Seungri speaking English on Vlive & asking the caller if she’s from North Korea….

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Imagine Steve bargaining his freedom with General Ross in order to get amnesty for the members of Team Cap to go home to their kids/families

“I’m confused, Captain.” Steve didn’t have to turn to watch General Ross swagger into the room; he could hear it in his tone.  “Why add escaping a maximum security prison to your compatriots’ list of troubles?”

Steve finally turns to face Ross so the man can see how serious Steve is about his proposal.  “Because I’m willing to make a deal.” 

“I’m not sure you understand how the legal system works. Which is astonishing for the man calling himself Captain America.”  

It was Steve’s turn to look smug.  “It’s an offer you can’t refuse.”

General Ross merely raised his eyebrows and waited.  

“You grant them –all of them- amnesty, and I’ll not only turn myself in for disciplinary action, I’ll sign the Accords.”

Ross’ eyebrows raised only a fraction; his only reaction for several long moments before: “Barton, Wilson, Lang. They go free and pardoned.”

Steve cracked his jaw.  “Wanda is granted the same pardon and freedom, or you can spend the rest of your career trying to hunt us down and explaining to your committee why you can’t find us.”

“Maximoff is—“

Wanda is a kid.  And acted under my authority.  She gets the same pardon as the rest of them, or I walk.  I won’t make this offer again.”

Another voice joined before Ross could respond: “You’ll get me, too. But only if Wanda is pardoned, too.”  


“You can’t—“ Steve started.

“I can do what I want.  End of the line, pal, remember?”  Bucky clapped a hand on Steve’s shoulder and shifted his gaze to the General.  “So?”

Ross barely hesitated.  “Done. You both turn yourselves in.  You’ll sign the Accords.  You’ll be charged and appropriately punished.”  He smiled again, self-satisfied and victorious. “Now if that’s all, let me show you to your cells.”

Sparing a glance to Bucky, Steve followed, Bucky falling in a step behind and to the left of him.

happy magnus thoughts bc he’s a Big Beautiful Boy and i love him

  • starts sing-alongs on every single roadtrip. reactions from fellow travellers vary but what’s important is that magnus has a good time
  • he keeps all the soulwood fingers merle loses for talking shit about pan and carves them into cute lil figurines to give away as presents (usually with a really lame hand pun that people are either confused or horrified by) (the director puts hers in a drawer and tries not to think about it too much)
  • hangs out with the void fish a lot bc it’s just. very calming for him. and also the fish socialisation is really good for steven. carving figurines out of merle’s fingers with the void fish+steven and optional johan soundtrack is the no.1 magnus burnsides method of relaxing
  • on the flip side of that he stress exercises and pretty much everyone at b.o.b has sat on his back while he does push-ups at some point or another. taako usually levitates just above him bc he doesn’t want to sit on magnus’ back bc that’s sweaty and gross but it’s the thought that counts
  • chronic brain freeze/burnt tongue bc he just. never learns 
  • will always stop to pet dogs when he sees them. if they’re in the middle of a crisis he will settle for scratching it behind the ears and telling them he loves them before moving on but otherwise it is Cuddle Time

timandthecity Me with #JaiCourtney during #TIFF16 he just recently starred in the new #SuicideSquad film starred in #gooddaytodiehard and #ifrankenstein Courtney had a recurring role as Varro in the television series #SpartacusBloodandSand . He played Eric in the science fiction action film #Divergent and in #Insurgent, and also played #KyleReese in #TerminatorGenisys.