Razorblades And Lemon Juice (pt.18)


You eyed Negan appreciatively, he was wearing the hooded leather coat the material damn near dragging the ground as he adjusted the hood. He had the torso zipped up so it was hugging his body and you were enjoying the view.

“Baby if keep looking at me like that we’re never leaving this fucking building”

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Some synth!Shaun and X6 head canons

  • Shaun has heard people talking about how scary the Coursers are, but he doesn’t understand why. X6 has never been scary to Shaun and the boy both finds him awesome and fun, and even idolizes him a little - though he would never straight up say it. 
  • Shaun once walks up to X6 all bubbly and panicky and tells him that he found something and he needs help with it but makes X6 promise he won’t tell Sole. X6, after trying to convince Shaun that is a Bad Idea, agrees to follow and see this “thing” the kid found and its a litter of kittens not too far away from Sanctuary. X6 is hesitant but he cannot resist Shaun’s begging so they decide to smuggle the mother and all her kittens back in Sanctuary, hidden in X6′s coat. 
  • Sole asks X6 to watch over Shaun while he is swimming in radiation free water and having fun and X6 on several occasions states that he hates water but still sits nearby and makes sure Shaun is alright. At one point Shaun decides to mess with him a little, so he takes a deep breath and floats on the water face down. X6, despite his disdain for water still takes off his coat and dives in after Shaun, picking him up only to see the kid laughing and admitting he was just playing and was not in fact drowning. X6 is a little irritated he was made to go in the water, but he still carries Shaun out to shore and makes him promise to never do that again - to which he also adds he will never go in the water again himself.
  • Shaun is really amazed by X6 and sees him as a big brother, so he tries imitating his style. He begins wearing black oversized leather coats he takes from Sole and tries to act as serious as possible. One day X6 confronts him and tells him that they can no longer go on like this which for a second disappoints Shaun before X6 pulls out a pair of patrolman shades adjusted for Shaun’s head and puts them on the kid. Now they are both dressed in black leather with their shades on and stroll down Sanctuary in style. X6 can’t help but smile when he glances over at Shaun and sees him trying to be as serious as possible. 
  • Shaun tries climbing a tree and ends up getting stuck in it, afraid to climb down. X6 helps him get to the ground and Shaun holds tight to X6, telling him he is afraid of heights and he will never do that again. X6, instead of confirming to Shaun that climbing a tree was pointless and stupid, asks him if he can keep a secret and then tells him that he too doesn’t like heights. He adds that that’s the reason he despises travelling with a vertibird. Young Shaun’s eyes light up because his hero and idol, who he deeply admires is also afraid of heights just like him. Shaun now has no doubts that he too will be just as smart and strong as X6 when he grows older, and being afraid of heights won’t stop him.
  • X6 in his spare time decides to fix the movie projector at the Starlight Drive-In, since as he explained it would be good for a “large scale briefing”. Shaun is keeping him company and assists him by handing X6 the tools he needs and also shows great curiosity for electronics and machinery. Once they fix it, X6 uses one of the pre-war tapes to test the projector and they end up watching four movies and cartoons together. Shaun could swear for someone that insisted he has no need for such projections, X6 was quite enjoying the show, and they both ended up laughing few times. 
  • Shaun and X6 sit in Sanctuary together at night, before Shaun’s bedtime, and they look at the stars. Shaun asks X6 what was his childhood like and X6 is quiet for a moment, thinking about how it was such a genuine question that he could not answer. Just saying that he never had one was not the answer Shaun was looking for, but he was sure that the boy understood this before he even uttered a word. X6 knows that the memories young Shaun has are not his own, so he just tells him that he doesn’t remember. Shaun leans his head on X6′s arm and sleepily tells him that “It’s alright.” because right now they are making a lot of new memories that they will both remember, to which X6 turns away a little with a smile. A lot of memories he will remember and a lot of memories will deeply cherish. 

So…..this is totally not my usual style. Oh, don’t worry, there will be fluff and some smut, but this is more suspense. Eh. I wanted to try something different. And Magnus was prowling around my head. He needed more action than I usually write…..  

Warnings: Violence/blood/death/panic attack

Let me know if you want on/off my tag list :)

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MTVS Epic Rewatch #134

BTVS 5x14 Crush

1) Disclaimer: Spike is one of my favorite characters and I’m Spuffy trash. That being said, I can’t possibly side with Spike on this episode, and at no point I’m having shippy feels. No way. I think, however, what happens in this episode is pretty on character for both Spike and Buffy at this stage in their arcs as individual characters and in their relationship with each other. Spike had yet to sink to lower depths in his journey, of course. But this episode nails exactly why Spike’s feelings (yes, I think he had those) could not be reciprocated. Not yet. 

2) So, how many “grand re-openings” do you think the Bronze had? Has anyone kept track of the times it was trashed?

3) It is refreshing to see the Scoobies dancing and having fun because, if I’m not mistaken, I Was Made to Love You was the last time we would ever see them be so happy and carefree (or as a carefree as they can be.) 

4) And yet, Buffy was not having that much fun… And if I was showing you this screenshot with no context, it would be easy to think I’d taken it from a season 6 episode…

Which is why I personally take offense when people complain about season 6 being too dark and depressing. Because you know what? Buffy was going through a depression. And to this day, I still think Buffy’s depression was one of the best arcs in the show and one of the most realistic depictions of depression in television. You see, Buffy’s depression didn’t start once she was brought back in season 6. It was well under way by season 5. And I think there’s a case to be made about her depression starting in season 2 (after Prophecy Girl.) Of course, this is a rant for another day. All I’m saying, we should be thankful abot this particular arc because the show did A LOT of things wrong, but Buffy’s depression wasn’t one of them. It was nuanced, and it was gradual, and the signs were there all along even if it came to a head during season 6. And yes, it took her a whole season to get to grips with it, and that’s real. Because depression is not a cold that you catch one day and in a week is gone. And I’m glad the writers didn’t decide to write it as one. Seriously. I’ll forever be thankful for how Buffy’s depression was written into the show. Yes, it was dark, and messy, and hard to watch because sometimes Buffy didn’t seem like the Buffy we grew to love, and it was difficult to understand some of the choices she made, but it was very real. Sorry, I know I’m getting ahead of myself and this is something I should discuss while I rewatch season 6. It’s just this shot had “season 6″ written all over it and I had to.

5) And just as if it was season 6, Spike shows up exactly when Buffy is feeling miserable…

Also: notice the wardrobe change. As if he was trying to mold himself into what he thought Buffy wanted. Which is weird, because he knew Buffy didn’t love Riley so why would he turn into Riley? 


ANYA: Xander, I think you may have hurt his feelings.
XANDER: And you should never hurt the feelings of a brutal killer. You know, that’s, uh, that’s actually some pretty good advice.

7) At first I was like: why is Buffy interested in Ben? He’s so meh. And then I was I like: OF COURSE she’s “interested” in Ben - he’s the perfect replacement for Riley. Except for Angel, she had a pattern when it came to “choosing” the kind of guys she was “attracted” to: Owen, Scott, Riley, Ben. Other than Parker and Robin (who actually fit the pattern until his revelation), she always went for the kind of guys she thought could give her whatever version of “normal” she was after. But the thing is, there is no normal. And you can’t make yourself feel things for people even if you think they’re exactly what you need. 

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This is Nindarhmen post-trespasser, as he was as he left Skyhold

  • he wants to grow his hair back so no more cutting it
  • his Andraste staff was modified by Harritt like he asked him to
  • he wears his leather coat but got rid of the Inquisition pauldrons, gauntlets and plastron
  • he made his necklace into a brooch
  • and of course he wears the sending crystal Dorian gave him
  • if you look in his bag you’ll find his journal and (far too) many loose sheets, a quill and some ink as well as a charcoal pencil, a little knife, a vial of lyrium, a little pouch filled with elfroot, another one filled with little coloured stones, harp strings, and a map of Thedas
  • Dick Grayson: Hanging out with Hush is not cool, Jason, okay? It is — it is dangerous, and… Icky.
  • Jason Todd: I don’t think Tommy’s icky.
  • Dick Grayson: Yeah, well, think again, brother.
  • Jason Todd:
  • Dick Grayson:
  • Jason Todd:
  • Dick Grayson: You have a crush on him!
  • Jason Todd: No! I don’t. It’s just… He’s got cool hair, and he wears cool leather coats and stuff.
+{Paene Memoriae}

All his life, Jensen had seemed to get the short stick. The head of the Campbell Home said that the police had found him wandering around when he was nine, wearing an old leather coat and ratty clothes and a necklace. He didn’t even know his own name, much less where he came from. 

Notices put in the papers, on the news, but nothing came up. He stayed in the Campbell Home for Boys until he aged out at 18 and took a legal last name of Campbell once and for all. No patience for school and with a temper that few employers wanted to deal with for long, he fell back on the good looks he knew he had and started turning tricks on the other side of town. Too ashamed to be spotted by the people that took him in. Occasionally he did some escorting, but at the end of the night, it was still money for sex and that was fine by him.

As the car rolled up, he walked over, tight and slightly threadbare jeans, shirt just a bit too small. Leaning down, he propped his arms on edge of the car door, smiling coyly. 

“What can I do for you tonight, handsome?”

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Congrats! 47 :)

We had one really bad date and never spoke again and now our friends have set us up on a blind date.

Word Count: 1711

She’s currently hiding in the restroom browsing PeoplePlace. To be honest, this date had been doomed from the start.

He showed up late on his motorcycle (which he failed to mention that he drove).  They got stuck in traffic behind a really loud truck with roaring music.  Then he brought her to this dingy little diner called Granny’s. And it was their bathroom she was currently hiding in.

The worst part was that he refused to say more then three words to her at a time. She had tried to start a conversation a few times, but he said nothing. He just stared at the menu like he was trying to memorize it.

She glances at the time on her phone. She’d been in here for ten minutes. Any longer and he was going to think that she fell in. She braces herself and practically drags herself back to the booth they are sharing near the window.  

Killian is watching something on TV. He doesn’t even acknowledge that she was gone. She sighs and decides that she’d try to start the conversation again.

“That pop quiz in Professor Mills class was a bitch, huh?” She inquires. “I think I got every single question wrong. I swear that woman is evil.”

When he doesn’t answer she fiddles with the corner of her napkin.  Just then the older lady  who had been serving them comes up to their table.  Emma notices that she’s wearing a name tag.

Granny Lucas.

“Hello folks how was your meal?”

“Good, thanks,” Emma replies.

“Is there anything else I can get you?”

Emma shakes her head and  she disappears. Silence falls like an anchor.

“How did you find this place?” She asks the question without really expecting an answer.

“Friend,” he roughly replies.

“It’s nice,” she answers in surprise.

He shrugs. “I guess.”

When Granny brings them their receipt Killian looks up at her. His deep blue eyes are rimmed with red. She sighs and tucks her own credit card into the black book.

“Perhaps you should take me home?”

“If that’s what you want.”

She nods. “That’s what I want.

The drive home is worse then the drive there. He takes all the corners super fast (which makes the greasy grilled cheese she ate tumble around in her stomach.) And the September night is cold.

She shivers as they pull up to her apartment. He nods and then speeds away. She sighs deeply and heads inside.  

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