I don’t draw Moniwa as much as I’d like to but here’s a redraw from this scene wherein if you listen close enough you can hear my heart break 

anonymous asked:

justin said that taako being skinny is a form of escapism from fatphobia for him

Also, no he didn’t, he said making characters in general dissimilar from himself (noting race & gender in this context) is a form of escapism, and added that specifically in video games the reason he makes skinny characters is because he is usually mechanically unable to make characters who aren’t skinny; the sliders just don’t exist.

I don’t even know why you’re coming at me with this when I already personally headcanon & draw Taako as a gangly boy. Is it just because I expressed support of and drew some fat Taakos? Send me a message off anon if you feel like you need to have an actual discussion with me on this.

Followers, I hate to answer asks like this publicly, when 99.99% of the people who have to look at it don’t care. If you have beef with something I’ve done or said for some reason, just message me to talk about it. Thanks.

  • my pure, innocent co-worker who is playing Bioshock for the first time:oh my god I can't believe Ryan killed Atlas' family!!!! How could he do such a thing!!! All Atlas wants is to help the people of Rapture!!1
  • me, an all-knowing seasoned Bioshock garbage can awaiting his dreams to be crushed:yes,,,.., much helpful is Atlas,,,,, he's very,,,, k indly, isn't he,,,..,,,