he looks amazinggg

Drunk losers club hcs

☾ Richie brought aLL THE BOOOZE HE COULD FIND around to the hosts house 

☾ Tonight the host happened to be Ben - who was actually terrified that he was gonna get in trouble with his parents 

☾ Richie said he was willing to share anything but the strawberry vodka - that was his fave and he made that clear by downing the entire bottle, bottoms up

☾ Bill was surpisingly (besides trashmouth) the most keen on getting “sh-sh-shitfaced”

☾ Bev, Mike and Richie became invested in a game of “Fuzar” - totalling in about 20 something shots each

☾ Eddie and Stan took it slow, trying to keep an eye on everyone. Stan eventually lost the “mom” demeanor when Richie said he was a pussy and he didn’t want Richie to be right for once 

☾ Stan accidentally called Bill “Billiam” and then everyone started shouting it whenever he walked into the room, spoke or drank.

☾ Ben got wasted. He started to try and recite poetry for Bev but ended up telling Richie he had eyes like the summers ocean 

☾ Richie had no idea what this meant but he still got angry at Eddie for never telling him he had ocean eyes 

☾ Stan let Bev put little butterfly haircliops in his hair and even tho he was a drunken mess, Bill stil thought he looked amazinGGG

☾ Even tho it was Richies idea, he was the one that ended up looking after everyone - Tucking Ben in, carrying Mike up the stairs, making sure Eddie and Stan were staying hyrdated, smoothing Bills back as he started drunk crying, holding back Bevs hair when she puked.

☾ btw, Bill found Bens NKTOB posters and he busted out all the lyrics and dance moves to “The Right Stuff” perfectly. 

☾ In the morning they all looked dreadfull and felt like pure shit, so they all lugged eachother down to the nearest fast food joint, still in their pyjamas and slippers, Bev and Richie still wearing last nights makeup, Stan still had loose pins and clips in his hair.

☾  They sat in a booth with a couple of chairs pulled up at 9:30am, and didnt leave the restaurant until 3pm. Richie went home and slept for 2 days straight 

I wENT TO KCON FOR THE FIRST TIME and I woulD just like TO SCREAM because it was the best experience ever

-I never ever knew what living was until I saw Bambam dab in real life

-also seeing astro was amazing

-i’m dyING

-someone send help

-bambam with his hair swept back makes me stop breathing 

-this boy will be is the death of me

-mark and jackson hosting was so adorable like mARK SEEMS SO SHY AND SWEET IN PERSON AND JACKSON IS STILL JACKSON #bringbackthemarksonshowonasc

-sanha from astro is actually an angel and seeing his aegyo was like heaven after I already died several times that day

-MJ’s voice is so cute soothing and sweet that I almost cried 

-I think I need help again, should’ve held on, but I had no chance

-Jinjin’s dancing skills are highly underappreciated and I would like to show him some love yes

-Binu is actually the sweetest thing seeing tol boys interact

-someone save me from rocky’s dance skills that actually glide everywhere

-yugyeom is a lemon and ever since someone told me mark and yugyeom are ketchup and mustard I can’t unsee it

-I personally think yugyeom is way sweeter than mustard and lemons

   EDIT (because someone made me realize my rambling doesn’t make sense in words): HE IS LIKE A MANGO MOUSSE CAKE THAT WAS PUT ON TOP OF A SUNFLOWER YES he looked that AMAZINGGG and now I’m hungry

-I actually screamed my soul out at seeing JJP because it was actually the most beautiful thing I could watch forever: tomorrow, today, next week even 

-astro’s dancing stage opener was also like THE siCKEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN LIKE LIKE WOAH 

-Can confirm now: youngjae is still sunshine even with his new, sleek, hOT AS HECK BLACK HAIR *hAEEHH*

-jackson is actually the sweetest thing cause omg that proposal and that sweet girl who was very lucky

-yugyeom’s dancing stage to open their set was like seeing god 

*bows*  my final words for all ya’ll who haven’t been able to see them for real yet


*hit the stage im out* *BRRRRRAAH*