i see your magnus turning away from alec when he drops his glamour and i raise you magnus dropping the glamour and refusing to look away from alec, lifting his chin in defiance, not letting another shadowhunter have the chance to make him feel lesser even though he trusts alec he still won’t let his guard down in this moment of vulnerability


The Red Leather Jacket!


i really love @catnippackets‘s post with these two stimming its adorable


157288 after their goal 12.4.16


Thank you for the 36 shows…!! It was the best time. 
But first, I have homework from Jas. 
Please don’t mind the quality. 


Ryan Phillippe: I don’t know what [Randy]’s gonna do to me after the scene ends. I might get an RKO but I hope not. […] I try to stay on his good side. I think that’s a smart move.
It’s exciting not only for me, and the little kid in me who has always loved WWE, but also seeing the crew members get excited when he passes by. [x]

  • Momo: Oh crap! Oh crap!
  • Sousuke: What?
  • Momo: I accidentally sent a sext to Nitori-Senpai!
  • Sousuke: Why the hell were you sending a sext to anyone?
  • Momo: What I do in my own time is none of your- Shit! He sexted back!
  • Momo: ...Hey, he's actually pretty good at this...