*Sees a fan*

*Realizes fan is flirting*

*Sends a small kiss*

*Fan returns the kiss*

*Sends back multiple beautiful kisses*

*Smiles and stop flirting*

*Has a dirty thought (probably about the fan)*

*Dismisses dirty thought*


In the tenth second of the video you can see that his imagination is at its fullest

you’re welcome :))


I’m going to fly to England and burn all of Niall’s clothes if he doesn’t stop dressing like a kindly fisherman from Ireland circa 1926 who is the town favorite and always gives the fairest of prices on his fish especially to the sweet little old ladies and though he hasn’t yet taken a wife all the girls of the town hope that they will be the special one to catch his eye and live happily by the sea with their many children and GOD. NIALL. JUST. GIVE IT A REST. YOU’RE HURTING ME.