he beast

How Many Times…

Do you think Newt has woken up in the middle of the night, hearing a cry from one of his creatures and immediately running to the sound, no matter what the hour is. Shushing them gently, stroking their faces and probably staying with them the rest of the night.

When a Fuckboi meets a Floozy….

You know, if you told me a day ago that I’d be staying up late for two whole nights creating this picture to go with a fantastic beasts/live action/disney crossover….
I’d say, absolutely, 110% sounds like me, my friend.

So…. uh…. I guess, let’s dissect this.
Basically @bittyshawls and I are always in love with the world of AMV MEPs, and our faves are the disney/live action crossovers. We naturally wanted to do one of our own. And since she’s been on a Percival Graves/Reader kick (a most fascinating development), we decided sure, let’s set it in the world of Fantastic Beasts. So she chose to be Anna from Frozen, who will be shipped with Percival, and meanwhile….

That leaves me with Hans.

So Hans and Anna are brother/sister in this one, and I’ll let her detail her own character’s backstory more in her pics. But all you need to know is, one night, Anna decides to let her handsome but lazy big brother accompany her to one of the towns hottest underground speakeasies. She has some business to attend to while there and needs protection. Not to mention, Hans has a rather irksome habit of letting pretty rich ladies buy him drinks. Might as well make him a good-for-something and get her some free booze while he’s at it.

But then, he sees who’s headlining.

None other than the infamous and wildly volatile Norma Cassidy. With outrageously scandalous performances, she’s made headlines as the Sauciest Songstress Sorceress this side of Paris. Charms and glamors are her specialty, and she uses them to their full advantage in her routines. Pretty, charismatic, and with a raunchy wit, she’s the darling of society’s underbelly, friends with everyone from gangsters to drag queens. Naturally, this means she’s catnip to professional moocher Hans, who can’t help but make his way over to her after her show, regardless of the gaggle of friends surrounding her.

What no one expected was how brightly they lit up while being introduced, or how he actually bought her her drink, or how early the two of them left the bar together…

She never even made it to her own afterparty.


                               the scarlet night, three years ago.

                     HE KNEW HE WASN’T ALONE but he did not feel or sense any kind of threat as he carefully pivoted his body. gellert was in search of the three deathly hallows that would allow him strength beyond anything. strength enough to fix the wizarding world so they would not have to hide any longer.  i know you’re there…  he stressed blinking a few times. his one eye almost grey in appearance now was proof of his ability to see what others could not, future, past, present. there wasn’t many who could sneak up on him. 

 open starter call / @moonidle

i just watched the first episode of Titans (dont ask me how i watched it when it’s not available in canada. thats none of your business) and i really liked it. from the 15 seconds we saw of beast boy, he is so valid however, if he’s not a vegan i will stop watching the show. LET MY SON BE A VEGAN YOU COWARDS!