he came as a lion

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh to donate money for research

Chandigarh, Sep 25 (IANS) Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan says his share of earning from his upcoming film “MSG The Warrior: Lion Heart” will be donated to be used for scientific research.

Gurmeet said the money will be put to use for plant stem cell and tissue culture research, read a statement.

The film’s trailer was launched with much fanfare at Shah Satnam ji Dham at Sirsa on Friday.

Gurmeet entered the world of entertainment in 2015 with the controversial “MSG The Messenger”. In 2016, he came back with “MSG-2 The Messenger”.

“MSG The Warrior: Lion Heart” is the fourth instalment, “Online Gurukul” being the third film.

“MSG The Warrior Lion Heart” is about a medieval warrior who fights aliens from outer space, to protect the dignity of womenfolk and his motherland. The film releases on October 7.



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"You haven't slept since when?! No wonder you look like shit." Smooth, Wallace, real smooth. ( ⊗ )

My muse hasn’t slept in days. Send a to force them to go to bed.

Kouichi raised a finger, swaying on the spot. But when he opened his mouth, all that came out was a huge, lion-roar like jaw-splitting yawn overcoming him.

“Maybe I a- always look like this,” a mutter.

Hair disheveled, eyes with shadows underneath…

Yeah, you got yourself a real looker here, Wallace.

Kouichi can only protest in the form of tiny weak kitten squeaks as the blond takes him to bed.

Just idk. like please do a fic like this. it's a prompt btw.

Obv Hogwarts AU (cus it’s the only thing more real than phan). Maybe popular animingus phil (a lion) likes to hang around in the forbidden forest sometimes. Dan is a sad slytherin and was sadding around in the forest while like a lion came, and he freaked out and stuff but the lion pounced on him and licked him or sth. then dan would confide in phil sometimes. maybe when dan has problems, phil tries to discreetly solve it for him in school cus he’s popular. yeah and can dan have a crush on normal phil and phil starts to fall for him when he hangs out with him in lion form and stuff? i dont mind what genre but fluff would be nice. like getting together fluff. holy shit what is this.

i cant write shit so i really hope someone would write this please yeah yay.

dinner date with dad:
me: *while slicing ribs* so i think i might be in love with a dude.
dad: *choking noises* what?
me: his, uh, his name is keith. keith kogane.
dad: *raises an eyebrow* you’re ace. you came out to me last year.
dad: he what?
me: *resumes eating ribs* so I think I am in love with a dude named keith.

Zarkon Headcanon Post

There are some MAJOR SPOILERS for the end of s1 ahead so please skip this if you don’t want spoilers!! But if you’re interested in hearing my thoughts and theories about Zarkon and his role in the show, it’s all right here :)



So it’s revealed at the end of s1 that Zarkon is the original Black Lion paladin; while the show has not explicitly stated this, Zarkon does have a bayard and he does tell Keith during their fight that the black lion came back to it’s original paladin. I figured something was up after Allura told Shiro his weapon was lost with the former paladin back in the first episodes, but that’s neither here nor there. Which makes me wonder: what the heck happened to Zarkon that pushed him to be like this?

@asexualstarscream and I were talking about what might have happened to him and what became of the original paladins; if you want to hear their thoughts, pop over to their blog and give them an ask :) My theory is that Zarkon was originally Galra but that was back in the days before Galra was a mass murdering empire, kind of like the Fire Nation pre-Sozin. He was chosen by Alfor and the black lion to be the leader of the paladins, but something went very, very wrong along the way. I’m thinking pride and a lust for power divided him from the other paladins and started planting seeds of doubt in Zarkon that made him vulnerable to suggestion. Specifically Haggar’s suggestion; I definitely think she was the person who helped him complete his transformation from Zarkon the Paladin to Zarkon Dark Overlord of the Universe. She was the Palpatine to Zarkon’s Anakin. Once she had successfully pulled Voltron’s leader into her grasp, it would give her the perfect chance to destroy Voltron and Alfor’s power.

But I’m thinking that’s where the plan got messed up. The lions seem like they would reject any paladin who became corrupted by evil, so my guess is the black lion rejected Zarkon and the others became alerted to his betrayal. Zarkon, now at Haggar’s whim, fought his former team and most likely murdered them all, considering that none of the paladins were alive (that we know of) when Alfor sent them away. With Voltron sealed away, Altea gone and the king and paladins dead, Zarkon was left with nothing but a bayard and a cackling witch by his side. His weapon is the only thing that indicates he was once something more than a dictator, hellbent on taking over the universe.

Tuesday Nights

Requested by @teenwxlfies

AN:// Thanks for the request! I hope this fulfils your desires. I am taking requests if anyone wants to slip one into my ask box. Feedback is always appreciated :)

Pairing: Cody Christian x reader

Word Count: 887

Warnings: Major fluff. Enjoy 

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Tuesday nights are my favorite. Eating popcorn and being surrounded by blankets and pillows while wearing nothing but my underwear is the best. Wait- scratch that. All this plus being snuggled up against my man is the best. I hummed softly as Cody shifted, wrapping his arms around me and moving my hair so we can properly spoon without him getting strands of hair in his mouth. Nothing can beat this moment.

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A Dan and Phil Bedtime Poem:

In a small London flat

Live two fun, cool guys.

They write, and they joke,

And they’re famous worldwide.

The first is Amazing,

And Phil is his name.

He loves lions, and space,

And when Christmas time came.

He started his channel

A long time ago,

But its growing and growing!

Phil watches it go!

Phil’s best friend is Dan.

And Dan is on fire.

He’s pensive and antic,

And his jokes never tire.

Dan’s often quite awkward:

Things fill him with dread.

Like Nietzsche, and people,

And dumb things he’s said.

Dan’s also creative.

And he’d say with a grin:

“It’s the whiskers, you know,

That come from within”.

Dan and Phil are quite busy.

They have lots to do!

Like play games or make snacks

Or art projects too!

They have so many friends,

Like Simon and Dil.

They pull pranks and do shows:

The fun things that thrill!

Their days are quite fun,

But everyone sleeps.

Dan and Phil go back home

And begin to count sheep.

The clock then chimes midnight

And soon all is still.

“Goodnight” says Dan.

“Sweet Dreams” says Phil.


This route is a little sad.. my heart aches for the weirdo… Lion’s favourite food is Lemon Pie, but according to Al, he would only eat the Lemon Pie that’s made by their mother, which passed away long long time ago (meaning he hasn’t had his favourite food for over 15 years). And of course, before MC came along, he never celebrated his birthday…

Lion: “I have no memory of my last birthday, or my brother’s birthday, or all the birthdays before that. My birthday became  “Unbirthday”. Not just birthdays, everyday I repeat the same routine as “yesterday”.. What kind of meaning does my age hold when this cycle just continues forever? Then, you appeared before my eyes. You know, at first I let my sadness got the better of me …..and don’t know how to approach (or handle?) you.”

Because he’s afraid to interact with other people, he puts on a mask (the mad hatter persona)  and lives in solitude.

As much as he freaks me out in his main route all the way to the end, events certainly shed a new light on him… well, some events….he still has a creepy mode… When hes not creepy, hes a sweetie with a tragic background, a little childish, but also reliable.

(can i just have the normal half of him? lol)

Asylum AU Dragon-scale-tales

It was a quiet night at the asylum however there was a new arrival that made a lot of noises. His name was Kopa but most of the doctors and nurses had called him subject zero. He wasn’t exactly human, he was part lion hybrid. One of the doctors came over to Ziwa “ are you ready to try and calm down subject zero?” He asked as he handed her a clipboard with his file. And also emergency items. Such as a tranquilizer and such.

Things I Need... (Stevenbomb 3.0 edition)

-Lapis to join the Crystal Gems
-Sardonyx to be a fusion of pretty much anyone (bonus points if its Peridot and Jasper)
-An episode centered around Greg and Rose telling the Gems that Rose is pregnant and their reactions to that
-Lapis to join the Crystal Gems
-More Pearl thirst because its fucking hilarious
-Ruby and Sapphire to unsfuse so we can have some cuteness with them
-To learn more about Lion and where he came from
-Lapis to join the Cyrstal Gems
-Amethyst to get her own solo song
-Another Garnet song
-Another duet between Connie and Steven
-Stevonnie to fight with Steven’s Shield and Rose’s sword
-Lapis to join the Cyrstal Gems
-More homeworld gems
-A way to heal those forced fusions
-Garnet/Pearl fusion (FUCKING FINALLY)
-Lapis to join the Crystal Gems
-Connie obtaining Rose’s Sword (bonus points if Steven is the one who gives it to her)
-A big fucking battle (I don’t even care who’s fighting I just want a fucking fight, ok?)
-Lapis to join the Crystal Gems
-Garnet/Pearl/Amethyst/Steven fusion
-An episode focusing on how Amethyst joined the team (with more cute baby Amethyst!)
-Lapis to join the Crystal Gems
-Steven to retreat into his gem and regenerates with a new outfit and new abilities (even though that would hurt my soul)
-More Peridot kookiness
-More stuff with the Cool Kids
-Lapis to join the Crystal Gems
-An episode about Steven when he was younger/whenever the Gems started taking care of him
-Steven to somehow communicate with Rose
-Lapis to join the Crystal Gems
-Malachite to split up
-More Opal/Sugilite/Alexandrite
-Lapis to join the Crystal Gems
-Lapis to join the Crystal Gems


Official Pikkuri Sticker Information 

 Kouen Ren: 

 "While he is the first imperial prince of the Kou Empire, he also serves as the western invasion commander-in-chief. He is the master of three djinns, and he turns into a red lion that pushes through the battlefield, following the path of a king, governing with authority and might (覇道). Whenever he’s not fighting wars, he spends his time idling away. He thinks his goatee suits him.“ 

Note: I was lost how to translate the sentence in italic. The literal translation that I came up with is: ‘he transforms into a red lion, running through the path of one uniting the country and governing it with authority and might’. After doing some research on (覇道=military rule), I found that it’s a traditional concept in Chinese regions and in Japan that’s often mentioned along with ‘王道=royal road’. According to a dictionary on a Japanese site: 

 覇道 (Hadou)=the path of one uniting the country and trying to govern it by authority and might (path of might) 

 王道 (Oudou)=the path of one governing the country by morals (path of right)

It seems many countries in the world of Magi represent the concept of ‘覇道=rule of might’. Along with Kou, there’s Sasan, Reim, Parthevia and Heliohapt. On a cover of Sunday-S, young Sinbad was described that he was following the path of might (should’ve guessed from his moniker ‘七海の覇王=as the high king of the seven seas’) The only countries that could be examples of ‘王道=rule of right’ are Imuchakk and Qishan after Jamil. Probably Reim will follow this path as well with the help of Titus. 

From what I understood, though the rule of right is widely preferred among the Japanese, the rule of might isn’t necessarily considered evil, some could argue it has its merits and is necessary sometimes. I’m not really a history expert, so a better explanation or translation is welcome. 

As for Kouen himself, I did some research and found posts from the time before the battle with the Medium when his sticker came out. There were speculations that one of his djinn equips resembles a lion. He also earned the nickname ‘赤獅子=red lion’. There are also some funny fanart based on that sentence from his sticker profile.


So, Gem fusion is a process that absorbs both “parents” and creates a new entity from it.
And Human procreation is a process that takes two halves and creates a new separate entity from it.
And Lion, seems to be quite connected to Rose. In addition to being bright pink with a fluffy cotton candy mane it had possession of her lost sword, and has been shown to be very protective of Steven. And while Steven retains most of Roses’ powers, Lion seems to have most of Rose’s memories (the cave and scabbard for instance). However, Pearl knew nothing about Lion, meaning he likely came into existence AFTER Rose.
I think, in order to consolidate between the two reproductive processes when Rose “gave up her physical form” for Steven to be “half-human, half-gem” only HALF of Rose went into him, as human procreation demands, the remaining half split off and became its own entity, Lion.

Whether this makes Lion a brother of sorts, or just half a mom I’m not certain. But it does make me think a Steven-Lion fusion may be in our future.


edit 28/3/15 - Maybe this is why Greg has a cat carrier?

Old sketches :3 

I probably did this after “Indirect Kiss” since we learned a bit more about Rose so I had to doodle!

And then baby lion… Okay I want to know more about where that pink puff came from and how he and Rose became allies!

Then Lion as a cub came into existence. I have no regrets

And steven would probably enjoy Lion as a cub since he’d be all playful and junk