Remember this? What a cutie, he needs to be protected

Can we talk about Steven’s “me time” tho? ‘Cause when I saw him setting the table all fancy at first I thought oh is he having Connie over or something that’s so cute. But then when I found out it was all for him I thought…that’s even better. And yes it was a funny, cute moment, but it also just made me so happy because this kid loves himself, he knows he’s cute and he knows how to treat himself, and there’s nothing shameful in that. And idk Steven has so much responsibility, so much shit to deal with, and it’s lovely to see these little things showing us that he still has high self-esteem and he still gets to be a happy kid and take proper breaks from serious stuff. He just gives so much lately, tries so hard to help others, it’s good to know he also applies that love and caring to himself. Not that I thought he had seemed down or anything. It was just such a nice moment I think.

we went to the mall together! his truck is huge i looked like a child in the passager. we held hands so much i felt his hands sweaty it was cute. but he kept tryna pay for everything!! today i wanted to pay bc i feel guilty if i don’t pay at least 50/50. he’s driving me home but he’s gonna visit a lil bit until our walk for tims. barely 2 days into seeing each other n it feels like we been together for 2-3 years doing coupley things yet we both get flustered looking at eachother smh smh

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Update: kinda starting to feel like I don't belong in the group chat??? Like everyone is really nice but I don't fit in???? //cries ~wonpuppy anon

Oh no/// Please don’t feel like that wonpuppy anon!! If you want you could message me instead if you feel more comfortable?? Or you could try talking to anyone else individually until you start to warm up to them?

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BTS reaction #2 (you trip and fall in front of them)


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Let’s be honest sassy Jin and momma Jin combine.

You idiot. Come here you’re bleeding. Let me patch you up.” 


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He would be the reason you tripped in the first place. He would either fall with you or balance himself quick enough to see you fall on your face.

Jagi, I am so sorry. Are you okay?” 


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He rolled his eyes as you extended your arm for him to help you up. 

Give me a reason I should help you?” 


He´s be in a laughing fit next to you on the ground, while you sit there helpless. 

Aish, you´re so clumsy Jagi!” 


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Similar to J-Hope, he´d be giggling except he´d help you up.



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He probably wouldn´t even notice until you said something. Causing him to look down at you on the floor. He´d probably react dramatically.

Jagi, are you alright?! I SHOULD´VE KNOWWNNNN!” 


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He´d probably be the most normal out of them all. Simply helping you up and kissing your forehead, before continuing doing whatever you were doing. 

Bts being a fake boyfriend.

Requested from anonymous.Here yah go!

Rap Monster: He would get away with so many things by taking this opportunity. You would assume he’s really acting and that it is perfect acting, but he’s really not. When he sees you he would start doing things like touching your cheek and saying “My Baby” in front of your parents.

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Suga: He would agree to do it, but is a little hurt that he has to pretend, he wouldn’t show it tho. Things would get awkward tho as he tries to say sweet things to you. “You…lil…cutie..”

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J-Hope: Okay having him as a fake boyfriend might be a little to hard lol. He would be super okay with pretending to be your guy, he wouldn’t try to embarrass you in front of your parents, but he is just too excited. “OVER HERE JAGI” But really all his crazy emotions that are showing is really how excited he feels inside.

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Jin: You: “Quick my parents coming, wrap your arms around me. Jin: “Or I can kiss you.” You: “What?”Jin: “Pucker up”

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Jimin: As you introduce him as your bf to your parents, he would try to act normal as possible, cause he’s really happy at the moment. But it would be hard for him, as his smile continue to stretch from ear to ear.

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Taehyung: Of course he would say yes to the offer. But Lets say you guys have dinner with your parents, he would be distracted and probably end up being confused when your dad ask “How long you two been dating”

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Jungkook: Even though he likes you, he would still laugh a little when you say you love him back, cause he knows your acting but you don’t know that he actually means it when he says he love you.

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Can’t wait to pick up Bumblebee from our vets! I missed him while we were away.
Repost from @vhbhvetgroup “We have the pleasure of spending the week with this cutie as he boards here with us. Hello bumblebee 😄😍 ”

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tbh I'd read any Maine x reader stuff you have (Especially fluff. so much fluff)

Then I present to you: @tiniestmagneto‘s and my cafe AU…!!

You work at a small cafe that Maine frequents whenever it’s quiet.

Picture this: Maine drinking out of a tiny coffee cup. Maine eating tiny cupcakes.

He always sits in a big comfy chair by the window, reading a book or checking the news on his tablet. Sometimes, he wears li’l earbuds and listens to podcasts. A cutie (you) stops by his table occasionally to refill his drink. It’s a good life.

After he’s been in a few times, you start asking him questions about what he’s reading. You talk to him a little more and more each day, and he asks you about the music you play in the background while you work. You end up sharing your favorite bands and songs with him, and he makes a list of names on his tablet to check out later.

You start bringing some of your favorite books into work with you, to lend to him. You slip a piece of paper with your number on it into one at some point. You don’t think he’ll actually call, but you’re hoping he will.

He doesn’t call. You’re down about it for a few days, until an unknown number sends you a coffee emoji. ☕

You’re confused, but hopeful again. You text him: Maine?

He sends back a smiley face. : )