I really liked this linando/herlito scene (well, tbh I like all their scenes 😁) because, Lito makes and brings breakfast to his bae. I love how excited he is about HERNANDO going all ‘bodyguard’ and badass at the restaurant with those reporters. I giggled with the exchange that went on: ‘good morning, my bodyguard. I feel so Whitney right now’ and Hernando’s ‘hi whitney’ lol (I don’t remember word by word but, this was the general idea). And the sweet gesture from Lito, putting hernando’s glasses on 🙈 and the tender/passionate kiss 🔫 these two understand and love each other, flaws and all. It is a beautiful thing. They glow when they are together. The smiles, the looks and the playfulness between them is precious 🙊

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Request: As always loving your oneshots! Could you do one where you have a tickle fight with Sam and Dean but this time either Cas comes in and is confused (as always the cutie) but the he joins in? (FLUFFFF)

“Hey, jerk!” You exclaimed, entering the kitchen to see Dean eating your cookie. “I bought those, and that’s the last one!”

Dean licked the cookie, then held it out to you. “You still want it?” You stared at Dean, conveying your annoyance through your jutted out hip and pressed lips, as he ate the cookie. Once he was done you walked over to him, pretending you just wanted a glass of water, but once you got close enough you attacked his hips. 

Dean went into a fit of laughter, stopping you by grabbing your arms. You saw the look he got in his eyes, and you screamed, “Sam, help!!!” Dean picked you up, wrapping his arms around your arms and waist so you couldn’t fight back, and carried you into the living room. He tossed you on couch and sat on top of you, tickling you. He ran his hands to your neck and sides. You kicked and laughed, but couldn’t get him off you. 

“Sam!” You screamed through the laughter.

“What?” He asked, entering the living room.

“Help!” You shouted. 

Sam stared at you and Dean for a moment, then smirked. He moved over to you, and you thought he was going to save you, but instead he started tickling your feet. “No!” You shouted, kicking. Sam instead sat on your legs, making it impossible for you to kick. 

You laid on the couch, Winchesters sitting on top of you, laughing. You thought you were going to pass out from laughter when you had the perfect idea. “Castiel! Cas, please, help!” You prayed and screamed. 

Cas was instantly by your side. “What’s wrong?” He asked, looking for danger. He noticed your position with the Winchesters and tilted his head, “What are you doing?”

“They’re torturing me!” You screamed, hoping Cas would throw them off.

“No! We’re tickling her. She likes it, watch it makes her laugh.” Dean said, running his hands up and down our sides. You couldn’t stop the laughter from escaping your throat. 

“No, I don’t like it!” You shouted, but Castiel moved closer, examining the situation. 

“May I try?” He asked. Dean excitedly nodded his head, taking his hands away. Cas threw his hands to your sides, and copied Dean’s motions, earning a bout of giggles from you. 

“I hate you all!” You screamed, tears running down your face. “Cas, Dean likes it too! It’s Dean’s turn!” You tried. 

You watched as Cas turned to Dean, and threw him to the ground. Dean, shocked, tried to get up, but Cas sat on Dean like Dean had with you, trapping his arms to his side. Cas then threw his arms to Dean’s sides and stomach, turning Dean’s face red and making him laugh. 

Sam jumped off you and pulled his phone out, and started taking pictures. Once you’d regained your breath, you went and sat on Dean’s legs, then started tickling his feet. Ah, sweet, sweet, revenge.

(I hope you like it!)


Believe it or not, Mr. Hiddleston knows how to accessorise well for a party.

And he proved it once more by being his usual dorky self at the Crimson Peak wrap up party.

Just look at that cutie patootie with those maxi hipster glasses, and the antlers and the hats and stuff.

I don’t think I can handle so much adorableness… I just can’t.

And even though the photos (sorry for the bad quality btw) have a kinda sepia thingie filter, we can all make an educated guess and say that he’s wearing a blue or white shirt coupled with a navy blue or black jacket/blazer.


External image

Yep, I was right.

First Thoughts On Seeing Each Other

Wade: Dayum! She’s sexy as fuck! (Wade)
Jesus! Look at him! Look at that booty! (You)

Vanessa: God look at those tit’s! I’d love too…Wow her face is cute (Vanessa)
She’s cute. I want her. Now. (You)

Weasel: There’s the sexy ass girl with the fat ass (Weasel)
Cutie with the glasses is looking at me again (You)

Francis: I can’t hurt he she’s to beautiful. Look at her (Francis)
I swsr when I get out of here I’m going to fucking kill this bald bastard! (You)

Angel: Jesus Christ she’s strong! (You)
Little bitch stabbed me! I’m going to kill her! (Angel)

Piotr: She is so beautiful. I must speak to her (Piotr)
Damn! He’s like 9 fucking feet tall! Fuck I hope he doesn’t try to kill me (You)

Ellie: Sexy lady! (Ellie)
Hello there cutie (You)
I’d love to get that cat (Her)

Peter: Wow! She’s so pretty (Him)
Oh god! Cutie alert! (You)

Gwen: Hope she isn’t dumb like those other blondes I just saw (You)
Oh no she just gave me that look (Gwen)
Dude she’s so smart! Yes! (You)
She smiled at me! Ohhh my gosh! (Gwen)

Tony: Look at those legs! (Tony)
Wow Tony Stark is even hotter in person (You)

Bruce: Oh my gosh! It’s Bruce Banner! (You)
Oh! It’s Dr. Y/N L/N! She’s so pretty (Bruce)

Steve: The waitress Y/N is very beautiful. Like Peggy was (Steve)
Whoa Captain America is sex as hell especially up close! (You)

Natasha: Is that a goddess? (Tasha)
Dayum she rockin’ that catsuit (You)

Pietro: What the fuck was that? (You)
Scaced the hell outta her (Pietro)
Got you mothetfucker! (You)
Ow! Damn she’s strong! How’d she catch me! (Pietro)

Wanda: Oh my fuckin! She’s a mutant! (You)
Oh no she’s afraid of me now! (Wanda)
That’s kind of cook though (You)

Rhodey: It’s Iron Man! (You)
Of course she thinks I’m Iron Man. They always do (Him)
Wait that’s not Iron Man! But he is cute though (You)

Darcy: Damn! Those jugs are big enoih to feed me for a couple of days! (You)
Does she know she said that out loud right? (Her)
I’m definitely going to talk to her (You)

Pepper: Oh my gosh! It’s Pepper Potts! (You)
Oh god not another crazy ass Pepper Potts basher (Her)
Why’d she roll her eyes? Aw man! She doesn’t even wanna speak to me! (You)

Matt: Wow her voice is simply amazing (Him)
Can he see me? (You)
Great now she doesn’t even gonna talk to me because I’m blind (Him)
Ehhh. Fuck it! Might blind but he’s cute as hell! (You)

Sam: That’s a big ass bird! Oh hell! It’s coming towards me! Ahhh! (You)
Shit! Fuck I’m about to hit her (Him)

Scott: What the fuck?! Where the hell are all those fucking ants coming from?! (You)
These guys are going eat her alive! Guys! (Him)
What the shit?! Is that a man?! (You)

T’Challa: He/She is….beautiful. Go talk to y/gender T’Challa! Don’t be a coward! Your a warrior. A King. Oh fuck y/gender is coming over here! Be calm! (Him)

He is gorgeous. I want him. He will be mine. Wait why is he sweating? Is he nervous? (You) 

With all the Maksyl flying around tonight (and believe me, I have no problems with that), I think we should also remember the king of this fandom- Charlie White

He is Meryl’s number one fan and half of the Golden Couple. He is an actual cutie and actual puppy. He puts those smiley face stickers you used to get at Wal-Mart to shame with his happiness. His hair defies gravity on a regular basis and his eye crinkles make you forget all sorrows. He has been the rock of our queen’s life and none of this would have happened if he hadn’t decided to do the “girly” thing and take some ice dancing lessons. We may celebrate tomorrow should our queen get what she deserves, but let us also raise our virtual glasses to the King of Twizzlers, Charlie White. 

Closed RP -- with @wearesoulbinder

A busy tavern at the height of some festival.  Even in a shadowy place like this, the festival spirit has blown in many revelers and drunkards–killing the mood for those who seek a quiet night alone.  Cole (  ) wishes for such a night.  Things have been hard and events brought him to this town, but tonight the solace he seeks is disrupted by the sounds of drinking songs, clacking tankards and raucous laughter.

Suddenly, someone pinches Cole’s right cheek without any warning.  “Aren’t you adorable”, says a blushing, black haired woman wearing a large red hat.  “Are you even old enough to drink, cutie?  It’s a festival so I won’t rat on you–if you let me join you.”

She holds a glass of summer wine in her hand and sits at Cole’s table without waiting for a reply.

@wearesoulbinder / @child-of-broken-soul

alittlebitoftheuniverse  asked:

27 Philtheo for those OTP asks

Lovely human

27) Who orders take out at two in a morning? and who wakes the other up at three in the morning to go downstairs with them to get a glass of water because it’s too dark?

Right so Philip is literally always hungry, he is definitely the kind of person who will order a pizza in the early hours of the morning, especially when he and Theo first move away to college and he no longer has Eliza as his impulse control. Him and Theo have a lot of fun all nighters where they’re supposed to be studying but they end up just talking and making paper aeroplanes and eating fast food.   

Philip has definitely been woken up more than a few times by Theo tugging on his sleeve, asking if he can come get a glass of water with her. He raises his eyebrows ‘seriously?’ Theo pouts “It’s daaark…” He teases her about it but he goes with her anyway. 

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