Y'all. I developed a massive crush on this guy at work back in March. Last month we became closer and I think he likes me back. A week from today is my last day working this job. I need you to send me positive (but actually aggressive) vibes so I’ll have enough courage to tell him how I feel! I absolutely cannot not leave without letting him know. He probably knows anyway.

Early Morning Tease (Seth Rollins) - the reader is home with her boyfriend Seth for the holidays. Seth goes out with his friends for a few drinks, but not before being teased as he leaves. fluff/smut

y'all, this is my first time posting my writing on this blog so let me know what you think.

WARNINGS: language/smut(ish)


“That’s such BULLSHIT,” Seth yelled from the living room. I rolled my eyes, assuming he was just pissed that he was losing his video game. Every morning Seth ate his breakfast while he played Madden. It was like a tradition in our house. And almost every morning, Seth lost.

I grabbed my mug and made way into the living, finding that my assumptions were true when I saw an angry Seth standing right in front of the TV, thumbs furiously pushing at the buttons on his controller. I plopped myself down onto the couch and brought my knees to my chest, watching him with intrigue. Whenever he got worked up, his back muscles involuntarily tensed and flexed. I like to think it’s the universe’s little gift to me.

About ten minutes passed and Seth had officially lost to the Minnesota Vikings, 24-0, with a defeated and angry, “Fuck!” He turned around and looked me in eyes, smiling softly before climbing over the coffee table so he was standing in front of me. He leaned down and gave me a lingering kiss on the lips, before pulling back and gently kissing my forehead.

“Bet you had no idea was even sitting here, huh?” I asked, playfully poking his face as he sat down next to me, curling up into my side like a child.

“No, I knew,” he said, matter-of-fact.

“Seth there’s no way you knew. You were so engrossed in your video game.”

“You’re wrong. I always know when you’re around me. I have like, spidey senses that only work for you,” he looked up at me for his place on my hip and smirked.

I rolled my eyes at him again, for the second time this morning. “You’re an idiot.”

“But I’m your idiot. That’s the beauty of it,” he sighed into my skin.

I was really thankful for the time we had together at home in Davenport this Christmas. It originally wasn’t looking like we were going to be able to make it home until the 23rd and then in turn have to be back in Tampa by the 27th, but Carrano pulled some strings for us at the very last minute. Now we had about 2 and a half weeks off together. No obligations, no responsibilities (other than Kevin), and no work. Us both being professional wrestlers on the main roster for WWE, it was hard to get time like this. Time where we could lounge on the couch at our home and enjoy each other’s company.

“I’d be so lost without you, babe,” I muttered into my cup.

“Likewise, princess.” He placed a kiss on the outer part of my thigh before sitting up. “Speaking of that actually….” he trailed off, looking sheepish.

I gave him my best stern look, anticipating my annoyance at whatever was going to come out of his mouth in the next 30 seconds. “What did you do?”

He stood up and started backing away from me and into the kitchen, out of my smacking range, but I just picked myself up and followed him. “Okay, baby. You can’t be mad because it’s… i-it’s something you told me to do.” He raised his hands in defense.

I crossed my arms over my chest and leaned against the kitchen counter. “Take out the trash? Do the dishes? Put your disgusting socks into the washer and not leave them on the bathroom floor?” I questioned, gaining an eye roll from him.

“Okay, not exactly. But I promise that I’ll start getting better about that stuff.” He trailed off, not sure how to read my body language. “Remember how you told me to take time to relax and indulge in the small moments in life?”

I vaguely recalled being wine-drunk a couple nights before and telling him those things. I groaned inwardly. I should’ve known those words would come back and potentially bite me in the ass. I nodded tightly, too annoyed with myself to actually speak.

“Wellllllll,” he began, putting his hands on his hips and looking at me with that stupid, cute ass face that made me agree to anything he wanted. “The guys invited me to go over the lodge today and shoot some pool and drink some beer and I said I’d come.” He backtracked and raised his hands defensively when he saw my eyebrow raise. “I said I could ONLY go if it was alright with you.”

His big, brown bambi eyes pleaded with me and of course, my weak heart couldn’t stand here and say no when he looked so goddamn cute. But that didn’t mean I would let it look like I surrendered too easily.

“Oh? What time were you thinking?”

“Like 10? Only if that’s okay with you, princess,” he smiled nervously at me.

“And you’re going to the Moose Lodge here in town?”

“Yes. Just 10 minutes down the road. Close enough to be home incase of an emergency.”

I pursed my lips and pretended to contemplate before pointing a finger at him, commanding his attention. “I promise not to be a needy, mopey baby when you go hang out with your friends as long as you bring me some fried pickles when you come home.”

A big wide, award-winning smile spread across his face and he came around the kitchen island to envelope me in a warm hug. I squeezed him tightly, breathing in his scent. He felt like home and I loved it.

Seth pulled back just slightly to kiss me on the lips and then again and again. “Thanks, babe. I just didn’t want to leave you hanging while we had the chance to be home together.”

Eye roll count for today: 3.

“Seth, your friends deserve to see you too. They get to see you even less I do,” I smacked his chest playfully and went across the kitchen to get another cup of tea.

“I know, but you’re my number one priority in life,” he replied. I looked over my shoulder to see him staring at me from across the kitchen, adoration in all his features.

“Don’t you forget it, big guy,” I joked.

“With a woman like you, I couldn’t.”

“Good.” I turned in place and stared at his stupid, perfect face. He was too irresistible to not look at whenever I had the chance. We’d been together for 3 years and I still took every opportunity I admire him. I took and sip and suddenly remembered something. “Oh and can you pick up some milk?”

He furrowed his eyebrows at me and turned to open the fridge next to him. He grabbed the milk off the top shelf and held it up. “Yeah?”

I shook my head at the joker standing in front of me. “I meant at the store, Seth.”

He rolled his eyes at me this time and put the milk back where it belonged before closing the fridge and mocking my faux-annoyed pose. “Babe, I assume it weighs the same whether it’s in our fridge or at the store.”

“Seth Rollins, I hate you” I laughed.

He bounded over to me, pulling me into another tight hug. “You’re in love with me,” he muttered into my neck as he kissed his way down.

“Yeah, very true. I’m in love with you,” I whispered. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the closeness. He has just made his way to my t-shirt neckline when his hands snaked up and grabbed my breasts. His head popped up and by the darkening look in his eyes, I knew he was quickly getting turned on.

I smirked and shifted my position against the counter so my bare thigh rubbed against the bulge in his jeans. He groaned and brought his forehead down to touch mine.

“Are you not wearing a bra?” He mustered out between his clenched teeth.

“Nope,” I smiled back, popping the p.

“Why do you do this to me?”

“I thought we could have some fun this morning.” I made sure to bat my eyelashes at him and reach up to kiss his neck and tug at his hair, a few things that I knew would help with his growing arousal.

“Well then,” he said, lifting me up by my ass so I was now sitting on the counter, both legs on either sides of his hips, “we’ll just have to take care of that.”

Seth started kissing at my neck and playing with the waist of my silk pajama shorts. I pushed him away and hopped down form the counter, walking towards the living room. It pained me, but I knew it would pay off to both of our advantage later.

“Babe!” He shouted after me. “What the hell are you doing?”

I grabbed his keys from the bowl on the end table and tossed them to him. He caught them in one swift motion and stared at me incredulously, arms out.

“You gotta go. It’s 9:45 already. You told the boys you’d meet them at 10. You made a promise to be there and you’re not the kind of man to go back on his word,” I smirked.

He looked at the clock and then back at me a few times before sighing deeply. “You don’t play fair,” he moaned before heading towards the door.

“Not in the ring and not in the bed, baby,” I said before picking Kevin up and holding him in my arms. I grabbed one of his little paws and waved it at Seth. “Tell daddy bye-bye, Kev! Say, ‘Mommy’s going to go watch her TV shows without any clothes on while you’re gone.’” I kissed Kevin on the head before turning my attention back to Seth.

He was halfway out the door, turned towards me with lust and desperation displayed in his features. “You’re getting fucked into next week when I get home from the lodge later. I promise, princess.”

“Don’t forget the milk!” I shouted just before he shut the door behind him.

I laughed to myself and walked off to the bedroom. I was desperately looking forward to his return this afternoon.

Love at First Sight

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wonwoo says he doesn’t believe in love at first sight. but that doesn’t stop his eyes from lingering a little too long on a certain someone in the dark room.
fluff!!! | 1.7k+w
college!au | wonwoo x reader
part of UniDays series

A/N: idk if you can tell, but i’m so soft for this boy omg. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WONWOO DAY. in honor of his bday c:

Wonwoo says he doesn’t believe in love at first sight. He just can’t wrap his head around the idea that someone’s appearance would somehow make people fall in love or that one can love someone without actually knowing their personality. Wonwoo just doesn’t get it.

But that doesn’t stop him from being completely starstruck when you hand him a flyer to the university’s dance showcase next week.

“It’s only $5 admission and with your student ID you can get a discount,” you tell him with a wink. And Wonwoo feels like the world is spinning. For some reason, his mind goes blank and his throat gets dry. Wonwoo is grasping at words to say because he knows he looks completely stupid right now but his brain isn’t functioning like it normally would.

“Thanks,” he manages to choke out. This is normally the point when people leave and continue on with their lives, but Wonwoo stays there staring at you for an awkward fraction of a second.

“I hope to see you there,” you tell him with an awkward smile (because he looks like he has something to say but for some reason he’s just standing there?). Wonwoo forces a smile and nods before pushing himself to leave even though he doesn’t want to. As he walks further and further away, the feeling inside Wonwoo’s chest grows larger and larger. And Wonwoo refuses to believe he’s in love.

(When Jun asks the boy why he was 15 minutes late to lecture, Wonwoo’s reply is, “I saw a literal fucking angel.”)

Wonwoo has a love-hate relationship with parties. Sometimes he enjoys jamming out to loud beats and playing beer pong with his friends. But sometimes he’s just tired as fuck and wants to go home. This is one of those times where he just wants to go home. Wonwoo knew he shouldn’t have let Mingyu snatch the book from his hands and drag him to this party; but here he is, at the frat house that Seungcheol is a part of, watching the mass of people drinking their guts out and grinding on each other like there’s no tomorrow.

“Hey Wonwoo,” Soonyoung greets the lonely boy, taking the seat next to him on the couch.

“Ay Soonyoung,” Wonwoo gives Soonyoung a bro hug and smiles in relief. At least there’s someone here to entertain him for a bit.

“I didn’t know you’d be here, I thought you said you were busy or something.”

Wonwoo lets out a chuckle, “Yeah I thought so too, but Mingyu dragged me here. I don’t even know where he went.”

“Ah typical Mingyu,” Soonyoung sighs at the thought.

“Yah Kwon Soonyoung!” a voice comes from the other side of the room. Wonwoo immediately recognizes that voice even though the only other time he has heard it was when you were handing out those flyers. He glances over only to confirm his suspicion and he feels butterflies start to emerge in his stomach. As you get closer to the two boys, Wonwoo can hear the pulsing of his heart resonate in his eardrums. You pass by Wonwoo, brushing past his leg (it is this moment that Wonwoo believes he died and came back to life), and make your way towards Soonyoung before kicking him in the shin. “You promised you’d take some shots with me, let’s go!”

“Right, I forgot, sorry,” Soonyoung hisses in pain and clutches his poor shin.

It was only then that you notice the boy sitting next to your idiot friend (he seems a little familiar). And suddenly you completely forget why you are there kicking Soonyoung. All you can think about is how perfect this guy looks, as if he was chiseled out by the gods. Your mind swarms in thoughts about how he seems to glow from within, how his hair falls perfectly onto his face, and how he looks so goddamn cute with those glasses. You can feel your heart beating faster and your stomach doing somersaults. His eyes look up at you, staring at you intently (in interest? you wonder).

“Hi, I’m Y/N,” you manage to breathe out – but the music’s too loud and Wonwoo is disappointed that he couldn’t hear your name. You stick your hand out for a handshake and he stares at it for a bit before taking it. His hands are cold to the touch, but for some reason your body heat increases tenfold (you heat up even more thinking about the possibility that he can tell).

“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that,” he says leaning up a little to hear. Wonwoo’s breath hitches when he can feel your breath on his ear.

“My name is Y/N,” you repeat a little louder this time. He nods with a smile and then pulls you closer.

“I’m Wonwoo,” he says into your ear, his deep voice sending chills down your spine.

“Great, now that we all know each other, let’s take some shots!” Soonyoung booms, bouncing back to his cheerful self after some caressing of his leg, “I promised you some shots right,” the older boy smirks and nudges your arm.

“Yeah you do. I need to get you wasted so you can come up with good choreo,” you giggle before lightly kicking Soonyoung again. You turn to Wonwoo, but suddenly become beet red after noticing your hand still in his. He realizes and pulls away awkwardly (even though you kind of want to hold it a little longer).

“Come with us,” you say, giving Wonwoo an inviting smile. Wonwoo finds himself returning the smile and gets out of the spot he had inhabited since the start of the party.

“Let’s go.”

Wonwoo decides that he loves parties.

Wonwoo says he doesn’t believe in love at first sight. And there’s a little devil (a.k.a. the realist) inside of him telling him that this isn’t love. He had just met you a couple hours ago and he didn’t even know you existed before today. But that doesn’t stop his eyes from lingering a little too long on a certain someone in the dark room. It doesn’t stop him from noticing how the dim night lights bounce off your skin in the most mesmerizing way or how your lips part into the most beautiful smile when laughing at a joke (it’s one of his jokes and his heart bursts because no one laughs at his jokes). Maybe it’s the alcohol that makes his face warm up when you make eye contact. But his heart stops and his breath hitches as you flash him a small smile. And he knows that can’t be from the alcohol.

“Do you dance?” you ask, swaying a bit to the music. Wonwoo thinks you’re so fucking cute.

“Nah, I don’t really. I’m not that good.”

“Don’t lie Wonwoo,” Soonyoung drunkenly drapes an arm around the other boy, “There’s this video on Facebook of Wonwoo in middle school. It’s fucking hilarious. They used to call him Palryong Junior High Dancing Machine.” Wonwoo laughs at the memory. He would be embarrassed having this cute girl find out about his dark past, but Wonwoo’s friends talk about this moment so often that he isn’t embarrassed anymore, instead he finds it quite funny.

“It is true, I am a dancing machine. Stiff as hell,” Wonwoo jokes, laughing along with Soonyoung as the latter tries to pull up the video. You laugh too and you find yourself turning into a mush for Wonwoo’s cute nose crinkle (and you think to yourself about how you want to see him laugh like that all the time).

“Well let’s see this dancing machine in action,” you giggle, pulling him away from the punch bowl and towards the mass of people.

You start to bounce to the beat, but Wonwoo just stands there, smiling at you, admiring how your body just moves with the music and how you look so happy dancing (he’s definitely going to that dance showcase if he can see you like this).

“Why aren’t you dancing?” you ask. But before he can answer, you take his hands in yours and start to move them in an attempt to get Wonwoo to dance. “C’mon dancing machine,” you jest, pulling him even closer. Wonwoo can feel the blood rushing up to his ears, but he doesn’t mind anymore. He starts to awkwardly move and bounce to the song that’s playing and you can’t help but smile and laugh at this soft boy that is Jeon Wonwoo.

“Are you impressed by the dancing machine?” Wonwoo asks. It was late, Mingyu was nowhere to be found, and you didn’t mind a little company while walking back to your dorm (Wonwoo lives on the other side of campus, but he won’t let you know that if it means he can’t walk you home).

“I’ve been enlightened by your moves,” you laugh, nudging him playfully (Wonwoo blushes at the contact, but tries to keep it cool). You stop in front of your building before turning to face Wonwoo. “Well, this is my building.”

Goodbyes are difficult and you hope that you don’t have to say goodbye so soon.

“I had a good time,” he says (quite nervously, but he hopes you don’t notice).

“Me too,” you whisper back. You stare into his eyes and you swear you can stare into them forever. Wonwoo stares back at you, mesmerized by how someone can encapsulate so much beauty. His hands get clammy as his eyes involuntarily glance down onto your lips. And Wonwoo has no idea what he’s doing, but his mind goes blank and he loses all ability to think. His body just moves on it’s own, moving closer and closer to you until his lips come in contact with yours.

When he pulls away, Wonwoo is a mess. He sputters out an apology, muttering to himself about how he wasn’t thinking and shouldn’t have done that. You smile at him, telling him it’s okay before leaning up and silencing him with another kiss.

“I’ll see you again?” you ask, body still leaning against his.

“Yeah,” he breathes onto your lips, before giving you another peck, “I’ll text you.”

As Wonwoo treks back to his room, his heart continues to beat unnaturally fast and he feels an undeniable happiness spreading throughout his body. And Wonwoo thinks he’s in love.