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Maybe a scenario of truth or dare where (your choice of character) picks dare and has to cuddle w their crush? Maybe leading to confession?

sorry this took so long to write anon i hope you like it and i decided to use asahi azumane for this scenario <3 ( the ending is v v bad ahhhhhh )

You weren’t necessarily a manager of Karasuno but you attended every game, away or home, had very close relationships with everyone on the team and supported them to the best of your ability. You were in the gym “refilling the water bottles” but really you couldn’t keep your eyes off of Asahi practicing his killer spikes. Watching him play was mesmerizing because his whole attitude changed when he was on the court. Regular Asahi is sweet and gentle but Volleyball Asahi is determined and so focused nothing can tear him away from whatever attack he was planning. Asahi started to smile and you felt butterflies in you stomach. He was truly a beautiful person on the inside and out. Blushing you let your head hang as you collected your things, practice should be over soon. As you were heading for the door you heard Tanaka yell your name.



“Won’t you stay for Truth or Dare!”



Tanaka already had his shirt off but once you agreed to stay he started to twirl it in the air as per usual. You put your stuff down on the bleachers once again and walked over to where you saw all the boys. “Okayyy~” began Noya, “Asahi, Truth or Dare?” You saw a mischievous grin spread across the Libero’s face and Asahi scratched the back of his neck sheepishly and mumbled, “D-Dare..” Noya high-fived Tanaka and replied “Ah, just what I was hoping you’d say! I dare you to cuddle with _____!” You felt your eyes go wide as you looked at Nishinoya and then to Asahi. Slowly Asahi came closer to you and just as his longs arms were about to wrap around you, his eyes perked up and Asahi said, “Wait, we don’t have anywhere to–um–” 

“-cuddle,” You finished. Did Asahi not want to cuddle with you that bad? He looked relieved when he had shared this with the group. You started to shy away from him when Daichi said, “Nonsense! You two can cuddle standing up, it’s just like a prolonged hug,” Daichi said smiling before Suga pulled him away for other things. Visible sweat clung to Asahi’s skin as he slowly draped his arms around your waist. 

“Is this..is this okay?”

“Yes Asahi, this is fine.” 

Lightly, you placed your hands on much larger ones. Almost laughing at the size comparison. “How long do we have to cuddle Nishinoya-chan?” Noya replied, “10 minutes.” Noya ran into the locker room with Tanaka in close pursuit yelling like he always is. “Asahi-chan, we don’t have to cuddle for the whole ten minutes,” You say turning yourself around in his arms so you’re facing him and his perfectly sculpted chest. Asahi only looks down on you with this conflicted look in his eyes that you can’t quite place. “I see that you’re uncomfortable so we can just–” Asahi’s beautiful plump lips interrupted your sentence but you didn’t mind at all. Asahi was kissing you! His large hands kept pulling you closer and closer to him like he was afraid that you would slip away. Your hands found there way into his beautiful brown hair, pulling and tugging on the silky strands which produced soft hums of approval from Asahi’s lips. The only reason you pulled away was because you couldn’t breathe, chest heaving up and down you looked at Asahi, but, you only could make eye contact for a split second before you looked away, blushing evident on your cheeks. “I’m sorry _____-chan, it’s just that I-I…” Asahi closed his eyes taking a deep breath before opening them again. “I like you so much and you just looked so pretty and I’ve liked you for a while now and you’re so kind and I love to see you when we play any games because you encourage me to give it my all and–” This time you were the one to interrupt him with two quick kisses on both sides of his face. “It’s okay Asahi, I like you alot too.” You could feel the smile spreading across your face as you leaned your body against his for a hug. Closing your eyes, you felt Asahi’s strong arms wrap around you. You could not be happier.

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