: he tried to run ahead with you in the dark theater so Yoosung couldn’t find you and had to sit alone

-I mean, it didn’t work, but what the F U Ck,

-Arcade? Your brother will not let him play any games with you and constantly hogs your attention and literally tries to get you to ditch him and go back home

-you don’t even NOTIC E?


-kind of takes it personally and is super done with this fucker by the end of the night

-when you go and tuck him in bed Yoosung just can’t wait to go home and cuddle with you, get back all the attention he lost today

-but then you come down stairs and you bring him to your old room and he’s like. what.

-”oh, did I not mention? we’re staying for another two days.”


-”I’m sorry I forgot to tell you! You can head back home if you want?”


-he’s not about to LOSE so easily.

-talking about losing, he hasn’t played LOLOL all day….

-he feels bad about asking to play but you’re chill with it so. you know.

-he plays literally all night

-and into the morning

-suddenly your coming out of the room to make breakfast ?/

-he sees your brother come down and he’s about to shut down the game before your brother D A S H ES FOR HIM

-Yoosung is ready to scream .

-before your bro stops and starts babbling nonsense about LOLOL and how



-oh y e s.

-yoosung is literally praying the Gods above as he shows your brother all his cool stuff

-after that, breakfast is super nice and now your brother won’t stop talking to Yoosung

-he thinks it’s amazing and is so happy he got your brother to like him even if he really didn’t even try


-It’s at a family reunion you practically beg Saeyoung to go to that he meets your brother

-right away Saeyoung is like


-he knows.

-he k n o w s


-all night. literally all night he is trying to trick Saeyoung and play pranks

-and he happily indulges in all of them, KNOWING that yes, a bug is in his drink

-but does he care? NO


-he knows your brother hates him and Saeyoung finds it hilarious

-and then randomly your brother takes his hand and looks him right in the eye and is like

-”you better not hurt her all right? you’re pretty stupid, but you shouldn’t be stupid enough to hurt MC!!!”

-fucker doesn’t even acknowledge him

-instead he brings out a DS and is like

-”i bet I can beat your ass in super smash bros”


-he was about to start crying from stress you have no idea


-family is important!!!! that saying is literally EMBEDDED into your brain

-so better believe your ENTIRE family is invited to the wedding

-which includes your brother

-and you have never been so nervous in your entire life

-Jaehee notices it at the wedding and thinks your having cold feet but then you just take her hands

-”you don’t understand. my brother. will r u in the wedding. he’s a little BRAT??? Jaehee please god help me

-at first she’s confused because like MC what

-but when she looks outside and sees your brother practically boiling in his seat she understands

-so instead of Jumin’s father walking you down the isle you have Jaehee

-you discussed it with Jumin’s father but not with your husband so when he sees this he is HIGH KEY STRESSED

-W H A T

-how D A RE,, his FATHEr???

-he makes a mental note to scREECH later

-now is not the time, Jumin

-you’re shaking like a leaf and holding onto Jaehee for dear life

-you almost want to make her stay with you as you exchange vows

-you almost do, she has to rip you off of her arm

-Jumin now sees how worried you are and the whole time he’s whispering to you not to worry and how happy he’ll make you


-finally the rings come out and you’re more relaxed now because your brother hasn’t been a BITCH so far

-but then you see him start to stand

-before Jumin can put the ring on you your brother yells


-are you serious



-you’re literally groaning and throwing your head back in agony, about to fall to your knees as your brother makes his speech that you are completely sure he was thinking of all day

-you can see Zen nodding his head and silently agreeing with your brother and you’re going to have to talk to him later oh my GOD

-once your bro is done you’re so humiliated like. p l ea se just put the ring on me and go

-but surprisingly Jumin is totally calm

-and gives the snarkiest and best reply ever to your brother and now you’re blushing because aww babe

-your brother never said anything bad about your marriage after that

-little brat you love him tho


-this one is a little more ,, tame

-your parents were actually coming to see the coffee shop you had made with Jaehee, and happened to bring your brother along.

-he was pretty chill the entire time, but Jaehee noticed his little glares and snarky comments

-she didn’t really pay it any mind, because 12 year olds will be 12 year olds.

-but after awhile… it was really starting to get on her nerves how rude he was to her.

-she had asked you what your brother would like to eat or drink, and you gladly told her what his favorite snack and drink was

-it was so sweet of her to get something!!

-bitch u thought

-she did make the food, but didn’t offer it to him.

-she just sat it on the counter and waited for him to come to her.

-she had to wait practically an hour

-but eventually YES he did come up thank god

-”do you want a snack? your sister told me what you like.”

-she could see him trying to make a fuss. she could SEE it.. but he didn’t

-he tried to just grab it and leave

-nnooononono not in my house

-she literally grips his hand so tight that he lets out a little squeal

-”do you have a problem with me, little man?”

-he’s shaking his head so hard oh god please Jaehee don’t kill him

-she let’s him off with the food because Jaehee figures she’s scared him enough to leave her alone

-just kidding now he won’t leave her alone

-wants to know how she got so badass and cool

-she guesses… this is better than before

-not really the outcome she was looking for?? but okay??

-recommends her judo studio to him and the next time they come over to the shop he shows her his new moves

-now they’re judo buddies


-so you invite the family over for one of Zen’s performances! yaaayyy,,,


-your brother is just flat out complaining the whole time

-he reaaalllyyy does not want to see your boyfriend

-he also reaaaalllly does not want you to see your boyfriend

-you just grab his ear and tell him to shut up so he does

-you all go over to the performance and head backstage; you want to wish him luck!

-when Zen sees you all he politely introduces himself and gives your parents handshakes

-and when he sees your brother Zen kind of like… just knows

-silent agreement. All men are wolves. Instant respect

-which kind of throws your brother off with how cool Zen is him

-you all leave for your seats and your bro is still like. wut..,

-the play is amazing!! you weren’t expecting anything else!!

-you greet him after the show and he’s flooded with compliments from your parents which of course Zen totally gobbles up into his rat tail

-the more his ego grows the longer that fucking thing gets. 100% canon

-and then Zen straight up goes for a handshake with your brother with some kind of gay admiration in his eyes so your brother takes it feeling so conflicted because his performance was really great and he was actually pretty cute?

-oh god i think Zen made your brother gay

So….it was my friend’s 21st birthday party last night…

- I got there and Raychel was immediately like “Molly are you planning on drinking?” and I was like “Yes duh” and she, deep-voiced, goes “Good. You deserve it. You deserve the world and I deserve to see you get it”

- I forgot that I hate chocolate vodka and got a spiked milkshake at the restaurant

- People were just. screaming about anime. Everyone else in the place must have hated us

- “the asshole is my enemy and needs to be punished.”

- “So…my girlfriend like, bought chloroform?” “Have fun with that.”

- I literally forgot to get her a present whoops

- birthday girl, on her third drink: “Listen I know we’re going  back to my house to drink after this but don’t worry!!! I’m not gonna get that drunk tonight, it won’t be bad”

- l m a o

- we get to her house, immediately start doing shots. I hadn’t touched anything yet bc there was a bottle of electric blue shit and I knew damn well that was going into my body but I was told to wait until people got back with sodas for mixers

- but this guy Patrick who I went all thru grade school with goes “Molly, you’re a real man”, hands me a bottle of whiskey and was like “I feel like my entire childhood was leading up to drinking whiskey with you” and honestly I couldn’t argue??? I felt that way too

- a wholesome experience I’m sure all of our old teachers would be so proud to see us finally bonding and getting along lmao

- Jacqui wanted some whiskey and we’re like “you had two margarita’s at the restaurant maybe not” but she didn’t listen and after she took a shot I had to hide the bottle from her to stop her from having any more lol

- Jacqui, drunk “Mollllly you’re my wiiiiife!”

- Raychel (bd girl) also drunk, across the room “But she’s my alpha husband what the fuck!!!!”

- I was not fucking looking when Raychel’s drink was mixed but it was like. Emerald fucking green. I know it had the sour apple shit vodka in it but idk what else. And then they added food dye and cake glitter so it turned into a galaxy drink holy shit

- Jacqui mixed the blue stuff with sprite and I took a sip and it tasted amazing??? So then I poured my own and I don’t know if I used too much alcohol or too much soda but it tasted like draino I literally had a brief Heather Chandler moment

- Kept drinking it but that’s besides the point

- Now, we need to talk about my alcohol tolerance. It’s high. It’s strong.

- So almost everyone else was drunk out of their asses and I’m sitting there like???? What the fuck???? I want to be intoxicated???? This is hell???? Like at this point I had to have had??? A total six or so shots of vodka and the whiskey and I was FINE and mad about that lmao

- That’s my thing it takes me forever to get drunk and then I get really drunk and blessedly never have hangovers so I can’t really complain I guess?

- But when this happens the logical next step is to drink more lmao Raychel started insisting I share her ridiculous drink with her

- That thing….tasted like everything Jesus died to save us from.

- Also I think I ended up drinking more of it than she did lmao

- Pocket full of sunshine started playing and half the room got turnt while the other half watched in confusion

- I kept trying to take selfies with Raychel and in ever one??? She looks inhumanely gorgeous???? And I look like a goblin???? What the fuck

- At this point I was finally getting drunk so Raychel gave me her phone going “you have my favorite face in the world take so many selfies for me!!!” and….bitch I did. I had that phone for about three hours, barely put it down, loved every single one of my angles for the first time in my life, and I honestly do not know how many selfies of me she’s going to find later lmao

- “I once made an art piece out of my pubic hair but like I lost it in someone’s apartment”

- Garrett, who’s apparently never drank before, whisper-yelling in horror “I took a lot of shots….On purpose!!!! ….I’m sorry,”

- He got very wasted very fast and then went upstairs to sleep lmao

- Raychel started crying telling me I was pretty and I was like “Thanks but you do this when you’re sober so I don’t believe you??” and then her friend who barely talks to me comes over and is like “Honey listen I’m the least drunk person her and you’re gorgeous” and it eventually spiraled into “Molly, CHRISTINA AGUILERA thinks she’s ugly. Lady GaGa- BRITTNEY SPEARS CLEARLY HAS SELF ESTEEM ISSUES EVEN THO SHES A FUCKING SEX ICON. So you’re- OH my God!!! Adam Lambert probably thinks he’s the ugliest fucker in the world!!!!! So you’re beautiful!!!!” and like honestly? Feeling good rn

- To counter this I spent like half the night telling Patrick’s shy and quiet girlfriend Maura that she was the prettiest person I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t leave this poor girl alone she was adorable omfg

- Raychel, the one who ‘wasn’t going to get that drunk’: *spinning wildly, holding 13 conversations at once, constantly yelling about the pubic bone and the vulva, crying about plastic babies in a glitter tube*

- UPDATE AS IM TYPING THIS: Raychel has announced that she found a total of 438 pictures and videos on her phone OH MY GOD @PAST ME

- And that’s only on her phone I got a lot on my phone too and other people had cameras out lord knows how many were taken

- So when I’m drunk I feel a little lightheaded but ultimately fine until I like move a limb and it’s like ‘holy shit my head isn’t connect to my body’ like. so fucking dizzy. At one point I stood and was like ‘who wants to bet I can’t walk to the bathroom’ and someone decided to walk me there lmao

- Someone made glitter bombs out of eggs and we threw them in the street while angrily screaming things like “I LOVE MY FAMILY!” and “WHY DOES EVERY ACTUALLY NICE GUY I MEET HAVE A SMALL DICK!”

- Raychel gave me a tiny ball of clay and I really treasured it but then it broke apart I was so sad

- “Burt Macklin is a fucking bitch!” “Don’t talk to the kitten that way he’s the prettiest cat I’ve ever seen!”

- Jacqui got a slice of cake and then remembered she cannot eat when she’s drunk so I ended up eating. just a lot of cake

- My Little Pony songs were playing on the tv???? I’m still not sure how that got started

- Screaming about Alaska Thunderfuck

- I bet Patrick he’d be the first to puke but he left and I think I threw up in the bathroom???? I’m not 100% positive I did but the fact that I have doubt means he wins unfortunately

- There was one guy there I don’t think I actually got his name but he gave me a great hug when he was leaving. You know when like a bird lands on you and you feel like you’re special and have been chosen???? That’s what the hug felt like lmao

- Someone pulled buffalo chicken dip out of thin air which is my weakness and she told me to have some but like. I put one dipped chip in my mouth and knew it was a mistake. I felt it in my stomach. I hadn’t even fucking swallowed yet it was literally just in my mouth and my body was like ‘bitch can you take a break and let me live!’ omfg

- Since Raychel finally dumped her boyfriend I had no qualms about telling her I didn’t like him and she asked why and I was like “he tried to mansplain Greek mythology to me and he wasn’t even right!!!” and for some reason that made at least five people loose it.

- At the stroke of midnight, Raychel, pointing to the crucifix in the living room. “JESUS….HE’S HERE. HE’S ALIVE.”

- At some point I apparently started drunk texting a few of my friend’s that weren’t there w h o o p s

- Me, trying to explain myself to them this morning “You know, that Easter wine just really gets to me”

- I was stuck in the ‘coming down’ stage for like a million years. Like, still clearly drunk but Not As Bad

- And I was trying to get better before I texted my mother for a ride so like. I spent so long chugging water. I literally don’t think I’ve ever had that much water in my entire life. Raychel’s father and sister kept getting it for me as I continuously told them they were life savers. But it barely helped omfg

- Was definitely still a little wobbly when I woke up for water at like 6:30 but all good now and the hangover skipped over my soul @my genetic makeup bless you

- Fun night though!!! But now I’m off to an Easter family party so…we’ll see how that goes lol

my fave things abt the bmc boot

the bootleg hurt everyone dont lie to me

-“at the matinée”
-the way jerm pulls his leggies into his pants
-he doesnt get to finish his belt before stretching
-“d-uGHh, dAaAAAD”
-it strikes me as funny that its jenna handing him his shoes, maybe because she was at payless? idk
-and then brooke gives him the cardigan??? yall are these just coincidences or what
-it might just be the girls tho bc then chloe gives him his bookbag and idk how that correlates
-jeremy just wants into his locker save him
-richs voice “y oOO DOnt toUChhH ME TalLASS”
-“you wash that off” LIFT “youre de a d” SHOV E
-“i navigate the dangerous hall-” AND THEN THE KIDS IN THE HALL
-yall jerm was Totally Excited abt the play signups but he just didnt do em bc he didnt wanna get called gay
-christine. All show
-the Legg (Trademark) at that little trill thing. she STICKS her leggy out REAL FAR
-christine putting on lip gloss is me attempting to do any makeup
-jeremy starts walking over to her but as soon as she looks hes like “nOPE NEVERMIND”
-then when she catches him the slow turn and “,, y-eah”
-“i dont wanna be a baller” when the kids start bopping mr reyes just looks around like “,,,,,, what”
-then he starts lowkey bopping
-“if i continue at this rate the only think ill ever date-” HEADBANGING “is my macbook pro hard drive”
-and im always too focused on mr reyes to figure out where the lunch tray came from
-michael is like dancing around to his music but jeremys occasional bops are very important
-T H E H A N D S H A K E
-michaels KICKIES
-he holds up a finger in jerms face
-the way they rearrange themselves to make “boyf riends”
-mikes headphone cords swinging gently………
-michael casually sipping on his slushie
-christine being e x t r a signing up for the play
-rich interrupts the extra to yell gay
-mr reyes, again, walking off to scold him
-jerms hands in his pockets, the entire time
_“WHYYYYY cant someone”
-i cant help focusing on michael during the dancing
-jerm ur in class get off that chair
-“you dont have to do this” r e l i e f “of course ill mock you forever if you dont” pat. michael w h y
-jerm psyching himself up
-this entire exchange
-“u-uh, i-is this where u,,,, meet for th e play,,,, , ,,”
-“no, this is where you meet for the Swim Team”
-awkward jerm
-“im joking!”
-“oh! uh- oh- uh- w-well I M JE R E M YY”
-“,,,,, are you ok”
-he probably does always sweat that much honestly
-“you never forget ur first p l a y r e h e r s a l”
-i imagine i love play rehearsal as christine telling jerm abt that yeah but theres also the fact that jeremy doesnt get a word in at all
-“i also have a touch of add!!!! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, where was i”
-i dont think jerm cares tho he just likes listening to her talk
-christines slav squat
-“it made me feel like there just arent strong for women in the theater these days, p a r t i c u l a r l y highschool theater! do you find that because i totally find that!!!!!” irony
-shes so excited
-the leg cross
-“a midsummer nights dream” “Y E S” “and today that dream dies” “what”
-“frisbee,, golf,,,,,,, team” jake punches the air
-“DONT YOU CARE ABOUT SHAKESPEARE” “the man is dead l e t i t g o” hug
-“so whats the story with jake and madeline”
-jeremy awkwardly sitting there during jake and christines conversation
-“im glad that girls not,,, dead. Before i got the chance to know her”
-dont even need to survive? jerm what
-R I C H A R D
-“i told you N O T TO WASH THAT OFF”
-“uhh wheres my homework????”
-“hunched over and scared, mmmmmm, all the time?”
-hip rolls “confidence”
-rich zipping up and wiping his hands on his pants
-“i was gross” u still are richard
-the voice crack at “i would trip”
-“ive never heard of it before!” “nyeaah, well thats the point!” he hand motions
-richs voice deepens on “its from japan” and i cry
-the hand motions
-“WHAT thats not even possible”
-he grabs jeremys wrists when he apologizes and its cute
-“and you might want a squip of your own” he dance
-richs facial expression when jerms like “so,, so its like,,,,,,,, drugs???”
-the “its preprogrammed” bit is a big fave
-“helps you act correctly” he mocks jeremys stance and jerms like “Oh”
-hes very excited to tell jerm what he is on the school social map
-his voice kinda shakes on “youll go from sad to interesting”
-jeremy FLAILS
-“arent you gonna wash your hands”
-He d a n c e
-hips dont lie
-then jerm does the spiel
-michaels legs
-the boyes f o c u s
-“scamming you SUPER WEIRDLY”
-controller switch
-michaels dancing
-they high five and then michael waves him off like “get the fuck out of my beanbag jeremiah”
-they SLAPP to start video game
-he tickles jeremy when jeremy doesnt pay attention to him
-michael f l o p
-jeremys impatience
-T H R O W C O N T R O L L E R
-“oh!” straight up and down
-michael flops forward and his hood goes up and hes dead
-“is that a girl are you in here with a girl?” michaels TRANS
-so is jeremy
-they both are i love them
-“hey mr heeeere”
-jeremy is SO MEAN TO HIS DAD
-J E R E M I A H B E N I C E H E S D O I N G H I S B E S T
-at least michaels worried
-“will you be too cool for mmm,,” SLAPP “video games,,,?”
-(do dee do doooo)
-“is it reaaallly true?” l e a n “im your faaaaavowite pewson?”
-T H E G A Y
-S L A P P
-the jump
-dont dance on those chairs tho ur gonna fall
-michael with his hood up
-how does this boy ever get his weed if hes like this
-“i like your sideburns” michael turns like wtf “wolverine, right?”
-“its from japaaaan”
-mike and jerm looking at each other
-“ladies running shoes”
-“DONT MASTURBATE” jeremy sobs
-“WERE SOLD OUT” “of….. shoes??” “oh…. Oh Youre Here For Shoes” “,, payless,,,,” “my bad”
-a lovely pair of pumps
-“$401. dont forget the mountain dew” STEP STEP STEP STEP STEP STEP
-“i-i dont think thats how it works!” michael shut up you just dont trust it
-“how does it taste?” “,, minty” “uh how do you feel????”“ “like,,,,,,,,, a CHUMP”
-“try to say something cool!”
-“its like regular pepsi!!! ,,,,, JUST CLEAR!!!!!!”
-im going over this at school bc i wont remember when i get home and my friends watching with me and she just went “theres a lot of slapping”
-jeremy is so awkward
-the way he stands at “WAITWAITWAITWAITWAITWAIT”
-“AAAH!!! GAHAGHH!!!!!!!! AGAHAGHAAHAGHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Wanna one : as students

[ Y O O N ; J I S U N G ]

•That one senior that looks like he has his sh*t together but really doesn’t

•Is known for taking care of the underclassmen well whatta cutie

•Also known for being a meme half of the time

•Yawns a lot in class but is actually trying to pay attention

•Cram studies the day before any test and is a mess

•Gets excited when he passes like you can believe that he runs out of the class jumping out of joy

•Is actually super popular but doesn’t know it

[ H A ; S U N G W O O N ]

•Teases the underclassmen a lot but out of love

•the type that seems not to study yet still gets better grades than you

•Is occasionally super loud and is petty as hell when someone makes fun of him for his height

•But is really helpful and will help you study

•is popular for his spongebob imitation and echo singing

•speaking of which is also in choir

•is a goody two shoes in front of teachers but takes a complete 180 when the teachers aren’t looking

[ H W A N G ; M I N H Y U N ]

•the student that actually has his sh*t together

•nags you to study preferably with him

•Will correct the teachers with zero hesitation

•But is still a sweetheart and will give you notes if you were sick or couldn’t pay attention in class

•If he notices you’re having a bad day will ask you how you’re doing and will try to cheer you up

•Is actually the ideal student that everyone wishes to be and is also the class rep

•Lowkey is the teacher’s favorite

[ O N G ; S E O N G W O O ]

•Is that one student that doesn’t know how to shut up and bombards the teacher with a bunch of questions

•also that one student that  gets good grades and rubs it in your face

•Will highkey laugh if you get detention; even tho he’s mostly the reason why you got it and usually has to serve it with you lmfao

•Likes to  prank the underclassmen occasionally

•Pretends he knows everything but pretends he never said anything when he get’s a bad grade

•Highkey has the highest ego in the school

•Is also hand’s down the school’s class clown

[ K I M ; J A E H W A N ]

•Spaces out in class like the longest he’s actually paid attention is 3 minutes

•But he still gets higher grades than you

•Will laugh at you if you get a lower grade than him

•is in choir, and will lowkey have a high note competition with the choir teacher both are sworn enemies

•Says he has his tie loose for fashion but really he can’t tie it

•the one student who laughs really loud so you can hear him in the next class down from his if the room is quite enough

•Also is the one student that has no idea what’s going on and has to ask Minhyun what’s going on like 90% of the time

[ K A N G ; D A N I E L ]

•Is lowkey also super lost half the time

•looks like the school’s fuckboi but is really one of the schools cutie

•Is more excited about what’s on the school’s lunch menu then anything else

•Captain of the school’s dance team

•Will ask you for help because sometimes he’s too shy to go up to the teacher to ask

•doodles his cats in his notebook like all the time

•also highkey has favorites when it comes to teachers

[ P A R K ; J I H O O N ]

•The one guy literally every girl has or had a crush on

•Stutters when the teacher calls on him out of nowhere

•just like his friends say he had a semi split personality cutie one second to manly in another

•shook the school when he did dancing and beatboxing for the talent show

•is called winkboy don’t fight me on this

•is shy but it’s okay because everyone loves him

•Lowkey the teachers love him too

[ P A R K ; W O O J I N ]

•looks like he’s paying attention but is 100% done with school unless there’s some fun activity

•On the school’s soccer team and is captain for a pretty good reason

•Also on the school’s dance team and is charismatic asf

•that one student that’s way to energetic for his own good and which usually ends with him getting himself in trouble

•gives on something that looks to hard before even attempting it

•is always pretty loud in class and tends to make weird noises

•but no one can quite really hate him

[ B A E ; J I N Y O U N G ]

•Looks cold but is actually super sweet

•Actually tries in class but gets distracted in class easily

•That one friend that steals your food but it’s okay

•Is also more excited about the school’s lunch menu and will highkey talk about it with Daniel

•After school he’s literally dead and needs a nap before doing any homework

•Is actually super loud in class if he has a lot of friends in that class

•Also ask for your notes a lot

[ L E E ; D A E H W I ]

•The school’s actual cutiepie

•Literally everyone loves Daehwi

•He’s that one kid that looks like he’s taking good notes but is really making the next bop Welcome to my Hollywood

•But when he does write notes it’s like the tumblr aesthetic type of notes

•Gave up on math a long time ago same tho

•Is super supportive of school events like pep rally’s

•Like he actually lives for them

[ L A I ; G U A N L I N ]

•the one that makes funny faces with you in class

•Stumbles over his own words alot  cutie #2

•Pretends not to know his hyungs or korean when they do embarrassing things/ embarrass him

•The schools swaggy rapper

•Is a very diligent student when Hwang Minhyun is teaching him

•Comes in clutch at the right times tbh

•Just that really nice and funny kid in class

SVT  -  crush jihoon

Originally posted by fyboyfriendsvt

summary- staying up all night to complete an essay isn’t easy, especially when you have #1 crush™ Lee Jihoon by your side ღ

genre; fluffity fluff fluff fluff too much fluff like a pillow……capisce

a/n: oh my gos sometimes im so soft for all the boys especially this one jeejssjhjs also thank you to @kpop-lifeeeee for requesting! you asked for puns and now you’re gonna get puns

man im a good 0.6 feet taller than him if he mistakes me for mingyu and hits me with a guitar i am fighting back i do not care hOLD ME BACK 



-high school

-what an amazing

-im not going to complete the rest of that sentence because 

-h i g h    s c h o o l     i s     s h i t  

-well…not for everyone

-yeah actually for everyone

-including you!

-what made this slightly better 

-was the fact that you had a crush on this kid called jihoon

-small adorable and so cute

-did i mention small adorable and cute yeah i just did 

-just wanna one cement that in ya brains

-so yeah 

-jihoon=cute adorable small kid

-but apart from being cute

-he was savage af too

-so one time this kid was picking on him

-and so he just

-”you know i thought it was impossible to see someone with little brain capacity…to actually be able to talk to me….but i guess you proved that wrong”

-”what did you say?”

-”im going to say this very slowly so you can understand……you’re dumb”




-if anyone gets that reference i love you


-you somehow found a friend in Jihoon

-in science class you two were put together on a table

-and you two instantly connected


-comic books are a fundamental way to keep a friendship 

-and to start one too

-everything was going great actually!

-out of class you two would high five each other

-the high fives would become more complex as the days rolled over

-the teachers got really tired of it

-”mr lee and miss y/l/n please get  t o  c l a s s   a l r e a d y”

-ah the good thing about being friends with Jihoon is that 

-the little crush you got on him became bigger

-bad news it looks like he had eyes for another girl


-that was about to change though,,,,,



-oh yes

-so because you and jihoon were sitting next to each other

-it was only right to make you two a pair

-the science essay you were given was on cars and catalytic converters and particles and how not to run in the middle of a road on a motorway even though you were so close to doing that anyways and stuff

-something you both hated

-w h y    c o u l d n ‘ t   y o u    t w o   g e t    t h e   e s s a y   o n   s u g a r   

-because every time jihoon looked at you 

-he was sure that you were giving him a hypothetical form of diabetes cause boIIII

-you were so sweet to him and he thought you looked sweet too


-so out of the blue he asked if you two could work on it at your place

-so of course you said yeah

-you had to get your parents out the house

-luckily they were on a holiday 


-so the day came

-but….he was a little late


-5 hours late

-you didn’t mind though

-”just a question why are you so late???”

-”oh yeah i was doing the essay”

-”lee jihoon say w h a t”

-”yeah…i know you wanted to do this together…but we technically did……well the notes yeah but…yeah”

-you noticed that he was saying yeah a lot

-was he….nervous? for something?

-who fuckin knew

-yeah i do 

-lemme say this slowly




-like proper crush

-like you

-so yeah

-you two went up to your room

-and you were just sitting at your desk

-when mr lee

-pulled up a chair

-sat beside you

-and placed his head on your shoulder

-looking over your work

-but then again

-”hey your hair smells nice”

-”hmm? oh thanks??”

-and all of a sudden he just started to nuzzle into your neck like a cat would and he was smiling



-conflicted but blushing like mad

-like you know how people in anime..when they’re embarrassed or something sometimes their head comically explode?

-that was you half the time he was there

-in retaliation to his little nuzzle thing

-your other hand reached up and just stroked his face


-jihoon=cat confirmed

-and out of the blue he just held it there with his hand

-it was so quiet 

-but peaceful and nice

-after a while he walked over to your bed and sat down

-”why don’t you take a break?”

-”yeah in a minute lemme just finish this sentence…i’m nearly done anyways so i might as well complete it..”

-cue the cutest fucking pout in history

-it was like he needed to tell you something but you know

-you weren’t the studious type but whenever you had the urge to do something 

-you were going to fucking complete it 

-and so you did

-by 11 you were finished and wanted to die!! YAY

-when you finished you flopped onto your bed

-but when you did

-jihoon moved over to where you were

-placing your head on his lap

-you on the outside: Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ!

-you on the inside: Σ(✧ω✧ノ)ノ!

-oh boy were you taken back by this little action

-you didn’t question any of his actions actually

-it was….spontaneous

-so you just let it slide

-”hey wanna hear a really bad pun?”


-”did you hear what the grater said to the mozzarella after going on a date?”

-”what did it say?”

-”I know it’s cheesy but I feel grate.”

-”wow that was bad…i have an even worse one.”

-”alright the stage is yours!”

-”roses are red..”


-”violet’s aren’t blue”

-wait what

-”they’re fucking violet…as in the colour violet…”

-oh ok back on

-”i don’t know where this is going so here i go i like you…? a lot…?”

-n a n i 

-n a n I

-n a N I 

-n A N I 

-N A N I 

-N A N I 

-ok calm down y/n this must be a cute lil joke

-”…..was there a punchline to that pun…is it there….or am i just not getting the joke overall?”

-”….it wasn’t a joke”

-N A N I 

-”it wasn’t?”

-you sit up to look at him

-and damn

-he being serious

-y/n just say it if he said it

-ok you were just going to straight up say hey i like you can i kiss you now but no 

-you classy 

-you sassy too


-”alright i have one more…”

-”hit me”

-”why did i cross the road?”

-”i dunno why did you cross the road”

-”to get to the person who stole my heart”

-“oh ok”

-”knock knock”

-”who’s there”

-”hi can i have my heart back”


-a smile appeared on his lips 

-he hid his face and fell back

-you just laughed because 1. you just confessed that you liked him too

-and 2. you didn’t know where that came from but that was SMOO T H 

-when will i ever do that to me crush


-he really couldn’t get over how smooth you were

-like damn


-he then replied with a brazen

-”if you want your heart back then come over here”

-now….he was being the greasy smooth one 

-so you moved up


-you moved closer

-”and again come on”

-smart fuckin mouth

-you did again

-you were quiet closer to him

-and your cheeks just radiated light and colour

-as in you looked like you just put a fuck tonne of blusher and highlighter on your cheeks

-”liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit closer?”

-oh come on you were pretty much face to face and your torsos were nearly in contact how closer do you want y/n to be?!

-you moved just that little bit closer

-and all you could hear was jihoon saying


-then bam

-wam bam hot diggidy damn 

-he just

-pulled you closer





-wow smooth 

-the kiss was pretty long

-and after you realised what he was doing you kissed back

-aww high school sweethearts

-you’re now dating a super high school level smart mouth who actually loves you bless up 

“you know you could of just asked for a kiss?”

“yeah but where’s the fun in that?”

“i don’t–”

“fine can i have another kiss?”

“no first you gotta give me my hEA R T    B A CK”

“N E V E R”

deliciousvulpana  asked:

Hey dude! You're making great stuff! Could I please have B, K, and W from the fluff prompt for Aizawa, Hizashi and Spinner? You know Aizawa and Hizashi are my darlings, but I've recently developed a fondness for the lizard boi.Thank you so much!

( the lizard boi… is kinda cute. but what is UP with his SWORDs!? | also i fucking love kamojis… JesUs ChrisT )

fluff alphabet;

| aizawa; headcanons.

     just exist… in his life… y ea h. tbh aizawa is just always A Huge Fan of u and the fact ur there in a nice way, so like??? yeethaw bby always a fan.

he a sucker for the whole boyfriend shirt thing, it’s just he doesn’t have a whole lotta clothes beside his professional look (dress shirt and slacks) and his actual working look (fuckin… pullover/overall/bodysuit thing lmfao wtf). 
you could,, ofc,,,,,, put on a huge frigging sweater - the kind commonly used as a dress - and like… thigh highs…. ehrem. (kitty pattern optional but super effective.) and just. hair down (or up) and just. and just.

                    be there.

also if u ever back him up or lead him in a fight, whether it’s frontline business or just you tryin ur best to evacuate a few peeps, well… that’ll do the trick. #synergy TM. he loves the fact ur partners, so anything that actively demonstrates/proves this is… multo bene.

honestly tho just breathe this hobo is a total softie and he so weak for love… so weak for love.

    he actually adores kisses, yet doesn’t indulge often - as with most things that bring him simple pleasure & relaxation, shouta straight up forgets. just- forgets about it. 

it’s not small pecks and chaste things that he really adores - those are. kinda awkward, really. if it makes ya happy go for it, gestures, but. ehh. eh? eh.

long and involved kisses, that’s where it’s at.
                                    hands messing w/ ur hair as he draws you close or draws in close himself or both or (we’re very big on equality here), able to drown in dark & warm comfort, feeling u and keeping u locked away in his little corner of the world until you’re ready to go.
these happen in private, if aizawa can help it. it’s his prize for bein’ a martyr all the damn time (cough needlessly hard on himself cough), so the rest of the world can fuck off and just let him have this.

he doesn’t initiate ‘long and involved’ in public; don’t mistake this for a lack of interest! he’s just being decent (●´∀`●)

     the only thing high-maintenance about shouta is the situational factors. he just wants to chill, have a home that is place & person, someone he can have intelligent conversation and comfortable silence with… just to share their lives without infringing on each other too much.
he’s very… myeah. non-conventional? if you’re poly and he’s not, have fun with that it’s cool. if you’re busy a lot like him, that’s cool. if you wanna live separately, np. if you need to take time to yourself for a couple years, you do you.
what he does demand is truthfulness. not that you don’t have secrets, but that you can just say ‘man i don’t wanna tell you’, rather than deceit. he’s a liiiiiiiittle sensitive about lies, even small ones.

2) also.. he loves to just read together. he doesn’t have a fireplace but if he did, it’d be readin’ by the fire.

| hizashi; headcanons.

     no offence but this man’s usually short of breath, what with the constant noice production. the things about life that leave him breathless are what drive him, what fuel him - it’s always somewhere on his mind.
if he ain’t livin’ his best life, he about to.

so honestly? hmmm. he’s most often kinda in that state, but – ohhh yeah. big droopy sweater + thigh highs used as sleepwear or just. just. on his s/o… pls sit on his lap. pretty please? pleeeassseee… frick.
movie night and it’s warm enough and u come out in that and sidle up to him and oh ooohhhh b o y . he’ll just curl an arm arnd you and light his hand upon ur arm, real gentle, not pouncing or w/e just - enjoying tf out of that.

    mmmmmmmm, y e s. hizashi does not, in fact, believe in PDA - the term and general consensus suggests that displays of affection are somehow meant to be absent from day to day life, as though we ought hide our hearts and pretend to be cardboard.
not exactly this guy’s thing.

where shouta will seek out privacy for a kiss with real feeling, hizashi– won’t. sure, if things get particularly heated he’ll suggest a break or a, hah, room (if others haven’t already). 
but as long as it’s warm loving mmmmm yes i love you mmmm hizashi feels there’s nothing improper about it and will give very few shits about commentary. you will end up in a bitchfight with him if u push it- kisses without wandering hands are not indecent, gdu, and any attempt to make he or his partner feel shame over it will be met with… vehement opposition.

alternatively if you are simply highly uncomfortable and respectful about it, ofc they can save it for when you’re not forced to be in the same room as them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

     every kiss is a real kiss \o/. hizashi positively glows under the weight of lil pecks and ‘i’m leaving’ / ‘i’m back’ / ‘i’m gonna miss u already’ / etc cheek kisses. 
very fond of the ‘let’s kiss every lil bit of ur face’ style. subscribed to ‘oh? you think this part of u is undesirable? KISSSSSS’ series. proud author of ‘3 hours of body worship is an aperitif, my love’.

     swings and like, those old-school playgrounds for preteens - those are still the shit. hizashi loves lazing around on a swing, gently rocking back and forth while talking about everything or nothing. it’s easy, there’s literally no pressure whatsoever, it’s nostalgic.
pushing each other on the swings?? chill as fuck. riding those errr those things w/ the big-ass springs underneath - also cool. oh my god riding those things err SHIT IDK WHAT IT’S CALLED … ‘cable ways’ ..? The Shit.

just innocent play time pls. no stress & chill.

| spinner; headcanons.

      pls. pls play games w/ him and go wild - that’ll do it. if you rock out playing racing / gta / etc games, he’ll love watching u go go go and just. hang back. needlessly awe-struck. it’s just nice to share smth he loves, smth non-serious without strain, and have the person he likes enjoy themselves with it.

     well it’s scaly, we can’t deny that. ‘s not bad though, and that’s esp true if you’re more of a monster fucker than a coward. smooth, stumbly, and generally a lil awkward cuz he’s not at all used to ppl even ??? wanting ?? a lil smoochy smooch from him??? yeah.

eager, though. spinner’s got pretty normal dreams with yer picket fences and vidya games and maybe even a house that’s like inhabitable… yeah. a life where you can just reach out and touch and have it be affection rather than… disgust………
he’s always more affectionate than sexual - that’s more important to him, and his self-image is such that getting turned on doesn’t even really happen. and boy does he have an assortment of cute lil kisses as a result.

soft, careful pecks to test the waters even though you’ve responded well 50 times already - spinner’s someone who’ll ask for permission more often than not, wary of finding out something good has become something… not so good. it’s a hang-up he’ll not let go of soon. 
lingering ‘i can’t believe this is happening oh shit should i move? fuck am i-’ cheek kisses while he’s arched awkwardly to reach over the couch.
sloppy ‘i can’t believe i’m this lucky but i’m too sleepy to question it’ morning / late night kisses.
‘hey i was gone for a while and i can’t believe u still want me to kiss u!!! sc o rrrrrre and also oh god are u ALRIGHT.’ less restrained, embraces, face kisses, accidentally kissing ur eye. that happened.
he has an excited ‘oh my god u made us hot chocolate’ kiss that stems from i’m living the fucking life finally ho god

he’s just. so happy. so happy to have someone he likes and likes him back, smn he can just be domestic with. sure he does crazy shit, but he loves to.. be homey. and lots and lots of little, tentative kisses at every opportunity.

also mini hand touches, but he’s still working on that.

     pls sit on his shoulders and let him scale rooftops like that. adrenaline junking together is The BeesKnees. u wanna get thrown?? the boi will throw u. u wanna cliff dive?? yeet let’s go. u wanna rollercoasterrrrrr rid es. s /? !? ?!? FUCK YES LE’S GO.

Episode 96, part 2: does Bakura actually WANT to lose?

(part 1 is here)

Time for the thrilling battle of

Malik (no the other one) VS Bakura (the pointier one)

To be followed by the championship match The Writers Of YGO VS The Idea Of Having As Many Names As There Are Characters Rather Than Only A Handful Of Names Shared Between An Alarming Number Of Characters

Bakura comma Dark and Malik comma Dark are both talking big talk:

Tragically they talk the murder talk but do not walk the murder walk. Can you imagine how cool an actual knife fight on top of this blimp would be? Rod-knife vs the steak knife you know Yami Bakura keeps in his back pocket? 

But no, it’s time for c-c-c-c-card-games. With possible optional vague death to follow. Given that one of these characters has yet to duel the Main Character and the other has been half-heartedly set up as the ostensible but intermittent overarching villain for the entire series, tension that either might actually die in this duel is … low.

Also Bakura seems particularly uninterested tonight in dueling, y’know, to win. Less than TEN SECONDS into this duel and he says OUT LOUD:

REALLY HONEY? What’s even the point of laying cards face down if you TELL YOUR OPPONENT WHAT YOU’RE DOING??

Yami Malik’s smug confidence is therefore increased even more

picture: dangerously high levels of smug confidence

So Yami Malik attacks, in his turn, TURN TWO, okay, like Yami Malik’s FIRST TURN, less than a minute after Yami Bakura said OUT LOUD that he was setting a Trap, okay? everyone following? and obviously

so Yami Malik obviously chuckles and sighs and mocks him for expecting him to be surprised th–

nope. no. apparently not. Yami Malik is ??S??H??O??C??K??E??D??




a trAP???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

honestly. idk. i don’t even know how to make fun of this. t h i s s h o w.

… I mean it is a pretty surprising-looking trap. I guess. I guess.

Anyway the Impossible To Predict trap is a permanent trap that doesn’t prevent Bakura’s Monster from being destroyed but does deal Yami Malik damage for every destroyed Monster, so they’ll both lose LP and Bakura doesn’t even care that his Monster died because…

y’know, he’s into that kind of thing… 

BUT! Yami Malik, after Bakura said he was laying a Trap but before almost-immediately forgetting (??) that Bakura laid a trap, laid his OWN face-down card, Remove Trap, which needs no expl–

oh shut the fuck up.

(I know, I know, this doesn’t really read like Yami Malik was actually surprised by the Trap, because he had Remove Trap on the field but I swear, he goes through the full pupils-dilate camera-zooms-in voice-rises Surprise ritual. If they meant for him to be play-acting, they fucked up. You can’t play-act your pupils to dilate.)

(Okay technically he doesn’t HAVE pupils rn so his IRISES dilated, but I feel like that counts. Bc real people’s irises can’t change size and they always have pupils.)

Anyway, so, after all that, Yami Malik doesn’t lose any LP but Bakura still loses his Monster and his LP

… and part of his arm. #awkward

except the arm must on some level still Be there bc otherwise his hand - and MORE IMPORTANTLY his Duel Disk™!! - would fall off? but apparently invisible-limb is a common symptom of having part of your soul bitten off? bc Bakura immediately figures out:

This is a lot more subtle than Bakura usually likes his vociferous soul-consuming beasts of darkness, so that’s probably why he looks so cranky.

Also he’s cranky because he has a backseat duelist tagging along:


mid-bicker, they’re interrupted

“strategy planning time”, eh? #winkwink you two “planning strategy” over there? #nudgenudge is that what the kids are calling it?

Yami Malik decides it’s time to get serious about drawing Ra and activates Everyone Draws Up To Six Cards, which, like, idk, really rattles Bakura:

why are you so shocked??

actually the shocking thing about this is that Yami Malik activates it when he has four cards (so only gets to draw two) but Bakura has two (so gets to draw four)

Quickly getting over his shock and determined to completely outdo Yami Malik for “surprising tactics that help your opponent more than they help yourself”, Bakura plays a card called, hilariously, Dying Altogether!

and then draw a new hand. 

But the person playing it loses LP based on the number of cards they have in their hand so this is an even worse time for Bakura to play this than it was for Yami Malik to play his!!

“Alright then how about YOU draw a load of cards to help you find Ra sooner and I’LL lose a bunch of life points! Who’s laughing NOW??”

“… hey, quick question, do you know how to play this game?”

And after all that:

“… okay another question, do you get off on losing this game? like how aroused are you right now, ballpark?”

“You think that’s a lot of LP to sacrifice for questionable gain? Watch THIS!”

Yami Malik: please stop.

Yami Malik: I’m … not sure I want it anymore.

But then he figures out Bakura’s aggressive masochistic strategy:

And indeed, almost immediately:

“Well, shit.”

An Introduction to Kim Seokjin

And this my friends is a post about Jin that no one asked for but that I’m excited to write b u t it is to celebrate BTS’s f i f th anniversary, I will be doing an intro post for all of the members so to start us off, as he always does is the amazing Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • This post is for any new Armys out there but it’s also for people who have been around for a while, it’s an appreciation post meets an introduction post
  • I have quite a few appreciation posts dedicated to Jin, too many to link tbh but here is my official Jin appreciation post
  • Also if I miss out on something you love about him or a moment of his that you love, feel free to reply to this post with whatever you wanna add or reblog this and leave it as a comment on there, I’d love to read your guys’ personal favorite moments or qualities about Jin, these are just gonna be my personal favorites or things that have stuck out to me
  • S o, an introduction to Jin
  • His full name is Kim Seokjin, his “stage name” aka the name most people call him, is Jin
  • His birthday is December 4th and he was born in ‘92, making him 25 internationally and I think like 27 or 28 in S. Korea I’m not fully sure
  • I don’t really do astrology but he’s a Sagittarius for those of you who are interested
  • He is the oldest in BTS but he is known as a second maknae
  • He is a vocalist and an amazing one at that
  • His solo song is titled “Awake” and it is a fucking masterpiece, it shows off a bit of his range, it shows that he can belt a note but also sing with emotion
  • He’s also released a Christmas version of the song, I believe he released it for his birthday and it’s also a t u n e would 10/10 rec
  • He’s also done a song with Taehyung called “Even if I Die, It’s You” whICH IS A W HO L E AS S B OP
  • He’s also done a couple covers, would h i g h l y recommend
  • His voice is s up e r versatile, he can do songs that are slower like Rain or Tomorrow, he can do upbeat songs like Converse High and Anpanman, he can do more hip hop/rap based songs like Mic Drop or Baepsae
  • Also Don’t Leave Me is just a great song but it’s also a great showcase for his vocals bc the high notes at the end o o f they get me every time boy is gonna make a bitch c r y
  • Now here are some things that Jin is known for in the fandom
  • Blowing kisses and/or anything involving hearts
  • “Worldwide handsome,” “worldwide cutie guy,” “third one/member/guy from the left”
  • Dad jokes
  • His laugh (seriously go look it up, you will not regret it)
  • A love for food
  • He has a bunch of old videos from a mukbang/eating show series he did called Eat Jin, some of them are on their VLive channel but most are on their BangtanTV channel and he occasionally does mukbangs/eating shows nowadays
  • Did a food challenge once and lost and was in shock for like 15 seconds straight
  • He is also commonly linked with cooking and he used to post a bunch of posts of him trying out recipes and would include pictures of everything along the way and pictures of himself making the food and he was basically just really fucking cute about it
  • One of my favorite moments including cooking is the moment in Run (ep. 44 I believe) where tae and joon are going away for the day and Jin literally wakes up and cooks them a meal to take with them
  • Like a fu ll blown meal
  • He literally w o k e up just to make them this cute ass meal so they’d have something to eat
  • Jin is s o sweet and caring and I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen the dude reject a hug like he’s just so loving and affectionate and he’s all about making people laugh
  • He once was trying to tell a joke and he could barely get the joke out bc he kept laughing and at the end, it didn’t even matter what the joke was bc just seeing him laugh and be happy was enough
  • There was also the time he and hobi were a lil delirious and were attempting to practice their beat boxing skills and Jin just could n o t stop laughing no matter how hard he tried to and it’s one of the best videos on the internet
  • Once had a pink flip phone and was very happy to show it off
  • Has a thing for dropping it low and bringing it back up slow
  • Now for some of the top Jin looks
  • List eN
  • Jin is a visual catching him with a bad look is about as common as getting three stars on Namjoon’s cypher in SSBTS on your first try bu t I’m gonna try to narrow this down to my top three favorites or at least just three that I love
  • I think my favorite Jin look was possibly the pink hair

Originally posted by softienamjoon

  • It was short lived but damn it, it was beautiful
  • This look was featured in the Wings era, where we got the masterpiece that is Blood, Sweat and Tears
  • Another r ea l ly good look was the blonde hair

Originally posted by aestheticpinkjoon

  • The blonde is from the Fire era
  • Before we got the blonde hair, Jin stayed to fairly natural colors??
  • He had a dark red in Danger and this dark green/brown with green undertones in I Need You but other than that, he typically stuck to browns and blacks (which looks amazing on him, I can make an entirely separate post dedicated to my love of black hair!Jin) so the blonde was a m oment we all weren’t prepared for
  • Speaking of black hair, that ha s to be mentioned here bc my dude looks so fucking good with black hair

Originally posted by mistypines

  • Don’t tOUCH ME
  • This particular look is from the Mic Drop music video/DNA era
  • I think my f a vori te black hair Jin moment may have to be the Japanese version of the Danger music video bc t ha t was a fucking look my friends
  • But that wraps up my introduction to Jin, make sure to give him some love and appreciation bc he is a very important member of BTS (as all of them are) and deserves to be given the same love and support as the rest of the members
Stray kids: When their s/o is taller than them

Requested: @bbewatris

Group: Strays Kids

Plot:hey!! I wanted to ask an scenario/react of the boys of having a taller girlfriend, or around 6ft/180cm, something like that. thank you!!


Note:ayeee whatzup I’m back now let’s see how long it takes me come back after this lmfao

[ Master list ]

[ C H A N ]

•Tbh he doesn’t care at all and might even use it to his advantage

•and by that I mean Chan will deadass be like “Hey babe can you get that cup for me”

•Other then that I don’t see Chan reacting in any specific way

•Though he might not like you wearing heels?

•OHH! And he will most definitely make sure that your comfortable and not insecure about your height

•because his baby is is world and shall feel like they are his world

•but yeah other then that Chan would just ask you to get him stuff from racks that are too high

[ W O O J I N ]

•Doesn’t really care either, but he’s lowkey jealous your that tall

•Like it’s not even the fact that his significant other is taller than him, he just wants to be taller

•besides that  he would still love you the same whether you were shorter or taller

•He’s more of a personality type of guy

•and if you were ever to feel insecure about your height he would make it known that he fell for you because of your personality and that your height didn’t bother him

•he would even go the extra friggen mile to listen and understand why you were insecure

•and then proceed to make you feel like the most loved and beautiful human being ever

[ M I N H O ]

•Honestly might just like the fact your taller than him. Like he finds it super attractive

•Deadass will call you out if he finds you slouching/stooping cause you’re insecure about your height

•You could legit just be living your best life or drinking a cup of water and he’ll say “stop slouching” out of nowhere while he continues to do whatever he’s doing

•like a hoe means it when he said he finds something attractive but like everything about you is attractive to him soo count those extra inches as more for him to love

•He also wouldn’t really care if you were heels tbh

•As long as you knew he didn’t care that you were taller

•and as long as you didn’t tease him about him being shorter because he will come for you

•^^^you can take that statement anyway you’d like ;))

[ C H A N G B I N  ]

•hnggg binnie might be a little self conscious about it??

•though I feel like as long as you don’t tease him about his height he won’t say anything about yours or feel insecure

•Though of course he would make sure you never felt insecure about your height either

•But heels are a definite no for him, I mean unless your really feeling it he’ll let you because your his lil baby (next to gyu- who said that)

•besides the fact he might be a little insecure he wouldn’t make a big deal out of it

•although he might throw hands if his members try to throw shade at his height

[ H Y U N J I N ]

•This boy literally find everything cute so the fact your taller than him doesn’t bother him

•he may even find it a bit cute tbh

•but still your height isn’t such a big factor to him tbh

•he’s much more into your cute little habits and actions

•Honestly just mark him off as a puppy too deep in love

•because honestly he does not care what you do,  look at him and he’s already staring at you cause that’s how pretty you are to him

•Plus he’s much more concerned about you, him and the future to worry about your height lmfao

•The boys got plans

[ J I S U N G ]

•he’s fine as long as you don’t tease him about his height and if you did he might pout about it or laugh off the pain

•though he won’t say anything back unless he knew you were comfortable with your height

•even so I feel like Jisung’s the type to not really come back unless your his members

•He might do that thing where he stands on his tippy toes and try to prove he’s taller if he’s feeling goofy that day

•or ask you to get something for him because he’s too short

•but he wouldn’t really care honestly

•to him a taller significant other means he can be little spooned

•He can look up at you and just admire your beauty

•Do those just short girl things in a joking way, which he’s living for

•soo yeah you being taller is pretty much a  plus for him

[ F E L I X ]

•Okay so he cares but doesn’t care??

•Like he’s happy because um little spoon all the way

•but he doesn’t like how you can tease him about being “vertically challenged”

•though Felix doesn’t really take that part personality

•He’s also the type to rant about how one day he’ll be taller and then you’ll be the “vertically challenged one”

•but he’d make it a point to show you he loves you no matter what and that he means no harm your still his favorite person in the world

•Plus you can get him the snacks that Chan purposefully put on the top shelf

[ S E U N G M I N ]

•I feel like Seungmin would like it/ not mind if his significant other was taller

•Like he might actually like the idea of having a taller significant other

•cause he’d just find it so cute to look up and admire you

•and take it that he’d make it a point to make sure you knew how beautiful you are to him

•the topic of height wouldn’t even have a chance to make it into the conversation because he’d never mention it unless you brought it up

•and if you did he’d reassure you that he didn’t care you were taller and then treat you to some cute little date to get the topic off your mind

[ J E O N G I N ]

•Since he’s the youngest I feel like he might be a little concerned his members would tease him

•but at the same time make sure the members comments didn’t make you feel some sort of way

•like you can bet he’d always look back at you to make sure you didn’t take their teasing to heart

•though if he looked back and saw you laugh he’d be happy with that

•he doesn’t particularly mind that your taller but he might pout when he sees you wearing heels

•because “that’s cheating the system”

•Though if you really wanted to wear them and he knew he’d just smile and giggle because your his cute little significant other

coffee shops and broken hearts [renle hcs]


also this is for the renle anon :’))) i hope u like it adfvgasbhdf

  • renjun is ur typiCaL high school student who loves art just a tiNy bit too much
  • and chenle is ur casual music nerd who works part time at a coffee shop nearby their school for extra money 
  • renjun visits the coffee shop chenle works at so much that chenle knows his order by heart and always adds a smiley face or a tiny note beside his name on the cup
    • “have a good day (๑→ ω ←๑)
    • “don’t study too hard (๑´ω`๑)”
    • “coffee for: renjunnie~ (๑´ㅂ`๑)”
  • chenle just loves seeing renjun’s face light up every time he puts smth special on his cup :’))) it’s so pure 

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BatFam Week Theme: Vacation

“Ugh, I need a vacation after this,” Dick huffed.

“You all need vacations, but you never take one,” Babs pointed out. “The only time any of you leave the city is to go fight aliens in outer space.”

“That’s not fair. Sometimes B has business overseas.”

“Still not a vacation, Nightwing.”

Dick opened his mouth to argue, but shuddered instead, breath catching in the back of his throat.

“’Wing?” Babs asked, voice sharp. “You stay with me. They’re on their way, but you have to stay with me until they get there.”

“Y-Yeah.” The word was thready, shaky, like the wiggling feedback of a polygraph machine. Dick cleared his throat and tried again, clenching his teeth to keep his voice steady. “Yeah, of course. You know me, O. Why leave w-when I can make the party come to me, right?”

“Keep moving as best you can,” Babs coaxed. 

If Dick closed his eyes, he could see her hunched over her keyboard, fingers flying as she guided the rest of the team to him, eyes fixed on her screen as if she could see through it straight to him. Though really, it didn’t matter if he closed his eyes or not, since he didn’t have so much as a glimmer of light to see by.

“I’ll start hopping again in a s-second,” Dick promised. “Just let me c-catch my breath.”


“Something in m-my leg is broken,” Dick cut her off. He sucked in another steadying breath, trying to keep his voice light even through clenched teeth. The bone-wracking shivers and the pain were making it hard to keep his voice steady. He had to keep it steady. For Babs. “I can’t put a-any weight on it. And even if I could hop around for m-more than a minute, there’s nowhere t’ g-go. I can’t see. I’m in a f-freezer the size of a walk-in closet. N-Not rich people walk-in, either.”

He leaned his head back against freezer wall and winced as the frost settled in his hair. “I n-need to catch my breath,” Dick repeated softly. But she was right. He needed to stay alert. “Talk to me?”

“About what?” Babs’s response was immediate, unhesitating. Good ol’ Babs.

For a moment, Dick’s mind was blank. He blinked against the darkness, making the squiggling flashes of phantom lights in his eyes dance. God, he was so tired.

He rallied. “V-Vacation. Where sh-should we go?”


Dick, to his own delight, managed a chuckle. “S-Sure. You th-think we’re bad? W-When was the last time y-you left that tower, O? A-At least I leave the h-house every now and th-then.”

He sighed, thinking of Babs high above Gotham, locked in a dark room and lit by the glow of screens on all sides. “Rapunzel, R-Rapunzel, let d-down your hair.”

Dick didn’t realize he had breathed out that last thought until Babs snorted in his ear. 

“Sure. A vacation sounds nice.” Her voice was warm and eased down his throat like a cup of Alfred’s honey tea. “Someplace far from Gotham. Out of the country. Preferably not reachable by phone, I think.”

“S-S-Someplace warm,” Dick added. His smile glinted in the dark as he was rewarded with a laugh from Babs.

“Definitely. Someplace warm.”

“A b-beach.” Dick was getting into the fantasy now. He kept his eyes closed, his busted leg stretched out against the ice-slicked floor, and tried to picture the perfect place. “Somep-place remote. Not deserted. B-But quiet. N-No crowds. Clear w-w-water. Warm s-sand. You in a-a-a bikini.”

Sun on his face, on his chest, on his hands. Wind in his hair. The scent of salt spray and coconut sunscreen in the air. If he concentrated hard enough, Dick could pretend he was there. The pain in his hands dulled, receded. He sighed again.

“Sand and wheelchairs don’t mix,” Babs was saying, warm laughter still rippling in her voice. “And my bikini days are long gone.”

“You’d l-look good in a poncho to me.” Dick was crossing a line somewhere, he knew. He and Babs weren’t… what they were wasn’t what they had been. He knew that. But keeping the words in his head was like trying to hold onto fistfuls of sand. They would slip and stream out before he could stop them.

Dick rubbed a hand against his chest, trying to push the pain out of a body that felt as tight and as brittle as an old rubber band. His breathing was too loud. He needed to keep Babs away from her worry and away from his careless words. She’d said something about… about… sand. Yeah. Sand and her wheels.

“W-We’ll hire a… a…” Dick shifted against the unyielding floor and gasped as pain shot bright as a lightning bolt up his nearly numbed leg.

“Dick?” Babs’s voice was hot and needling with concern, but it sounded further away. Easier to ignore. Dick knew he shouldn’t, but he couldn’t remember why exactly.

“One ‘those chairs,” he breathed, waiting until the pain pulled back again and left his body feeling numb and empty once more. “W’ll hire g-guys t’lift it. Y’ll b-b-be a… princess.”

God, he was so tired. Dick wanted to sleep. He wanted it more than anything in the entire world. But Babs kept saying his name. Why wouldn’t she let him sleep?

Blurry visions of an empty beach shimmered in his head again, and he felt a heat spread through his body. It was too much, too hot. Dick whined low in his throat and tugged at the neck of his suit with clumsy, unbending fingers. After a few seconds of struggling, he tired himself out and let his hand fall back into his lap.

Babs was still talking, he realized. She sounded upset. He didn’t like Babs upset. “B’s almost there, Nightwing. You stay with me. You promised you’d stay with me.”

“S’kay,” Dick whispered. His teeth had stopped chattering, but he hadn’t noticed. “S’kay, Babs. ‘m j’s g’na sleep f’r bit.”

Babs was yelling now, but that was okay. He didn’t mind. It wouldn’t keep him awake.

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i dreamed up this really angsty yurio X reader fanfic but ill never write it without frying my keyboard with my tears so here's what happened.

{CAUTION: ur gona want to get ur self a nice cupa coffee or tea or water and enjoy this long little piece.}

you’re a Russian fashion designer who runs a very high end boutique bUT, you’re also a figure skater who’s in the Grand Prix and your performance is in a week and this is continually stressed throughout my drea- the story.

You’re always over working yourself and Yuri is your sole bff- since you’re always making business meetings or working or skating- and he has a key to your boutique and just marches in to get his measurements done. He knows where the measuring stuff is by now, and he gets it ready so you can jump straight from the project you’re working on, to him.

Yuri is super blushy and its like a totally over-exaggerated anime scene where like you lean in as you s l o w l y wrap the tape around his waist and stand ever so close to his lips as you measure his height. Also, this is when Yuri rants about his day to you, but you’re so focused that you don’t notice him stopping whenever you get really close.

*TRUMPETS* TIME SKIP ITS THE MALE GRAND PRIX- the female takes place in a week- probably not irl but

o h. w o w would you look at that Yuri has success fully lost his free skate outfit the nIGHT OF THE GRAND PRIX. and now it’s morning and he sTILL DOESN’T KNOW WHERE IT WENT. Yakov yells his head off as Yuri asks and calls everyone he basically knows to see if they know where it is. nada. The fiery red and magenta costume is MIA.

when he calls you there’s a split-screen *shrug* and you’re laying down on your front desk facing the ceiling with your head hanging off it. v exhausted expression. worked all night. Yuri is v panic now and you’re just trying to contain your yawns. Yuri hangs up and it cuts back to you hanging up the phone and closing your eyes..

*LATER IN THE DAY* Viktor agreed to let Yuri use one of his old costumes again- but Yuri’s coaches as well as Yuri know he won’t get a perfect score with the costume change. 2 performances until his turn. He has been salty all day. Tears are about to start dripping down his face-


You grab Yuri’s hand from behind him and push him with the costume right into the men’s bathroom. He tries to tell you to get out of the men’s room- as if that’s the problem here- but he can’t see your face or get a word in edge wise with you screaming how the costume works again while sHOVING him quickly into a stall door and throwing the costume in there too.


“So, *zip* where’d you find it?”

Silence. This is the first time the camera *shrug* has gotten a steady look at you. Your eyes are completely black underneath. 3 fingers have band aids wrapped around them. Your lips are c h a p p e d. And your body is shaking.

the camera *shrug* zooms in on your c h a p p e d lips and eye-bags.

“You left it at my place.” A steady tone leaves your voice, but an unstable expression is plastered onto your exhausted face.

The moment Yurio comes out, you waste no time pushing him in front of you again, this time to the ice rink. You were almost there, right in the middle of the lobby area with the dinner like feel, almost to the door that lead to the stadium.

“-HEY my hair!”

‘shoot’ You say you’ll do his hair yourself- not like it was the first time you’ve done his hair anyways. You keep Yuri facing foreword as you flat iron his strands as fast as you can. Yuri starts babbling about his routine, as you feel the sleepiness gaining on you.


‘tssss….-’ you bite your lip to prevent a squeal.

‘plsh-!’ b a d idea. your bottom lips bursts instead, blood dripping down your chin.

“Huh- are you okay??” You hold back tears and give Yuri a solid 'mm hmm’ as you push him- now much weaker- out the lobby and into the cold rink area. Quickly, you turn the other way as he turns to attempt to get one last glance at your gorgeous face. You wave your hand above your head as you yell out encouraging word to him, and walk out of sight.

Yuri is so happy. He got his costume back. His coaches and family and friends are relieved. Otabek’s free skate is closing. It’s his turn to shine. It was hopeless at the beginning, but thanks to you, he had his world back in his control again. Everything was perfect.

You hang your trembling head in the lobby, the flat iron in one hand, your phone in the other. You had just gotten a call from an extremely important client who was expecting her velvet skating gown t o d a y. You hadn’t even finished the initial sketches. You hadn’t even practiced your skating routine. Heck, you haven’t even gone skating in d a y s.

the camera *shrug* is on the floor, just your feet in view. silence, as you take a step in one direction- 'DAMMIT’- you jet off in the other direction, unclear which door you had gone through.


Yuri had waited hours for everyone to leave. He refused to believe you wouldn’t come watch him. You both always came to each other’s big competitions no matter where you were, or what you had to do. Plus, Yuri had meant to tell you something.

That you, had fueled his gold winning routine. That you had inspired him to skate to his fullest, not letting anything ruin his dream of winning gold his senior debut. He realized, you had always been there for him. Always listening, daydreaming, creating, skating: you were juggling so much, but you would drop everything to take care of Yuri’s concerns. He wanted to tell you he finally realized- but where were you?

Yuri stood in the middle of the ice and spun around, still in his free program costume and skates. aha! there. in the top row, 9th chair from the door, there you rest.

Yuri bounced up the steps after clicking on his skate guards, his gold clanging against his chest. “[y/n]! [y/n]!” He repeated like a child. “[y/n] [y/-” he lost his breath, unable to finish your name. He first saw your bleeding lips and black bags, and rage bursted within him, assuming you had been hurt. “WHAT HAPPened. WHO DID THI-”

Yuri froze. Silence as he scanned the rest of your sleeping self. He looks down at the sleeve of his outfit, down at a red stain on the the red flames. The camera *shrug* goes into his eyes and it flashes back to after you got the call that Yuri lost his costume.

You had taken a deep breath after hanging up, and pulled yourself up and back to your desk. You dug through your cluttered files to find that costume pattern again. You stayed up all night- your 3rd all nighter in a row- working non stop. No food, no water, only bathroom breaks. Your sewing machine wasn’t working fast enough, so you decided to hand stitch it as fast as you could. Pricking yourself several times, running low on energy, your trembling body couldn’t handle anymore. But, you remembered why you were remaking this outfit in the first place. You loved your friend Yuri Plisetsky, and every time you thought of him blabbing to you about how he’ll win Finals, you found the strength to keep going.

camera *shrug* flashes back to Yuri covering his mouth, looking down at you slouching peacefully in the stadium chair. He picks you up and onto his back, as he charges out the stadium and down the street- still in his skates and costume- to get you to the comfort of your boutique bedroom. “[y/n], I’m such an idiot…” He shakes his head to avoid running into people in the hazy blur of confusion and tears.

So close, yet so far.

That v important client, an old, plump, fancy looking old lady dressed in lavender velvet with an orange tabby peaking out of her purse. Yuri stopped, almost tripping over his skates, to stare and aw at the car while frantically searching for the keys in his costumes hidden pocket.

The old lady stared yelling. People stared at the out of place commotion as Yuri argued back and forth with her. “There is no WAY my dress cannot be done by today!” “She’s been working nonstop for DAYS AREADY SHE NEEDS A FU-” and on and on, until.

Yuri spews out insult after explanation, not noticing that the old lady has stopped talking. She finally puts what’s in front her together: his costume. the girl on his back. her condition. his medal. flashback.

“But that’s absurd! That design is so lovely! And to only be used ONCE??” 'sorry Madame, but that’s my policy. i make each costume once and only once. inspiration shouldn’t be oversqueezed. if you don’t have any inspiration, you’re as good as dead..’ “What’s that daring?” ’-you’d turn into a robot!’ “A robot??” 'beep. boo beep bop.’ “Ohohoh! Darling you’re too much!” 'ahe, so is your bill…’ “What??”

end of flashback. The old lady turns away. “I won’t let this go unheard. My workers shall see to it that this dress be made ASAP…which, will take about 2 weeks. So be ready.” And she walked away, into the sunset. Leaving Yurio with his mouth agape, “wait leave the cat noo”

You wake up the next day and frantically try to get out of bed to make up the days of work you missed out on. But Yuri catches your drowsy figure before plopping you back into your comfy sheets and blankets Yuri wrapped you back in, while informing you of how you would be missing the Grand Prix, and the Old Lady’s visit. He had slept on the floor while you were surrounded with a castle of pillows and sheets.

“[y/n], I’m sorry I didn’t notice you working so hard for me- not just today but whenever I have a petty problem, you never fail to fix them right up, even if it costs you more than it should.” 'Yuri-’ “No. I’m such an idiot. There’s nothing I can do to fix anything now..” ’…huh- Yuri wha-’

*CRACK* RIGHT DOWN THE CENTER. 'YURI WHAT THE HECK DID YOU JUST DO-’ “It’s hasn’t decreased in value, and, I sure as hell don’t deserve the entire thing myself.” Yuri handed you one half of the gold medal. You gingery grabbed it with your stil shaky hands. “Listen.” He now had a strong tone. “Don’t for a second think I would want you to be hurt. Especially not for my sake. Okay?…oi, heard me sleepyhead?”

your gaze seemed ghost like as you stared through the broken gold medal piece. 'But, b-but your always here to help me out too. You get yelled at a million times just to help me out with something, and your always checking in and defending my reputation when I should be the one out there.’ Yuri opened his mouth to speak, but you held your hand up. 'I love you. I know that.’ His jaw dropped agape, 'But as a friend as a lover- I don’t know.’ He gently rested his head on your legs, staring out the window, 'I just need to find the word I’m looking for. Okay?…yo, you heard me asswipe?’ “hEY WHERE DI D THAT-”

YURI DIDNT VISIT YOU FOR 2 WEEKS AFTER THAT. You wanted some space to get back into the flow of things. You two had never been apart that long. He felt terrible, especially at himself. Next time you two saw each other was at a red carpet for the Grand Prix finalists. The paparazzi took pictures in pairs, and the other female finalists had gone out of their way to leave you the odd one out. That when Yuri stepped next to you, all happy too happy to leave JJ as the odd one out, and to see your stunning outfit that had ironically matched his. That was the first time Yuri Plisetsky had ever said he loved you.

*1 0 Y E A R S*

the camera *shrug* is on the floor of a dock at twilight. there are two sets of feet. one with platform boots, and the other in converse.

it zooms in on the platforms. looks like they’re facing each other, holding hands.

’…and all those years ago, I was looking for the word to describe this..’ then, it zoomed to the converse. “I-I’m guessing you found it then, right?” Back to the platforms. 'Yuri..I’ve been searching for the right word all these years..“

The camera zooms up to reveal the black skinny jeans tucked into the black platform boots, a cat sweater and short blonde hair as well. Tears were visible in the eyes of the young adult, as he covered his mouth with his hands.

The camera now panned up to revealed the black converse’s owner. A young girl wearing black leggings and a [c] flannel, kneeling on one foot. She could barely choke her words out of her grinning face, as she watched the boy smile through tears in front of her

And, it’s soulmate!’

A little gift for @bendybeforeinkmachine because Bendy is very similar to a cat.XD

Reasons why @bendybeforeinkmachine ´s Bendy is a cat :

- *growls*

- want snuggles but won´t admit it

- not too much snuggling tho

- *knocks stuff off shelves like an asshole*

s n e a k

- purring. so much purring.

- likes to hunt

- dislikes children

- *is bendy as hell*

- hisses in angery

- will cut you

- will also nuzzle you

- t e e t h and c l a w s 

- complains when hungry for hours and still won´t eat his food

- only wakes up to eat

- D O  N O T  T O U C H


- would prolly bring you dead animals or stolen goods and plop it on your doorstep as a gift. Would be offended when you don´t accept it or tell him he´s a bad boy.

- ,,I was teaching you how to hunt, human slave! I bring you offerings and you refuse them! How rude!”

- would curl up to sleep

- evil but we love him anyway

- “ Yeah, that´s Bendy, he´s an asshole. But he´s a cute asshole, so we let him stick around.”


- Bendy : *proceeds to chew frantically on plastic bottle cap*

- Is very possessive about ,,his” stuff (everything)



- *scratches all of your furniture with his claws*

- *smug looks of content when you get irritated with him*

- is sad when you lock him out and makes noise until you let him back in

- *disappears for 3 days and then comes back like nothing happened*

- P O U N C I N G

- likes those little balls that jingle and rattle when you shake them

- refusing to follow rules

- death glares when you ask him to do something

- *little mewls of approval when you stroke his head and scratch behind his ears*

- will bite your hand playfully

- *crouching up in high places looking bored*

- invading your personal space when you’re busy



- gets rid of moths/spiders for you. But plays with them first.

- *sticks butt in your face to get you to pay attention when you’re ignoring him*

- tongue bleps??????

- licking lips a l w a y s

- i s  a  p a i n  i n  t h e  a s s  b u t  l o v e a b l e