First time drawing Discord in a long time! I loved how they both came out in this. ✨

And this episode could be yet another that’s seriously getting me interested in the Fluttercord ship, good LORD are they cute!!


After spending a peaceful afternoon having tea at Fluttershy’s cottage, Discord realizes that he’s never had his best friend over in his dimension. He invites her over, and she excitedly accepts. But as he prepares to host for the first time, he realizes that Fluttershy might not be used to – or worse, dislike – how chaotic and wacky his home is. Determined to help her feel comfortable, Discord goes out of his way to make everything as normal as possible. But normal doesn’t exactly sit well with the spirit of chaos…

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IT’S THE FINAAAAL CHAPTEEEEEER! (To the tune of Final Countdown.) This was a tiring challenge, y'all, but felt like the best way to come out of my writing hiatus. It definitely got me back into a writing headspace, and I’ll definitely be excited to continue with some stuff. If y'all have any preferences for the type of fics you would like to me to work on– like fluff, smut, AU, etc– lemme know! I will definitely NOT be writing something everyday moving forward lol Cuz that shit wild, but if you happen to have any prompts you’d like to sling my way, I’d love to do like one or two one-shots a week based on those! I’ll also most likely be starting a longform fic within the next week or so :) THANK YOU ALL FOR TAKING TIME OUT OF YOUR DAY TO READ WHAT I HAD TO WRITE!

(Also, nothing rated R, but some getting naked does occur near the end)

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Cute bedtime things:

Kol drawing patterns on Davina’s back as she sleeps

Kol using Davina as his Teddy Bear

Davina hogging all the blankets

Kol getting more blankets

Davina hogging those too

Davina taking pity on Kol and giving him some blanket

Kol complaining about Davina’s hair being in his face

Davina fanning it out further to annoy him

Kol pretending to bite Davina’s neck in retaliation

Davina watching Kol sleep on the rare instances she wakes up first

Davina making cute funny faces at him as he wakes up

Kol offering to make Davina pancakes even though she knows he’d rather just have a blood bag for breakfast

Davina complaining and wrapping herself around him when he tries to leave the bed in the morning

Kol walking around with Davina still attached to him

Davina wearing Kols shirt because she’s too lazy to find her own damn clothes, besides they smell good so why wouldn’t she

Kol using her toothbrush when his is right there and making a quip about making out because he knows it’ll annoy her (and let’s be honest he finds that too adorable for words)

anonymous asked:

Hi! ^___^ I really love this blog. Your scenarios are so great! Could you write one where after watching the boys rehearse in the dance studio, you're left alone with Jimin and he walks up to you after a bit and asks you to slow dance with him? You're a bit shy but he takes your hand and insists and eventually you give in. Thank you~ <3333333

Hi :D Thanks for loving my blog ~ 

Training was a much better experience than you expected it to be.

You’d always heard horror stories about being a trainee, and yet, so far, you were having a blast.

You sat in the corner of the Big Hit rehearsal room, watching your seniors, BTS, practice their dance for their comeback single. It amazed you just how well they were. They hadn’t even debuted a year ago and they were already so professional, like they’d been doing this for a while. Their moves were fluent and they were all in sync.

One member always seemed to stick out to you when it came to dancing, however.

You eyes stayed trained on Jimin as he danced effortlessly along with his members. How did he manage to be so good at dancing at his age? You could watch him move for hours. You looked up to him when it came to dancing; you hope to be as good as him—as good as all of BTS—when you would debut…which was scheduled in the next three months.

“Good, good,” their choreographer said as the track stopped. Jimin laid out on the floor and puffed, his hair sweeping over his eyes in the most adorable fashion, making you smile.

“You are so obvious,” one of your fellow group members, Ji-hun, said as she leaned over to you. You jumped at her comment, forgetting she was even next to you. She smirked.

“What do you mean?”

“You like Jimin-oppa.”

“Yah, don’t be so informal. If they hear you say that-”

“They won’t do a thing. Geez, ____, they’re not thirty. Bth you and I are older than Jungkook…do we still have to call him sunbae?”

“Yes, we do.” You said, folding your arms and leaning against the wall. She smiled.

“Anyway, you should talk to him. He is really cute, isn’t he?”

“No way. What would I say?”

“Ask him to show you his abs!”

“Pervert!” You hissed at her, making her laugh.

“Is something funny?” You heard a deep voice say above you. You both looked up to see Namjoon standing over you, a smile on his face.

Ji-hun smiled. “Hi, oppa.” You refrained from elbowing her in the side. Namjoon’s face didn’t falter however, he just smiled and wrapped an arm around the shoulder of the boy who just came to his side—Jin.

“You girls have been watching us all day.” He said. Jin carried a very professional air with him, and you couldn’t help but stand and bow to him.

“You’ve been working very hard, sunbaemin.” You said politely. Ji-hun snickered behind you—you reluctantly ignored her.

“We were about to get some take out. Would you like to come along?”

Your throat grew dry from the invitation.  Before you could stutter out a response, Ji-hun stood up finally and said, “of course!”

“Great. We’re leaving now, though, so you might wanna come on.”

As the two seniors turned away from you, Ji-hun tried to pull your arm in their direction. You yanked it back.

“I’ll eat later. I have to practice more…”

“All you do is practice.”

You sighed. “Have fun, okay?”

“Do you want me to bring you back something?”

You shook your head and picked up your water bottle from the floor. As you did, Ji-hun laughed.


“It looks like someone else is staying behind, too.” You followed her eyes and felt your face flush when you saw Jimin across the room, practicing his moves in the mirror.

“O-on second thought, I think I’ll tag along-”

“No, you won’t. You’re gonna stay here and make your move on Jimin.”

“Make my move on him?”

“Hey, Jimin!” She called, making you gasp. He looked back at you two and smiled.

“Yeah?” He said as he approached you—your heart racing faster and faster with his every step.

He’s so cute!

“_____ needs a little help on her dancing.” WHAT?! “Do you think you could help her?”

I’m going to kill her, you thought to yourself.

“Sure,” he said nonchalantly, and you felt yourself turn to stone.

“Great. Well, I’m off to get take-out. Have fun practicing!” Ji-hun said before skipping out of the practice room.

The air was thick with silence as you and Jimin looked everywhere but at each other.re so nervous—your palms were clammy, and your lips felt like they were quivering. Had you ever been left alone with a boy in your life—a cute boy, at that?

“So,” he said, clapping his hands together. “What do you need help with?”

“Oh, umm,” you said, going to your bag on the floor and grabbing your iPod. You hooked in up to the sound system in the back of the room. “There’s this one part of our choreo that I haven’t got yet. I know the moves, but it just…doesn’t look right.”

Although Ji-hun had given off the embarrassing excuse that you needed help just to get you alone with Jimin, she wasn’t lying. You really were struggling with some of the moves.

“Oh, well, can you show it to me?” He asked. You nodded and picked up your iPod again.

“Sure, I recorded us practicing, and-”

“No, no, I mean can you dance it for me now?”

“D-dance it for you?”

“Well, yeah.” He said, smiling. “I can’t help you if I can’t see it how it is now.”

You could feel your face flush all over again.

“There’s no need to be nervous. We all had to learn at one point in time, it’s okay.” He said enthusiastically, taking your iPod from your hands, his thumb brushing past yours lightly.

“What’s the track called?”

“Um—it’s just labeled as Track 02.” You said nervously as you stood in the middle of the floor, your legs shoulder-width apart as you got ready for the dance. You were so incredibly nervous, you couldn’t believe it.

He clicked play and sat down on the floor, prepared to watch you dance.

When the track started, you got into your first (slightly ridiculous) pose—a bright smile with your hands tucked under your chin. The beat of the track was sub-divided, and with every thump of the electric drum, a new pose for you was instructed. They were all extremely cutesy, which wasn’t really your style.

The first verse started playing, a vocal part that belonged to Ji-hun, who had an admittedly incredible voice.

You spun around and moved farther back, imagining your other members doing their dances. Together, it all looked great, but when it was just you, it was almost comical.

“Wait, wait,” you heard Jimin say as you froze in the current dance move you were doing, one hand in the air and the other hand cupped around the side of your mouth, pretending to shout as the lyrics read, “Can’t you hear me now?” He paused your iPod.

“You’re doing fine,” Jimin said, coming up to you as you put your hands down. “You’re just a little stiff.”

You nodded. “I’ve been told that before,” you admitted.

He smiled. “It just takes a little practice. We’ll start from the beginning-”

His iPod still in his head, he accidentally shook it a bit, causing it to go on shuffle. Immediately, Before U Go by TVXQ  started playing.

Jimin jumped up and down animatedly. “I love this song!” He said, swaying back and forth at the slow R&B track. You couldn’t help but smile.

“Come on, dance with me.” He said, holding his hand out to you. You felt your chest swell.

“I—no, I’m not very good at slow dancing.”

“Well, I’ll teach you. Please?” He said politely, making you sigh. Before you could place your hand in his, he wrapped his warm hand around your and pulled you close to him, making you gasp. Before you could recollect your breath, his body was pressed against yours, making your breathing stop.

He wrapped his arm lightly around your waist, and you felt your insides melt. You initially just stood limp in his arms, making him laugh. He took one of your arms and put it on his shoulder. He then put the other one on his chest, making your arm tense up. His chest felt so unbelievably muscular. It was incredible.

He swayed with you, you feeling more and more comfortable in his arms as the song progressed. Without realizing it, you rested your head against his chest and continued to sway, not realizing him tensing as you did so.

It wasn’t until your iPod beeped from a twitter notification that the song stopped temporarily, making you realizing how much you were leaning on Jimin. You pushed yourself off of him and bowed.

“S-sorry.” You said quickly. He laughed.

“You’re so polite.”

You blushed lightly, which was something he found too adorable for words. He sighed and paused the track that started to play again.

“I guess we got a bit carried away. Let’s get back to practicing.” 

first scenario in two months >.< Ihope you liked it! Thanks for submitting! ~

Hello, my mini muffins! (●´∀`●) I hope you are well!

I pray I am not too late to the tengu party! This is a review for the sexy, poker-faced Chikage‘s Main Route! This contains very tiny spoilers, but don’t worry, nothing that will ruin the experience at all. Thank you very much for reading! 


GUY: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
MC: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
PLOT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
FEELS: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Chikageeeee! I was more than delighted to find out last night that he was out and of course, I had to play him as soon as he came out because I just fell in love with him during Miyabi’s route.

Sexy, cold, poker-faced… I just love breaking them down and making them fall in love with me. It makes me feel powerful. (ง •̀┌┐•́)ง  I had built up the biggest hopes for him and I just knew he couldn’t let me down.

Let’s just jump right into it. 

Did he live up to my expectations? HELL YEAH.

But let me tell you guys a little more about why I loved him so darn much. 

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