he broke his own rules

Jack at his panel:
  • jack: sorry i can't get off the stage, its against the rules
  • a person apart of the community: *cries*
  • a person apart of the community: *is really nervous*
  • a person apart of the community: *really wants a hug*
  • a person apart of the community: *and/or just really loves him for all he's done for us and is really overwhelmed*
  • a person apart of the community: *exists*
  • jack:
  • jack:
  • jack:
  • jack: ...
  • jack: FUCK THAT
  • jack: *jumps down to hug the person*

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hi sai! sorry to bother, but do you know why Todoroki did not use his full powers when fighting Bakugou? i'm still a lil confused about it ;; (sorry if this has been asked before lol)

aaahh, it’s because Todoroki was feeling conflicted about his powers. he used them without thinking in his fight with Izuku, because he had forgotten about his father. 

but then he asked himself, is that right? I promised myself I wouldn’t use those powers no matter what, but then I did, because I forgot about him. and is that right?

he wasn’t sure of the answer, and he didn’t know what to do after that. because he broke one of his own rules, but he was able to remember his dream of becoming a hero and why he wanted to be a hero in the first place (All Might…), and was able to use his fire without remorse, because he forgot about Endeavor. 

but afterwards, he met with Endeavor. Endeavor was proud, of course, his son was finally using his fire- except. it had nothing to do with him. because Todoroki forgot about him and his influence. and Todoroki just wasn’t sure if that was the right thing to do. he wasn’t sure how to continue on from then, because he was conflicted about his emotions. should he still use his fire?

during his fight with Bakugou, he tried to use his fire. but he couldn’t. he couldn’t bring himself to use his fire, not yet, because he was still conflicted and confused. he still didn’t know what the right answer was. he just… didn’t know where to go now. because everything he knew for years were turned on it’s head, and now he just doesn’t know what to do.

that’s why he goes to see his mother after the Sports Festival, to help him make a decision. because he hadn’t seen her since before he decided to never use his powers in spite of Endeavor. but now he did… so yeah. 

long story short, Todoroki had a lot of conflicting thoughts and emotions during his and Bakugou’s match, and he wasn’t able to fight at his full potential because of it


“Take your shot, but make it your best. ‘Cause I get up, I eat ya.”  ~  Whitey Bulger.

3 years ago, today (September 18), “Black Mass” premiered in the USA. The movie based on the 2001 book “Black Mass: The True Story of an Unholy Alliance Between the FBI and the Irish Mob” by Dick Lehr and Gerard O'Neill was premiered originally two weeks earlier in September 4 at Venice Film Festival in Italy. The movie was also shown at the Telluride Film Festival the next day, and in the Special Presentation section of the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival. Johnny and the cast attended both festivals, so as the screening at Coolidge Corner Theater, in Massachusetts and the BFI London Film Festival, in London. Both movie, and Depp’s performance, received acclaim from most critics, and many people believed that Johnny really deserved an Academy Award nomination for his performance as Bulger, but were all surprised when his name was left off the list of nominees. Some believe it was because Johnny commented that he didn’t want to win an Oscar if nominated for one. In this movie, Johnny makes one of his most compelling performances in years portraying the second on the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list, behind Osama bin Laden, the Boston gangster, Whitey Bulger.  

In the 1970s South Boston, FBI Agent John Connolly persuades Irish mobster James “Whitey” Bulger (Johnny Depp) to collaborate with the FBI and eliminate a common enemy: the Italian mob. The drama tells the true story of this unholy alliance, which spiraled out of control, allowing Whitey to evade law enforcement, consolidate power, and become one of the most ruthless and powerful gangsters in Boston history. 

> Curiosities:

* This is fourth time that Johnny plays a real-life gangster, after Joseph D. Pistone in “Donnie Brasco” (1997), George Jung in “Blow” (2001), and John Dillinger in Public Enemies (2009). 

* While researching for the role, Johnny tried multiple times to speak to James “Whitey” Bulger, which is currently incarcerated for life at the United States Penitentiary Coleman II in Sumterville, Florida. But Burger didn’t accepted. Johnny had to use photos and old videos to perform exactly like him. This is one of the most violent roles Johnny has ever done.

* In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2003), Johnny Depp admitted that he broke his rule of not watching his own movies with this one. He was at the film’s debut in Venice. He was about to skip out of watching the film, but Director Scott Cooper asked him to stay, so he did. Johnny also said that this was his favorite movie of all he had done. 

* Johnny picked up his Boston accent for the film from his friend Joe Perry. 

* The movie project was shelved once after Johnny Depp dropped out due to salary issues. 

* This is the movie with most profanity words Johnny had done. Just the word “f*ck” is said 254 times throughout the film, most of them, by him. 

* Johnny was nominated for the SAG Award for Best Actor and won the Desert Palm Achievement Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. 

* As usual, the movie has different titles around the world: In some countries from the Latin America, the movie is known as “Pacto Criminal” (Criminal Pact), but in Brazil is named “Aliança do Crime” (Crime Alliance). In France has another English title: Strictly Criminal”.  In some countries they kept the original title and added a new one in their native language : In Czech Republic and Portugal they added “Dirty Game”, In Spain “Strictly criminal”, in Italy “The Last Gangster” and in Romania “Dirty Business”.

Gibbs & Blue

This was requested by anon! I hope you all love it <3 <3

Word count: 378

Warnings: fluffish

(gif is not mine)

There were times where Gibbs openly broke his own rules.  Every time he broke one of his own rules, he did it for the right reason.  When he looked at you, all he could do was think about rule twelve.  He wanted to break that rule; he wanted to make you his.

As you padded into the squad room late at night, you were wearing casual clothing.  The Marine wasn’t sure why you had come back.  Maybe there was something you had missed?  Or maybe you came back for him?  

“Did ya forget something [Y/N],” Gibbs asked as he watched you move around your desk.  His eyes scanned over your body, admiring every curve that he could.  You always looked so beautiful.  Sometimes it was hard for Gibbs to think straight.

“Yeah, I forgot my phone in my desk,” you mumbled, plucking the phone from the metal drawer.  You turned around, walking over to your boss’s desk.  “Why are you still here Gibbs?”

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Lengthy Rant on the Beauty of the Community and Jack


This community is the kindest I will ever know. People were crying, physically crying, because they had the opportunity to say a single word to Jack. And everyone around was yelling, “You can do this!” “You’ve got this!” “It’s OK!” “We’re here for you!” That is the kindest and sweetest thing people can do. I want to thank you guys for that. People asked the most touching and beautiful questions too. Thought provoking things, music things, silly things (like prom), and what they could do for Jack. Here is a hug to all. Because we all need a hug every once and a while.

Jack broke his own rules that he set because he KNEW he had a time limit and would be tempted. He hugged those crying people that loved and needed Jack. He showed his love for us all. Jack was toooo kind, tooooo pure. Jack was the sweetest little potato.

Best of Wishes 😘

Side note: I have finally decided to try pineapple pizza. Ethan’s love for it pushed me, now Jack’s commitment, and Mark’s absolute hate against it have also done it. PINEAPPLE PIZZA, HERE I COME.

I gonna tag Mark and Ethan solely for the pizza part lol.

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It is so weird to watch The Name of the Doctor after watching The Husbands of River Song. 

For River, chronologically speaking, she’s already met Twelve. She’s had her 24 year night with the Doctor, but the way she spoke about Eleven, about a man who doesn’t like endings felt like several steps back. 

I can probably handwave it as River ascribing the interpretation to this Eleventh incarnation of the Doctor. 

One of the things I love about The Husband of River Song is that it heals for me the characterization I didn’t like from Let’s Kill Hitler to Angels in Manhattan

It’s so sad that for a long time River thought the Doctor didn’t love her or that he was incapable of real romantic love, that the Doctor wasn’t the type of person to be sentimental. 

So this scene in The Husbands of River Song, where the whole episode she spent not realizing that Twelve was the Doctor was amazing. Twelve’s spent the whole time trying to tell her who he was, but she wouldn’t even consider it because she didn’t know that the Time Lords gave the Doctor a whole new Regeneration cycle. 

And then this: 

Twelve listening to River talk about him and realizing the damage he’s caused by being opaque in his last incarnation, that River genuinely thought he didn’t love her, that he was beyond romantic love that he won’t think of risking everything just for her was gut wrenching. 

We, the audience know he is capable, in fact before this special Twelve broke all his own rules for Clara Oswald. I love that Twelve really is all about making amends about all the things he did. 

And Peter Capaldi acts this so beautifully in an understated way– Tennant and Smith seem to inhabit more of their Doctor’s quirks the longer they played them but Capaldi is opposite. His Doctor’s quirks seem to get more and more subdued until Moffat said, that at the end, he wasn’t playing the Twelfth Doctor but The Doctor (the original, you might say). 

The moment River realizes that the Doctor who she thought was ‘not stupid enough or sentimental enough, and [snip] not in love enough’ to be standing with her when her life is in mortal peril is actually that. He is sentimental and in love enough and certainly stupid enough to be standing next to her, looking at her, as if the sun rose with her.  And then Capaldi!Doctor returns River’s favorite catchphrase back to her: “Hello, Sweetie.”

And honestly, I love the chemistry between Capaldi and Alex Kingston that now I’m really sad we never get more than one episode between her and Peter Capaldi. 

Also, perhaps because Capaldi is more experienced actor and is married for a long time, that they immediately establish a feeling that Capaldi!Doctor and River have been married for a long time. There’s a certain rapport between them in the quiet and their own banter that has a different flavor than the one she has with Eleven. 

Later in the episode River tries to find a wiggle room for her impending and inevitable fate established in the Library episodes with the Tenth Doctor, if the Twelfth Doctor met River before or even during the time he lost Clara I think he would have found a way around it, broke time itself for her. But this is post-Clara where he learned and accepted that endings are a fact, it is both as Ashildr | Me put it in Hell Bent: “It was sad. And it was beautiful. And it is over. We have no right to change who she was.” 

But Capaldi!Doctor finally gives River what his former incarnation couldn’t give her, assurance and time, and 24 years reprieve where they are together. 24 years where Capaldi!Doctor can express his love for her in a way he couldn’t before. 

And this is why watching River’s supposed (who knows maybe she could escape it) last time is with the Eleventh Doctor, who couldn’t make himself acknowledge her mental hologram image because he didn’t like endings and thought doing so would hurt him. 

In my head, River wedding was with Eleven, but it was Twelve to whom she really was married to. 


Note: Follow up to (.76)! I feel like these two might get a few more stories out of me beyond this one.
For: Well, @dreila03​ had asked for more of this recovery.
Warnings: Mentions of hostage, assault
Word Count: 1,562

You curled your toes over the middle cushion, hands resting on your knees, deep purple and oversized mug filled with chicken noodle soup warming them easily. Your eyes were trained on the broth, watching as the steam rose and dissipated quickly. You swallowed hard.

Rafael was trying to help. He’d done everything he’d promised the night before. Carmen was holding his calls, his cell phone was on silent – plugged into an outlet in the kitchen, and all of his meetings had been pushed. He used a day of personal time. You felt safe when he was next to you, arms holding you close, lips peppering your hair with sweet kisses and voice wafting with sweet nothings.

He was trying so hard.

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When their underage girlfriend becomes an adult (EXO)

Continuation of http://kpopmademyday.tumblr.com/post/128065033277/their-underage-girlfriend-straddles-them-and a continuation someone had requested!

Xiumin: -he’s been ready for today since the last time you tried something. He wanted you to know anything was game now. So when he came over he was greeted by your cute t-shirt clad body. Not really expecting anyone at 3 AM- “Happy birthday princess. Today’s gonna be special in more than one way”

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Suho: -it’s been eye contact and tension for the passed few hours mainly because he broke his own rule and you two went farther than planed the day before. But he didn’t get too far so tonight would feel more special- “stop looking at me like that you can behave yourself for another 2 hours babe”

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Lay: -he kept his promise as soon as you got back to the dorm after you graduated you kept yourselves very very busy for the rest of then night. To the point the boys came in the next morning just to find a naked Yixing and a his dress shirt only you. He was trying to get them out without waking you up but they kept laughing- “will you leave please I can’t even get up right now because you guys are here. Please leave before she wakes up I don’t want her to be embarrassed” 

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Baekhyun: -you passed out on your couch when there was weight on top of you and you with warm lips on yours. With a smile you looked up to see him there looking down at you with a cute little smile and you laughed at him about trying to be incharge- “well baby you ready to be an adult? Why are you giggling? I’m trying to be spontaneous” 

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Chen: -it was a long night and the both of you were just plain tired  so spending your day in bed literally meant sleeping. You guys didn’t have sex, didn’t do anything bad, you just talked about your future. About marriage, kids, education were a few things that came up nothing about sex until you guys actually went to bed- “you know jagi I’m glad we didn’t do anything. I kinda liked talking about our future. I’ll give you the real present tomorrow alright?”

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Chanyeol: -all you really wanted to do was leave a hickey because you had a no sex til marriage rule that had developed after your older friend got pregnant. He was proud that you had lasted this long without trying anything, but he had built himself up for the moment to be with you that way. As soon as he started he was stopped by you- “babe are you seriously worried about getting pregnant? Your friend got pregnant because she doesn’t know what protection is. If it makes you feel better I bought plenty” 

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D.O: -you guys had gotten very ‘busy’ lately meant but it was obvious it wasn’t happening because your parents through you a party for becoming an adult last week. So as him and his dad were talking about your future he kept making eye contact with you which looked like a plead for help- *gif*

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Kai: -you both barely it to now but you did it, adulthood was now something you’d have to deal with everyday. As soon as you closed the door to the hotel room the two of you were staying in, your shirt was somewhere in the room and he was laughing to himself getting ready to do the same- “happy birthday jagi I’m gonna make it one you always remember”

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Sehun: -he was questioned by the boys when he got back from your house the day after your birthday. They were teasing him but he could really care less what they thought and tried to creep them out- “you know I christened my girlfriend into adulthood if that’s what you meant more than once. But other than that we talked about her education and where she’s going to college at”

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Not perfect


Their first kiss wasn’t perfect.
It didn’t happen after a wonderful date or sweet love confession. There wasn’t any violin music playing in the background and nothing moved in slowmotion.
She was crying and he had a girlfriend at the time.
So, no. It wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t even close to being perfect. But it was great and even though she broke the kiss after a couple of seconds, she definetly felt something.
Her head was dizzy, her thoughts blurry and her body tingling.
He also couldn’t deny that something happend. When she kissed him in that bedroom, looking devasteted because of her stupid boyfriend, he didn’t only wanna kiss her. Sure, her lips on his lips, her hands in his hair and her scent in his nose were nice, even great, but for the most part he just wanted her to feel good and to stop crying.
Her face was so beautiful and seeing her eyes all red and puffy made him upset.
When she broke away he couldn’t help but feel a little lost. In one second he had her in his arms, breathing in her smell and in the next second she was gone. And to make it all worse, she seemed more upset than before.


He didn’t think too much about the kiss.
He liked her but it wasn’t as though he instantly fell in love with her. She was pretty and sweet but there were other people he could hook up with.
After Iben broke up with him he was free to flirt with others as much as he wanted, never having to look out for Iben.
Chris felt good. Parties, hook ups, sex. Everything he liked and always had liked.
No strings attached. It was easy and he was used to it; his life had been like this and he didn’t miss anything. Having an actual girlfriend and living in monogamy would’ve been to complicated. It would’ve limitated him and he would’ve practicaly exchanged his freedom for the difficulties that come with being a boyfriend.
Also, there wasn’t anyone he liked enough to think about being in a relationship with them. Of course there were enough pretty and hot girls, and sometimes even hot guys, but all of them were just one night stands. Maybe sometimes two nights or there nights, but that was the absolout limit. After all, his thing with Iben had only happend after they had hooked up a couple of times and he had stayed over at her house for the next day. Somehow she had interpreted this as a relationship thing and that was how their boyfriend-girlfriend-thing started in the first place.
Not wanting this to happen again he never stayed over after sex. No cuddling, no affection.

And it worked. He was freer than ever.


Right after her and Jonas’ break up she was sad. Of course.
Break ups are always sad and there really isn’t anything to do about it.
Sure, their break up sex made it a little less horrible, but that didn’t change the fact that their relationship was over. For good.

After a couple of weeks of being upset she started enjoying life. There wasn’t anyone to hold her back. No boyfriend she could’ve possibly cheated on or someone who could’ve been dissapointed by her.
She went to parties and had fun, drank way too much alcohol and hooked up with boys.
She felt good and making out with a different guy at every party was fun and exciting.


It wasn’t until the party at the bus that they really spend time together again. Sure, they had seen each other at parties and may or may not have hooked one or two times, but they never spend more than a couple of minutes with each other.

The bus didn’t really give them much of a choice. There wasn’t that much space and since Eva planned on hooking up with Chris anyway they spend the whole party together, drinking and dancing either with the others or in a corner.
After a couple of drinks Eva put her lips onto his, pulling him closer by his shirt and moaning when he responded by kissing her hard and dedicated. She liked the way he pushed her against a wall and he liked the way her hands went through his hair, grabbing and pulling it. It was hot and intimate and breathtaking and lovely and hadn’t it been for the yakuza guys they would have propably kissed forever.


After that they hooked up at pretty much every party they both attended. It didn’t matter if Eva was already kissing another guy or if Chris was flirting with another girl, as soon as the other entred the room they spend the rest of the night together.

The first time they had sex they’d been at a party hosted by some ‘99 girl, but it hadn’t taken take them long to leave the party and go to her place.
It was hot and intense and Chris could have sworn that her moaning his name, lying in bed being completely and utterly satisfied, with her hair all over the pillow and her scent in his nose, was the most beautiful and breathtaking thing he had ever wittnessed.


It wasn’t just hook ups. Not just sex. Not just fooling around.
Of course they had fun in bed and at parties, but at some time during their…thing he’d realized that there was more.

They didn’t only hook up three times. He’d lost count of how many times it had happend and he didn’t even notice it. He didn’t notice that he broke his own damn rule without even intending to.

She stayed over at his after they had sex. Not always because sometimes she had to get back home to do some school stuff but usually she stayed there for at least another hour or two, just to watch a movie or to talk or to cuddle.

He let her into his life. He spend time with her outside of hooking up and having sex. He liked her for more than just her curvy body or her pretty hair or her gorgeous face.
And he was scared. Not because he knew that this thing beween them would hurt him but rather because he knew that he would be the worlds shittiest boyfriend. He’d break her heart and she would never deserve something like that.

She knew how he was and that monogamy wasn’t excactly his thing.
But maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t have a problem with it if he had her?


They weren’t the perfect couple.
He didn’t give her romantic gifts whenever he felt like it and she wasn’t never jealous. They didn’t resolve every fight after a night of not texting each other and they didn’t declare their love to one another every chance they got.
But she didn’t need someone who told her how lovely she was every five minutes and he needed something interisting.
So, no. They weren’t perfect. They weren’t even close to being perfect but they were great. They kissed and they fought and they had sex and they made waffles and they were just a couple. Not a total lovey-dovey couple but a couple of strong and independent minds who just so happend to fall in love with each other despite the fact that one of them never really wanted a relationship and the other was scared of being hurt.

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gwenvid with 30? i saw your last gwenvid one and i really liked it :)

{send me prompts!}

30. Sharing a Bath/Swim

If they hadn’t been breaking protocol before by being together — together, together — then this would have definitely gotten them busted. Then again, it wasn’t as if Campbell would have cared about breaking rules. He broke enough laws, he probably wouldn’t give a shit if his own employees broke petty rules.

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You’re Growing On Me

Second installment of the Castiel imagine series “At First Sight,” which can be found linked on it’s title or on the “The Story Continues…” page (where you can find future continuations as well). Requested by two anons. “Can you please do a part 2 for "At First Sight”? Where the reader starts to notice she is finally falling in love with Cas and it’s really fluff & sweet? Please? :3 Ps. I’m not the original anon who requested the first plot.” and “Could you do an continuation of “At First Sigth?” Maybe with they falling in love and Cas protecting her even before she is completely fallen for him, like he being all like “I shall protect you with my existence” all that being his weakness stuff” This imagine has been edited for reposting to add a few details. Hope you like it!

The only thing that managed to distract you from your work more than the crystalline wings gravitating towards you every goddamn time you took a breath was the man to whom they belonged. Both were overwhelmingly beautiful, but only one had built a wall of concrete and brick to separate himself from you. His wings, on the other hand, were constantly drifting in your direction, their glimmering feathers refracting light in a million mesmerizing prisms, though the angel struggled to reign the glorious masses back to order. He was strangely aloof as of late; ever since his sudden declaration of affection, he had kept his distance from you in as many ways as the Men of Letters bunker allowed: sharing living arrangements did force some interaction, but he was always formal and rigid in his addresses. You weren’t oblivious to his eyes, though. They were cautious, curious even, and followed your movement like a young lioness watches her unsuspecting prey. Not quite confident, but focused nonetheless, always calculating the next move, constantly wondering what might happen if, in one moment, she were to reach out… He assumed you didn’t notice his subtle inspections, but your skin prickled with delightful, confounding heat where his gaze rested. You had expected his attentiveness, but you couldn’t have predicted the manner of your interactions if you’d been born a psychic: though both you and the angel were close to the Winchester brothers, neither you nor Castiel mentioned the celestial attraction revealed days before. Apparently, this was not the sort of arrangement that was discussed openly over dinner.

Life in the bunker wasn’t supposed to be this… secretive, for lack of a better word. This was your safe haven, yet you found yourself stalking through shadows to conceal an unknown fact from the men you’d told everything. Neither Sam nor Dean knew of your predicament with the angel thus far. Castiel’s feathers danced around their bodies in a magnetized ballet each day, but they remained oblivious. And somewhere, deep within the billowing curtain of colour and light, Castiel’s eyes watched you. His exterior never deviated from the same unwavering composure. You found his attempts to delay the inevitable curiosity from the brothers rather chivalrous. It was as if you barely existed on his radar, but his wings told a different story. You were a magnet for the tips of the plumes; if you were to walk by him, a shrill chorus of excitable bells tinkled in your ears, your eyes catching the straining feathers reaching desperately for you. Castiel adopted a habit of upholding military-level posture, his wings pressed together behind him in a tight cluster of shivering feathers, keeping out of your way as much as he possibly could. It was almost as if he was embarrassed by his instinctual reaction of your very presence. No matter how he pretended, his wings betrayed his true emotions. The limbs of light and feathers would unfurl when you walked into a room he occupied, his cheeks glowing bright like dying embers, his eyes restrained as he wordlessly apologized before averting his gaze. For him, the attraction had been instantaneous, and his affections seemed to deepen in intensity with each new day. You were following suit, but not nearly as quickly. The way he guarded himself around you, and the way his beautiful wings expressed what his words would not, were drawing you close like a moth to candlelight.

Despite his effort, even an angel’s composure could fade. Little by little, Castiel’s adoration began to poke through his facade, his mask producing cracks large enough for the Winchesters to pick apart and form assumptions from. He worked beyond the desire to remain distant from you and began to dote on you, if subtly. You would be researching for a hunt in the dead of night, your body failing in different degrees each hour, but your savior would arrive with a trilling hum and a steaming mug of sweet caffeination. Castiel took to sitting with you at the library’s elongated oak table, sitting a respectful seat away, conscious that he was larger to you than to anyone else; his wings tacked an additional five feet to either side of his body, at the least. If you so much as voiced displeasure with the temperature, he would take his leave and, on his way to another room, fiddle with the thermostat, his wings fluttering lightly with satisfaction. He once broke his own rule of extreme personal space, leaning his abdomen against your back as he brought your attention to a piece of crucial information in the lore you were studying. Dean’s eyes had flickered to the contact, squinting at the angel’s near-human gestures, gears clicking audibly in his head.

At least your interactions with the angel were merely physical, if any. At your request, he minded only to his own thoughts, but you had caught sight of him on the outskirts of your dreamscapes more than once, his face never apologetic or embarrassed. Perhaps these appearances were purely fictional, and your mind had been hardwired to conjure the angel’s Heavenly features in an environment where you could memorize his face without fear of startling him. You could never fully capture the song of his sparkling wings, nor their texture, but as close as you had managed was breathtaking. When you woke, you would skirt around him, his ocean eyes warm on your face, drilling into your back, his shoulders straightening as he pulled his wings in line to leave space for you to walk without smacking face-first into a wall of glowing fluff. The multifaceted feathers whined for your touch, a distant pealing somewhere in the bunker or close enough to ring in your head, impatient to welcome you to their owner’s arms. You tried your best to ignore the massive features and their soundtrack, your own longing to feel the indescribable softness just once more growing unbearable. Your predicament grew more severe the longer you spent locked away in the bunker with your so-called soul mate.

You occupied your time with extensive research, forcing feathers from your mind to make room for myth. Thus, you found yourself invested in another all-nighter, your nose buried deep in the parchment of an ancient book of lore. Sam and Dean had retired to bed at least an hour ago, back when you were ruling out a vetala and an aracne, their own personal experience destroying all hope for a solution piece by agonizing piece. You weren’t even sure the beast was of Greek origin anymore, but you were painstakingly dragging your rakes through the beasts and legends, hoping to snag something from the water and arrive at a conclusion. The familiar aroma of fabricated energy tingled in your nose as the scent wafted through the bunker’s stagnant air, your eyes rising from the time stained parchment to see that Castiel was once more delivering a cup of scalding coffee, his eyes meeting yours for a brief moment as he handed you the mug before his stare shifting with practiced politeness to the text in the process of dissection, his brow knotting as he focused. You wrapped your fingers around the porcelain to capture it’s warmth, taking note of the lack of contact between your fingers as you received the cup (an action that was surely intentional), the heat of the beverage calling attention to the frigid state of your fingers. Castiel bent over you as he had done before, his body pressing into your shoulder, the wall of hardened muscle spreading warmth to your body as if he his skin was a gentle flame. As he read, a single feather broke free of his control, most likely due to his split focus, reaching downward to tentatively graze your cheek. You unconsciously sighed toward the contact, a gentle tone flowing from the feather and into your ear. Castiel stiffening suddenly, his breathing stopping short. The angel forced his shoulders further back, tearing the feather away from you. You could have imagined it, in the wave of peace and song that overtook your body, but you could have sworn he had sighed in time with you. He straightened himself, clearing his throat in the process, and reasserted himself by your side, careful to keep his wings glittering just out of reach. His finger fell on the menacing sketch of a murky monster with horns the size of plastic water bottles protruding from its skull. Castiel’s lips were pursed in gated concern. You tore your eyes from his mouth before your fantasies could run rampant. He had such beautiful lips…

“You intend to hunt the Minotaur?” he whispered, anxiety and confusion flooding tenor of his voice with a painful tone, the sapphire of his eyes darkening with his composure. You shrugged, raising your eyebrows in acknowledgement.

“It’s starting to look like it,” you concluded, turning back to your book to find the angel’s hands closing he cover, his abrupt motion startling you. He bit his lip in agitation, exhaling slowly through his nose to steady his breathing, his fingers shoving the book to the other end of the library’s table. Castiel pulled the chair beside you to face your seat, settling himself down directly beside you, his wings hovering mere inches over your body, frozen in the air, their mystical dance held above you like a freeze-frame from a movie. It was as if you’d captured a canon-ball in ice; the feathers dared not move, yet each and every quill was inclined to touch you.

“Your time would be wasted. It is unlikely a full-blooded human can slay the Minotaur. There is a chosen demigod destined to kill the beast. To rival with legend would not be wise.” His sapphire eyes held yours… a comfortable, alluring event. It was as if he no longer feared or struggled with being near you. If you couldn’t see his wings held back like dogs straining against their leashes, you would have assumed him cured of all discomfort. Regardless of his emotions, he couldn’t keep you from this hunt, not unless he could present this divine hybrid love-child within the next four hours. Castiel saw your determination in your face, his eyes ducking as he rearranged his argument. His eyes returned to yours, melting with the severity of his upcoming statement. His hand reached for your fingertips, ignoring the hand twisted around your cooling coffee, the warmth that spread from his palm overpowering the slow burn of the drink easily. Your ears were flooded with delighted humming, a high-pitched tingling erupting from all around as if you’d shattered a strand of crystal bells. You subconsciously leaned forward, his wings fluttering to meet you, held at bay by a fraction of an inch. Your world was enveloped in diamonds of a thousand hues. Had the angel not secured your hand in his, you would have watched the rippling rainbows surrounding you forever. His eyes were sincere, and they were frightened, of all things. His thumb cautiously stroked the backside of your hand, his wings buzzing audibly. “Please do not endanger yourself, Y/n. This hunt is… an impossibility. Doing so makes me… uneasy. I know you can understand why that is,” he paused, his eyes burning into yours. You inhaled slowly, mindful of your breathing, though there was nothing to be done about the racing of your heart. “Because of our… relationship, whether that be romantic or otherwise, I am bound to protect you. Please, do not take my argument as a form of control. You’re about to walk into horrible danger. It is better for neither of us to die than the both of us,” he whispered, his voice a hushed, tender breath, lest the Winchesters make a surprise cameo during your heartfelt moment. You were a hunter. You didn’t need his protection. The last defense mechanism you’d signed up for was a guardian angel… but the flicker of unadulterated terror in regards to your safety burning low in Castiel’s stormy irises flipped a switch within you, his vulnerability breaking you. You were his vulnerability. His wings strained to touch you still, a visual representation of the actions he could not take, the emotions he shielded from you. He and you were similar in that sense, regardless of the intensity of your emotions.

You leaned towards him, his chest expanding with his nervous breath, his eyes widening at your sudden proximity. You released the drink he’d been kind enough to retrieve for you unasked, your hand extending to rest gently against his cheek. His chest collapsed in an extremely human manner, his features relaxing, his cheek angling to better fit your palm. His wings, which had been held at bay for far too long, rushed with such exquisite speed that they ruffled papers with the current of air they left in their wake as they ushered you closer to Castiel’s chest. The feathers fluttered effortlessly against your spine, sighing against every bump of your vertebrae, his eyes sparkling in the reflected light of his wings. His strained, exhausted appearance dissipating as his muscles relaxed, his wings brushing against you like kisses, like whispers. His hands moved upward along your arms, spreading delectable warmth as he went, until his palms cradled your cheeks. Carefully, as if he would shatter you with one wrong movement, he held you at a distance, questioning you with his eyes before he brought his lips to yours. His wings erupted in a choir of victory and peace as soon as your lips touched his, your mouth moving with his as his feathers snuggled you closer to his chest, filling the air with light and sound. He pulled his face away from yours, resting his forehead against yours, his ocean eyes alight with happiness you wouldn’t have been able to explain had you not felt a fragment of it yourself.

“Does this mean you… love me?” he sighed, his breathing uneven, his eyes glimmering with uncertainty and hope. You grinned, laying your head against his chest, your hands winding around his neck as you moved to sit in his lap, his arms and wings encircling you more securely. Your world had been transformed by the masses of glimmering feathers fluttering and roiling around you, painting your sky with colours you coudn’t name.

“You’re growing on me, Cas,” you giggled, watching a shudder run through his wings at the sound of your voice, his lips pressing against your hair underneath your artificial Heavens.

the sun sets on paradise

Neil had grown used to how things were at the house, but now things were going to be changing

Or: Neil has his first experience with a child leaving Andrew’s care, and he and Andrew have a little talk about the future.

Read on ao3 | On tumblr: part one 

For once, Neil didn’t have to leave. The off season had just started so he didn’t need to be back in Atlanta early the next morning. There were no team practices, and the only media obligations he had were set up through his agent. But even if Neil did have some sort of business to attend to, he was needed at the house more. Tomorrow would be a bittersweet day for everyone, a special and exciting day but a sad day nonetheless.

Levi was leaving in the morning.

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BNHA Chapter 154: Thoughts and Spoilers

God I am not prepared to write this mentally. I am a day late cause I was busy and having a hard time finding it translated. But mostly I am not prepared cause both this chapter and the One Piece chapter that came out were rough. Well that’s enough excuses, lets get into it.

In the first image of Overhaul with four arms, he did not look as clunky as I initially thought, impractical yes, but not like he had to waddle inefficiently around. Overhaul’s comments on Mirio losing his quirk forever definitely had the effect he wanted it to, but I am glad that Deku was able to rationally think about what to do in that scenario. I don’t know how I feel about Sir throwing himself at Overhaul to “buy time,” but given the fact that Aizawa vanished I suppose that was the only thing to do. Snap decisions are hard to criticize.

Speaking of Aizawa, I am worried about him disappearing, and how the Chrono guy disappeared too. His absence is incredibly dangerous for the other pro heroes and depending as to why he disappeared, it could be dangerous for himself or it could allow for suspicion to be cast onto him. I personally don’t think that Aizawa is the traitor, be depending on how his absence plays out, it could be another thing that could make him look guilty.

The scene with Deku getting Eri and Mirio out of the room was fairly dramatic, seeing Eri starting to break down into tears and seeing Mirio worry about Sir and seeing Deku worry about Eri and Mirio, there was very little thinking of their own well being during this scene. They want to keep others safe, while Eri is breaking down due to the guilt from Mirio losing his quirk. It is a small scene but a lot is happening and it is pretty touching.

God I hate seeing Sir get killed, but as much as I hate it, I read a post someone wrote about Sir almost has to die, because his existence could in a very basic sense be a massive spoiler warning. Now I don’t agree with this, because Sir kept talking about how he hated using his quirk, and he wouldn’t do something like look ahead just to see how something turns out. Though I do agree with the fact that someone who has that powerful of a future reading ability is dangerous from a writer’s perspective. But God I hate seeing that. I thought he was gonna live because at the beginning of the arc, the narrator said something like, “and that was the beginning of my long internship with Sir Nighteye.” So I am upset. The full section of black was not comforting either.

Seeing Deku go 20% had me on edge. They’ve gone over so many times in the story about how risking your body is dangerous, but in a scenario like this, when he is literally the only person who can fight Overhaul, it was needed. I’m kinda psyched to see how Deku can fight with a full 20%, throwing punches that don’t even need to connect, destroying the environment before Overahul can make anything dangerous, and possibly zipping around fast enough that Overahul will have serious problems even guessing where he could be coming from. And finally it also puts Deku in the spot light again. Mirio will always be special, but Deku could very possibly have the finishing blow that completes the mission. Having said that though, now I’m curious if he even really needs to beat Overhaul, he just needs to force a scenario that Overhaul can’t get to Eri.

Well those were my thoughts. thank you for reading. I also want to mention that there may be some sub-rescue where they have to search for Aizawa, that could be interesting, but I feel that could mess with the narrative, tone and pacing of the arc. Again thank you for reading and have a great day.

Edit: I just reread the chapter and I want to add two things. I hope we see Sir’s face, it was partially obscured when he died and I would like to think he died smiling because he broke his own rule and looked a little further then he said he would and saw Overhaul beaten. And I also like Deku’s twisting fate or changing the future vibe and I hope that those words are something he adopts as a pro hero.

anonymous asked:

yo real shit, what would happen if we saw the principal running in the halls??? Like, he just broke his own rules. 🤔

But he’s the principal 🤔

PynchWeek Day 2: Morning After

Title: Instigator
Rating: Mature (look: this is smut, you know it, I know it, the world knows it)
Summary: How to end up in bed with Ronan Lynch: start with a horrible 10-year reunion, add tequila shots, and a dose of Adam Parrish being an instigator, per usual. (AU) 
Ao3: Find it here

(Or, alternatively summarized as: I’ve written 100k of fic with no kissing, so I’m writing a story with kissing.)

When Adam woke up, he was distinctly aware that he was experiencing his first hangover. His friends had complained about them before - Blue seemed particularly prone to them, because no one could resist saying well look at you, you tiny thing, I bet you barely need anything to get drunk! and she thought she could prove them wrong - but, being that he didn’t drink, he’d avoided it.

But he broke his own rule last night. All it took was one spectacularly bad night, filled with spectacularly boring people, all of who he went to school with ten years ago and still insisted on calling him Poverty Parrish, and a free bar promising distraction. God, he wasn’t even poor anymore - he was a doctor, Jesus - so why did he let them get to him?

Aglionby boys. Blue had warned him not to go to his reunion, but did Adam listen? No. He had to go and take advantage of the free tequila, and now his head was killing him and his back hurt like a mother and fucking hell, why were his sheets so scratchy? A hangover should not have the power to turn expensive sheets into sandpaper.

Adam reluctantly opened his eyes and groaned. He didn’t feel ready to face the bright sun, not yet, but it found him anyway. As did a pillow, straight to his face.


“Shut up. ‘S early.”

Oh God.

Adam shifted toward the voice. He was met with the back of a buzzed head, the owner’s face planted straight into the pillow. It didn’t matter, though, Adam knew who it was as soon as his eyes scanned his bedmate’s broad back. It was miles of muscles decorated by an elaborate tattoo, and Adam knew of only one individual who looked so distinct. Adam patted down his body, fingers searching for clothes, but came up empty.

Which probably meant he somehow engaged in illicit acts with Ronan Lynch.


It really was high school all over again.

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sauna | naegiri

Anon, I have had this idea for a fic for a long time and I thank you for giving me reason to write it.

Only two sets of footsteps pattered through the tiled hall between the cafeteria and the public bath. A song of silence played otherwise, humming in Makoto’s head and brushed aside as he and Kyouko stooped under the cloth suspended from the top of the doorway of the public baths, their footfall resuming in a stumble as they straightened up on the other side.

They froze.

Yasuhiro and Leon, sat together on one of the centre benches in the dimmed locker room, stared back at them.

Kyouko released Makoto’s hand.

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Title: Dream

Word Count: 1494

Characters: Prophet!Reader, Dean, Sam + a doctor which I made up

Request: Can you write a one shot based on “Dream” by Imagine Dragons please? :)

A/N: I came up with this idea in february and got the request a few days ago and thought that it fits perfectly together. So please tell me what you think and I’ll continue the story!

Your name: submit What is this?


»That’s so childish«, your best Friend said and threw a pillow in your direction. She was sitting on the redish couch and watched you, while you were walking through the room. 

Your room. 

»It’s not childish «, you tried to explain, but she just shook her head and stood up. She didn’t believe you. She couldn’t understand and you didn’t blame her for that. It was crazy. You were crazy. 

»Please stay and I try to explain it to you again«, you begged and gave her your puppy-eyes look. No one was able to resist that look, not even your best friend, who just sighed but nodded and sat down on the ground. You sank down beside her and took her left hand into yours, squeezing it lightly. Thanking her for staying. For listening.

»Thank you«, you murmured and reached for your notebook, which was laying on the nightstand, only a few centimetres away from your current position.
The notebook had all the informations from the dream you had only a night ago. It was a dream you’ve had for the past few weeks. Every night was the same. You went to bed, slept and dreamed about your favorite book series.
With one big difference. In your dreams, you were a part of the books.  

»You need help Y/N«, your best Friend gently said and rubbed over your back. »You are not a prophet of the lord. Sam and Dean, god that are just fictional characters! I love the books just as much as you do but darling, I’m sorry do disappoint you but you are just you. Just Y/N.«

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The Butterfly and Arima

One of the many things that I love about Ishida’s art and writing is how symbolism in one panel can give so much meaning when applied to other parts of a chapter, and sometimes even other chapters. So when I saw the first page of this chapter and read the rest of it you better believe that I felt like it was Christmas. Please Excuse my Grammar, I give up trying after three hours of writing.

So Obviously I’m going to talk about how this scene influences the rest of  chapter and strangely enough gives insight to Arima.

Well one of the many symbolic meanings of the butterfly is that it carries the souls of the dead, and as Arima is called the reaper it would make sense that their would be a correlation between the two yet I’m not talking about that because someone has already done that with you can read here(x). I’m going to talk about the stuff I dug up while possibly endangering my computer to viruses while visiting really weird sites. One of the things that I found out is that along with being the souls of the dead Butterflies symbolize a lot of things, and depending on the way they are shown symbolize other things also. One of the things that a butterfly symbolizes is joy and longevity, which seems weird when compared to Arima. Well, it would considering the fact that A. Arima never seems happy, and B. Arima’s health seems to be deteriorating. Yet it still fits for him because A. When the Butterfly showed up it seems to be around Jack I just don’t know if it’s before or after which was when Arima was at his happiest

because he finally got to be a regular kid for once.

Longevity fits if you use the second definition which is long service, which makes sense because Arima has been part of the CCG for 15+ years.

Along with that a dead butterfly symbolizes a pessimistic view on the world along with the lost of Innocence and the hardening of someone. Which is true which we also learned from TG Jack

Last point I would like to make before moving on is the finale point which is if you kill the butterfly yourself. It actually foretells that someone you love will betray you because you killed something so innocent. Guess who is betraying Arima at this moment Kaneki. Yet the best part is that Arima doesn’t kill the butterfly until someone from approaches him, like he has to keep up his image.

So, now that I got the symbolism out of the way, now let me tell you how it plays into this chapter and giving insight into Arima. This chapter is all about them and in a way it develops them perfectly, because in a way never of them are taking their fight seriously. Kaneki has misgivings about fighting Arima, he is just trying to buy time for Touka, Hinami, and everyone to get out, then he will die. Yet, Arima refuses to fight him seriously, until Kaneki actually tries.

The thing that makes this even better is that fact that Arima calls him out for being suicidal and Kaneki starts to panic at this. Arima then tells him I can kill you right and then kill your friends, because Kaneki your wasting my time. He tells Kaneki your someone who will never be molded to his standards. This fucks with Kaneki to the point of him fighting because Kaneki might be suicidal but he isn’t a killer, and he definietly doesn’t want those who care about him to get hurt. Which is what Arima knows and whats from him, because while Kaneki might not understand him Arima understands him. Haise was Arima’s mentee so he kept tabs and would intervene with Kaneki when he saw it fit. He knew Kaneki had issues with emotions clouding his judgement. Yet, Arima really wants Kaneki to fight him for two reasons.

1. Arima wants the joy that comes from his relationship with Haise one last time. Because besides jack when was the only time Arima look happy; well when he was with Haise.

Like honestly I wouldn’t be shocked by the fact that Arima is being selfish in the fact that he wants his last time with his “son” to be something worth to remember. I would even go as far to say as someone who likes books like Arima that the ending makes or breaks how good a story is not matter how good the journey was. Arima probably wants an end with meaning.

2.Arima wants a good fight: Well I honestly feel that Arima is suffering from Saitama Syndrome of what do you do once your the best. Arima wants someone to put up a good fight. I mean the man freaking smiled when Kaneki put up a decent fight and was actually shocked that landed a hit.

Arima was so shocked at his potential to become his equal made him do two things he broke his own rule of not talking to ghouls twice, and let him live. Arima practically nursed him back to health with books, taught him to fight and gave Kaneki advice that could be used to bring him down. All of which Kaneki isn’t using in his fight and that is why Arima is angry. Kaneki is betraying him not because he is breaking ghouls out of Cochlea but because he wasn’t living up to his expectations. But now Kaneki is putting up a fight and broke IXA and Arima was finally able to bring out the toy he hasn’t ever been able to use.

I mean he looks so pumped about it, he finally gets to see the cultivation of his very own living quinque.

Yet, to tell you the truth I highly doubt that Kaneki are going to die because I can’t see Arima killing him after he spared him the first time. If anything the way Arima is fighting is like someone is putting on the show, which would make sense since V is watching, just like when he killed the butterfly. Arima needs to prove his loyalty to them because in all honesty he knows nothing else, he needs to be their perfect pawn. Yet, like everyone Arima has feelings, but because of a lack of a good moral upbringing he doesn’t know how to express himself. So, in a way Arima fighting him and threatening to kill Kaneki’s loved ones is his way of getting him back on his feet like, when he told Kaneki he killed everyone post V14 to get him to stop hurting himself. Arima in a twisted way is acting like a parent and trying to make Kaneki better then himself and in return preparing Kaneki for the worst that has yet to come, because I think Arima knows deep down that what the CCG and the Garden did to him was wrong, and he is trying to keep someone else from falling into his own hell.

Yet, these are just my thoughts and your welcome to disagree with me, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless.