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Wolf Trap VA (1) - 3 Days | SO CLOSE! |
Wolf Trap VA (2) - 4 Days | SINGLE DIGITS! |
Paramount NY - 38 Days |
The Vets RI - 39 Days |
Theatre of Living Arts PA - 45 Days |
Parker Playhouse FL - 101 Days |
Straz Center FL - 102 Days |
House of Blues San Diego CA - 115 Days |
Belasco Theatre CA - 116 Days

Some People Say

Yuri is too wild and temperamental for a proper relationship…DID YOU EVEN WATCH EPISODE TEN??? DID YOU NOT SEE HOW CALM AND CUTE BEKA MAKES HIM??? Sure he has a temper around MOST people but around Beka he is an absolute angel. Some people just need that ONE person who will chill them out and make them feel comfortable.


Cody Christian is one of my favorite people in the world. He’s not only an amazing actor, but he’s also a wonderful human being. I still see him as my baby, as my love, as my angel. He deserves nothing but the best.

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I read some of your asks and a couple of them were about Even's personality and that made me realize that I actually never properly thought about his character traits? I just appreciated and liked him the way he was in a specific scene. How would you describe him? Gentle, affectionate, thoughtful, definitely. Intelligent. Creative. You said he's a calm person, I found that interesting; cause I guess he is? very calm and peaceful. loving. fair. an angel???

Omfg yes. All you said. Also he’s very original and he is always himself. Charming. Respectful. Pioneering. Zealous. Definitely an angel!!! I love analysing characters but I too never thought much of Evens traits until I thought about his hogwarts house (ravenclaw fight me)


On this day in music history: January 18, 1978 - “Excitable Boy”, the third album by Warren Zevon is released. Produced by Jackson Browne and Waddy Wachtel, it is recorded at the Sound Factory in Los Angeles, CA from Mid - Late 1977. Following an unsuccessful debut album in 1969 (produced by Kim Fowley), and a second album that goes unreleased, Zevon spends much of the early 70’s as the keyboardist and bandleader for the Everly Brothers until their abrupt on stage break up in 1973. He’ll work with both Phil and Don Everly (separately), for the next two years before leaving for Europe, spending several months in Spain, playing in a small tavern. He moves back to Los Angeles in the Fall of 1975, rooming Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac. Through them he meets Jackson Browne who assists him in securing a a recording contract with his label Asylum Records, also co-producing his debut release for the label. “Excitable Boy” is the breakthrough album for Zevon and his most successful. It spins off two singles including the title track and “Werewolves Of London” (#21 Pop). The album featured musical support from a number of guest players including Jackson Browne, Karla Bonoff, Jennifer Warnes, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie. “Excitable Boy” peaks at number eight on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

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Got any ideas on what the riders do between charred council missions? Thought about this while reading abomination vault. Think they have any side goals aside from protecting the balance?

Death: Well, we’ve all seen that he’s pretty happy willing to take on everyone and anyone’s problems. Apart from that I guess he just keeps on going with the renovation of that house of his. 

War: He’s building a trophy room. It’s going to contain the mounted heads of every creature he’s ever fought. He once entertained the idea of putting an angel head up there but decided it would just ruin the overall mood of the room.

Strife: He probably disguises himself as a human and heads to Earth for a good old fashioned joy ride. He’s got a group of friends down there who all know him as Manny Mchumanface. 

Fury: Were it allowed, I can see her paying Azrael a visit or two. The two of them discuss business, she keeps him up to date with some of the council affairs and he tells her of the latest angelic political scandals. Idk I can see those two being good mates. 

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One of the best things about Everlark, THG, fanfics and your tumblr was that it helped me redefine my ideas about relationships. My parents don't have the best one so I always relied on media depictions 'happy' relationships. But looking back on it I picked up a lot of negative ideas - like the 'bad boy who treats you like shit is really an angel underneath' or 'possessiveness is a sign he cares' or 'if you are always fighting it's passion' etc... Now I want someone sweet, kind and supportive.

this will forever be the best part of this series, the gift of Peeta Mellark.

and thank you! i hope to contribute to the literary world at large more characters like Peeta Mellark, though he is of course unparalleled…but we definitely need more male heroes like him, and more romantic relationships like Everlark.

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ok i am in such a pickle and i don't know what to do and i really need advice!!! so i am sooo into this boy. like more than any other boy i've ever been into. and we talk and facetime all the time and we're basically best friends and he even came to watch me play my soccer game in the pouring rain but i honestly truly don't know if he feels the same way as i do. because some days it seems like he does but then he switches up on me and acts like nothing is happening. whaaat should i dooo!!!!!

u NEED to tell him how U FEEL!!!!! let it out angel !!!! maybe he’s not sure if u feel the same way but like he watched u play soccer in the pouring rain and u facetime constantly like thats so cute 

al-Baqir (AS) has quoted The Prophet of Allah (S) as saying: When a believing servant stands for the Prayer, Allah (SWT) looks at him until he finishes. Allah’s Mercy shadows over his head, the angels surround him from all sides up to the horizon of the heaven, and Allah (SWT) assigns an angel to stand at his head, saying: ‘0’ Worshipper! If you know who is looking at you, and to whom you are supplicating, you will look nowhere else, nor will you leave your position.’
—  Mustadrak al-Wasa’il, Chapter 2, Tradition 22

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do most guys see big areolas as a turn off? even if they're on proportionally big boobs?

not the ones i’ve met. and if a guy does it’s probably cause he’s immature