We’ve been together ever since June 27, 2012 and it has been a journey. We have had rough times. We use to fight everyday for like about a month straight. Sometimes it was about something big but most of the time it was usually over something small. We would constantly got on each others nerves and piss each other off but that’s how we are. We may go to different schools and barely get to see each other but that won’t change a thing. There will never be that day where we will not be a couple. We’ve done so much with each other that it’s too hard to let go. We promised each other that we will be together for a lifetime. People could tell us that we shouldn’t be together or that we aren’t meant to be or that we downgraded, but that won’t make us break up. People can’t tell us what to do in OUR relationship. This has been my longest relationship ever. This relationship is the one that I’ve been looking. We have that relationship where I can be myself, where I am not afraid to do whatever I want, I can burp and fat without being shame, I can bring him to my house and cuddle, cook him food, go out on dates, and to get treated like a princess. I love this boy more than anything I ever loved. Even though we can fight so much, I am not giving up. We will get married, have 3 kids and just live the rest of our lives together. To infinity and beyond here we come (: I hope this makes it up.