is extraordinarily beautiful
a smile that could start a forestfire
a laughter that could end wars
a soul that could bring peace to the world

am nervous
fragile, ready to break
but I,
I love him. truely. deeply. honestly
in a way I thought wasn‘t possible
for a person like me
ready to fall asleep
and never wake up again

is strong
standing still
like a rock in the ocean
resisting the waves
walking through the storm
like it was nothing but a little rain

am walking
on a thin line
between reality and a dream
is this real?
I ask myself
as I hold his hand

It was a quiet night, and he was talking about his day as he drove her back home. She listened, and somewhere in between his words, her body slowly gave in to exhaustion. She struggled to stay awake but before she knew it, she slipped into the gentle arms of a silent sleep. At a red light, he stopped and turned to her. He let his eyes roam over her sleeping face, as though seeking to memorize every part of her delicate features. He stared long enough to realize that he, had fallen in love.
—  Lukas W. // She fell asleep, he fell in love