Day 3 : Drum Island

The perks of having a pet companion who can warm you with his fluffiness and to command a snow bunny with her Devil Fruit. Because she’s too fabulous to walk herself in the snow. She needs those ski glasses since her eyes are light-blue and so, super sensible to light and especially its reflection on snow. 

anonymous asked:

I unfortunately have no headcannons to give you, but I am a firm believer that Remus John Lupin, is in fact, a cutie.

Well, with a firm agreement, let me tell you one of mine:

Remus John Lupin is a near-sighted cutie from spending so much time doing projects and reading at home as a kid instead of playing outside with friends. He’d do puzzles and read books and watch the telly, and all those things can lead to a bit of near-sightedness. So he doesn’t need glasses, per se, but he can be caught squinting sometimes at far-away things and it’s the cutest thing.

Definitely, in fact, a cutie.


Gay Pride Parade cuties - Part VI

Those who follow my blog for quite a while know very well how much I fall for blond guys. That’s why this overly cute boy was one of my absolute favorites of all guys in glasses that I have see on the most recent gay pride march.

His prescription could have been much stronger for my taste, but as an universal proverb says: “Nobody is perfect!”

Even he looks somewhat skeptical on some of my shots, he is sooo sweet and his smile is it even more - right?

My life
  • Me:Aw! Mark is such a cutie. Look how loyal he is to his friends. Aw, those glasses and his beautiful-
  • Mark:*gets legs chopped off, legs get eaten, dies from blood loss*
  • Me:Oh... Okay... ;~;
  • Me:Aw! Omid is so cute! He is so optimistic even when he is hurt. He cracks jokes all the time and-
  • Omid:*gets shot, Pregnant Christa holds his limp body in her arms*
  • Me:Okay...
  • Me:Carlos is such a loving father. He tries so hard to protect his daughter. He even took Clementine under his wi-
  • Carlos:*gets shot after telling his daughter everything will be okay, gets eaten alive*
  • Me:*SCREAMS* Sarah you have to stay alive don't die on me sweetie!
  • Sarah:*breaks her back, large pieces of wood fall on her, zombies eat her alive*
  • Wyatt:*secretly dies*

I once had played an otome game called once upon a fairy tale… and damn Luca and Silvio…

Luca is the cutie prince from Red riding hood (so pretty much the wolf but really really adorable because wolf features and its just … yessss. He’s forceful and freakin like a little hot impulsive lapwolf. On the first meeting he just randomly licked the protagonists ear lika ‘i thought you were really cute i had to’) – And Silvio… freakin sadist Prince and i always end up with a liking for such terrible characters, especially because he wears glasses and damn those people with glasses and a sadistic nature.

And i kinda am thinking about using them as FCs for some new OCs… or play them AU-like (it has been a year i honestly know almost nothing anymore about them but i had them in my screenshots thats how i actually remember them and damn xd)