Q: Right now, are you satisfied with the image of yourself?
DH: Although it feels like I’m being conceited, I feel that so far I maturing well in regards to my age. For people like me, the type of person we will become as we reach 30 or 40, I am really looking forward to it. It’s not that I feel I am the best right now, but I am very content, and very thankful to the present. When I am tired, I will think about the people who are still working hard in order to get these kinds of opportunities. Along the way there are too many moments when you cannot sleep, when you feel very emotional and sensitive, and during these times I will go to the bathroom, look in the mirror and say to myself: “Is this the best that you can do, if you fall down now, you will be nothing” and then I will have a change of heart.


Sammy, close your eyes.



Are we saying that it’s ok for major filming projects to come and film in Northern Ireland but our young people here aren’t worthy to be trained to be a part of it?
—  Colin Morgan, responding to word that BIFHE (Belfast Metropolitan College) is planning to cancel its performing arts course, which he graduated from in 2002

thepikachuisbloggin asked:

I'm noticing the Triforce related items on Hiro for some of the pictures of him, any reason why?

Tbh I’m a giant Zelda nerd and that’s 99% of the reason why, I sneak a lot of Zelda related themes into my stuff whenever I can ahahah;;; 

So Hiro’s a Zelda nerd now. No regrets. (A lot of you have actually noticed the Triforce necklace too, you guys make me so proud)