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3 | Save Me

word count: 4,113 
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warnings: violence, gore probably smut at some point I mean it’s me we’re talking about, dead bodies, non-con etc

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“What if I don’t want to join gang Bangtan?”

“I’ll kill you myself.” 

Grey walls, bland, flavourless unexciting grey walls. The very same grey walls you’d been staring at day after day for the past six weeks. Figuring it had to be better than death you accepted Namjoons offer and joined forces with gang Bangtan. Better than death. Oh how you were wrong.

Day after day your tired body would be decorated with bruises, cuts, and even on some occasions - bite marks - whatever Taehyung and Hoseok had specialised in that day. They said it was crucial that you were trained to fight if you would be joining them on their excursions, and Namjoon agreed, especially with the whereabouts of the professor still unknown. 

You exhaled longingly, slowly running your fingertips over your latest gift from Taehyung, a small cut on your left shoulder blade. Just when you thought you were getting better at defending yourself he had pulled a knife out of nowhere, and you’d barley slipped out of his reach in time.

“Oh good, you’re finally awake. Let me see to your injuries.” Jin smiled at you as he walked into the plain box room you’d been staying in. Out of all of the members of gang Bangtan, you were sure Jin was the nicest. You’d met him the day after you arrived at their head quarters, he told you he was a trained doctor and that he didn’t want to hurt you, only help you. It made you wonder, what a guy like him was doing mixed up with people like them.

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Flat Butt

This is to my Dollies that have bubble butts until they lay down and it becomes flat as a pancake. Haha. Love your Butts.

Hope you all enjoy it.

Happy Reading Dollies.

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Saturday was a lazy night for Sweet Pea and you, you rented a couple movies and Pea had gotten burgers from Pop’s. You laid your head on Sweet Peas lap as you watched the movie, while his hand traveled down to your butt.
“Babe, I’m trying to watch the movie”. Pushing his hand away.
“We have seen this movie a hundred time”. His hand went back to your butt.
“I love this movie and if you dont let me watch it, I’m going to smack you”. You giggled as he pinched your butt.
“Okay, before I stop, has your butt always been this flat before”?
You couldnt help but laugh. “What are you talking about”. You moved your hand down your back side.
“I thought it was a bubble butt”? He said wide eyed looking at your butt.
“It is a bubble butt, maybe its the way I’m laying”. So you got up and stood in front of him, both of you checking your butt out.
“Alright, it must have been”. “There’s that bubble butt I know and love so much”. Sweet Pea started hugging your butt.
“Pea stop”. You squealed when he bite your butt.
Sweet Pea let you go and you returned to your normal sitting on his lap as you were before. During the movie you would feel him put something on your butt but just ignored it until he was just going to far with your flat butt.
“Pea, what are you doing”? You said looking over your shoulder, seeing his can of soda and a bowl of popcorn resting on your butt.
“Just watching a movie and having a snack”. He chuckled, trying not to make you move or you’d spill his food.
“You’re really enjoying this aren’t you”?
He nodded and a big grin spread across his face. “Perhaps”. Taking a piece of popcorn and popping it in his mouth.
You shook your head and went back to the movie. Just as the movie was ending, Pea started to play your butt as drums. He started to beat box and dance around in his seat.
“Really, I think you have taken it to far now”. You said getting up and going to the bedroom. Sweet Pea frowned, he meant it as a joke, not wanting to hurt your feelings.
Going to see if you were okay, he walked in with you on the phone.
“I’m sorry”.
“It’s fine, I know you meant it as a joke, so dont worry”. “I know things to get you back”. You winked at him.
“Then what are you looking up”? He took a seat next to you on the bed.
“Work outs to make my butt a bubble butt for good, no flat booty”.
“I thought you were good”?
“I am but what if I was at Toni’s or Betty’s house and they noticed my flat butt”?
“So I like your butt the way it is, its good for two things”. He pulled you on his lap.
“Really what”? You crossed your arms.
“Well for one, when your sleeping on your stomach I can lay my head on this scrumptious booty, just to snuggling in and it fits me perfect”. He grabbed hand fulls of your butt.
“Two, is when your dancing and you grind up on me, that booty feels so good on my other Sweet Pea”. You both laughed at his nickname for his penis.
“Okay I get it”.
“Oh I’m not finished yet”. “That was just part 1a and 2a now I have b”.
“I love that when you wear my shirts, when you reach into the tall cabnet your butt shows just a the right amount to get me a whistling”. You turned your head and blushed.
“You wear this panties that make your butt so plump and it makes my mouth water”.
“Okay okay, I get it, I wont change it”. Putting up your hands in defeat.
“Good, you’re perfect the way you are and I’m sorry that I made you want to change your body for me and everyone else”. “You should make that choice on your own”. He pulled your head down and kissed your lips.
“Pea, it’s okay, I forgive you”. Kissing him back, Pea laid you on your back, hovering over you.
“I love you Y/N/N”.
“I love you Sweet Pea and I love your little Sweet Pea too”. You giggled.
“Hey, it’s not little”. He pushed his body into you, making you moan.
“Can you prove it”? You gave him a seductive look.
“Oh I’m going to make you scream it, the whole trailer park it going to hear you”. He attacked your neck, making you bite your lip with anticipation.


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Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 4 998
summary : Reader has feelings for Kai and tells him but he rejects her which leads her to become a vampire and turn off her humanity just as Kai comes back a new person after the merge.
* gif by shelleyhenign


“You don’t get it , do you?” said Kai with a little hint of amusement in his voice.”I dont feel emotions , I don’t care or feel anything. Emotions are nothing but a distraction plus I don’t even like you and even if those things werent true - you and me still would never happen. You are just not good enough for me. Why would I chose a human ?”

Kai’s words kept echoing in her mind. Having the person you have feelings for turn you down was not something unheard in human history , but doing it the way Kai had done it – her feelings had gotten hurt so badly she wanted it all gone. All the love she felt for him , all the pain - absolutely everything. Her friends didnt know about her feelings for Kai or about what had happened and Y/N didnt plan on letting them know either meaning compelling it away wasn’t an option. So that left her with option number 3 because clearly moving on wasnt going so well either. Becoming a vampire hadn’t been on her bucket list , but it was her only option and she could already hear the lectures from Elena and Caroline. They’d say how lucky she is to be still a human and be able to have a future , kids and a family. But those things just didnt matter to her if she couldnt have them with the person she loved. Kai wasn’t going to change - he will always be the same , so there was no point in waiting for the impossible either. He will always say whatever pops into his head , not caring what his words or actions do to the people around him simply because he had no emotions. Why should she remain a human ?

It had been a few days since Christmas and the siphoner had been safely tucked in into Alaric’s apartment on Whitmore campus until Jo was ready to do the merge. All her friends were taking shifts guarding him just in case and that day it was her turn. Y/N sat on the couch , glancing at him every few minutes refusing to go anywhere near him. There was a part of her that was 100% sure she’d pull out that tube from his arm and let him go. What she felt for him was so strong that even after he hurt her , she’d still free him and cross her friends. What the hell was wrong with her ?!
   "Hey Y/N. How is our comatose patient?” asked Damon handing her a cup with coffee. “He hasn’t caused any trouble , has he ?”
   "Comatose and no.” she said blankly, taking a sip from her coffee. What kind of a trouble can he cause if he is being unconscious ?
   "Whats wrong ?”
   "Nothing. What makes you think something is wrong ?” she wondered , trying to sound as normal as possible. Damon knew her too well not to pick up on her tells not to mention the way he was studying her face made her feel a little nervous.
   "Because I know you and short answers are not what you do.” said her best friend , lightly rubbing her shoulders. “Usually you dont shut up. Sometimes you are even more annoying than him.”
Y/N sighed. “I was just thinking how all my friends are supernaturals and wont age while I will turn into a wrinkled sag in a few short years. Its depressing. And of course there is that time at the corn maze when my human friends were all dying and I couldn’t do anything to help.”
   "You know if you want me to , I’ll turn you. Even though after that Elena and Caroline will bite my head off.“ said Damon sitting on the couch next to her.
Y/N started laughing. “They would wouldn’t they?”
   "Yeah. Look Y/N ,  there was a reason we tried to find the cure for Elena.“ he said calmly. “Being a vampire is not all that is cracked out to be and if you make that choice there is no going back.”
   "I’ve already made the choice Damon. I want this.“ she said serious. “You , Stefan , Elena , Caroline — you guys are not just my friends , you are my family. I love you all more than I can put into words and I cant imagine ever being without any of you. I want us to be together forever.”
Damon tucked up his sleeve and bit his wrist. “Well , if you are absolutely sure.”
   "I am.“ she replied taking his wrist , feeling his blood trickle down her throat for a few moments until she let go. He wiped away some of it from her chin with his thumb , still having doubts about what he had to do next. Y/N was his best friend , one of the few who can put up with him and were always willing to defend him even when he makes huge mistakes. What if turning her into one of them was one of those ?
   "Promise me , you will explain to Elena thats what you wanted and I didn’t push you into anything?”
   "You got it.“ she smiled. “Um … could you do it painlessly ?”
   "Of course , but I have to ask again - are you sure , really really sure ?“
Y/N nodded and a few seconds later Damon broke her neck , letting her lay down on the couch. He went to the kitchen to get a blood bag from the fridge to be ready for her when she wakes up , but somehow he couldn’t shake the feeling something was wrong and she hadn’t been completely honest about her reasons. When he came back Tyler was in the room , pulling out the tube with the sedative from Kai’s arm. Not too long after , Tyler was the one laying on the ground unsconcious and the young siphoner regained consciousness. On their way out of the house he stopped pointing at Y/N and glancing at the blood bag on the coffee table.
   "What is she doing here ?” he asked curious. “Is she sleeping ? Awwh look how cute she is now that she is not talking. I might even like her now.”
Kai took a step towards her but Damon pulled him away before the siphoner had figured out Y/N wasn’t breathing and had put two and two together.
   "Y/N? She was keeping an eye on you and you bored her to death.“ said Damon dragging Kai out the door. “Come on creeper. You want to do the merge , you have a deal to uphold."Not too long after that Y/N woke up , finding a blood bag on the coffee table waiting for her. The girl grabbed it without hesitation and completed the transition noticing Kai wasn’t where he was supposed to be and that this wasn’t the only thing that was off in that moment.
    "Tyler?” she said getting up and running towards him, checking for pulse. “Oh my God wh-what happened ?!”
Her eyes followed the tube in his neck and she pulled it out sitting on the ground next to her lifelong friend. What had happened after Damon had snapped her neck ? Damon. Y/N’s eyes widened and she reached for her phone in her pocket dialling her friend when Tyler groaned and started to wake up.
    “Hey , are you okay ? What happened ?”
    “I’m going to kill him.”
    “Him ? Who ? Kai ?”
    “No. Damon.”
Y/N looked at him with confusion in her eyes. “Damon ? Wha-”
    “I have to go. I’m sorry Y/N , thank you for pulling that tube out but I have to go now or Liv –”
    “Y-yeah of course.”
Y/N sat on the floor running her fingers through her hair , watching Tyler run out of the apartment when her phone buzzed - DAMON.
    “What the hell did you do ?” she said answering the phone.
    “Saved Liz’s life.” he said as if it was obvious. “I take it you completed the transition?”
    “Yes ? Why ?” she wondered.
    “Because we have a psychotic siphoner out on the loose. Kai gave me the slip.” he sighed. “Come over at the hospital. I’ll explain everything.”


After the merge with Luke , Kai had found himself in a situation he had never thought he’d be in. During the merge with his brother he had absorbed not only his ability to do magic but quite a few other things including his empathy. He had spent the entire night after the merge trying to figure out how to process all the emotional pain he felt. Every bad thing he had ever done came back into his mind and her regretted , if not all , at least most of them. Kai had no idea what was happening to him or why there was water pooling in his eyes while he kept writing it all down , including a letter to his twin Jo because for some reason he couldn’t find her. Afterwards he went to Damon to ask for help to deliver the letter to his sister.
Kai talked for a while with Damon and Elena and then someone else he had been wanting to see showed up , as if he had wished for it to happen - Y/N , the only person who had shown him some kindness among the Mystic Falls gang. About a week ago she had told him she has feelings for him and he had said some really hurtful things to her and he wanted to make it right.
Y/N stopped right at the door when she saw he was there. Kai couldn’t help but smile a little seeing her there though there was something different about her and he couldn’t understand what it was. Her hair had a blue strand mixed with her curls and her outfit nearly knocked him over. Last time they had met Y/N had looked hot , now she looked beyond hot wearing a slightly baggy ripped jeans with sneakers and a plain top.
   "Oh hey Y/N. I’m so glad you are here.“ he said getting up from the table. "I wanted to talk to you.”
   "Yeah. No , sorry. I have exams to study for.“ she said with a blank expression. "Can I go grab some of — you know ? Downstairs ?”
   "Why ? Did you get tired of – ?“
   "Y/N, please , I have to tell you something. I am s-” he blinked and she was gone. Kai turned around towards Damon and Elena with a look of confusion on his eyes. “Where did she go ? What – What did you do to her ?”
   "Haven’t done a thing. Y/N just doesn’t like you. None of us do. Haven’t you taken the hint already?“ said Damon.
No. That wasn’t it. Y/N might not have told her friends about the feelings she has for him , but Kai knew this girl couldn’t hate him. It just wasn’t who she was - he had gotten a good sense of her. Y/N was too good for her own good , too kind and too forgiving. Something was wrong.
   "The blood bag. You turned her.” thought Kai out loud. Why did he feel like his entire world has crashed and burned right this moment? “Why would you do that to her ? Was she hurt or something ?”
    “Because she asked me to.” said Damon. “Though that backfired. I should’ve seen it coming -”
    “Backfired ? What do you mean by that ?” interrupted Kai. “Damon. Tell me now or I am not going to help you.”
Damon took a sip from his bourbon. “Y/N turned off her humanity and turned into one of the biggest problems I’ve ever had.” said the vampire. “One thing I can’t figure out is why she’d do this right after she turned.”
Kai gulped. He knew exactly why - because of him. Another rush of guilt pulled him under at the realisation. There had to be a way for him to fix this and he was going to fix it , no questions about it , but first —
    “Where is the Ascendant ?”


Y/N was at the rave at Whitmore, having fun with Caroline who had just turned off her humanity too because of her mother’s death. Both of them had fun dancing and feeding , though Caroline had invoked a rule - no victims so they don’t attract attention. Y/N didn’t care much about that , or about anything really. Only thing she seemed to care about blood.
    “That guy keeps checking you out.” said Caroline pointing at one of the guys , not too far away from them. “He hadn’t taken his eyes off you the entire night.”
    “Maybe he is looking at you.”
    “No , no. It’s definitely you.”
    “Well then , I better go meet him.”
Y/N turned towards her friend with a smile and purple / black veins flashing under her eyes. Slowly she made her way through the crowd until she got to the guy. Her hands automatically hooked around his neck and they started dancing to the beat , almost in perfect sync and then out of the blue he kissed her. It felt weird not feeling a thing while making out with a hot guy like him, well almost nothing until Y/N’s vampirism kicked in feeling his blood pulsating in his veins.
    “You are not going to make a sound.” she compelled him , sinking her fangs into his neck the next moment. Not too long it felt as if every blood vessel in her head was exploding and she backed away from the guy , having her neck snapped a split second later.A couple of days later  Kai convinced Damon to bring him over to Bonnie who had found her way out of the Prison World , so he can apologise to her and after that hadn’t gone well he had started losing hope anyone would ever forgive him for anything. Right before the vampire had pulled him away , Kai had spotted Y/N in the crowd , ditching Damon straight away to get to her. Y/N had looked hot before but now wearing those black boots and those tight black skinny jeans with a white top with a skull like print on it , she looked even hotter. Quite literally taking his breath away the way she jumped up to the beat with a blue strand in her hair dancing around her shoulders. Last thing he wanted to do was cause her anymore pain but he had no other option if he wanted to grab her and find a way to turn her humanity back on — and maybe find a way to reverse her vampirism turning her back into a human.
After her body started to drop , he caught her and carried her to his car and then to his apartment , putting a boundary spell around it before cloaking himself and sneaking into Alaric’s apartment to ‘borrow’ some of his vervain supply.

A few hours later Y/N woke up tied to a chair with vervain ropes. Her surroundings were unfamiliar but she got an idea where she was when a familiar face popped right in front of her. Of course. Who else would be stupid enough to get the drop on her ? Under other circumstances she probably would’ve rejoiced to have Kai standing barely a metre away from her but not in this moment. There wasn’t a trace of emotion left in her.
  “What the - ” she wondered , struggling to get herself free, groaning in pain more and more each time as the vervain stung on her skin.
   "Hi.“ grinned Kai. "If you keep struggling , you will only get yourself hurt , Y/N. I just want us to talk , that’s all and then I will let you go.”
   "Charming. Do you always tie up the girls you want to talk to ? Or do you do that just to the ones you know can’t stand you?“
  "I tried talking to you the other day , remember? You ran off before I had said a word to you.” he said blankly. “So , you are a vampire now. Why would you do that to yourself?”
   "I had my reasons which do not concern you.“ she replied continuing to struggle against the vervain ropes.  Y/N had been a vampire for a few days but already hated vervain more than she thought possible. Kai had tied her ankles to the legs of the chair too making sure she couldn’t move even if she wanted to.
   "Did you do it because of what I said ?” he asked.
   "So full of yourself.“ she said a little amused. "Not everything happens because of you Parker. Why don’t you let me go and we can maybe go grab a bite somewhere ?”
   "Not letting you go until you turn that switch back on.“
   "Funny. Why have you taken that upon yourself ? Did Damon roped you into saving his best friend from ‘the biggest mistake she had ever done’ ?” she asked blankly. Seeing Kai like that was different - maybe because she was different or maybe because he had merged and according to the billion messages Damon had left her - he had feelings now. His eyes were filled with worry , sadness and regret. He looked almost broken.
   "I care about you thats why.“
   "You care about me ? Do you even hear yourself ?!” she said incredulous. “I dont feel emotions , I don’t care or feel anything. Your words , not mine.”
Kai got up from his chair , going to pour himself some coffee and Y/N used his distraction to pull on the ropes again with all her strength ignoring the pain from the vervain. A few seconds later she was free and quickly she ran towards the door , opening it and bouncing right off it the next moment.
   "What the hell?!“ she wondered , her hands hitting the invisible barrier over and over , pointlessly trying to get through it. Y/N sighed and turned towards him. Kai was  grinning at her while taking a sip from his coffee as if he hadn’t done a thing. A boundary spell. Should’ve known. she thought to herself.
   "You are not going anywhere sweetheart. Not until we talk and you turn that humanity switch back on.”
   "I’d rather kill you than talk to you or see you or be in the same room as you.“ she said through gritted teeth , whooshing herself towards him until their bodies were barely an inch from each other. "Let me leave now , or I you die.”
   "You won’t kill me.“ he said calmly.
   "Owhh ? Are you counting on my feelings for you to kick in at some point? Because they won’t. They no longer exist and as far as I am concerned neither do you.” she said with a mocking look on her face , seconds before purple black veins flashed under her eyes and her teeth sank into his neck.
Kai dropped his coffee on the ground , trying to push her off. Truth to be told he had been expecting that maybe seeing him would get her to flip the switch back on. He had heard multiple times that love is the strongest force there is and blah blah even though he didn’t understand any of it and he hadn’t expected her to actually try and kill him.
   "Motus.“ he muttered , sending her flying off him almost hitting the wall at the other end of the room. "Dang Y/N , maybe Damon was right. I didn’t want to believe him at first but you have lost everything that made you who you are by flipping that stupid humanity switch. You are not this person.”
Y/N wiped his blood of her chin and launched at him again , dropping on the ground with a spectacular witchy headache a split second later. Now she knew why Damon was always in a horrid vengeance mood after those. It felt as if every blood vessel in her head popped all over , healed and popped all over again.
  “I am going to kill you.” she said through gritted teeth.
  “No. You won’t.” he said calmly , taking a step towards her. “I am going to get you to flip that switch back on and then I will find a way to reverse what Damon did to you.”
  “Don’t — waste your t-time.” she struggled to speak. “I don’t n-need fixing.”
Y/N kept struggling to get to him and somehow break his concentration but he wouldn’t stop. He placed his hand on his wound healing it with magic wondering who was this person in front of him ? Surely he hadn’t been the nicest person ever , specially to her but — Kai couldn’t stand seeing her like this , though he had to admit her being a vampire how made her even hotter in his eyes than before. He closed his eyes hearing her scream and groan in pain rolling on the ground for a few moments before he stopped the spell and he knelt down next to her , brushing his fingers against her cheek.  
   "You are not this person Y/N. “ said Kai taking a step towards her. "You are kind , caring - ”
   "You still are.”
   "Please Y/N. I am really sorry about what I said and did that day.” he said gazing into her eyes. They were so cold and empty it broke him in half. “I didn’t see it back then but now I do and I know it is my fault you did this. I was a idiot , the biggest one rejecting you.”
   "Finally. One thing we can agree on.“ she said sitting up and starring at him blankly. There was no way he’d actually think any of this and even if he was , that wont make her flip it back on. Wont change what he made her do or erase all the pain he caused. Y/N leaned in towards him , brushing her palm against his cheek giving him a small smile. For a moment he smiled too , thinking probably somehow he had broken through the tough exterior or at least had made a crack.
   "You are pathetic.” she pit. “I am bored. Do you hate a deck of cards somewhere?”
   "Fine then. We do it the hard way.“ he said getting up, breaking her leg in the next moment. "You are going to turn it on now or I will keep breaking and breaking cuz – sweetheart , we both know I am the actual monster here.”
Y/N screamed in pain rolling on the ground but before she had had time to heal Kai flicked his wrist and her leg broke on another spot and another. Something in her mind started pushing its way through hearing his words. A flicker of  emotion , but she shoved it back where it came from before it had crawled its way out of the black door in her mind.
  “Turn it on.”
Kai flicked his wrist again breaking her other leg and her arm. He couldn’t stand what he was doing to her. Every flick of his wrist only added more to the guilt he already felt. What was he even doing ? After all of this there was no way she’d forgive him , ever.
  “Keep breaking Parker.” she started laughing. “It will be even more satisfying when I get to rip your head off after that.”
  “You are the best thing that has come into my life and I was so blind not seeing it back then.  I can’t live with the guilt of everything I did to you.”  his voice breaking. “I didn’t even know guilt can drown you without actually drowning you. It keeps me up at night -”
Y/N wasn’t listening. Instead she was running scenarios in her head on how she’d get her revenge after that , not caring that would mean Liv’s death or Jo’s death. Not giving a damn about how Alaric would react to losing his future wife and his unborn twinsies. Not caring what Tyler would do to her if his girl dies. Kai knelt down on the ground next to her , studying her face. His eyes were so different in that moment - filled with tears, pain and regret.
  “Kill me.” he dared her, stopping the spell. “Come on. Kill me.”
Y/N caught her breath laying on the ground. “You are bluffing.”
  “Rip my heart out.” he dared her again getting on top of her , placing her hand on his chest. “Put me out of my misery because I can’t live another second with the guilt about everything that I’ve done to you. Or to Jo or Liv. Or even Bonnie.”
Kai’s heart was racing so fast it felt as if it was trying to leap out of his chest and then a tear rolled down his cheek which he completely ignored. Their eyes were locked on each other and none of them was willing to look away from the other.
  “No.” she shook her head, pulling her hand away from his chest. “No , you deserve to live with it eating you away for the rest of your pat-”
Kai didn’t let her finish. There was one thing left for him to try , hoping that maybe it would get her to turn her humanity back on. He pinned her hands on either side of her head and his lips crashed against hers , hungry and demanding , pulling the air out of her lungs. At first she struggled trying to push him off her which only made him kiss her harder until she stopped struggling and returned the kiss. His grip on her hands loosened and she tangled her fingers in his hair , both of them moaning into the kiss until Kai pulled away , resting his forehead on hers.
  “I should’ve started with that.” he said out of breath , gazing into her eyes. “Please tell me it worked.”
His heart was racing faster than ever , still feeling her lips on his. Y/N just stared at him and a few tears rolled down her temples. “Get off me. Now.”
Kai’s face darkened but he did as she asked , rolling onto the ground next to her. He had hoped this would flip the switch , he hoped it had flipped it back considering how she had kissed him back. How it was possible that it hadn’t worked ?!
  “What did I do?” she muttered , covering her face with her hands. “Oh my God what did I do?”
  “Y/N?” he turned towards her. “What are you talking about ? Hey , talk to me.”
Y/N shook her head refusing to say a word and then it hit him - her switch had flipped back on and every emotion had came rushing into her mind. Kai removed her hands from her face , pulling her into his embrace. He knew exactly how she felt in that moment because he had experienced the same thing a few days ago.
  “I’m sorry. I am so sorry Y/N. It’s all my fault. I was an idiot , I am an idiot who hurt you so many times and led  you to do that to yourself , but I am going to fix it. I promise. I will find a way to fix everything.” said Kai , kissing her forehead. “I am so sorry and I know I don’t deserve  your forgiveness but I need you to give me one more chance to make things right.”
Y/N’s mind was racing like crazy - what was she thinking becoming a vampire. Turning off her humanity and shutting out everything that made her who she was ?! All those people she hurt , the ones who got killed because she couldn’t handle rejection. Tears were streaming down her face so fast it was pointless to try and stop them.
    “I know you hate me and you have every right to… I will spend every day until the rest of my life trying to make up for everything.”
Kai waited for her to say something , to stop crying  holding her tightly towards him. Slowly rocking back and forth trying to calm her down.
  “I bit you. Oh my God , I bit you..” her hands covered her face. “All the things I said. Everything I did.”
  “It’s okay. It wasn’t you , I know it wasn’t”
  “I am so sorry.” she cried turning towards him. Kai was crying too.
  “Does that mean you w-will you give me one more chance? I promise I will find out a way to make you a human again and  — maybe we can have a future – together. ” he wondered , wiping away a few tears from her cheeks.
   "Y-you want me to be a human ?” she said through tears. “But you said -”
   "I was so blind and ignorant , not realising what I had until I lost it. Please Y/N , give me one more chance. Just one.“ he pleaded.
Y/N smiled at him. "One more chance. D-don’t screw it up Malachai.”
Kai grinned at her , usually he’d have other reaction to people calling him by his full name but not with her. He loved the way it had rolled off her tongue , like its the most special thing in the world to her.
   "Wouldn’t dream of it.“ replied Kai , kissing her again.

Things That Make Me Love Magnus Chase

((Please note that I’ve Only Read The Sword of Summer)) @alexfierrno Thanks for convincing me to read this amazing book and for bringing me into this amazing fandom. I owe ya!!

• Our main character lived on the streets for two years.

• Annabeth literally hasn’t seen her cousin in years (and probably hasn’t thought about him much considering all she’s done since PJO/HOO) but she literally drops everything to find him in Boston.


• Blitz and Hearth. Just…Blitz and Hearth.

• Blitz being a MOC dwarf whos mother is a goddess and who loves fashion.

• Hearth being a deaf elf who taught Magnus ASL.

• Hearth only wears the red and white scarf because Blitz said it would look nice. (he never really takes it off)

• Natalie Chase being an amazing mother who I love and we’ve never even officially met her

• The occupants of floor 19

• Thomas Jefferson Jr’s mother was a runaway sLAVE AND NO ONE WANTS TO SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THAT?

• Gunilla being Gorilla

• Magnus being genuinely mad when he gets abs

• “A pen sword” (I see what you did there Rick, we see you)

• Loki. I’m so sorry, but I always imagine him as Tom Hiddleston.

• Blitz and Hearth falling out of the world tree.

• Sam being in an arranged marriage with Amir but being in love with. We have a consentual arranged marriage.

• “How many Arab American female pilots do you know?”

• Magnus’ inability to shut the hell up

• Huge ducks being the portal to different worlds.

• Sam turning her swan cloak into a hijab.

• Blitz and Magnus are technical first cousins.

• The fact that the dwarves put so much heart and soul into their creations, even if it’s just a cup.

• Blitz says on page 301 that he’s only 20. He was literally only 18 when he drank from the well. He was just a kid, and he spent 2 years taking care of Magnus.

• Blitz 👏 built 👏 Hearth 👏 a 👏 fricking 👏 tanning 👏 bed 👏 in 👏 his 👏 apartment 👏 Odin 👏 bless 👏 this 👏 dwarf 👏

• Otis is a small precious child who has a therapist oh my God I love that goat.

• Thor is such a fangirl I love him. (SIDE NOTE: In total, Rick has referenced The Mortal Instruments ((he dedicated this book to Cassandra Clare and thanked her for the use of Magnus. Cough cough Magnus Bane cough cough)) Doctor Who, Arrow, Sherlock, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones, and Supernatural)

• Hearth is so fricking sassy around Thor oh my god.

• Apparently there are Norse zombies called draugr. Who knew.

• “[Blitz] crawled into the tent and muttered to Hearthstone, “Make some room you tent hog!” Then he draped his over-coat across the elf, which I thought was kind of sweet. “ - Pg.370. HOLY CRAP THIS PART I LITERALLY HAD TO PUT THE BOOK DOWN AND SCREAM.

• Hearth fucking putting Otis and Marvin’s heads in Thor’s arms. “Never let it be said that elves don’t have a sense of humor. ”

• OK, but how tf is Loki an 8 legged horses mother?? Could someone explain that to me??

•"He leaned against Blitz, giggling silently and making random signs like, Butterfly. Pop. Yippee. ” Pg.384: HES SO CUTE AND ACTS SO DRUNK HERE ITS ADORABLE I LOVE HIM.

•Hearth being hella confused since the sign for I Love You looks similar to drinking out a bottle.

•"“Here he is,” Sam called, brushing some rubble off the fallen elf. “I think he’s okay. ” “Thank Odin!” Blitz started forward but almost fell.’ Pg. 406


•Sam, Magnus, Blitz, and Hearth being a family of empty cups 😭😭💗


•Floor 19 letting Magnus go free I cry.

•"I felt as if I were seeing Hearthstone for the first time. He didn’t stumble. He didn’t faint. He strode confidently forward, flowers expanding before him like an unrolling carpet. Not only was Hearth immune to the wolfs voice, his rune magic was literally redrawing the boundaries of Fenris’ prison. “ Pg.450 - This was so beautiful. I cried so hard when I read this. He’s come such a long way and he’s developed so much I love Hearth.

•Frey looks more like Marvels’ Thor than Thor did.

•Frey realizes that Magnus probably isn’t ready for a father figure just yet.

•Magnus is the one to initiate the hug between them.

• Blades before Babes.

•The chapter title for Chapter Sixty-Nine is "Oh…So That’s Who Fenris Smelled in Chapter Sixty-Three”. Did he…Did Rick just break the fourth wall???!?1?!1


• ‘The screen changed. In Sam’s photo, she was standing nervously at the counter of Fadlan’s Falafel, her face turned aside, blushing furiously as Amir leaned towards her, grinning. “Oooooo,” said the crowd of einherjar, followed by a fair amount of snickering. “Kill me now,” Sam muttered. “Please. "Pg. 478.

•Halfborn and Mallory!!!!!1!!11!1

•"To us, the Chase cousins. Here’s to being less messed up. ” Pg. 487


All joking aside, this is a seriously good book and I can’t wait to check out the second book tomorrow. I can’t wait to meet Alex Fierro. This book made me cry, and laugh, and stay up way too late. I seriously recommend this to anyone who’s a fan of myths. Really, this book is a treasure.

My Italian-American Pidge Headcanons

Being Italian-American myself I couldnt help but make some headcanons of my own. Most of them are completely based on my own family as well as stories from other Italian-American friends!!

  • Pidge has 3-5 members in her family named after her great grandfather including her father. Samuel, her cousins Samuel, Samuel III, and Samantha. Also Matthews middle name is Samuel.They’re all nicknamed Sam so when they get together and you say Sam four heads pop to attention.
  • Pidge and Matt have that one Italian Stallion cousin. He was thinking of changing his middle name to Bruno, but the entire family laughed it off cause it was so stereotypically Italian.
  • Her aunt has a cross collection in the house though none of them are perfect Catholics.
  • Most of her family smokes a cigar on special occasions. Smoke is annoying so she sits inside and watches the adults cook.
  • Her grandmother still has the stereotypical women do the dishes rule and every holiday she questions authority. Matt helps her by doing the dishes with her even though he should be “socializing”
  • Her grandmother has a living room then a living room. One you can chill in and the other is one you don’t dare step foot in. One time her father threw a party with his siblings at the house when they were in college and the only way his mother found out was because there was a water ring on the glass table in the living room.
  • The Holts were planning a trip to Italy when Matthew and Samuel came back. When the crash was announced they completely canceled it
  • When Katie’s grandmother met Lance she was APPALLED. How could Katie let her friend get so small. She fed him his fill while he visited and it reminded him of his family a bit.
  • Yes thin crust pizza is life, but pizza is pizza. Any pizza is good if you can appreciate the way it’s made. Though nothing will live up to the pizza you make at home with the family. Pidge hates admitting it but her secret pleasure are those “deep dish” microwavable pizzas. They are convenient when you’re up all night.
  • Carbs. What else exists except carbs.
  • Every occasion is a big occasion even when she just brings Lance and Hunk over to play games on the big tv.
  • Every day is cleaning day, dust is a constant, nothing is ever clean for long.
  • Were having pasta for dinner for like the 2 day in a row.
  • Christmas Baking!!!
  • Pidge wears red undies on New Year’s Eve and eats an even number of grapes.
  • There are hundreds of recipes from their great grandmother.
  • Getting the special fresh parmesan on holidays and just plain eating it. So good
  • She had one sip of limoncello once and she noped the fuck out of there
  • Prefers a bit of dessert wine with biscotti when her mom allows. Along with the special occasion red wine.
  • Pampered being the youngest female child

anonymous asked:

i want there to be a hc about possibly anonymous designer! adrien who designs to escape but doesn't want it to seem his father is helping and anonymous fashion blogger! marinette starting to talk and they send letters to one another and their pen names are chat noir and ladybug and on her blog you know it's something by her because of a little ladybug symbol next to what she wrote and you know he's designed something because of the little paw always on it. or possibly those roles are reversed?

i know you said headcanons but i couldnt help myself im so sorry

man no one should encourage me to do aaaanything. although this did bump me a bit out of my writing funk so thank you for that this is kind of like…..a how this situation would happen fic? sorta?

honestly i wrote most of this after 1am so no promises on quality of literally anything. i haven’t sewn in y e a r s. enjoy?

[on ao3 in case of problems opening]

Adrien knows that there’s a bit more than just a hint of irony in this situation. The son of a world famous designer, one of the top designers in the industry, hiding his designs. Adrien could easily announce that he’s going into fashion and be given not only all the supplies he could ever need but also all the publicity in the world in a matter of seconds.

But he won’t do that. He never will.

Being the son of Gabriel Agreste means two things:

  1. He’s expected to be perfect in every way.
  2. If he went into fashion, no one would believe he got there with his talent and hard work alone.

If people didn’t think his father got him a job directly, they’d think it was the name. The name Agreste is synonymous with high end fashion. The name and the designer are impossible to separate, even with Gabriel’s line being called Gabriel.

It doesn’t help that Adrien’s been modeling since he was born.

It’s kind of…cliche? that Adrien wants to go into fashion. You’d think that after so many years of being surrounded by it and smothered in it he’d stay far far away. But it’s the opposite. Adrien is expected to inherit the Gabriel fashion empire. He’s expected to possibly handle the business side but mostly just be the face. He doesn’t want that. He wants to be hands on, he wants to be creating. He wants to be like his father. There are very few times he is able to say that.

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Date Night

Date night was rare with Happy Lowman, He was always working with the club. So tonight he promised you that he would be home early.
“What are we doing tonight”?  You asked as you finished your make-up.
“I thought we could go to the movies”? He said as he changed shirts
“You want to go to the movies, I thought they were a waste of money”?
“They are but I want to show you off”. He pulled you close spinning you around.“Sexy”. He licked his lips
“Why thank you”. Kissing him
“So what movie”?
“Something with some action”. You looked at him wide eyed.
“Killing, blood, guts and maybe some nude scenes”.
“That sounds fine,except the nude scenes”. You pointed your finger at him.
“Okay Little Girl”.
You drove to the movie theater. Happy couldnt make up his mind if he wanted to see Baby Driver or Wish Upon. He finally picked Wish Upon.
“You want popcorn or a drink”? Happy asked looking at the menu.
“Nah, I’ll just drink some of yours”.
You sat in the very back row, hardly any people where then. The movie started.
“If your scared Hap, I’m here”. You said as you wrapped your arm around his.
“Shit this aint scary, I’ve seen and done worse”. He laughed. You rolled your eyes
You were half way threw the movie. Happy was laughing and throwing popcorn at the screen.
A risky idea popped in your mind. How about a movie blow job.
Sneaking slowly out of your chair you made sure no one was watching. You got down on your knees. Happy didnt even notice what you were doing until you started to unzip his pants.
“What the hell are you doing Little Girl”? He asked grabbing your hands
“Be quiet , just watch the movie and enjoy”. You pushed his hands away.
Unzipping you pulled out his cock. He shifted in his seat. You slowly licked from the base to the tip.
“Oh fuck”. “That feels good”.
You sucked the head, with a pop. Moving your head down inch by inch until you took all of him. You gagged and Happys head went back.
He grabbed a hand full of hair guiding your head. Reaching up you cupped his balls with one hand and worked the shaft with the other. You looked up at him, he gave you a grunt as you took him deep.
“Fuck Y/N, I’m not going to last”. His eyes rolled back
You circled the tip of his cock with your tongue. “Come Daddy”. You moved your head and hand faster working him to his release.
“Fucking shit”. Happy tried to cover his mouth with his hand. He released in your mouth.
You swallowed his seed down. You looked up at him, wipping the corner of your mouth.
“That was fucking hot”. You said as you sat back in your chair.
“Little Girl, your going to get”. Happy zipped up his pants.
“Shit”. You said as you saw a security guard coming your way.
“What”? Happy asked.
You nodded to the end of the ale where his stood with a flash light on us.
“Whats going on here”?
“Nothing”. You said as you took a sip on Happys drink
“People are saying their hearing sexual noises”.
“Happy I told you to be quiet”.
“So whats going on here”? He asked once again
Happy got up in his face. “If you must know, I was getting head from my Old Lady”. He crossed his arms. You slid down in your chair.
“Fuck Me”. You said
“I’m going to have to ask you to leave now”. He stepped back from Happy
“Why, I paid for this movie and I’m going to watch it”.
“Hap come on hes going to call the cops”. You said as you grabbed his hand.
“Why we didnt do anything”. He laughed
“If we go home now, I’ll let you do that thing you like”.
“Deuces Bitch”. Happy flipped the guard off, pulling you out of the theater.
“That was fun”. You said as you climbed on the back of his bike.
“It going to get a lot more fun, when I get you home”. He said as he started up the bike.
“OH God”. You put your head on his shoulder.
“Thats what your going to be screaming”. He laughed pulling off. You closed your eyes just imagining what he would do to you. You were wet and ready.

Imagine Joji, Ian, Max// college au part 4!

you walk along the isles of the Barnes and noble, scanning the books for inventory while the day winds down to and end, you can smell the fresh air every time the door opens in the back. you want to leave, but there are a few stragglers in the store, mindlessly trailing fingers over the hardbacks of textbooks and such. you hear footsteps approaching you and look up to see your store manager Aubrey with a smirk.

“There are three gorgeous specimens asking for you at the front of the store.” she says, almost teasing you, honestly you’re at a loss.

“what…? really?” you ask, she nods.

“one dark haired and mysterious, one tall and gorgeous, and one cute little puppy of a thing. which ones yours and which one can i have?” she says confidently, you realize shes talking about the guys and you laugh. you look towards the front of the store, but you dont see them. you walk over with aubrey and see them towards the children’s area, Ian and max are hovered over a large pop up book. Max reaches over to feel the fur, Ian slaps his hand away.

“ow! cunt…” max says pouting, Ian feels the fur and Aubrey huffs a laugh.

“so they’re both big puppies…” she says, you look over at a small couch where Joji is sitting leisurely flipping through “The Hungry Caterpillar”, you smile softly. you look up at Aubrey and give her a pleading look, she rolls her eyes and takes the scanner from you.

“you have to cover for me on Tuesday then, my little brother gets out of school early” she says, her deep red hair swishing as she speaks. you walk over to the small couch and plop down next to Joji, he looks up and smiles.

“ I loved that book when i was little” you say he puts an arm around you, all of those small touches are instantaneous with him now. Sometimes you dont even think about it, and find yourself holding onto his sweater, or softly gliding your hand up from his knee to mid thigh. It’s almost like a nervous tick, its just comfortable.

“So I was thinking we could catch that movie, the scary one you have no interest in watching” Joji says, closing the book softly.

“oooo a movie sounds great! right guys?” you throw a stuffed animal at them and hit Ian in the face, he pushes his glasses up with the back of his hand.

“hell yea!” Max says, always down for anything remotely fun. you smile up at Joji and he seems completely amused. 

you walk up to the movie theater entrance and smell the popcorn instantly, you soak it in, with the cold air, you’re preference in fun has changed so drastically. you smile up at Joji and he huffs a laugh.

“whats so funny?” you ask, he shrugs.

“you never know when im asking you on a date” he says, you tilt your head and suck in a breath.

“oh god… really?” you ask, he chuckles and shrugs.

“It’s fine, ill just have to be more blunt next time” Joji says. you shake your head.

“im sorry joji” you say he smiles and opens the door

“I’ll let you make it up to me” he says, you nod.

“I’ll buy the popcorn!” you say jogging ahead to get the tickets, Ian and max follow, and you all get tickets to see some scary movie, you have a love-hate relationship with scary movies, they make you feel like a pussy, but you love the rush. you wind up buying three large popcorn bags and m&m’s and slurpees all around.

“are you ready… ot be scared out of your mind” Ian asks, trying to act scary as you walk into the theater, you roll your eyes at him and he smiles satisfied with your reaction. you choose seats in the very back row, and sit by Joji, max and Ian file next to him. you like movie theaters, they get so dark, but the volume is uncontrollable. scary movies always have jump scares, and it can get loud. you feel Joji intertwine his fingers with yours and smooth his thumb across your hand. you live for these small touches… There was a couple days when you ddint know where it was going with Joji, he pulled back after that night. You consider that the worst night, but you never tell him that, it wouldnt do any good. You couldnt believe how afraid you were, you felt kind of badly when he left early in the morning but you knew he needed his medication. you sat on your couch instead of studying, and you watched romantic movies with tragic endings, and you cried. you didnt expect Joji to come back, so you were tear stained and fidgety when you opened the door. Joji just hugged you and apologized more, you didnt want his apologies though. ever since then he has been distant, so when you realized this was a date, you were so relieved. you watch as the movie starts, and you anticipate the jump scare, but you fall for it anyway, unintentionally squeezing Joji’s hand. you glance up and see him smiling, amused with your fear. he smooths his hand over your thigh and you relax a bit. the gore in the movie is terrible, you wince alot, and youre embarrassed about it.  you look over at the guys and see that Ian and Max seem to be in some Slurpee contest, seeing who can finish theirs first. you smile as max puts a hand over his throat, it must feel frozen. The popcorn is gone, and you offer to get a refill for everyone.you walk out into the lobby, you need to adjust to the light. you get the refills and head back to the theater trying to balance them, you set them on a counter by the arcade to readjust. 

“need some help?” you hear, you look up and see some guy, youve never met. he is wearing one of those fake Letterman jackets and torn skinny jeans, his beanie sagging a bit.

“uh no thanks though” you say grabbing the popcorn bags by the paper, but the grease makes them slide.

“you sure?” he says, smiling flirtatiously. you nod.

“positive thanks” you say again.

“im not trying to be a douche, you just look like you could honestly use the help” he chuckles, you smile relieved he isnt hitting on you..

“oh uh.. well thanks for that” you smile.

“what are you watching?” he asks, you tell him which title and he shrugs.

“im not much for scary movies” he says, you huff a laugh.

“,e either” you say, admitting.

“then why are you watching it?” he asks, you shrug.

“im here with some uh…” you dont know what to consider Joji… “some friends, and uh” you just avoid it all together figuring it will be better that way. 

“ahh nice, peer pressure is a bitch huh?” he says you chuckle.

“its not like that… theyre great” you say feeling ike maybe you made them seem like assholes that drug you here.

“well thats good, if you ever wanna maybe-” you see him look up as someone places a hand on the small of your back.

“hey babe, you were  taking a bit, i came to see f you needed help” Joji says, you blush deeply at that word looking up at the guy in front of you. hes giving you a look you assume means ‘i thought you said just friend?’ so you hand Joji a bag.

“thanks for offering to help” you say, walking towards the theater.

“you know him?” Joji asks, a low voice, un-entertained.

“no he just offered to help” you say Joji removes his hand from you and walks beside you, almost coldly. you sit in the soft theater chair, Joji doesnt try to hold your hand or anything. when the movie ends you all walk out together.

“i have to pee so badly!” max says, heading for the bathroom, Ian follows

“fucking Slurpee” he mumbles. you look up at Joji, hes scrolling on his phone.

“are you okay?” you adk, he glances up and nods.

“fine” he says, you tilt your head.

“really?” you ask he looks up at you then over your shoulder, sighing and tensing up a bit. you look over and see that guy and some other guys messing around by the arcade games.

“seriously?” you say looking back at Joji, he looks down at you, there is no soft look on his face. 

“youre jealous?” you ask, he seems uneasy.

“im not jealous, i just dont like seeing you flirt with random dudes” Joji says, you already dont like this, an argument? no…

“i wasnt flirting with him!” you say defending yourself, why are you making it worse? why do you sound so angry?

“thats not what it looked like, its fine i mean why cant you flirt with people when youre just out with friends” Joji says you swallow hard, so he did hear you.

“well what do you expect? you’ve been really distant how am i supposed to know what you want when you dont tell me? ever since that night, its like you dont wanna… be with me…it made me feel like shit but i still wanna be around you, because i actually like you” you say accusingly. Joji looks behind you and you see Ian and max show up again. you walk outside ahead of everyone, the ride is quiet mostly, besides Ian and max’s commentary about the movie. you open the door pretty quickly when they drop you off at your place.

“night” you say shortly, closing he door. you hear another door shut and roll your eyes. you try to ignore the annoyance in yourself as you walk towards the stairs and get up to your door. you unlock it and open it, Joji grabs the door and shuts it quickly grabbing your hand.

“I like you, and i think thats obvious, that was a cheap play” he says, you roll your eyes and dont reply staring at the floor expecting a lecture.

“second of all, im allowed to be jealous, that douche-bag was hitting on you and i ddint like it. I dont wanna see you with anyone else, i dont even wanna think about that, get me?” he says. you feel like youre in trouble, he makes alot of sense.

“well i didnt do anything you didnt have to punish me like that” you say quietly.

“i was upset, you called me your friend, so i acted like a friend. you want me to act like more?” Joji says, you still dont look up at him.

“of course i do..” you say. you dont even see it coming. Jojis lips are against yours almost instantly. he pulling at your shirt and unbuttoning your jeans, all while pushing you back into the couch. youre so surprised you dont even protest as he rips his hoodie off and goes at you again, nibbling your neck and biting a little hard at you. you give off small gasps as he grabs your hips, pulling you up against him.he kisses you deeply, angrily.you feel his hands all over you, gripping and grabbing at your ass. he turns you around and pushes you over the end of the couch, you feel him separate your legs and hes in you quicker than you can imagine.you let out a strangled moan into the couch. and your hands grip the fabric.

“joji..!” you manage as he smooths a hand over your back and down to your ass, grabbing you. you dont object, youre actually turned on…hes thrusting into you, and its hitting new spots, you moan out loud as he pulls you by your hips against him. you arch your back and push back against him involuntarily, it just feels so good. the way he moves into you feels incredible.

“mm… thats it… show me you want me baby” he groans you moan louder and match his movements. Joji grips your shoulder, pulling you back into him more and more, he raises you up to bite your neck more. he slides out of you, and you watch as he sits on the couch, pulling your arm towards him, he moves you so your straddling him.

“show me” he says against your ear as you hover over him.you grip his shoulders nervously, but your need is more powerful.you lower yourself onto him, and moan, he’s so deep into you now you dont know if you can handle it.

“fuck… joji…” you whimper. he grabs your hips hard and you grind against him.

“fuck…!” you moan, he growls against your ear.

“ride me.” he says, demanding it. you lift up a but and he pulls you down hard, gaining another tortured groan from you.you wrap your arms around his neck and lift up a bit, he slams you back down every time.

“i cant… joji please” you whimper, its all too much, and too good. you feel him lift you a bit and easily let you fall against the couch, he pushes into you roughly and bites your neck, lightly now. leaving little red marks everywhere he kisses.you wrap your legs around him and bite your lip.

“stop holding back” he says, driving into you harder making you moan loudly.you didnt even realize you were griping his hair, you arch your back as your orgasm builds up.

“yes… oh god…joji..!” you moan screaming his name as you come. he doesnt let up though he continues mercilessly and you feel him relaxing all your tightened muscles. you hear him start to groan with every thrust and start to grunt with one hard thrust, he pulls out of you quickly and you watch as powerful spurts slide across your belly. Joji bites down on your neck and you soak in the light sting, the pleasure over powers it so much. Joji breathes deep, and youre exhausted. you open your tightly shut eyes and look at him hazily. he lifts off of you entirely and you wonder if he really is mad. you close your eyes again and feel him lift your legs, sitting down under them, wiping something soft over your belly gently. you hear a swish of a trash bag and then his warmth is against your side.

“you okay…?” he asks lightly after a little while. you nod lightly. he wraps his arms around your waist and pushes an arm under your head supporting it.

“was i too rough?” he asks in a whisper. you dont respond though, you’re half asleep, the exhaustion taking over. there was so much pleasure it burned through you. Joji studies your face, peaceful as you sleep. you’re strangely lucid, and feel his fingers tracing up and down the center of your torso, and around your hips. then something soft covers you, and you turn in your sleep, facing the warmth, hitching a leg over him.

you start to wake slowly, but you dont want to, youre still sleepy. you smell something sweet, vanilla? you open your eyes and youre staring at the back of the couch, clutching a soft blanket against your chest. you stretch and roll overlooking over at the kitchen, Joji is standing over the counter in a long sleeve shirt and his joggers. you watch as he sets something light brown onto a plate.you sit up and rub your eyes, walking over to the counter beside him. Joji looks down at you expressionless.

“morning” he says, you take a deep breath and look down at the waffles.

“im starving, that smells amazing” you grumble, he turns to you and looks you over,you watch his dark eyes study you. he reaches forward and grabs your waist pushing the blanket around you tightly. he leans down and kisses your forehead. down to your neck.

“yea im hungry too” he says, you flush with butterflies everywhere, blushing deeply. you kiss his cheek lightly.

“your cold” he says feeling your arms and shoulders.

“little bit” you mumble.

“go get dressed ill finish up then we can eat” he says, you nod and break away from him. you walk into your bedroom and rummage through your drawers, nothing looks comfortable. you look over at the bed and see Joji’s sweater laying there. you walk out into the kitchen and Joji looks up, smiling when he sees his sweater on you, and some sweatpants. he likes you in his hoodie. you slide into the tall chair in front of the cupboard and he pushes a plate of waffles towards you.he leans against the counter across from you and cuts into a waffle, you dig in and sigh, relieved. the sugary syrup and butter blend nicely.

“you really are starving huh” Joji says, you swallow.

“yea, had quite a work out” you say, still sleepy, must be giving you courage. Joji smirks, satisfied. you drink the last bit of your milk and push the plate away so you can lay against the counter on your arms. you look up at Joji as he rounds the counter to you.

“I’m still hungry” he says biting your neck, your clit throbs at his words, his low voice and his hot breath down your neck, you smile and huff a laugh. you swivel on the chair and Jojis pulls at your sweat pants, lifting you onto the counter, its cold against your ass. joji pulls his joggers down a bit and pushes against your already wet entrance, you wince a bit and suck in a breath, he stops.

“sorry… just a little sore” you say Joji looks a bit sorry. you watch as he lowers himself down between your legs and pushes you back softly, you push the plates away and feel him kiss down your belly, reaching your center. you let a long satisfied sigh out as he swirls his tongue around your clit. your nervous to be displayed like this, but it feels really good, and gentle. he kisses you lightly and continues flicking his tongue over your clit, building you up quickly, you moan and grip onto his hair, you unravel quickly, moaning his name… he lets up and looks up at you.

“already?” he asks, you blink and blush, he smiles proudly. raising up and sliding a finger down your slit, making sure your wet. he slides into you gently and you arch your back hes so gentle now, caressing your breasts and holding onto you lightly while he prolongs each thrust until his breathing quickens and hes pushing harder, but cautiously. you feel him twitch and watch as his lips part when he pulls out, covering your lower belly with his cum. Joji likes the view, his sweatshirt pulled up to your chest, sweats around your ankles, his cum on you. he reaches over for a paper towel.

“ever thought about birth control?” he asks, gently wiping your belly. you shrug and sit up sliding off the counter and pulling up your sweats.

“i should probably do that” you say he leans down and kisses your lips softly.

“im sorry if i hurt you” he says you shake your head.

“it was really good… i liked it alot” you admit. Joji  pulls you against him and you look up.

“alright, so if any other guys approach you, lets agree that you’re taken” Joji says, you blush and nod.

“id love to” you say with a slight smile breaking through. he leans down and kisses you again, you feel the smile on his lips.

Secrets- Riverdale X Reader Chapter 4- The Last Picture Show

Fandom: Riverdale   

Warnings: Ms. Grundy and the clusterfuck that comes with that…<<also swearing apparently. 

notes: yikes ive been inactive for forever jfc oops SORRY!

word count: 3,500 (ish)

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You woke up on the soft and worn blue fabric of your living room couch the soft evening light filtering through the window. Your phone was blasting your moms ringtone and her smiling face lighting up the screen. You groggily picked up the phone and hit the green ‘answer’ button 

“hey mom” you mumble still not 100% awake, you were not prepared for her this soon after waking up.

“Hey sweetie, how are you?” she greeted you chirpily, you groaned internally she wanted something 'sweetie’ was a dead giveaway.

“I’m fine mom.” you replied, sighing internally you just wanted her to get to whatever she wanted.

“Good, thats good…so I heard they found Jason Blossoms body…Sweetheart, I know it might be tempting to tell someone about your…ties to that family. But remember, you’ll be ruining both our lives.” your moms voice was almost happy and carefree, but there was definite worry under it, finally her reason for calling became clear.

Its not that your mom was a bad parent, but she was flighty and a bit self centered if it didn’t suit her it wasn’t an option and it had always been like that. When you were 12 she had left you for a month with a babysitter and gone to Rome for work. She tried she really did but she wasn’t cut out for kids, honestly if you hadn’t come along by accident your mother probably wouldn’t have had kids. She was like the professional fun aunt, she was less flighty when you were a kid but something had changed when you were old enough to (kind of) take care of yourself and that was that. It stung a bit when it had first started happening but now you were just tired when it came to your mother.

“no mom. I haven’t told anyone. I know the consequences.”

“Good! lets keep it that way pumpkin, the Blossoms aren’t people you want to get mixed up with.” she sighed with relief. 'pumpkin’ was new. 

“Are you coming home soon?” you asked, knowing better than to ask about her comment about the Blossoms you didn’t ask about your father and she didn’t tell, you had learned that one young.

She breezed past your question. “I have to go (y/n), talk later!” and she hung up before you could even say goodbye. You hit the end call button and threw it at the foot of the couch, and covered your face with one of the navy throw pillows in a form of protest against everything.

You glanced at the wall clock and realized it was almost 6pm, and you were starving so you changed into fresh clothes grabbed your backpack and slipped out the front door. Locking it behind you and walked the few blocks to pops, the neon signs greeting you as you approached.

You walked through the door to find some of your friends already sitting there. Jughead was gesturing angrily as you grabbed a chair from a nearby table and pulled it up.
“The Drive-in closing, its just one more nail in the coffin that is Riverdale! No. forget Riverdale. in the coffin of the american dream.” Jughead was ranting, he was still doing the angry gesture thing outrage in his every word. “As the godfather of indie cinema,  Quentin Tarintino, likes to say–”

Kevin cut him off. “please, god, no more Quentin Tarintino references.”
“What? Im pissed. And not just about losing my job The Twilight drive in should MEAN something to us, people should be trying to save it!” Jughead continued his mini rant.

Veronica was next to chime in, “In this age of Netflix and VOD, do people really want to go watch a movie in a car? who even goes there?”
“People who want to buy crack" Kevin added. 

“And cinephiles and car enthusiasts–” Jughead started listing off people who go to the twilight and you were the one to cut him off this time.

“I go.” you chimed in, you had been a bunch of times when the house got too empty or you felt too isolated. You would take the old beat up pick-up from the garage and go to The Twilight. Just to be around people for awhile, and not have to worry about oversharing. considering everyone in the freaking town only wanted to gossip about the blossoms and Jasons murder.

“See (y/n) gets it! The Twilight drive in is a riverdale treasure, right Bets?” Jughead gestured at you and then turned to a very distracted Betty.
She blinked a few times before nodded and smiling politely. “Totally.”

“Anyway, its closing because the town owns it but didn’t invest in it. so when an anonymous buyer made mayor McCoy an offer she couldn’t refuse–”
Veronica cut Jughead off again. “Anonymous buyer? What do they have to hide, No one cares.”
“I do!” Jughead retorted.

“I kind of do too, well more about the drive in closing than the person who bought it. I wont–” have anywhere to go when I cant deal with the big empty house.  "–I spend alot of time there.“ you catch yourself mid-thought.
Jughead gives you that weird stare again like the first time you met in the gym. the weird 'I’m trying to figure you out not just looking at you’ stare, after you chime in, and veronica and Kevin gave you half-hearted looks of curiosity.

Jughead breezed past it though. "Also, you guys should all come to closing night, Im thinking 'American Graffiti’. or is that too obvious?”

Veronica perked up at the slight topic change. “I vote anything starring Audrey Hepburn. Or Cate Blanchett.”
“Or the talented Mr.Ripley.” Kevin added. “Betty, your choices?”
Betty blinked like she had just woken up.
“Everything OK, B?” Veronica asked.
“Yeah, yeah. Im just thinking. um….Maybe 'Rebel without a cause?’”
Everyone looked at you next, and you shrugged helplessly. “Rebel without a cause sounds good to me.”

Veronicas mom came over and set down a basket of fried something or other in front of Veronica.
Veronica smiled. “Thanks mom.”

Kevin opened his mouth to bring up a new topic but was cut off by cheryl slamming her hand on top of Veronicas mothers a few tables over and glaring at her. “Be sure to put all* of that cash in the register. You are a Lodge, after all–” Veronica got up and started towards Cheryls table. “–and Lodges are known to have sticky fingers.”

“oh no” you whispered under your breath. this had the possibility to be bad.
“Cheryl.” Veronica stated warningly, but her mother put up a finger to stop her.

“Honey I got this. Cheryl, I went to school with your mother. She didnt know the difference between having money and having class either.”
Veronica practically beamed with pride, while you tried to suppress a laugh at the look on Cheryls face. Veronica slid back into the booth just as the chime on the door jingled. 

Kevins eyes widened slightly, “now thats* an odd combo of people.”  

The four of you followed kevins gaze and saw Archie, ms. Grundy, and Archies father walk through the door.
“Ill be right back.” Betty said while sliding out of the booth.

“Betty, no. dont.” Jughead grabbed for Bettys arm but she was already on her way over to the group.
You stared in confusion at Jughead and Bettys strong reaction to Archie and Ms.Grundy walking in together. She seemed nice enough, you didnt take any of her classes and didn’t know her well you only really knew what Doily had revealed at the blue and Gold office. And then it clicked Archie had been AT Sweetwater river July fourth, and from what Dilton had told you so had Ms. Grundy, but you had never considered they were there together, that was so…oh god.

From the look of horror or shock on your face, Jughead seemed to follow your thought process and shot you a 'I’ll explain later’ look.

Kevin leaned back into his face his gaze flicking between you, Jughead, and Bettys retreating figure. “Wait, whats happening?”
You and Jughead ignored him as you watched Betty and Archie exchange a few words and then head outside. You slid into Bettys now vacant seat next to Jughead to get a better view out the window. This was all about to come crashing down around Archies head, and like watching a trainwreck you couldnt look away. Even as unease and disgust was causing your stomach to flip.

“Whats happening out there? Do we know? Is it about me?” Veronica shot off rapid fire questions at Jughead as Kevin peered out the window.
Jughead slumped down in his seat, his face contorted into unease. “I have a strong inkling and no, Also I’d let it go.”
“Yes, but you’re you, and I’m me. You do you, girl. Ill be back.” Veronica said while getting up from the booth with a lighthearted smile.
“Veronica. You really should just let it drop.” You added in an attempt to stop her from going.

Veronica just smiled at you mischievously and walked out the door into the parking lot. Jughead sighed and rolled his eyes.
Kevin leaned in and looked at Jughead, “What was it like before she got here? I honestly cannot remember.”

You laughed lightly, a slight hint of darkness clouding your eyes. “You mean Riverdale wasn’t always straight out of a soap opera? Somehow I find that hard to believe.” your words were dripping with sarcasm and a hint of bitterness.

Kevin just smiled awkwardly and turned his attention back to the window.
You closed your eyes and leaned back into the vinyl of the seat and let out a long sigh. You were torn between just fleeing this insane town ASAP or punching Ms. Grundy in the face…or maybe just having her arrested…and then punching Archie in the face for once again being an idiot. All options sounded pretty good.
When you opened your eyes Kevin was gone and Jughead was staring at you. “I’m not going to rat Archie out, Jughead. If thats what you’re worried about somehow I think that would just hurt everyone worse.” you offered quietly while switching to the other side of the booth.

“I wasn’t worried about that. you just looked queasy.” he replied.
You sighed and ruffled a hand through your hair. “Student-teacher relationships Jughead. its sick. I know Archie is your friend, But its so, so,* wrong. And its all just about to get worse as far as I can tell.”
Jughead nodded and dropped his gaze down to the table. you grabbed a pen from the table and flicked it back and forth between your fingers, watching absentmindedly while it spun. An uneasy silence filled the air around the booth.
“do you mind? if…if I hang out here for awhile longer? I dont want to go home yet.” you asked quiety, your gaze on a small dent in the table.
Jughead smiled, “As long as youre buying.” he joked.

you grinned, “Paying you in food to hang out. its a little hookerish, but you have a deal Jones.”

You grabbed your sketchbook that you had thrown in your backpack, and Jughead pulled out his laptop from his bag under the table. You both spent the next few hours in a comfortable silence, only talking occasionally to order a refill on a milkshake or get another round of food.
At around 1am you finally had to tap out, your eyes were starting to close by themselves and it was getting harder for you to stay awake. You packed up your belongings and slipped on your jacket, Jughead looked up from his laptop. “Hey Jughead, I’m gonna head home now. My goldfish probably misses me.” you smiled sleepily at your own semi-joke.

“Your goldfish, and not your parents?” Jughead asked. which would be a fair question, not many people would let their kid stay out so late.

“My goldfish is the only one missing me at home.” you said quietly, your gaze averting from his. Jughead shut his laptop, before slipping it back into his bag.

“I know the feeling” Jughead said softly, his eyes cold.
You didnt pry, it was obviously a touchy subject. So you grabbed your backpack and paid the tab the two of you had racked up shaking off the heavy tension, and headed towards the door, but Jugheads voice stopped you.
“See you at school tomorrow (y/n)?”
You smiled at him, “Count on it.”

The next morning as you walked past the blue and gold offices an arm shot out and pulled you into the room. You stumbled and twirled around to see a nervous Betty wringing her hands, and waiting for you to get your bearings.
“Betty! what the hell?” you said annoyed.

Betty looked around nervously before closing the door, “Sorry (y/n) I just need your help with something. I have something to tell you about Ms. Grundy and its–”

“That she and Archie are…dating?” you cut Betty off, cringing at the last word.
She gaped at you, “You know about that?”
You nodded, “I figured it out at pops the other night…wait, about that, is there something else?”

Betty walked over to her computer and gestured for you to follow, “Yeah look at this-” Betty pulled up a Bunch of tabs, all different social media accounts of Geraldine Grundy. “-everything about her was made around the same time, a year ago. before that Geraldine Grundy doesn’t exist.”

“…shit. Does Archie know?” you asked as ran a hand through your hair, sighing loudly..

“No. Im meeting him at Pops after school, I’m going to tell him then.” Betty replied.

“Betty why are you telling me this?”
“I just wanted a impartial third party to confirm that I wasn’t being totally crazy about this social media thing.” Betty said.

“Look Betty its super sketchy, but be careful. This whole Archie and Grundy bullshit is going to come crashing down Don’t get caught in the mess.”

Later that day, you were sitting at the kitchen table working on biology homework when a knock sounded at your front door. You stood up from the wooden chair with a sigh and padded across the tiled kitchen floor into the living room, and then to the front door. You opened the door to see Jughead standing on your porch.

“I need your help, noone will listen to the concerns of one disgruntled employee, and you’re the only other person in this town who cares the starlight is closing.” he had his arms crossed, but his face was pleading. an odd mix of vulnerable and guarded.

“Hello to you too, yes this is a new shirt thanks for noticing, I’m also sorry for missing you at school.” you paused but Jughead didn’t respond. You sighed.“Of course I’ll help Jughead.” You grabbed his arm and pulled him with you into the kitchen. “Do you have a plan?”

Jughead glanced around your kitchen, taking in the wood paneled floors and the weird mint green cupboards the previous owners had installed.
“I want to appeal to Mayor McCoy directly, show her there are people other than addicts and thugs that frequent the drive in.” Jughead started, but you cut him off.

“I take it im the 'people’ in this scenario? you know for all you know I could be an addict AND a thug…I mean, I’m not. but wouldn’t Betty be better for this? I’m kind of an unknown in this town.”  you said sarcastically as you hopped up on your kitchen counter.

Jughead stared at you from across the room. “Bettys distracted with the whole Archie and Grundy thing-” You grimaced. “-But, it doesn’t matter, Betty doesn’t go to the drive-in. you do. So we’ll show her normal highschool kids show up, not just Riverdales 'criminal element’.”

You pushed yourself off the countertop and grabbed your jacket from the back of a wooden chair where you had flung it earlier. “Alright. lets go.”
You and Jughead walked side by side to city hall, going over your strategy. so far the plan was use you as a prime example of the twilights redeeming qualities and if that failed, wing it.

When you got to city hall, the mayors secretary waved you in while she chatted on the phone. You trailed behind Jughead. The mayor was moving around her office flipping through papers.
“Mayor McCoy you cant close the Twilight Drive-in.”  Jughead piped up before the mayor could say anything “Its a staple of this town!”  You nodded along.

She moved to stand behind her desk, “I’m sorry, but the Twilight Drive in? Its a blight thats become a cesspool! And a hangout for criminals and transients.” she took a seat in the red leather chair and continued to flip through her papers.
“And normal highschool students! Im there almost every weekend.” You shot back from next to the scale model of the town. annoyance biting at your words.
The mayor smiled at you tightly, like a parent trying to get their child to behave in public.
“Look kids, The deals done. Andrews construction is set to demolish the lot on monday.”

You narrowed your eyes slightly at her. You were pissed beyond belief, but you had no idea what to say. 

Jughead bit his lip and glanced down, bouncing slightly. He grabbed a chair and pulled it up to the mayors desk.
“Mayor McCoy, when I was a kid, my family and I would go to the drive-in all the time.- ” She finally put down her papers and crossed her arms, leaning on her desk, giving Jughead her full attention. “-We couldn’t afford tickets for everyone…so my sister, Jellybean, and I would hide in the trunk until we parked. we’d sneak out.” He shook his head slightly at the last part. your heart broke for him as he looked the mayor in the eye again, his expression pleading.“It’s like my home.”

The mayor glanced away and then looked at him again. “Thats a very sweet sentiment, Mr. Jones. But the future of Riverdale is at stake.” her expression and voice were almost kind, but there was an edge of condescension in every word.
Jughead shook his head and stood up from the chair, heading straight for the door.

“Jughead!” you called after him. but he didn’t stop. You turned to face the mayor and gave her the best glare you could manage before running after Jughead.
You headed out the double doors of the mayors office to see Jughead disappearing around the corner, The floorboards creaked softly as you jogged to catch up with him.

“Jughead, wait!” you called after him again, your voice echoing through the empty hallway. He finally paused and turned to face you. “I’m sorry.” you said, there was nothing else you could say. you could tell he was hurting, and you had no idea how to help.

“Thanks for trying.” was all Jughead said before he walked away again. And this time you didn’t follow. 

That Friday night you trailed behind Kevins truck in yours, his truck only had two seats so you had to take yours. He and Veronica parked and you took the spot next to them, the three of you immediately climbed out of your vehicles and started setting up the blankets. the spots around you started quickly filling up as just about every person in Riverdale arrived in the gravel lot for the Twilights final showing. 

Kevin and Veronica settled in as you pulled out your sketchbook, an empty page staring back at you, but you had a plan for it. You grabbed your pencil and started recording what you saw in graphite and paper, The twilights curtain call. The people of riverdale moving around you, the soft glow of the screen, casting everything in shadows. You knew things were happening around you; Cheryl climbing in with Kevin and Veronica, Bettys mom showing up and dragging off Archies dad. But you were focused on this scene, not anyone elses.  

For almost two hours you sketched, shaded, and erased. until you had something that reflected what you were trying to capture. You carefully tore it from your sketchbook as the movie began to roll the credits in the background. You folded the page and scrawled a note on the back.

'a little piece of home. –(y/n)’

As people started to pack up their things and go home, you walked to the projector house and looked at the paper in your hands again, the words on the back staring back at you as you slipped the drawing under the door and knocked, before turning and walking away to join the line of people leaving the drive in for the last time.

But even as you climbed into your truck, you couldn’t shake the feeling the twilight drive-in wouldn’t be the only thing changing in Riverdale.

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How i became an Earth Angel

So, i have said it multiple times and recounting the story pulls at my heart strings as it has to do with him. So be prepared for what might be like whhhaaattt? Lol

Day… i dont remember but it has been like 6 months now.

Ok so my husband suffers from sleep apnea and it causes him to have seizures in his sleep sometimes, thankfully they are under control and on a blue moon. Well this last one he had we went to the hospital. No amount of magick and reiki can do anything to fix him having seizures. 😖 but when we got home he was tired and in pain from the spazing.

So i curled up to him and just released my energy and cocooned him in a white and blue energy. All i was focused on was helping my husband release the pain he was in. I have always had a high energy so it didnt effect me that much, as i poured my energy around him. All of a sudden while my eyes were closed and i was focused i was slightly blinded by a white light.

I opened my eyes slightly, thinking our light was flipping out, to see an ever shifting wing curled around us. I watched it, not breaking my focus. It went from what looked like large tinkerbell wings to bat like wings to traditional vampire wings to angel wings, and just kept cycling. I closed my eyes, and went back to really pouring energy out. Then i felt uncomfortable in my back, i suffer from back problems from a car accident in my lower back, but this was in my upper back between my shoulder blades.

I opened my eyes and saw the traditional Angel wings on surrounding me and my husband. We were cocooned with even more energy then i knew what to do with. I looked at these pearly white yet translucent wings and my eyes got wide. I couldnt figure out where they came from or why they were there. I moved my hand and touched them and my back ached. I let go and my eyes probably popped out of my head.

I got up and ran to the bathroom to look into the mirror. And there on my back were these translucent wings that faded toward the bottom into mist. I paced the bathroom looking at myself and pacing some more. They were ethereal and there were touchable. When i went back to my room my husband stirred and looked at me, “whats wrong?” He questioned. I responded with nothing, but he isnt stupid.

I sat on the bed and he wrapped around me and i jumped and slightly pushed him away. I was filled with so much energy that wasnt mine that it shocked my system. I looked at him and stood back up. He looked at me weird and i told him not to touch my back. He thought my back hurt, it did but not why he thought. I began to pace the room, then it hit me… my back felt like it had an additional 30 pounds on it. I had to lay down.

But as soon as i laid on my back pain was all i was met with. I rolled over onto my tummy and was like what the heck. My husband patted my head then placed his hand on my back and i shooed him away. Now he knew there was something up. “What is wrong?” I looked at him and then just blurted out “i have wings! Dont touch my back! It hurts.” He looked confused and i know it was a confusing statement. So next stop was google.

We were googling everything and anything and finally found it. I had threw out so much energy while healing that i touched my higher self. It is something that can happen while healing. The pain was my higher self giving me my wings, and them adjusting to my physical body. My higher self still has its wings i just grew them. That is when everything changed.

I needed them to be “massaged” to help with the growing. I found out they will grow bigger, yay more pain when that happens. That moving them around hurt but i had to get used to them. That they had actual weight and were affected by gravity. They cast shadows and absorb energy. The younger the child the more likely they can see them, and now they look at me curiously or with a look of your different. Some hide behind their parents.

They need to be cleaned of energy to fill lighter and i now can feel when someone is behind me by like 5 feet. I didnt like people randomly touching me before, i got chills, the change of energy but now my wings are like flutter flutter and i know when there is someone there. I try to hold them as close to me as possible but i still havent perfected that so sometimes they do what they want. They slightly glow in the dark 😶

They can throw me off balance if i am not careful. I now can see aura or energy around people like a heartbeat. Before i could see a mist, now it is crystal clear and pulses around people. When something changes in your energy i see it. My empath abilities are really high now and i try to keep my mouth shut cuz i will keep poking til you tell me cuz i know something is wrong.

They feel lighter in the astral and they stretch out pretty far, about 10 feet on each side. That is in both astral and physical. My husband now knows that when he plays with them he can send me into repeated chills due to the energy change. I actually take only from people whose energy isnt… well gross, i cant explain it. Its just gross to touch, i dont know why but i know dont do it.

But yea, that is how i accidently became an Earth Angel, i wouldn’t recommend going and grabbing your Higher Self. It was by accident for me but i didnt want to really mess with my higher self in this way 😂😅 but now i have these translucent wings on my back, you might be able to see them in my picture. They look slightly grey and have a light to them.

Blessings to you and yours


Here is the sequal you have all been patiently waiting for! 

Warnings: possible swearing (it’s Jake guys, c'mon) fluff n stuff, possibilites of PDA (except in front of Mama McKenzie), feels, emotions, all that good stuff. NSFW (maybe not in every chapter, but just be warned)

Plot: Jake’s name has been cleared of all charges! While he finally gets to return home after all these years, where does that leave MC? Without a family to return home to, what’s next for her? 


You would be lying if you said that you were not the slightest bit nervous to meet Jake’s family. In fact, you were beginning to feel nauseous as you sat in the backseat of the cab, glancing from your fidgeting fingers, to the buildings passing you by out the window. Whether it was from the motion of the car on these rural roads, or just plain nerves, you were unsure. All you knew was that you needed to make a good first impression. You jumped slightly when you felt Jake’s hand come to rest upon your thigh.

“Easy there, Princess. It’s just me. You alright?”

You give a weak smile and then let out a shakey sigh as you looked at him.

“I’ll be honest, I’m terrified. What if your family doesnt like me?”

Jake let out a snort and gave your leg a gentle squeeze, rubbing it lightly afterwards. 

“MC, there is no doubt in my mind that my mom will like you. She’ll be asking when we plan on giving her some grandchildren. Rebecca, on the other hand, will probably try and intimidate you.”

“Oh. Wonderful?”

Jake smirked and shook his head slightly.

“It’s something she has always done with girls I brought home. I guess she wants to make sure they are worthy of her little brother?”

You began to chew on your bottom lip as you began to wring your hands together nervously. Jake reached for one of your hands and lifted it toward his lips, entwining his fingers with yours. He kissed your knuckles lightly and looked at you.

“Hey, don’t stress about it. I’m not the kind of guy to stop loving someone because my family doesnt approve.”

“How many girls did you used to bring home?" 

You asked as you glanced over at him.

"Not many. And if I did, the relationship never lasted long. I guess I had a tendency to drive people away with my attitude and sarcasm.”

He said, shrugging his shoulders and giving you a smirk. 

“Psh, you? Sarcastic? I don’t believe it.”

You said with a grin and gave his hand a squeeze.

“Hardy har.”

Jake then looked out the window and heaved a huge sigh, for a moment you could have sworn that he too was nervous. But then, this was the first time he had been home in years. You bit your lip slightly and then cleared your throat.

“Jake, how long has it been since-”

“Five years.”

It were as if he had been anticipating this question. He was gazing out the window in thought as the car continued on its way, as if he was reminiscing. You suddenly began to feel terrible. Here you were, thinking about how nervous you were to meet his family. And yet Jake had basically been robbed of five years with them. What could it have possibly been like for his mother to hear that her only son was a traitor, that he was on the run and would probably never come home. If he was even still alive. You couldnt even begin to imagine how Jake felt, finally coming face to face with your mother and sister after being branded a traitor to your country. As you gazed at him from across the backseat, you then scooted closer to him, wrapping your arm around his as you leaned against him, your head resting upon his shoulder. You felt his body relax as you snuggled against him and he turned his head slightly to look down at you, pressing his lips against the top of your head. 

“They’re going to be just as crazy about you as I am, Princess. I know it.”

While you expected to be pulling into a drive way relatively soon, you were surprised to find that the cab was now heading out of town. You raised an eyebrow at him and he gave a smirk, shrugging his shoulders. The cab drove for a ways until it finally pulled onto a dirt road that turned out to be a long driveway, that wound its way through the woods. For a good five minutes the cab bounced on the uneven drive until a break in the trees came, revealing a rather adorable little colonial style house. White, two stories, with slightly faded brown shudders on the windows. There was an old tire swing hanging from the lowest branch of a large oak tree in the front yard and as you looked at it, you couldnt help but smile at the thought of a young Jake swinging on it with his sister. 

“Can’t believe it’s still there, still lookin’ like it did when I was a kid.”

The cab moved up to the house, parking just out front and Jake hesitantly opened the door and stepped out as he gazed at the house before him. You scooted across the seat and watched him tentatively for a moment and then you stepped out as well, gently placing your hand upon his arm. He stirred slightly, turning his head to look down at you as you stood by his side and he gave you a warm smile. The cab driver got out and popped the trunk, taking out all your bags and setting them upon the porch. He then spoke to Jake for a moment, clasping his hand in a firm hand shake after he was paid and then he gave you a nod before getting back into the cab and drove back down the dirt path, leaving the two of you on the threshold. Jake stood there for a moment, just staring at the door. He then took in a deep breath and let it out, glancing over at you. 

“Welp, here we go.”

He began to turn the knob when suddenly the door swing open and a hand shot out to grab Jake’s arm and yanked him through the door. You peeked into the doorway and that was when you heard the sounr of someone’s hysterical screams of happiness and delight. A short woman, who was on the plump side with short dark hair and a kind face had Jake pulled against her in a hug that you were sure was making it difficult for him to breathe. Though he did not seem to mind, he wrapped his arms around her and even managed to lift her a bit off the floor. You were sure this was Jake’s mother, considering the fact she was now hysterically sobbing into his shoulder as he was bent halfway over still hugging her.

“Oh, you’re home! You’re home! Oh sweet Lord above, my baby is home!" 

She said through choked sobs, you were able to hear where Jake got his Southern accent from. Eventually Jake gave his mother a pat on the arm, indicating he needed to stand back upright and she reluctantly obliged, but not before taking his face in her hands and patting his cheeks lightly as she gazed at him lovingly. Jake rubbed the back of his neck which was probably aching slightly from the hug, before he followed his mother’s gaze toward you. He gave you a smile and then took your hand and pulled you in through the doorway and placed his hand at the small of your back.

"Ma, this is MC. She’s one of the main reasons I am finally back home.”

Without a word, Jake’s mother grabbed you in the same tight hug that she had given him and your eyes widened slightly. You gave a chuckle and then hugged her back, glancing at Jake who was boasting a big smirk. The hug that she shared with you was not as long as it had been with her son, and she took you by the shoulders when she pulled away.

“I cannot even begin to thank you MC, I thought I’d never see my boy again.”

You gave a smile and shook your head, saying that it was your pleasure and you honestly did not accomplish this alone, you had plenty of help from your friends. She introduced herself as Pamela, but told you to call her Pam and then she began to take you up the stairs, Jake behind you as you walked. There was a spare room that she was going to let you have during your stay here, she glanced at Jake as you all walked down the hall and she gave him a wink.

“You guys can share it, of course. Since I doubt you’ll want to stay in your old room, Jakey-poo.”

You could not help but give a huge snort upon hearing his nickname, which he ended up elbowing you gently in the ribs for, his cheeks flushing. Once you reached the room, you walked in and smiled. It was very homely, complete with endless ruffles. Jake had brought up the bags and so he walked over to the bed, setting them down upon it and looking around.

“Ma, I always hated this room. You never changed it up?”

Pam looked around the room, a rather confused look upon her face and then she held her hands up questioningly.

“Why? What’s to change?”

You laughed and then sat down upon the bed for a moment, looking around the room and then nodded when Pam told you both to freshen up and get ready for dinner. Pam left the room and the moment she was out of earshot you looked at Jake and grinned.

“Want help unpacking, Jakey-poo?”

Jake tackled you onto the bed, pinning you there and then kissed your nose and chuckled, rolling off of you to lie next to you as he looked up at the ceiling. You rolled over onto your side, propping your head up with your hand and looked down at him, moving some hair away from his face. He lie there staring at the ceiling, taking deep breaths in through his nose, breathing in the scent of his childhood home. He closed his eyes as you gently ran your fingers through his hair and he let out a content sigh.

“I can’t believe I’m home…”

His eyes opened and he turned his head a bit so that he could look over at you and you gazed into his blue eyes that reminded you so much of the ocean you and your friends had been surrounded by on La Huerta. His eyes roamed over your face slowly, moving from your lips up to your eyes as you twirled a strand of his hair around your finger. He reached over and slid his hand around the back of your neck and pulled you down to him, bringing your lips together in a tender kiss and then pulled back a bit, looking into your eyes.

“This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for you, Princess. How could I even possibly make it up to you?”

You grinned and kissed him again, a little longer and with more passion behind it, and then moved so that your head was resting upon his shoulder, draping your arm across his chest.

“I’m sure you can think of someway.”

After you were both unpacked, you headed out into the hall and were about to go back downstairs to where Pam was busy in the kitchen when your eyes spotted a room you were coming to pass. Upon the door was one of those signs that most kids had upon their doors that read ‘Caution! Jake’s room!“ Before he had time to react, you rushed to the door and turned the knob, pushing it open and running inside.


Jake took off after you, but he was too late. You stood in his room with a goofy open mouthed grin plastered upon your face as you did a 360, taking it all in. His room was filled with some of the nerdiest things you had ever seen. Transformers, Lord of the Rings, Battle Bots. Oh man, you had hit the jack pot should you ever need to blackmail the guy. Speaking of which… You quickly took out your phone and began to snap as many pictures as you could. Jake came crashing through the doorway and saw what you were doing and quickly made a grab for your phone. You were too fast for him and ducked under his arm and ran out of the room into the hallway. Unfortunately you had made a wrong turn and ended up coming to a dead end, you turned to run back the way you had come only to find Jake coming your way. You were trapped. You pressed yourself back against a wall as he approached you, your eyes searching for an escape until you glanced down at your chest and then right as Jake made a grab for your phone, you shoved it down into your bra. He stared at you a moment, his eyes going from yours down to your chest and he smirked. He then put a hand on the wall on either side of you and looked down at you.

“What makes you think I won’t just reach down in there and get it?”

He said, bringing himself slightly closer so that his body was against yours. You looked up at him and then your eyes focused on something behind him a moment before looking back up at him.

“Because your mother is standing right behind you.”

Jake jumped back a couple steps and whirled around, ready to find his mother, only to find the hallway completely empty. You pushed yourself off of the wall and ran passed him as fast as you could, skidding around the corner.

“Sucker! I am SO going to send these pics to Diego!”

You said as you could hear him barreling after you. You sprinted down the stairs, careful not to fall on your face as Jake finally reached the top and he too began to descend them quickly.

“Don’t you fucking dare!”

From within the kitchen came a shrill voice.

“JACOB LUCAS MCKENZIE! Did you just drop the 'F’ word in MY house?!”

Jake halted where he was on the stairs, for his mother had just walked out of the kitchen and you were now safely behind her as you began to type furiously into your phone. He blinked and then cleared his throat as he looked at you, and you could do nothing but grin as you hit the send button.

(Well, there you go. : D There will be more to come soon, y'all! )

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It's Not Worth It

Part 1 Word count: a lot

Part 2

Summary: Y/N imprints on Stiles but there are complications. And obsticls this is part 1 mostly an introduction to new character.

A/n: I tried my best to portray the main characters scottish accent but I think I failed.

My howl echoed through the woods. I bared my teeth a low growl rumbled in my chest as I crouched protectively in front of Stiles. Red eyes flashed through the woods multiple sets danced menacingly around us. “Y/N….” Deucalion whispered my name curtly, his pack of alphas had Stiles and I pinned against a tree. “ All you have to do is join us, seeing as you have no pack to kill” the demon wolf spoke charismaticly, “perhaps we should have you kill the scrawny boy you’re protecting” a snarl escaped my lips. “ I-ill die first an Scott is stronger than all o’ yeh“ I took a swipe at Aiden, and Ethen snarled at me. “ Ah but you and Scott are coveted alphas” Deucalion was inching closer, Kali charged me last second she attempted to round house kick me, I grabbed her by the calf and swung her like a baseball bat into the tree behind me effectively knocking her out. Everyone stared at her lifeless body, I grabbed Stiles and swung him onto my back. “ Hang on” I sprinted with inhuman speed back to the Jeep.

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Friends (part 4)

Chris Motionless x reader

Warnings: language, devious plotting by band members, irate tempers

 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5,  Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9,Part 10, Part 11)

You had the worse hangover imaginable.

You stand blearily in front of the coffee pot, watching it slowly fill up, the slowest it had ever been in its entire existence.

You rub your temples.

You’d woke up in your clothes from last night, and though you’d at least changed into some pajama shorts and a large t shirt, you hadn’t bothered to fix your bedhead.

There wasn’t any makeup around your eyes anymore, it was staining your pillows from your crying fit.

You couldnt believe you’d been stupid enough to kiss Chris and think he would want to kiss you back. That had been the most humiliating experience in your entire life, even worse then the thing with your ex.

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  1. jerk or jolt (someone or something) suddenly, typically so as to cause injury.

Chapter Five

I hear my phone vibrate against the fabric of the chair and I groan. Another message. Curiosity gets the better of me and even though I’m pissed off I stand up to retrieve the stupid thing and see what else he said.

“What are you up to?”

Such a simple question and it elicits such a surge of annoyance in me that I feel like my head might pop completely off. What am I up to? Well, I’ve just come off a really great date where I felt like I did nothing but think about you. Can’t say that though, can I? But then I have a thought. I wonder if I could possibly make Niall jealous. Would he even care if he knew I’d been out? Hell, honestly, it doesn’t matter to me if he cares or not. I’m going to rub his face in it anyway. So I pick up my phone and type out a quick response. 

“Not much. Just got back in for the evening from a date.”

His response is almost immediate.

“a date?”

I chuckle darkly as I type out something that could only be read as sarcastic.

“Yeah, a date. You know what those are don’t you? Like a guy asks a girl out and they enjoy dinner and conversation.”

I can almost hear the flatness in his tone when he answers.

“I know what a date is Harper.”
“your date couldnt have been that good if you’re back home, alone, and texting me.”

I scoff. This asshole. He thinks he hung the goddamn moon. But two can play this game.

“Who says I’m alone?”

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I Hate You (Part 18)

Ryan sitkowski x reader
​Warnings : Language

“I mean, it wasn’t horrible, yknow? It’s actually a lot easier then I thought it would be,” you frown, twirling a piece of hair around your finger. You shuffle the phone against your ear a little, propped up on your bed as you talk to Ashley, waiting for the paint to dry on your toes.

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Body Insecurities

Hi, so i just finished writing some stuff about Taylor and Calvin. My primary language is not english so i’m sorry if there may be many grammar error and i just typed it down on the phone so it will be great if you care to fix it a little. Thank you so much “I’m home”, Taylor put her gym bag in the desk near the door as she made her way toward living room. She smiled to the man who was watching tv on the couch, with a plate of grilled chicken breast on his hand. “Hey babe, you hungry?” Calvin asked, pat the empty spot on the couch beside him with his other hand. “Nah, I just had a bite with Karlie”, Taylor sat down and leaned on his shoulder. “So how was the gym?” “Nothing special. My back is so sore oh my god” Calvin already finished the meal and put the plate on the table in front of them. He laughed at the beautiful blondie and hugged her tight. “You know you dont have to work out if you hate it, babe” “Wish i could to that”, she mumbled. “What?” “Nothing”, she smiled. “Since i’m sweaty and smelly I have to take a shower”, Taylor pulled him away “But you just got home, i miss you”, Calvin reached her “I miss you too, Adam”. She kissed him. “But i’m smelly” “You’re not”, Calvin gave kisses along her jaw “I am”, she giggled. “Now you have to stop”. Taylor stood up, walking her way to the bathroom as she heard Calvin asked “Can i come?” “Next time, baby” She laughed when he just mumbled under his breath annoyed. Taylor standing in her shorts and bra, looking at her reflection in a full body mirror in Calvin’s bedroom. Her hair was still damped from the shower but she felt much fresher. She turned around, examined every inch of her body as if she could find any flaw. She pinch her butt softly and sighed. Suddenly the article she read a few days ago haunting her head again, the article she wished wasnt true. “Calvin Harris, our favorite nice eye candy DJ seems changing the type of his girl nowadays. His relationship with American sweetheart, Taylor Swift may be adorable and lovely but we couldnt forget the time he dated Rita Ora and Aarika in 2013 and 2014. The mister DJ known to have interest for well toned and curvy girls, so it makes us wonder how he settled down in his ‘too safe and too cute to be true’ relationship with the Bad Blood singer The picture of Rita, Aarika and those times when Calvin was single and surrounded by curvy girls in bikini were spinning in her head. "What if it’s true? What if her Adam finally lost interest with her? She wasn’t his type from the day one right?”. The thoughts of negativity consumed her head as she remembered those radio interview 2 years ago when Calvin said she was lovely but just wasnt his type. The media had so much power to even bring back their past interviews and dating history for public consumption. A pair of arms shocked Taylor as she felt her back was being massaged. “Adam, you creep me out!” Taylor squealed and slapped Calvin’s hand lightly. She could saw their reflection in the mirror. He was towering her and his chest so wide she felt so safe whenever he was around. “You seem so lost in your mind, what am i supposed to do?” Calvin laughed and continued to massage her but his lips moved to her neck, smelling the vanilla soap scent on her skin. “Adam”, she moaned. “What are you thinking?” His lips made way to her bare shoulder. Taylor turned around and kissed him deeply. “You”, she said between her breath. She can felt he smiled on their kiss. “That’s the only answer i want to hear, Swift”. He smirked and sweep her off her feet. “This gonna be a long long night” The buzzed from Taylor’s phone above the nightstand woke Calvin up. He brushed his eyes with his hand and looked down at Taylor who was still sleeping next to him, crumpled into a ball. She looked tired. Calvin took her phone and read Ellie’s name on the screen so he quietly got up and left his bedroom, not wanting to wake his girlfriend up. “Hello Tay, where are you?” Ellie’s voice greeted his ear as soon as he picked up the call. “It’s me, Ell. Taylor is still sleeping, what’s up?” “Ohhh hey you, i have a pilates class with TayTay in an hour. Could you wake her up?” “Hmmm i don’t know Ell, i kinda worry. She’s been out to work out for five days straight. She looks exhausted”. “Oh God, sorry, then dont wake her up. She needs rest” “Yeah, but i wonder, what is it? She’s not a fitness junkie and all of sudden she does gym, she run, like, i dont know i feel like something is wrong”. “Well…..” “Don’ well me Goulding, what is it?” “Calm down mate, i’m trying to tell you right now”, Ellie answered with her high voice. “So about a week ago, she read this article about……………… Calvin stared at Taylor’s phone in his hand. The morning conversation with Ellie just end three minutes ago and he couldn’t believe what he just heard. How could it be? He was the one dating the pop superstar and probably most wanted woman in the whole world, and he just didn’t get it why it was her who felt insecure? And over her damn body? God, she was already perfect and even if she was not, her amazing personality could easily outshine the exterior. Finally, he decided to went back to the bedroom. Taylor was still sleeping with blanket covered up until her chin. He sat beside her and kissed her cheek softly, bringing her tiny framed to his lap. "Good morning, sleepy head”, Calvin mumbled softly. Taylor’s eyes opened and smiled at him. “Good morning to you too, sunshine”. She looked to her left, and all of sudden got up when she saw the clock on the nightstand. “Oh Adam, I’m late, i’m late oh my god”. She shoved the blanket but Calvin hurriedly held her close to his chest. “Hmm…Adam? I should really get going, Ellie will be mad” “Not a chance” “What’s wrong, babe? You feel kinda worry”. Taylor smelt the scent on his chest and hug him even tighter. She loved this man so much. “You’re not going anywhere, Swift”. Calvin buried his face on the crook of her head. “I talked to Ellie earlier this morning”. Suddenly, Taylor felt numb. The last thing she wanted to happen was him knowing her insecurity. Her hand clung weakly on his neck. She was so embarrassed. She couldn’t face him like this. “Tay, baby”. Calvin bring her chin up. He smiled when he saw her usual milky white face turn red. Her bright blue eyes refused to look at his. “You know what, if i knew you’ll look this cute when you’re embarrassed I will gladly make you feel like that for the rest of our lives”. He chuckles. “You shouldn’t knew that, oh my god”. Taylor covering her face with her hands. She knew her face was as red as her favorite lipstick shade from the heat on her cheeks. She was waiting his respond but nothing happened except her body being lifted by two strong arms. She placed her legs on his hip tight because she couldn’t pulled her arms on his shoulders yet since she used them to cover her face. The next thing she knew, Calvin told her to stand on her own feet and turned her so she was standing with her back on his chest. “Put down your hands?” Calvin gently moved her hands and placed it on her side. Now she just realized he just bring him to his walking closet. Right in front of the big mirror. “Hands up”, he said. Taylor just did what he asked her to without saying a word. Taylor pull up her hands while Calvin helped her pulled out the top she was wearing. Slowly but sure, she got rid of his shirt she borrowed to sleep last night. There she was, standing only in her soft purple bra and tiny short. She was embarrassed. Again. “Adam, I…” “You are beautiful”. Calvin looked straight to her reflection right to the eyes. “You are the most beautiful girl i have ever had and you’re just perfect, Taylor how could you not see that?” “I’m not..” Her voice was trembling. “I am scared that finally you realize that i’m not good enough” “What? You are beyond enough Tay, i love you”. He paused. He moved his hands to her legs up to the thighs. “You have legs that every girl would kill for. His hands moved across her hips and flat stomach. "Your curve is beyond amazing and don’t forget your ability of staying in perfect shape even after you ate that big bucket of chicken wings”. “Adam stop”, she chuckled. Like couldn’t heard her, he continued moving his hands to her shoulders. “My God, do i have to tell you how i worship those twins too?” He asked whiles staring at her breast. This time Taylor laughed and pat his head. “You really kill the vibe”, she said. He was glad that he was the reason that she laughed. So he continued to rubs her shoulders and kisses her along the jaw. “You are flawless, babe. I don’t think i can get through a day without looking at my favorite big blue eyes. Or smelling your scent. Or feeling your hair brushing against my face when we are kissing. I just can’t live without you”. He mumbled softly but Taylor can easily heard him since they are so close she can felt his breath on her cheek. Calvin finally looked up and stared back to Taylor’s eyes through the mirror. Taylor could saw that he was hurt. Why was he hurt? “I went to interviews with people and I told them how incredibly happy I am with you. I told them how amazing you are as a person, as a cook, as a girlfriend…I’m so sorry i didn’t realized that you aren’t as happy as i am” Taylor shook her head quickly. “Is that what you thing, Adam? That i’m not happy with you?” Taylor turn around and put his face with both hands. “It’s just…I’m insecure you know, girls feel that all the time”. “Why? I love you and don’t you dare comparing yourself to Rita, Aarika or any girls out there. You are loved, Taylor. I come home to you. I chose you and I’ll do that over and over again”. Tears rolled down her cheeks as he pulled her into a hug. She never felt this way toward any man before. All he did was pure love. He kept up with her through thick and thin and he told her she was beautiful, she was perfect. And the way he said that, it felt so real like she started to believe in it. She pulled them apart and said, “I love you, Adam. Thank you so much, don’t ever leave me”. Calvin pressed his lips to hers and mumbled between the kiss. “Never”.