I love #saeran in the new #Vroute!! So I decided to make 4 new charms for the new route! Enjoy Saeran as “Ray”, he is sooo adorable!! :D Love the outfit too!

You can buy them on my etsy shop! If you buy the whole set you get a #Mysticmessenger sticker pack!~

RWBY Musings! Only one episode so far and already I can tell that Volume 5 will be my favourite season of RWBY yet...

This isn’t really a review. This is just me fangasming at how much I loved this episode.

I’m as jubilant and drunk off this new season as Krow is by the end of the episode!

Let’s give a hand for my favourite character of this new season. Oh my gosh! Oscar is sooo precious! I mean I already liked him from last season but I love him even more now after this first episode! He’s sooo adorable! 

 And he said it! We all knew he was going to say it and he did!

He said the ‘...You have silver eyes’ line, all the while gazing at Ruby like she was the most beautiful person he’s ever seen. I don’t know if Oscar is just awed to see someone with silver eyes since he’s never really seen someone with those eyes before or…if this is the first sign of him possibly having a crush on Ruby….I dunno,,,,

Either way, I don’t care! That’s all I needed! This is EXACTLY how I envisioned how Oscar’s first meeting with Ruby would be and BAM!
 RosePine confirmed! I’m calling it now! Woooohooo!

Krow is me at the end of this episode! Oh gosh! I love it! I can already tell that I’m going to enjoy this season the most.
The improved visuals and animation style. The amazing background visuals in the new opening. That  new OPENING THEME! BOSS!
Oscar joining the team!
Aaah, this might just be my favourite season yet and it’s just getting started. It is ON!

Thank youuuuuuuuu Roosterteeth! 

On a side note, can I just take a sec to applaud RoosterTeeth for this picture here in the beginning! I don’t know if it was meant to be intentional but I spot a lil possible LGBT representation there in the background and I just wanted to point it out to see if anyone else noticed this too.

Overall, I’m excited for this season. Sorry for the spoilers. I’m just really excited!  

`~LittleMissSquiggles (2017)

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Hi! I’m LuisFer (right) (no hablo mucho inglés xD) And my boyfriemd is Rey. We meet in the school  4 years ago and we have 1 year and 3 months. I Love Him bc he is sooo cute and adorable. Our past it’s hard but I stay here for him. 

I wasnt gonna post my pic with him buuuuutttttt I decided to just now, lol.

Yall I cried on him and he hugged me and rubbed my back, I shook his hand and thanked him. It was the best minute of my life. His voice is so soft and beautiful. Hes sooo adorable.

I cant wait for another opportunity with him. I will do all I can.

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after your post of Fuji, i immediately fell for him! he is sooo adorable i can't believe i haven't encountered any of his scenes >.< do you perhaps can list videos where he is involved? ooh, and thank you for this wonderful translations! <3

Hellooo! Sorry it took me so long to answer but here it is: 

name: Shunsuke

-          Immoral Netcafe 24h Season 3 (this scene will be translated)

-          Handsome Shop Staff

-          Drink

-          Bored Boys 12

name: Fuji

The scenes I know do not really have names, so sorry you’ll have to research a bit yourself  (Pssstt…go have a look at @jgv4you‘s site) 

[Get Film]
name: Jun

-          Virtual Paradise Jun

[Men’s rush]
name: Jun

-          mr-kr678

-          mr-kr682

name: anonymous

-          YC1004561

name: ?

-          Gacchinko – Straight vs Gay Vol. 1

[KO – East]
name: ?

-          Boys In A Share House 2: In summer

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Jeez….Fuji certainly wasn’t sitting still….0.o 

There are probably scenes missing, so once I come across smth else (which I probably will, I mean I’m kinda obsessed with him as you can see xD) I’ll update this “little” list. 

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What's your favorite form from All Might? (My favorite is his true form. Think he looks adorable in that form).

I don’t have a preference!! Like, really??? I have a lot of trouble shopping for him because I want everything in both his forms. Like no matter what, he’s sooo adorable!
I like his skinny version because I love the style he’s drawn in. And those beautiful blue eyes. And his cute hair!
But I love him swol firm too!! Because those wide shoulders!! Those moments where you can see his eyes and your heart just stops. And his bunny ear hair!!
I just love him!!