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i love your take on villain deku! do you have any headcanons for him?


  • just looking at the burns on his arms makes him sick, so that’s another reason why he wears a jacket: to cover them up. he can’t bring himself to show them to anyone and he always tries to keep his eyes off them for as long as possible (like when he has to shower or change his clothes). he has the burns on his hands too, so he wears fingerless gloves to hide them. 
  • deku gets flustered easily asdlfkjasdf,,,, like yeah his moral alignment changed but when girls get too close he flushes and when he catches sight of a R18 magazine he just turns into a tomato. he has to rub his cheeks a bit to make his embarrassment cool off.
  • he has dark circles under his eyes because he always has a hard time sleeping (lots and lots of nightmares after That Day). he’s not as tired as he looks through, he kind of just jacks himself up on caffeine (the kid loves green tea) and stays up until he’s too exhausted to have a single dream. that makes him stay awake for 3 days at a time before he crashes for 13 hours.
  • his notebooks shift gears when his mother dies. his notes & sketches transition from studying heroes to studying villains, especially those who belong to the league. 
  • the first hero he kills is an asshole who outright confesses that he’s trying to stop deku because he wants the fame and glory of taking down the league for himself. he kept talking about how his ratings would skyrocket if he was the one who turned in shigaraki and deku got stain-level pissed and shot him, because this isn’t about fame and fortune, this is about his mother and what shigaraki did to her. 
  • as he begins to spiral, pain serves as catharsis for his grief. he becomes more reckless and impulsive in his vigilantism which makes him get hurt more, but the growing number of scars and wounds is pleasing and it distracts him from his burning anger towards the league. after a while, he slowly transitions from being internally destructive to externally destructive, expanding his anger outwards instead of inwards. he fights villains instead of saving people from them because it feels like release. this makes him more vicious and he begins to hurt others more than he hurts himself. 
Small details in Persona 5 I love

-Akira pulling up his gloves as he runs when in a Palace.

-Ann can be seen texting in front of you and putting her phone away during school when the group chat comes up.

-Makoto following you around secretly when her goal was to keep tabs on you.

-Akira changing his blankets according to the weather.

-Ryuji’s leg bouncing when he is angry.

-Morgana’s tail frizzes up in car form if you run into a wall.

-Mementos Shadows announcing that they recognize you as the Phantom Thieves.

-Akira being extra in his movements: An example being how he back flips away from a Shadow during the All Out Attack, but the others just jump back.

-The picture of Akira in the loading screen has a necklace of flowers during the Hawaii trip.

-Futaba sits in a crouch.

-NPCs exiting the Big Bang Burger have bags specifically from the place, logo and all.

-When being pursued by enemies, Akira violently kicks open doors instead of pushing them open.

-Morgana’s legs kicking when he hides behind a corner, in front of you.

-Being able to see your breath as the weather gets colder.

“Can LYING Be Good??” Video Analysis

- Patton’s cardigan is not his new cat hoodie thing. That’s because he’s Deceit right?

- Virgil and Roman already fighting less than a minute into this video

- Roman is just really freaked out and frantic this entire video

- “Oh good Logan, everyone’s favorite character!” 

- I paused it at a weird time so you’re welcome for that

- Virgil’s little smiles at Pat,,,, so adorable,,, my son

- The team is so extra with the text messages

- Roman is acting a lot more extra than normal and I’m really concerned about it. Am I reading too much into this? Probably. But Roman is acting weird.

- Deceit is a bad actor. Pat’s facial expressions are all wrong. Pat is always so bubbly and excitable and grinning. Deceit’s Pat is too reminiscent of Logan when he talks, and he gestures like Roman does.


- “Impressed isn’t the word I’d use” Virgil is implying that Logan is either jealous or just had a moment of attraction ;)

- Deceit is a manipulative lil shit who just got everyone to come to the conclusion that lying is the best solution without ever actually saying it

- When Patton starts saying that lying can be okay sometimes, Virgil gets this weird look on his face and he kinda squints a little

- “Friendo” clue #39948 that it’s not Patton. Pat says kiddo, not friendo, and the way he said friendo sounded condescending as fuck

- “See I know things too”

- Joan is a fantastic actor and I love them and they’re so smol and adorable

- Good editing sliding between Roman/Joan

- Logan is a DW fan, nice

- Deceit is being such a jerk and talking over everyone and he is not a good Patton

- The interaction between Roman and Virgil is normal and accurate to theatre

- Deceit is preying on Virgil’s need of the support of friends, including Thomas’

- “But Thomas lying would make me just as uneasy [as losing his friends]. And anyone who doesn’t understand that should just shut up.” This is the moment that Virgil knows with complete certainty that he’s not dealing with Pat. The first time I watched this through, I thought it was about to be a Virgil meltdown

- Deceit’s character falling apart is me trying to keep my life together

- No one’s listening to Patton (which they shouldn’t because he’s actually Deceit)

- nnnn sassy Patton before the character reveal? I can see for a minute why everyone wants to f*ck lizard man

- That little flick of the wrist thing to make Logan shut himself up? Um wow okay 0-100 real quick. Is that what happened the last time that Roman mentioned others?

- Virgil is closer to the camera than normal. And he seems to have the most power outside of Deceit in this situation.

- Sassy Deceit Patton is,,,,, A Look™

- I like Deceit’s music

- Deceit is edgy and a Bill Cipher wannabe and I gotta say I really love this character. I mean c’mon he’s kind of a meme and I’m a sucker for a villain. Also the makeup on this character is amazing! Did Talyn do this? It’s super well done

- Thomas using that low, smooth voice…… okay maybe I get the Lizard Man thing.

- All the compliments that are really insults because he’s Deceit,,,,, sign me up

- “Nice gloves, did you just finish washing some dishes?” *Examines hand* “Yes”

- Logan gives a lil nerd speech about knowledge

- Patton shoving/kicking Deceit so that he can pop back up is a mood

- When he sees Pat, Virgil’s little smile and the relief on his face make my heart smile

- Just noticed the lighting difference. Deceit keeps lower lighting, especially around the edges

- Patton is a five year old

- “T” party *looks into camera like I’m on the office*

- Pun overload. Please stop

- I’m curious and want to see all the other dark sides

- Deceit is so manipulative he really screwed over Roman too

- Pat needs his spaghetti container back

- Joan making fun of the Sanders Sides

- Deceit likes puns

- Take it easy, guys, gals, and nonbinary pals. Peace out!


A combination of things lead to this… Mostly the thought that; Zoeya and Fiona would totally go out trick or treating, or at least keep an eye out on the kids who are doing it… so who would that leave at home to man the door? Heh heh… Scare the kids, huh? That he can do.

Yes, that first part is dialogue from the Headless Horseman from WoW. Originally I was just going to have Rythian dressed up fully like him but it felt a bit overkill, I figured he’d probably don his “vigilante” outfit (& Proasheck’s gloves) and use his magic to give off that same kind of flame effect. Not to mention, I really want to hear Rythian (the real one) read out some sort of poem or rhyme, he’s got quite a nice voice to do it.

Happy Halloween everyone!

The Menace of a Mad King

Trump is moving into a new and more dangerous phase.

Before, he was constrained by a few “adults” – Rex Tillerson, Gary Cohn, H.R. McMaster, and John Kelly – whom he appointed because he thought they had some expertise he lacked.

Now he’s either fired or is in the process of removing the adults. He’s replacing them with a Star Wars cantina of toadies and sycophants who will reflect back at him his own glorious view of himself, and help sell it on TV.

Narcissists are dangerous because they think only about themselves. Megalomaniacs are dangerous because they think only about their power and invincibility. A narcissistic megalomaniac who’s unconstrained – and who’s also president of the United States – is about as dangerous as they come.

The man who once said he could shoot someone dead on Fifth Avenue and still be elected president now openly boasts of lying to the Canadian Prime Minister, deciding on his own to negotiate mano a mano with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, unilaterally slapping tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, and demanding the death penalty for drug dealers.

For weeks, Trump has been pulling big policy pronouncements out of his derriere and then leaving it up to the White House to improvise explanations and implementation plans.

“Trump is increasingly flying solo,” report the Associated Press’ Catherine Lucey and Jonathan Lemire. “Trump has told confidants recently that he wants to be less reliant on his staff, believing they often give bad advice, and that he plans to follow his own instincts, which he credits with his stunning election.”

Trump has always had faith in his instincts. “I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things,” he said on the campaign trail. "I’m a very instinctual person, but my instinct turns out to be right,“ he told Time Magazine last year.

But instincts aren’t facts, logic, or analysis. And it’s one thing for a business tycoon or even a presidential candidate to rely on instincts, quite another for the leader of the free world to rely solely on his gut.

Worse yet, the new Trump believes no one can lay a glove on him. He’s survived this far into his presidency despite lapses that would have done in most other presidents.

So what if he paid off a porn star to keep quiet about their affair? So what if he’s raking in money off his presidency? So what if there’s no evidence for his claims that three to five million fraudulent votes were cast for Hillary Clinton, or that Obama wiretapped him? There are no consequences.

The new Trump doesn’t worry that his approval ratings continue to be in the cellar. By his measure, he’s come out on top: His cable-TV ratings are huge. Fox News loves him. He dominates every news cycle. The pre-selected crowds at his rallies roar their approval.

He’s become the Mad King who says or does anything his gut tells him to, while his courtiers genuflect.

How will this end?

One outcome is Trump becomes irrelevant to the practical business of governing America. He gets all the attention he craves while decision makers in Washington and around the world mainly roll their eyes and ignore him.

There’s some evidence this is already happening. The Republican tax bill bore almost no resemblance to anything Trump had pushed for. Trump’s big infrastructure plan was dead on arrival in Congress. His surprise spending deal with “Chuck and Nancy” went nowhere. His momentary embrace of gun control measures in the wake of a Florida school shooting quickly evaporated.

Meanwhile, world leaders are now taking Trump’s braggadocio and ignorance for granted, acting as if America has no president.  

But another possible outcome could be far worse.

Trump could become so enraged at anyone who seriously takes him on that he lashes out, with terrible consequences.

Furious that special counsel Robert Mueller has expanded his investigation, an unbridled Trump could fire him – precipitating a constitutional crisis and in effect a civil war between Trump supporters and the rest of America.

Feeling insulted and defied by Kim, an unconstrained Trump could  order an attack on North Korea – precipitating a nuclear war.  

The mind boggles. Who knows what a mad king will do when no adults remain to supervise him? 

Bleeding Out - An Alex/Reader Imagine

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Requested by anon.

Summary: Alex doubts reader’s abilities as a female doctor….until he needs her more than he thinks.

Word Count: 1157

Warnings: Mentions of blood/gunshot wounds.

Disclaimer: This is my first ever Dunkirk fic and I’m still trying to get the diction of an English accent in here, so don’t shame my first attempt. I’m American as hell. Let me know what you think and keep sending requests.

The young doctor looked at the chart in her hand as she sped-walked down the hallway towards the room where she was needed. It’d been an unusually slow day in the medical bay, and the stitches she was about to give were the most serious issue they’d had all day.

She pushed aside the curtain and entered the room where a man lay, his eyebrow bandaged up.

“Alex Baker?” she asked the man, who glared at her.

“For tha last fuckin’ time, I need a doctor, not another nurse,” he said, looking irritated.

“I am a doctor,” Y/N answered, pushing a piece of her behind her ear. “Doctor L/N. You need some stitches.”

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I actually adore both of these ideas, so I’m going to mix them together!

When the last rock giant crumbles under the weight of Steve’s shield, Peter’s shoulders sag in visible show of relief, and he carefully webs down from the building he’s been hanging from, to survey the current status of the battle, until he’s dropping to the ground. He hisses sharply when he lands, the jolt of the drop sending a burning pain to his side, but he ignores it, swallows against the sudden nausea, because Tony’s down on one knee, and Steve and Nat are helping Clint to his feet. 

Everyone’s banged up. When Tony got the call that there were rock monsters ravaging sixth avenue, no one expected this level of danger, so they came into the fight far too relaxed, and now they’ve got the cuts and bruises to show for it. The fight was a strenuous team effort, and Peter wants to make sure that everyone’s okay, so he starts to Tony first. 

“Are you okay, Mr. Stark?” He asks as he hooks two fingers under his mask and slips it over his face, sucking in a deep breath. 

Tony doesn’t look his way, but Peter can see him nod as he struggles to his feet with Peter’s help. 

“Goddamn bastards,” Tony grumbles under his breath before he verbally orders his suit off, and in just seconds, he’s standing before Peter, unscathed, just a little shaken. 

“What about you, kid? You okay?” 

Peter’s quick to nod, and both turn toward the crumple of gravel to see Steve, Nat, and Thor approaching the two, with Steve and Thor supporting a limping Clint. 

“Really, Barton?” Tony calls out, raising one brow in a teasing manner that Clint all but growls at. 

“I tripped over a fucking rock. Sue me, Stark.” 

Tony leads the laugh at this, but Thor doesn’t join in, and the absence of his bellowing laughter has Tony’s fading off into a frown. “Thor? You okay, bud?” 

Thor’s eyes are trained to Tony’s right, and Tony follows his gaze with a quick flick of the eyes to see Peter pressing one hand to his side with an almost blank expression. 

“Peter, is that blood?” 

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“Min Larel”

Request: “Hello! *blushes profusely* Could I request some smutty smut about Kylo seducing a rather innocent and shy officer? Maybe they’ve been seeing each other and he has to have her :‘3 pretty please?”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 3773


A/n: ok this isn’t as smutty as i hoped and got way too deep way too fast and is super long but anyway, hope you enjoy!

P.S. I feel like a lot of my fics go off course and into really like meaningful? territory. Lemme know if you prefer for them to be more lighthearted or whatever haha

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Many would’ve expected the Finalizer to be buzzing with life, even in the earlier hours of the morning. After all, there was no real display of time amongst the stars, only the hovering red numbers on the many screens that covered your office. But even though maintenance worked round the clock, only mostly droids worked at these hours. Almost everyone slept at these designated hours, the whole ship feeling eerily empty as you marched towards the highest deck, stifling a yawn. Everyone needed sleep, but the First Order itself could not, due to risk of being caught off guard. You were the part of the operations, the element of the Order that kept its eyes on the dark starry horizonless sky during the hours your body naturally wanted to shut down.

You had always been a night creature, most motivated to do work when your eyes grew heavier. That’s why it didn’t surprise you that you had been tasked with watching over the ship while the rest slept. You weren’t alone of course, at least ten other officers greeting you with a tired nod or soft “hello” as you entered the command deck. Armitage Hux was amongst the sleepless lot, dark circles a permanent feature on his face. He was always awake, only retreating to sleep in his quarters for 3-4 hours a day.

He approached you with a weary smile, handing you a clipboard.

“You’re on communications tonight.” His voice cracked from lack of sleep.

You sighed “Again?”

“Sorry, wasn’t me who put you on there.” He shrugged, his posture much more relaxed around you.

“Of course not.” You smirked deviously. “You would’ve assigned me to your bed if it was in your power.”

He chuckled, bringing a lazy hand to prop his heavy head up. His eyes flickered down, bright with daring as he casually checked you out.

“If I did, Ren would kill me.”

You froze at the mention of his name, Hux rolling his eyes dramatically.

“I’m going to sleep.” He said, beginning to walk away before stopping and adding over his shoulder, “try not to blush as much when you see your irritable lover.”

You gripped the clipboard tightly as you called after him. “He’s not my-!” But Hux had already rounded the corner, uncaring of what you had to say on the matter. You huffed, stomping down to the isolated communications room.

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Kwami Swap AU

Yup. My take on one of the most popular prompts out there. :D


     • Marinette, when she becomes the next Black Cat, doesn’t really take into consideration her hero name or her outfit. In fact, the only thing that’s going through her mind in terms of a black cat is one of those void cats— just a quiet, black blob with big eyes full of wonder and curiosity. 

     • Her costume reflects that, as well as the instincts she gets from it. She ends up being the mostly silent hero, who only really talks to her Beetle. She’s ridiculously good at stealth, but she’s not really fantastic at loud distractions. She learned later on, however, that she can steal an akuma’s attention by terrifying it. If she keeps blending into the shadows and popping out, like she’s stalking them, it seems to seriously unnerve them.

     • Her relationship with Plagg is, to put it simply, great. He doesn’t bug her for expensive cheeses, because he knows that she’s not a rich kid and her parents would notice immediately, but she still likes to surprise him every once and a while by using whatever money she scrounged up from commissions and getting him fancy camembert. Usually he’ll settle for cheesy bread, cheese danishes, and cheddar snacks. 

     • Marinette and Plagg are both mischievous beings. She comes up with wild ideas, and he full-heartedly supports them. She sort of becomes the school’s resident schemer. It’s been a long time since Plagg last had such a troublemaker for a chosen, so he’s really enjoying himself this time around. Plus, she gives him head scratches and cuddles. This is the life.

     • Marinette’s superhero alter ego has many different names in the public, because she’s never bothered to come up with one of her own, and she doesn’t deal with media really well. In fact, she just straight up tells Beetle her real name on the first meeting— Plagg hadn’t told her much about secret identities. He probably forgot, too focused on how exceptional her parents’ cheesy bread was.

     • She tells Beetle to just call her Chaton. The public sees that as more of a pet name, so they make attempts at other names for her, but she doesn’t really like any of them. 

     • She has a bit of a crush on the Beetle, but she stays quiet most of the time, so really, there’s no way of him knowing. She doesn’t flirt, and since she’s on the job, she never allows herself to stutter. The most she does is blush, but that just makes her seem a bit shy. She’s not.


     • Adrien, when he becomes the next Beetle, is wholly prepared. He has a whole costume planned out, with a cool jacket, gloves, a black mask with white spots on either side, everything you can think of. Hell, he even has the transformation sequence down to a pat. 

     • Adrien’s eager, maybe a bit too eager, and ends up getting a lesson on patience pretty early in the game. He’s not meant for close combat— his abilities are more long-ranged, and he has to sit back and truly think about how he’s supposed to use his Lucky Charms. The start is rough, because him and Chaton didn’t really have any way of keeping the akuma off their backs long enough to formulate any solid plans. However, later on, things start to go better for them, and he at that point had already figured out how to think quickly whilst under pressure.

     • His relationship with Tikki is rather sweet. She has an open opinion about his father, and takes it upon herself to pretty much properly raise him. She smothers him in affection, gives him as much advice as she can provide, and listens to his heart troubles when he needs to vent. In return, Adrien likes to spoil her with the best sweets he can find. 

     • Adrien and Tikki both have a huge thing for sweets. Particularly the ones from the Dupain-Cheng patisserie. (Tikki likes to tease him about it though, so he only ever goes there on special occasions.) The school pretty much shoves any sort of snack they can find into Adrien’s arms, because everyone knows about his ginormous sweet tooth, and everyone thinks he deserves as much as he wants. Marinette brings him a croissant every morning, and Nino always hands him a chocolate bar during lunch. He usually gives the chocolate bar to Tikki, but those croissants? All his. Back off.

     • Adrien already prepared to call himself the Beetle before he even left his room, the day he got his Miraculous. It took him a while to actually announce that to the public, however, since the first few fights he had next to no time to stick around and answer questions— he spent way too long trying to figure out how to use his Lucky Charm. Eventually he was able to tell friendly teenage reporter, Alya, that he calls himself Beetle. It blew up rather quickly. Unfortunately, he couldn’t tell anyone what his Chaton’s name was. He just calls her Chaton. 

     • He’s okay with the public disregarding his pet name and trying to figure out their own name for her. After all, he feels like he should be the only one who gets to call her that. 

     • Adrien has a ridiculous crush on Marinette, and yes, that crush extends to his friendly kitty, because he pretty much knew her identity from the beginning. She had just blurted it out, apparently not being informed about the whole secret identity thing. Begrudgingly, he didn’t want to disappoint Tikki, so he kept his mouth shut about his own identity. Marinette never seemed to mind, thankfully.


     • Adrien and Marinette quickly become good friends after the gum incident. Marinette was a bit embarrassed in the beginning, apologetic for having judged him so quickly. Adrien was super awkward at first, especially because of the sudden realisation that this girl is his superhero partner and he isn’t allowed to say anything about it.

     • Alya ships MariBeetle and has absolutely no shame about it, even though she does feel a little sorry for Adrien. After all, that poor boy has a crush the size of a skyscraper on Marinette, but… Well, best friends come first! And besides, she’s SEEN the Beetle give Marinette The Look™, which means there’s a legitimate possibility of it happening! At least Adrien also has a crush on the city’s feline hero. After all, once she makes MariBeetle happen, she’ll have the connections to make AdriChaton happen. 

     • Nino is also aware of that Look™ that the Beetle had given Marinette, but he’s quite frankly totally against MariBeetle. It’s the only thing he and Alya wholeheartedly disagree on. First of all, he has to look out for his bro, and he knows Adrien has a thing for Marinette. Secondly, there’s no way he’d ever let Marinette get swept up in that superhero business! She’s like his little sister, he doesn’t want her getting hurt or targeted by Hawkmoth!

     • Literally no one knows about Marinette’s massive crush on the Beetle except, possibly, Alya, and even Alya’s not 100% sure about it. Marinette keeps her secrets locked up tight, and if it were any other boy, she’d probably gush about them all the time, but… It’s a little weird for people to think that she’s just some fangirl, when in actuality, that’s not the case. She doesn’t want people she knows to dumb down her infatuation to some simple celebrity crush thing. That’s not the case at all.

     • Adrien’s, like, secretly on board with more than half of the wild plans Alya has in order to set Marinette up with the Beetle, but he can’t say it because it would look super suspicious of him to suddenly be okay with Marinette dating some other dude. It’s unfortunate that Marinette quickly and calmly shoots down every idea, using perfectly logical points.

     • Adrien has spotted Marinette and her Kwami once, and it was… possibly the cutest exchange he’s ever seen in his life. Plagg kind of acts like a snot, but it’s perfectly clear that he has a major soft spot for his chosen. He called Chloe a very colourful name, then started purring and cuddling up into Marinette’s cheek. Tikki was fighting to keep her giggling in at the sight. She later tells Adrien that Plagg very rarely acts so openly affectionate.

     • Marinette doesn’t put up posters in her room. She’s seriously not in the mood to seem like a fangirl, and since Alya’s in her room all the time, she really can’t put any even if she wanted to. She doesn’t want Alya to know. She does have her phone screensaver as the Beetle and his Chaton, though.

     • Tom and Sabine absolutely know that the strapping young man who sometimes visits the bakery has the biggest crush on their daughter ever, and they’re, quite frankly, on his side. Or, well, Tom is. Sabine is a little scary and makes a point to give him a hidden threat every time he visits, basically informing him that if he hurts Marinette, he’ll be uppercutted directly into the sun.

     • There’s a lot of pranks and stuff that happens at the school, but the problem is that literally no one knows who’s pulling it. Well, that isn’t true, pretty much everyone high-key expects that it’s Marinette, but the problem is that there’s no proof. No one can ever catch her in the act, and no matter how much searching you do, you won’t find your stolen items on her or in any of her belongings. She’s a ninja.

Anyone is welcomed and encouraged to add their own thoughts! Hope you liked this, it was fun to write. My mother and I caught a stray kitten recently and I’ve just been brimming with happiness and creativity since then. :)

a day in the life.

established dean/cas, hunter husbands, for @honorreid. thank you for donating to the Team Trash Brigade GISHWHES fundraiser! want to commission me for something of your own? click here for more info. 

Castiel sleeps like the dead. It’s an unfortunate truth.

Dean rolls over only half awake because someone has stolen all the blankets, and he blindly seeks out warmth and comfort too early in the morning. Castiel is all but a statue beside him in bed though: on his back, comforter curled over his mouth with just his nose uncovered. He sleeps soundly and doesn’t stir when Dean nudges him, tries to squeeze his way under an arm or against his chest. Dean snuffles – not quite a whine – and Castiel goes so far as to kick him under the blankets, closing his eyes defiantly tighter.

Dean sighs. Time to get up, then.

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seareyes  asked:

Stiles/Derek + why do you guys think stiles is a defenseless human being? He is literally the only one that can knock Derek out. (Bonus with Hale Pack)

I’m sorry this is so late omg. i hope you like it!

It’s Isaac who really notices first that Stiles isn’t exactly the defenseless human he pretends to be. 

Here’s what happened:

The pack is practicing fighting to prepare for any danger that may come their way, but Stiles sits on the stairs and watches because he is “enjoying the view” as he says with a wink towards Derek. (Really, how Derek doesn’t know Stiles is into him is beyond Isaac, but he’s not touching that with a ten foot pole).

After everyone has done their allotted practice, Derek makes Stiles stand up and try his hand at fighting him. It goes very quickly with Stiles landing on the ground on his back and Derek looking smug.

The thing is, it looks like Stiles completely threw the fight. Like he barely winced when he hit the ground, and he hit it hard that would make any human at least cry out in pain. 

Boyd is next to notice. 

It happens on a summer evening when they’re planning a party with the pack. The celebration reason? Lydia and Stiles perfected a formula of wolfsbane that slows down the wolves’ metabolism enough to get them drunk. Boyd isn’t particularly excited, but Erica is so that’s why he’s helping them carry kegs out to the backyard of the newly built Hale house.

He grabs two, one in each hand, easily, but he knows from experience as a human that these things aren’t light. He is definitely taking advantage of some werewolf strength. However, Stiles grabs one easily and doesn’t look like it really is taking a lot of effort for him. 

Huh. Maybe Stiles isn’t as weak as they all assumed.

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“Oh God, oh God,” she whispered, rushing through the parking lot, tray of coffee in her hands, she flashes her ID at the security guard and runs into the building.

Y/N was never late, never. She was always fifteen minutes early to everything, but today the world seemed to hate her. Her alarm never went off, her roommate didn’t bother to help her, she was late to class so the professor pulled her aside which caused her to leave later, which meant she ended up in traffic and now she was late to her internship. 

Just as she turns the corner another body slams into hers, making the coffee on her tray spill all over the other person. She closes her eyes praying it;s another intern. 

“What the fuck,” a deeper voice hissed, causing her to look up at Harry Styles. 

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Keith’s Galra DNA

So this is a long one, but I think it’s important.

This will go in the “Headcanon” category. If you want to take this idea and expand upon it, please do! Tag me so I can see what you create! And HERE are my other headcanons!

I was sitting in a science class, thinking about Voltron, as you do. And a theory came up and hit me out of nowhere.

Now, I’m no biology major. But we’re talking about a show with giant space robot lions forming to make a giant space robot man piloted by an escaped prisoner with a magic/tech arm and four teenagers. I don’t think scientific accuracy is our main concern.

We know Keith is part Galra. We just don’t know how much. A lot of people are going for the 75/25 split in favor of human, because of how he looks. This is called phenotype - how our genes are expressed outwardly. But phenotype is determined by dominant and recessive genes. The genotype is what the DNA is actually made of.

With that in mind, you can have a 50/50 split in favor of Galra, with human being all dominant. With all the aliens out there that are even vaguely human-looking (with face structure, body structure, etc), it seems like human-like traits seem to be dominant in this universe’s genome. And we see Keith having human traits in the dominant form - dark hair, dark eyes. So we can think that most, if not all of Keith’s Galra DNA is in the recessive form in the genotype. It’s there, we just don’t see it. It could even be a 75/25 split in favor of Galra instead of human, but all be hidden. This is why some children look so much like one parent and almost nothing like the other.

So now that we’ve got the science out of the way, let’s talk about the Blade of Marmora episode and get some theories going.

Imagine Keith’s blade triggering the Galra DNA in his system, pulling it from genotype to phenotype. All the Galra traits were there, but they were all in the recessive form. The magic purple flash changed them all from recessive to dominant. That’s not exactly how our DNA works, but we also have this quintessence stuff that turned him a bit purple? We’re talking about alien biology, cut me some slack.

But this switch wouldn’t happen instantly (like we all wanted and made edits of). It would take time for the biology to catch up.

And that’s the transformation we wanted.

Imagine Keith getting super hungry, his body craving the nutrients to grow ears, claws, a new set of teeth, maybe a tail. With all the hand-to-hand combat he does, he must burn a lot of calories already. He goes to each meal eating three bowls of food goo, begging Hunk to make something with a lot of calcium because he’s so hungry. But once his body has stored up enough, the hunger disappears. He starts to feel nauseated. Who knows what a Galra diet entails, but it’s certainly not food goo.

Imagine him waking up to find that his body is itching from starting to sprout a fine layer of purple hair. He tries to shave it off his face, but it grows back by the end of the day (I mean, come on, they have to have razors on the castleship. There’s no way all of them stay so cleanly shaven, even if you go to the extreme and only count Shiro and Coran growing facial hair).

As his ear biology shifts, his hearing goes out of commission for a while. He tries to read lips, and it works pretty well, but you can’t read lips over an intercom through the Lions. The same thing happens with his eyes. The corners of them start to turn yellow, and his vision blurs as his actual eye is changing.

His jaw would start to ache like getting wisdom teeth, except for his entire mouth, until one day while he’s brushing them in the morning, they start to fall out. Depending on how different Galra bone structure is, he could even be incapacitated for a few days. We never see what a Galra foot looks like, or if their skull structure is different for the ears. He might even grow to a more Galra height, making him even more hungry.

I imagine that he would stay vaguely human-like. He wouldn’t change into an Ulaz-looking Galra, but a much more human-looking Galra. Short for a Galra, tall for a human, and much more human facial features. He’d keep his iconic mullet (even it turned just a tad bit more purple), his gloves would accentuate the aesthetic of claws, he’d even be able to master the very annoyed Galra snarl with the sharp teeth poking out. He would still look like Keith.

To end on a happy note, imagine the entire Voltron team being there for him during this transformation. Hunk would make him the most nutrient-packed meals he can manage, making sure to blend them up into a smoothie so his teeth don’t hurt. Pidge would dive into the science behind it, and even though Keith doesn’t fully understand, it’s somewhat comforting to know that someone does. Lance would absolutely be the personal cheerleader, always talking about how cool it is to have a Galra on their team and all the advantages it brings. Shiro would not only be the King of Moral Support but also help with the physical aspects. He’d train with Keith every day to help him adjust to the new Galra body. Coran would spout the history of Galra before Zarkon started taking over the universe, telling him about their culture and all the good things about them. And after a long period of giving him the cold shoulder, Allura would finally apologize. She’d take great strides to mend the relationship, even going so far as to do research into where his mother may have gone because she knows what it’s like to lose parents. And while that’s not directly helping him with the physical pain, it’s giving him very good peace of mind.

TL;DR: If Keith is going to have a more Galra form, it would be a much more gradual and painful change than just *poof* Galra. And everyone, even Allura, would be happy to help him with it.

allurance through the ages

so i figured i’d do a comparison post between golion kurofala, 80′s allurance, and vld allurance!

in golion, kurogane (lance) was literally the only person (including fala herself) who believed that fala (allura) could pilot the blue lion from the beginning. furthermore, fala could trust that kurogane would not go easy on her, and would treat her as a teammate rather than a princess. what many people forget/misunderstand about fala is that she so desperately wants to help defend her planet; being handled with kid gloves does not help her in that endeavor, but being trained by kurogane, someone who understands that and believes that she can defend her planet if she keeps trying, absolutely does. 

what i loved about their relationship was that kurogane believed in her, trusted her, treated her like an equal, and had a silly crush on her. fala, for her part, clearly indulged him in his crush and appreciated the trust he gave her enough to seek him out when she needed training. 

in 80′s voltron, their dynamic was pretty similar. one major difference is that 80′s voltron was less explicitly sexist than golion, so the whole “only kurogane thinks that fala, a WOMAN, can pilot the blue lion” plot didn’t happen. however, lance’s sincere belief in her, and his eagerness to get thrown over her shoulder, still came through. 

the moment that really sold the ship to me was in episode 22, in which lance, without a moment’s hesitation, runs off in the blue lion to get the flowers that will save allura’s life. he’s so fast that he’s flying away by the time anyone else considers going on the mission themselves. at the end of the episode, allura kisses him, and he just blushes like the lovesick puppy he is. 

in fact, due to the need to pad the airtime after cutting the violent scenes from golion, they repeated that clip of allura kissing lance five (5) times. on four of those occasions, lance didn’t even do anything special to “earn” it. now, you may argue that it doesn’t count because it was a solution for airtime issues, but i say, screw that. at the end of the day, allura kissed lance five times, lance looked shocked and blushed five times, and the dialogue changed to reflect this in each specific instance. canon is canon. allura took any excuse she could get to kiss lance, alright. 

i wasn’t a fan of vld allurance until this season. while each incarnation of lance has flirted with allura, it was only vld lance who harassed her about it. in season 3, however, he didn’t flirt with her even once. their interactions were more sincere and fond than exasperating. 

on lance’s part, he clearly respects her, admires her abilities, and trusts that she can pilot blue. saying that he’s glad it was allura, of all people, who took blue from him, and saying that she should keep blue because she’s so talented, speaks volumes about what lance really thinks of allura. once again, it’s lance who is the most enthusiastic about allura piloting the blue lion. (i think it would be rather reductive to assume that lance only thinks allura is a worthy “replacement” because he’s struggling with his own insecurities; he’s clearly genuinely excited when she succeeds, not just resigned to it, because he’s capable of thinking beyond himself.) once he gets past his surface-level attraction, he can truly appreciate allura as a person. 

on allura’s part, now that lance isn’t actively annoying her, she’s clearly coming to appreciate him as a person as well. not only is she recognizing his more noble traits, but she’s also seeing him in situations that showcase that naturally. on the lighter side, she uses his own flirting line on blue, complete with pose and sparkles, and says that being like lance was what led blue to respond to her. it seems like she’s coming to understand him more, now that she isn’t distracted by his flirting antics and she sees why he and blue worked together so well. 

my favorite moment, though, is when allura just lifts him up and carries him away because he’s whining and they need to leave. 

in general, lance and allura clearly both appreciate each other now, and have a much more sincere bond than before. where that will go in the future is anyone’s guess, but i love the potential of it, and i love the continuing trend of lance being so supportive of her piloting blue. 

I just want to write more anxious!Tony and explore his mental illness more and I want to add sensory-overload and people actually fucking supporting him instead of the clusterfuck that is the MCU. I’m gonna throw this snippet at you and see what happens.

Edit: I just read up on Sensory Processing Disorder and EVERYTHING DESCRIBES TONY WHAT THE FUCK I’M CONSIDERING IT CANON.

“These are time-sensitive,” Pepper said, opening the folder so he could see the contracts inside. She watched Tony’s eyes track over the paper before she turned to the next page for him. “Can I leave these with you if I spread them out on the desk?”

“…Yes,” Tony decided.

“Alright.” She spread the pages out over his desk. “I need to go send some faxes. Will you be okay?”

Tony stared at the pages. “…Yes.”

Pepper turned to leave, pausing at the door. “If you have trouble, just call me.”

“I will,” Tony said, nodding. He waited for her to leave before he stuck his tongue out at the paperwork.

He read everything over and decided they were all worth signing. Unfortunate. He grabbed a pen, hand hovering over the first contract, then let out a frustrated sound and began pacing his office.

Pepper found him still pacing. “Do you need me to hold your hand?”

No,” Tony answered immediately. “I can do it!”

“I never said you couldn’t do it. I asked if you wanted me to hold your hand.”

“Well I don’t!” Tony snapped, turning, hand hovering over the contract. After a moment, he finally pressed pen to paper, carefully keeping his hand above it.

Pepper reached out to put a hand on the paper so it wouldn’t move when he signed it. “Where are your gloves?”

“They’re–I was using them–I don’t know,” he admitted, ashamed.

“That’s fine,” she said, not accusing. “I’ll make you another pair.”

“I’m sorry,” he said softly.

Pepper reached toward him, hand hovering over his shoulder for a moment before she actually set it down. “It’s fine. I just wish you’d told me.” She began collecting the contracts before he could say anything else. “It’s fine. I’ll make them while I catch up on Desperate Housewives.

Tony frowned, uncertain. “Okay.”

“Right? Okay.” She smiled at him. “I think we’re done here for the day.”

Tony blinked at her, then hesitantly walked around his desk, just waiting for her to say ‘oh, I forgot!’ When she didn’t, he managed an awkward but sincere smile and walked past her.

Pepper looked through the contracts one last time, frowning a little. She wished she could forge his signature.

Natalie tried to hand him a sheaf of papers.

Tony skittered away, tugging his pocket square from his jacket and beginning to rub it with his thumbs anxiously. “No thank you.”

Natalie stared at him, looking the closest to confused that he’d ever seen her. “That… that wasn’t a request.”

“I’ll take those,” Pepper said pleasantly, taking the sheaf of papers from her hands. She looked through them. “Patent paperwork.”

“Oh,” Tony said, still rubbing his pocket square.

“Not necessarily as time-sensitive, but you definitely need to sign them.”


Pepper glanced up at him. “It’s not inappropriate to be startled, Tony.” She looked at Natasha. “Tony needs to know you’re there, and he doesn’t like to be handed things.” She gave Natalie a quietly dangerous look, daring her to say something.

“…I can do that,” Natalie said after a moment. She noticed Tony’s shoulders relaxing and didn’t raise an eyebrow, instead adding, “Is there anything else I need to know?”

“Don’t be afraid to tell Tony if he’s standing too close to you,” Pepper answered immediately, then turned to raise an eyebrow at Tony.

Tony flushed and looked down at his feet. “Don’t wear strong perfume. Or. Uh. Perfume at all? Um, and I don’t like to stand in large groups. And I–when I request a certain food, I’m not–I need that food. I’m not–I’m not picky. It’s the texture.”

“The… texture,” Natalie repeated slowly, eyes flicking down to the silk pocket square in his hands. “Okay. I can work with that.”

“And he has special gloves if you have any time-sensitive paperwork,” Pepper added.

“Okay,” Natalie said again, nodding. “I can make this work.” She couldn’t help but swallow thickly when Tony looked incredibly grateful, and she wondered how many times his needs had been ignored.

Natasha felt awful when she stuck him in the neck. She felt worse when he looked up at her, betrayed, and visibly closed off.

“You said I was a narcissist,” Tony said accusingly.

Natasha did not flinch, but only because she’d been trained not to. “How did you get in my room?”

“A textbook narcissist, even.”

“…I decided,” she said after a moment of thought. “That SHIELD didn’t need to know about your disorder.”

Tony stared at her for a long moment. “So you lied instead.”


“I wouldn’t have been approved for this initiative anyway, would I? Because I’m–I’m a mess?”

Natasha opened her mouth, then shut it again, tilting her head thoughtfully. “…You function,” she finally decided on. “Better than most people in your position would. And you seem to do well in the suit when you’re not dying. I wrote that evaluation under certain circumstances, and I wrote it to say the things people wanted to hear. How much it is true or false now doesn’t matter.”

Tony fidgeted with his cuff links, swaying a little where he stood. “…I’m still mad,” he finally decided.

“That’s fair.”

“I’m leaving now.”

“Do you need me to walk you out of the building?”

Tony’s fidgeting grew. “…What’s the alarm for?”

Natasha could not hear an alarm, but she believed him. “I have no idea,” she admitted honestly. “I have earplugs. Would you like them?”

“…Yes,” he answered meekly.

Natasha didn’t say he was weak, because he wasn’t. And she didn’t say he could do better, because he was already doing his best. Instead she set the earplugs on her bedside table and let him pick them up, then waited for him to put them in before she led him out of her apartment, not saying a word when his arm occasionally brushed hers.

“I need,” Tony began, then stopped, clutching his sleeves.

Jim sat up with a snort, still somewhat bleary-eyed. “What? What do you need?”

“I didn’t mean to wake you,” Tony said guiltily.

“I was on the couch, it’s fine.” Jim rubbed his eyes before looking up at him. “What do you need?”

Tony looked down at his feet. “I’m tired. …’nd sad.”

“Aw, Tones,” Jim cooed, immediately holding his arms out. “C’mere.”

Tony shuffled around him, anxious, then held out a robe. “Here.”

Jim pulled the robe on over his arms, spreading the rest of it over his body, then held his arms out again. The brunet touched the robe cautiously, and only then crawled into his lap. “I’m glad you know you can come to me, Tones. Wanna sleep?”

“It’s too loud,” Tony admitted, curling his fingers in the soft material of the robe.

“In your head, or out?”


“Okay,” Jim said, because he could work with that. “You got your earplugs in?”


He began rubbing a soothing hand up and down Tony’s spine. “Great. I’m gonna recite pi as far as I can and if you’re not asleep by then I’m gonna start reciting every component of an F-16′s motor.”

Tony was asleep just after the one hundred and forty-third number of pi. Jim was glad, because he’d only memorized the first one hundred and fifty.

Just a little Theory

Keith and his gloves has always fascinated me. He always wears them; almost never takes them off. I have a little theory for that.

We all know somewhat about Keith’s past (even more so thank’s to his vlog), and know because of this, it’s hard for him to trust people. He’s afraid to reach out toward people, and keeps his guard up, builds concrete walls. He doesn’t draw people near, hell he lived alone in a shack in the desert. That’s where his gloves come into play. It seems as though he his protecting his hands from getting hurt, more specifically, his touch. He is protecting that feeling of reaching out, trusting someone. You can share a lot of emotion in just a single touch, and Keith knows that. That’s why he wears his gloves.

And a theory that Lance knows this. He knows Keith has trouble letting people in, and expressing his emotions. So Lance focuses on the emotions that Keith expresses more freely: competitiveness, for example. He proclaimed Keith as his rival in order for him to express more emotion, hopefully making it a bit easier for him.

And that’s why Lance is always the first to calm Keith down, to be the voice of reason at times. Because he knows that Keith isn’t the best when comes to his emotions, so he acts on impulse. So while Lance is picking with him, or challenging to obscure things, and even comforting him, it’s in hopes that Keith will learn to open up more, to trust him and the team.

But hey, that’s just a theory, what do I know?

Since we haven’t seen Dean with any pic of Cas, and I totally refuse to accept he doesn’t have any, I like to think he has them in some place where he can look at them whenever he wants to so now I want Sam to open I don’t know the impala’s glove box or Dean’s closet looking for something and he finds a lot of pics, but in a funny way like they start to fall and when it looks like there aren’t more they start to fall again and Dean keeps getting redder and redder and he just whispers something like

“ I can explain”

Ten extra points if Cas is in the backseat or in the room in that moment

Punk (Chap. 5)

Summary: You’re head over heels for your best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 2942

Warnings: Same as always

A/N:  FYI on Chap. 4 I had to go back and make a minor change bc of a continuity error.  Bucky’s hair is short (think TJ Hammond style) in this fic and i slipped up an put in a man-bun note (it’s my weakness). Sorry!  Now, back to the story….

Abandoning Wanda in your closet to hunt through the mass of new clothes you’d unceremoniously shoved in there earlier, you raced down the floor towards Nat’s room, ready to call the whole night off after that disaster of a dinner.  You rounded the corner and attempted to stop short but your socks had no grip and you crashed into a wall of muscle.  “Sorry, Sam,” you mumbled.  “You okay?” Sam laughed and steadied you back on your feet.

You heard Bucky snort from behind and winced. Great, he’d just seen you stuff your face full of Chow Mein and apple pie and now he caught you hurdling down the hallway like the giant boulder from Indiana Jones.  “He’s fine,” Bucky clapped him on the back.  “Not even you could crack this thick skull.”  

And with that he pulled Sam’s sweatshirt hood over his eyes and gave him a noogie before guffawing like a doofus and racing past you with Sam hot on his heels.

“Ay yo!  What the hell’s that mean?!” he hollered.  “And don’t touch my hair, man!”  Sam’s voice carried down the hallway as he chased your best friend.  A loud thud and muffled ‘ooof’ confirmed that he’d caught up to him and apparently rugby tackled him in the living room.

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