I’m just. Going to say this now.

Ra’s al Ghul has lived for like ten thousand years.

How the FUCK could he be homophobic/whatever phobic.

This man has lived for so long, I truly doubt that he gives a single fuck about who or what you are.

Trans? Cool, just wear a sports bra when you need to, don’t be irresponsible, or go get that surgery whatever you need just come back to training within a month.

Gay? Who the hell cares just go kill that guy

Ace or aro? Looks like you aren’t going on seduction missions, go sharpen your knives.

Bi? Perfect, get close to that politician and learn his secrets.

Ra’s just doesn’t care, and so the league doesn’t care, which is why so many people are loyal-they get accepted.

And, hey, Ra’s is a bit loopy, but he gives excellent insurance.

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Making a pillow fort and watching star wars with Peter headcanons?

tHIS is my new favorite idea EVER. it’s a little short but hope it works :)

  • peter being super excited when you agree to come over and watch star wars with him
  • because let’s face it, you and star wars were his two all time favorite things 
  • him running around the apartment anxiously for a good 2 hours before you came over trying to tidy the place up as fast as he can
  • worrying about if there were enough blankets and pillows even though he’s gotten every single one in sight of the apartment
  • him realizing about 10 minutes before you’re supposed to be there that he forgot snacks 
  • him calling ned in a panic to go get you guys food 
  • you running into ned in the elevator as he’s coming back with armfuls of food 
  • “heyy y/n um i just do peter’s grocery shopping now” 
  • “i’m not going to even ask” 
  • meanwhile peter is still frantically running around the apartment bc he’s now changed his shirt 12 different times 
  • hearing you AND ned come in the front door 
  • “nED wow!!1! what are you doing here? what’s all that f-for? what a s-surprise!” 
  • “oh save it parker i already told her” 
  • peter giving ned the look
  • you giggling because it’s starting to hit you that peter is actually super nervous about all of this 
  • “peter we’ve literally been dating for 7 months you don’t need to still be nervous around me” 
  • ned being kicked out by peter despite ned’s protests that he should be included bc a) he brought the snacks b) sTAr wARS 
  • walking into the living room to see the billion pillows and blankets peter rounded up 
  • “AWW PETER” 
  • him blushing aLOT because he really wanted to do something special for you and is really happy you like it
  • he puts on the first episode of star wars and joins you on the couch immediately snuggling next to you
  • you playing w/ his hair obviously 
  • him shooting up suddenly in the middle of the movie 
  • “PiLLOw fORT” 
  • you nodding quickly at the idea and laughing at his sudden burst of excitement
  • he literally jumps off the couch 
  • grabbing all the pillows and blankets and putting them in a pile 
  • trying to strategize where each one should go 
  • peter trying to use his math and engineering smarts to be very technical about it
  • him using a lot of technical vocab
  • “peter we’re building a fort not a rocket” 
  • “so???”
  • the pillow fort falling and collapsing
  • a lot 
  • “guess your brains aren’t that useful”
  • “hEY :(” 
  • “just kidding i love you” 
  • finally making a somewhat stable fort with him
  • by now the first movie is over
  • crawling inside the fort after putting on the next movie 
  • practically laying on peter whilst cuddling
  • him having trouble focusing on the movie with you literally on top of him 
  • but he can’t help that he keeps stealing glances at you because he still swears you’re the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen 
  • “h-hey y/n, you stole my heart like the rebellion stole the death star plans” 
  • “i’m in love with a nerd”  

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his outfit seems more appropriate for a contract signing as a footballer and not doing promo for a single....

he does look like a footballer, but that was the point of the collection too! plus the messaging of the collection goes hand in hand with how louis is building his image right now. 

gosha says that “streetwear is the new music” and he draws a parallel between music and his vision of selling the collection only in certain stores  “You must go to a special store. I remember myself as a teenager. We were waiting for new singles from our favourite bands. I want to keep this idea.”

and when it comes to why he did a football collection “you play [football] because you want to talk about where you come from, you support a team because it’s your city” which very much goes with the music video and his current image. 

Do you think that they have batman comics within the batman universe? Maybe not even professional comics, but underground stuff, like zines. It’s all original artwork and stories based on real life happenings of Gotham.

They’d have a huge cult following, even the rogues would get into it. Imagine Riddler collecting every single comic he appears in, and then critiquing and rewriting them so they portray him properly. Harley would cut out all the illustrations of her and Ivy, making a giant collage in her bedroom. One time, Scarecrow was asked to sign a comic by one of his former students, he obliged only to gas them with fear toxin afterwards. And occasionally artists drop their hand drawn comics (wrapped in plastic for protection) down the sewer for Killer Croc. Knowing that he’s an inspiration to so many artists warms his cold heart.

The College Years - Freshman Year (Chapter 8) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Worst Party Ever”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Malia Tate, Isaac Lahey, Cora Hale, Lydia Martin, Jordan Parrish, Hanna Simmons, Sarah Millin, Simon Brewster & Reader

Warnings: Fluff, underage drinking… if that’s something people care about.

Summary: The pack goes to a house party.

Originally posted by inveens

“Hey Scott, my roommates and I are outside, and Stiles said he went out for ice, can you let us in? I don’t want to just walk in to this person’s house..” You said into your iPhone. “Okay, great, thanks.”

“So is Scott cute?” Your roommate, Hanna, asked.

“Yea, he is, and he’s single too. He’s kind of not over his ex though which actually really sucks, because he definitely deserves better.” You replied.

“And how did you meet all of them again?” Sarah, your other roommate, asked.

“Oh, Scott sits next to me in Western Civ. and we just started hanging out.”

“But Stiles is the one you like?” Hanna confirmed.


“What kind of name is Stiles anyway?” Sarah questioned. You looked at her, furrowing your brow and then shrugged. You didn’t actually know the answer to that question. You intended on finding out.

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Some Jumin x MC anniversary fluff head canons

a|n y’all know how lovely of a request this is and thank you for giving me such fluffy material to write. here you go!! happy reading!!

Jumin and MC’s Anniversary

  • so it’s not new information to us how much Jumin loves and values MC
  • and it’s not new that the man happens to love giving gifts to her every single chance he got, thinking that the gifts were pieces of her he has to find and acquire
  • Jumin is the kind of husband that does not only worship you through the sheets but as well as every ground you walk on
  • he would make sure you’re happy and contented while married to him
  • but one thing that is most likely to disrupt your happy ever after is the fact that Jumin spends 60% of his time at the company working
  • and as time dragged on, that 60% gradually grew to an astounding 80%
  • in short, he’d leave you at home and work for days not just inside the country but outside as well ( he’d be calling but sometimes hearing his voice ain’t enough smh )
  • yes, god, you understand why he have to leave
  • why he always end up leaving
  • but is it really just enough to understand?
  • one night without him by your side as you lay on the massive bed alone even got you thinking ‘what if i married a different man?’
  • ‘what would my life be like if i ended up not marrying him?’
  • ‘what if i chose to lead a simple life without all these luxuries?’
  • you knew you could live without all the extravagant living
  • you and him in a simple home would suffice enough
  • but no, he had to leave, to work and to slowly destroy your marriage so that you two can leave a life without having financial problems
  • as morbid as it sounds, you couldn’t help but stifle a soft sob as you hugged the usual pillows he uses on rare occasions that he’s home
  • it was so sad that the 80% turned into very rare occasions
  • you’d be falling asleep without him and waking up next to a used side of the bed, his smell on the sheets the only lingering evidence he was there
  • and the feeling of loneliness, desertion and discontentment grew bigger until it was finally almost your first anniversary
  • he’d be gone for various business trips for weeks and would only be home for a few hours
  • you wanted to complain or at least tell him you’re not happy with this set-up but every time he gets home on those rare occasions, you would bite back your tongue from complaining as you get hit by the fact that Jumin is dead tired
  • he always looked tired
  • but he would always look at you with love and appreciation in his eyes
  • it’s hard, isn’t it? marrying an extremely successful business man
  • and of course, you just had to understand
  • “Honey.” his deep baritone broke your daydreaming as he walked to you while fixing his tie, one early morning
  • and he just have to forget that today is your anniversary
  • “Yes?” you tried to sound relaxed and happy even if you’d be lying in front of his face about how you feel
  • something that Jumin is not particularly fond of
  • “I’d be gone again for days …” he drawled, his hands now cupping your face as you tried to lean in to the touch
  • you were kind of expecting him to greet you, really, not this
  • you fluttered your eyes towards his face, carefully memorizing the features you loved - every nook and cranny of the face of the man you love
  • “I’m sorry …” he said, his voice now small and sad, his thumb now caressing your cheek, “As much as I hate leaving you, my love …”
  • “Mhmm. It’s fine.” you casually said, suppressing the restrain on your voice, “I understand.” You have to.
  • “Don’t look at me that way …” he breathed, his eyes now burning with desire, anger and helplessness, “It makes it harder for me to leave, as hard as it already is.”
  • “I know. I’m sorry. You should do what you should do, alright?” you said, wrapping your arms around his waist, pulling him closer and god he smelled so wonderful. just like after shave and sandalwood.
  • you felt him heave a sigh as he planted a kiss on your temple, his arms now wrapped around you, pulling you closer
  • “Just a little more …” you heard him say, his voice calm and soothing as he ran his hand up and down your back, “Just a little more … I promise,”
  • although you didn’t understand why he said that, you slightly nodded your head as a sign of understanding
  • Yes. You have to understand. You need to.
  • “Go. I’ll be right here and you’ll be late.” you laughed as he tightened his hold on you even more, never wanting to let go
  • you felt your heart tug at the gesture - yes, you truly love this man with all of your heart, no question at that but sometimes love is not just enough
  • he released you from his hold and planted a small, lingering kiss on your lips, then he locked his eyes with your, his deep metallic sets hypnotizing your being
  • “I promise. Just a little more.”
  • and then he was gone
  • you felt your heart sank as you sat down on the bed
  • you let out a small sob, your tears racing down from your eyes
  • it felt like a lid has been lifted off of you due to that conversation
  • A little more? A little more when? A little more when loneliness finally ate you alive?
  • you wiped your tears as you briskly walked towards the closet, opening it in the process
  • your eyes landed on a pink suitcase Jumin got you last year for christmas.
  • you felt fresh batch of tears fall down as you pulled the suitcase out with force
  • you have been preparing for this day
  • Sometimes, love just ain’t enough.
  • a ring on your phone brought you break from your wild thoughts - it was still so early and you weren’t expecting any calls
  • you picked it up and was surprised to find that it was Jaehee who was on the other end
  • “Good morning, Mrs. Han.” her voice sounded happy as she teased you; you felt your face blush but the heaviness of reality was too much
  • Mrs. Han…
  • “MC? Are you there? Did I dial the wrong number …” she inquired again, the last of her words a whisper and albeit a bit worried
  • “Yes? Yes, hello, Jaehee?” you answered while releasing a half-hearted chuckle, “Good morning to you too …”
  • “Are you alright?” she queried again and you assured her you were
  • on the call, she instructed you to go get dressed and invited you to take a walk with her
  • a bit puzzled with the sudden invitation, you gingerly got yourself ready and wore a white dress just as she instructed you to do so
  • but you were surprised to see Jumin’s bodyguards lined up outside the room, all holding a piece of stemmed red rose in full bloom
  • you bit back a chuckle as they all smiled at you while handing the flower together with a wish of congratulations
  • your gaze moved down to the floor and you nearly gasped when you saw a small path made by parallel-arranged candles and rose petals
  • curious as you are, you followed the path while holding now all the roses the bodyguards gave you - now a bouquet of red roses on your hands
  • you saw that the path was leading to your massive balcony
  • and when you finally reached the entrance
  • you almost felt your heart jump out of your chest
  • for there he was, the man you love the most, standing just beside a carefully arranged table for two with rustic tabletop decor and two long lit candles, wearing a white tuxedo and a handsome smile plastered upon his features
  • he looked divine
  • “Hmm. I see that you got my flowers …” he drawled and grinned handsomely, taking his time in the world walking towards you, the sound of his footsteps like a melody playing to your ears
  • He’s here! your eyes swelled up as you felt your legs suddenly becoming wobbly
  • “H-Honey, I …” you sobbed as he finally reached you, pulling you in a tight hug
  • “Hush now, honey. I’m sorry.” he said as his other hand rubbed your back and his other resting on the side of your waist, “I know what you’ve been feeling. As much as it hurts me, I am aware of my shortcomings. It’s my fault you’re feeling that way … though I’ve promised you happiness with me …”
  • you cried even more, not caring if your make-up will smudge or what else
  • “I believe I told you just a little more, right?” he stated, his voice low and husky, “Now, finally, we’re gonna be together full time, love.”
  • you knotted your brows questioningly as you lifted up your head to look at him - he was smiling softly at you
  • you felt his thumb wipe a tear that just rolled down your cheek
  • “I withdrew from my post.” he began, his smile now becoming boyishly wide, “And it’s finally effective starting today.”
  • your eyes widened at the news - he did what now?
  • “H-huh?” you gaped at him as he produced a soft, breathy chuckle
  • “Happy Anniversary.”
Defy (Dean Smith) Episode 2

Episode 2

“So Dean’s allowed to yell at people?” I asked Sophia.

“Um, he’s a big guy around here. And a complete ass kisser to Mr. Adler, yet Dean’s never been one to break rules.” She sighed typing on her computer as I leaned across the front desk to talk to her.

“What do you mean?”

“He doesn’t party, he eats like an organic rabbit, and he chooses to stay single. He’s… an odd man.” She shrugged. I shook my head and looked down the hall to his office. What kind of guy wants to stay single, doesn’t want to eat junk food, and doesn’t party?!

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And then the same(some of them actually) people see Sun as the caring, understanding and selfless soul that only wants to protect others (Blake) and see her for who she is and not what she is( even though he said that the best part of her is that she is a Faunus to his frient. Which was suppoused to be a secret). While they made Yang just the Hot Blonde Party Girl who has had sex a lot despite being 17-18 y/o and is a mature young woman and a mother figure for Ruby. I hate those people.

yeah, they switch out the two characterisations when Sun only cares about Blake for superficial reasons (he’s very dismissive of her problems, makes fun of her for them on at least one occasion, the single comment he’s made about her personality was in that derisive ‘she still being all Blakey?’ thing. the positives he gives are ‘she’s a Faunus’, ‘she’s got some moves’ and a few comments about her appearance, usually when she’s visibly upset), he abandoned his team just to chase a fight he just assumed Blake was going for because he doesn’t understand anything, and he’s invasive and creepy (given he’s eavesdropped in on two conversations now for little to no reason)

Sun is very selfish, he seems to only view people through a lens focused on himself and doesn’t try to empathise or understand

meanwhile, as you said, Yang is reduced to a vapid idiot, who can’t possibly care about anyone other than Ruby (though i guarantee if her prospective love interest was a guy, no one would be arguing that she couldn’t love both Ruby and this other person, it’s literally because she and Blake are both girls)

they play up Sun’s importance to Blake and downplay Blake and Yang’s importance to each other to sell this false narrative that Blake somehow has a stronger connection to the underdeveloped side character who literally revolves around her and constantly pisses her off than she does with Yang, who she’s around a lot more, they demonstrate mutual caring for each other and Yang understands Blake on a level no one else does

but then there’s always that “Sun is the reason Blake started lightening up” nonsense, which isn’t true at all because a) she’s near constantly annoyed with him and b) Blake started ‘lightening up’ in episode 9 of volume 1, where she was joining in the fun with Ruby and Yang. Blake’s capacity for silly lightheartedness came about less than a day of partnering up with Yang. and of course, some people seem to think that Blake being constantly annoyed with Sun is actually proof of how strong their relationship is, that she’s ‘open with her emotions with him’, which creates the implication that she’s constantly pissed off with the rest of her team all the time, which is utter drivel

Since when is Rian the hoe cause he talked to a girl a few times? Why is everyone jumping to the conclusion that he’s just oh-so-suddenly got a new lady and is just now a hoe? Why was Zack a hoe because he got a new girlfriend and had female friends on his instagram, he’s done that before

Neither of these boys are hoes. Haven’t ya’ll heard “a heart breaks differently for a guy” or “a heart breaks differently for a girl”? Rian could be happy, maybe he does not know how to be single, he’s not a hoe. He’s probably got a fling that wont even make it to instagram or she’s literally just a friend or a crew member that ya’ll haven’t seen.

Zacks not a hoe either, just because he does have female friends and is dating one of them. He’s happy with her. 

They’re not hoes.

I’ve read too many posts on it this week and tonight.

I briefly talked to Consort Capp - yes, that Consort Capp. Head of Capp Industries and #4 on Rat Race’s Entrepeneur Of The Year list. He showed up without a partner, and doesn’t wear a ring, so for now I’m going to assume he’s single. 

Despite his advanced age, I classify him as rank A - he’s sharp and witty, and looks healthier and stronger than many men half his age. The chat, however brief, left me quite dazed. He seems to have an overwhelming personality with a commanding streak and overpowering confidence. I am not sure how I could be able to reach him. But a child of his could be destined for greatness.

I can’t believe Louis just confirmed that he wrote Back to You about Zayn. He is single handedly reminding us that Zouis is not dead and will live forever because their hearts are bound together with the love and pain and experiences they’ve shared.

Excuse me while I cry for one million years about their beautiful relationship.

The Coldfront - onehaleofanadventure - Red Hood and the Outlaws [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: General Audiences
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Fandoms: Red Hood and the Outlaws, Red Robin, DC Comics
Relationship: Tim Drake/Jason Todd
Characters: Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson-Mentioned

Summary:  The boys take a trip to the Carnival despite the oppressive heatwave strangling Gotham, and things get chilly.

“I don’t get it.” Jason sighed.

“Don’t get what, Jay.” Tim mumbled, offhandedly, too busy concentrating on the obviously rigged hoop and bottle game. Seriously, he did the math, there is no way he has missed every single stupid bottle with all seventeen shots.

Jason swatted his hand, causing him to drop two of his last three rings, and earning a vicious glare.

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On her insta story she posted him giving her a rose and she was sitting on his lap so they’re defiantly a thing. I wouldn’t call rian a hoe like he’s single he can do what he wants but like she seems like a bitch and I think everyone (well me and everyone ive talked to which was like 6 ppl) are just kinda hoping it doesn’t work out because he can do better

tbh emily im not even mad at Rian (like how could I be? lasgksl) or the girl he’s with or the idea that he’s moved on or trying to move on. I’m just mad at the fact that he’s being called a hoe and he didnt do anything. He’s grown, he’s single, he was with the same chick for 7/8 years, I mean?? I kind of expected him to either be perfectly fine if they split or go M.I.A for a while. I dont have instagram so I can’t like, see his likes or followings like everyone else seems to, but i just think theres a line thats been crossed with this (and with Zack’s new lady friend). Maybe its a fling, maybe he’s trying to move on, maybe he’s just doing his own thing- regardless, he seems happy and that should be all that matters (for both Rian and Zack)

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2D with a really goofy s/o

•One of his favorite things in a S/O (Good Humor)
•He never really knows when to expect something from you
•He laughs really easily.
•He knows it would annoy him, but he gets you to do something super goofy with him to annoy Murdoc
•He loves it when you’re laughing because it warms his heart every single time
•He finds it funny to take videos of you
•He’s even got a blog specifically for funny things you do
•It’s probably a Tumblr which includes videos, pictures, chat posts, and such.