burdenedwith-gloriouspopcorn asked:

Fav moments with Alaric?

  1. When he says goodbye to Elena and Jer in 3x20 saying being with them was the closest he ever came to the life he always wanted.
  2. in general every dalaric moment, but my favourite is probably the one in 4x22 when they get to see each other again and they hug! I also cry everytime I see the end of 4x02 “I miss you too, buddy”.
  3. I loved him with Jenna, they were so cute together.

Remember that video about a little girl who gets upset when she hears her baby brother will grow up one day?

Anyway, I was thinking about it and then I had an idea…

What if Thorin and Bilbo meet when Thorin is about four or five and Bilbo no older than a lil toddler and they play peekaboo for a really long time until Thorin has to go home with his mum who’s friends with Belladonna. The two ladies console him and tell him he can come visit anytime he wants.

Belladonna: “And you two can play properly when Bilbo’s grown up a bit.”
Thorin: *shocked* “Whaaat???”
Belladonna: “Don’t you want him to grow up?”
Thorin: *starts tearing up* “No! He’s so cute and I love his cute little smiles~ ohmygosh he’s so cute!” *keeps crying*
Bilbo: *drools a bit, no clue why Thorin’s so upset*
Belladonna and Thorin’s mum: *not sure what to do since they want to laugh ‘cause Thorin is so adorable but he’d be even more upset if they laughed*

satorl-night asked:


anything for the baccano! queen

Favorite Character(s)

omg i like so many. i love Firo (what a stud. i want to marry him bc he’s so smooth), Jacuzzi (bc he’s such a sweet soul omg. he makes me cry tbh), Miria & Isaac (I love them so much. They made me smile and laugh so much), and finally… claire motherfucking stanfield (man i love sick and twisted characters). 

Favorite Pairing(s)

isaac x Miria. They’re my relationship goals haha. They have such pure souls. They are legit soul mates and I love how they see each other as equals. They’re my favourite pairing. I also really like Jacuzzi and Nice bc they’re so cute and adorable.

Favorite Platonic Relationship(s)

Ennis and Firo (I chose to see their relationship as platonic bc Firo is my husband and no one else’s). They both are kick ass and super cool.

Favorite Quote

I’ve decided… I’m just going to cry whenever I feel like crying. I’m going to let myself cry as much as I want now to get it out of the way. That way when I face something really tough, all of my tears would have dried up long ago.” - Jacuzzi Splot (THIS MADE ME CRY OKAY)

Who I Relate To Most

Jacuzzi Splot actually haha. Like him, I’m afraid of consequences and like to avoid conflict. I easily get scared and anxious over situations that I cannot predict. Although I’m scared of a lot of things, I face my fears. I’m also loyal to my friends and will stand by them.  I have a strong sense of morals like him and dislike doing anything unmoral. I like reaching out to people and try and help by any means necessary.

Who I Don’t Really Understand

Ladd Russo lol bc I’m not a blood thirsty killer who likes to make people suffer and murder people. I struggle to understand sadists.

Who I Would Get Along With

hmmm… I would get along with Miria and Isaac bc despite being an introvert, I seem to get along really well with extrovert.

Who I Wouldn’t Get Along With

Ladd Russo bc he would probably want to kill me haha

Least Favorite Character(s)

hmmm I would have to say Ladd Russo bc he murders people for sport. He’s too violent for my taste.

Least Favorite Pairing(s)

Ladd Russo and Lua bc he wants to kill her.