I’ve always kind of wanted cubs of my own…
             I’ll be the first to admit that I might not always
             be the most mature, but I have helped welps on
             the street thrive before. Kid Cat is one of them,
             and now he’s my beta and helps me keep charge
             of my territory in New Orleans. Still not my own kin though…
             Oh, and those abandoned wolfos pups too. Still growing, but still not kin… 

             DAMMIT I want cubs!
Alright everyone say it with me


Prompt: “Don’t Trust Me” - Alucard

“Don’t trust me.”

The vampire teased, running his nimble fingers down his lover’s arm, stopping at the elbow. He leaned down so that he was sure they could feel his breath on their neck, looking for the hair to stand on end. 

“For I am a vampire. And not just any vampire, but the No Life King himself.”

Alucard allowed his fingers to drift away from their elbows and to the back of their forearms. He raised them up so that his grip kept them raised, as if he were pinning them down in the air. They said nothing, did nothing - they knew there wouldn’t be any point to it while he was in one of his “moods.”

“And you are a human: fragile, weak, malleable.”

Slowly, he lifted them off of the ground, dragging them into his lap as he took a seat on his throne, though keeping their face away from his. From said position, they couldn’t see the manic grin forming on his face.

“I could break you, mortal, in an instant. Does that scare you or - ”

He jerked them back, eliciting a cry, so that his chin was nestled in the crook of their neck with his tight grip still on their wrists. They were trapped against him. Slowly, he lowered their arms forcing them down to their sides, but never relinquishing their grip. At this point, he was just playing with them, asserting his dominance, as he always did. Soon enough, they knew, he would spin them around, holding them by the waist on his lap as he teased further, waiting for them to melt in his grip.

“ - excite you?”

important: my stepbrother found 3 kittens in a box on the road so hes gonna raise them with my stepsister. theyre around 2 weeks old and beautiful and they both keep sending me pics like this and im uber jealous bc i cant go home to cuddle them yet

My kitten didn’t really ever learn that licking was a substitute for kisses by his mom because she wasn’t around, and so the only kind of kissing he’s gotten is from me.

So he thinks that closing his eyes, pressing his lips together, and shoving his closed mouth against whatever part of your face is how to do it.

I’m raising a winner, guys.

anonymous asked:

omg you don't have a dresscode at work??

Not really? Unless I’m meeting with a client, or I get a frantic mass-email from my boss informing everyone that they have to look like ‘a functioning marketing team’, we’re all encouraged to wear whatever will make us comfortable? We’re all locked up in respected offices attempting to finish our designs, most of the time. So, it’s not like there’s much harm in wearing something a bit more unconventional? 

But, if my boss is actually walking around the office for that day, it’s a bit of an unwritten rule to never wear flip-flops? He just really hates toes, and if he catches you in sandals, he’ll sit at your desk for 10 minutes ranting about how toes look like ‘little sushis’ and how ‘he’s allergic to seafood, thank you’ – did I mention that I love my job, yet?

using the fact that I’m going away for the night and will be back tomorrow in the evening, an opinion:

I despise the way Aggra treats Thrall. inb4 TILLY THRALL SUCKS HOW CAN U LIKE HIM well I do like him, or rather the potential he used to have.

but the way Aggra treats him - calling him by his orcish name, berating him for not being orcish enough - is just gross. It looks exactly like how some women treat the men in their lives. “Man up!” “Boys don’t cry!”

And say what you want, but I’ve seen more women do it than men. Men are more understanding of other men.

my point is, Thrall isn’t exactly an orc. He wasn’t raised by them. He belongs neither to the humans, nor orcs. I can only imagine the amount of awkwardness he had to go trough when finally free and among orcs. He knew basically nothing about them, except what he heard humans say.

and Aggra is just like, YOU SHOULD BE MORE ORCISH. fuck you Aggra :U

Mel watches daredevil EP13
  • show:Fisk retells the good Samaritan story to cops. Saying that a Samaritan a good man cared for the traveler cause he was his neighbor.

     Elrond has always been mixed in his feelings on claiming family. He is known as the son of Earendel and Elwing, and proudly. But it was Maglor Feanorion who raised him and knew him, and in his early adulthood, he referred to Maglor as his father when speaking to others and made himself, for all intents and purposes, Elrond Maglorion. It wasn’t until the true circumstances of their biography were eventually brought out for the history books by Elros, before he died.

150807 Tablo's Dreaming Radio – Weekly Ssam D & Gray

Topic - Animals

  • Gray thinks of dogs when you mention animals, Ssam D thinks of cats while Tablo thinks of pigs and bears
  • Ssam D hears he has eyes similar to a cows, Gray has been told he looks like a sparrow since he was young
  • Gray said Jay looks like an eagle while Ssam D said he looks like a snake but Tablo shot him down saying that’s not right
  • Ssam D said DJ Pumkin looks like a ostrich but Tablo disagreed
  • Gray said that Tablo looks like a dog then said a puppy
  • Tablo hears he looks like a monkey among the many he hears about
  • Gray likes dogs but because he doesn’t have the time to take care of them he can’t raise them
  • Ssam D likes animals but doesn’t like raising them
  • If they could raise any animal they wanted, Ssam D would raise a baby pig but Gray would raise a penguin

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Lone Wolf 2 (Part Six)

Pairing: ReaderXDaryl (The Walking Dead)

Prompt: Another problem arrises as burned bodies are discovered and Tyreese become violent because of his lose.

Lone Wolf:
All Parts

Lone Wolf 2:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

Written By: Claire 

“You found them like this?” Rick asked Tyreese who had only a few minutes before interrupted a talk between you, Carol, Rick, and Daryl with the horrific news of two burnt bodies being found, one belonging to Caron and the other belonging to the man who was showing symptoms of illness as well.

“Yeah, I came to visit Caron and I saw the blood on the floor, then I smelled it.” Tyreese spoke in a blank voice. “Someone dragged them out here and set them on fire.” he said, his voice raising. “He killed them and set them on fire.” Tyreese suddenly turned and lunged towards Rick slightly causing you and Daryl to upper your guard. “You’re a cop, you find out who did this and you bring them to me.” he ordered angrily.

“I’ve been there Tyreese, hell you saw me there. It’s dangerous to be acting like this.” Rick calmed.

“I don’t care!” Tyreese shouted.

“Calm down man.” Daryl spoke putting a hand on Tyreese’s shoulder only to have him whip around and push Daryl up against the concrete wall. You, Rick, and Carol all lunged to help him, however he just put up his hands to signal not to try.

“Don’t tell me to calm down.” Tyreese scolded as though Daryl was a school boy who had just gotten in a fight.

“Hey, we’ve all lost people, anger doesn’t fix anything.” you said in a calm voice gently placing a hand on his shoulder only to have him do the same thing he did to Daryl to you.

“Hey man! We’re all on the same side but you hurt her and we might not be okay?” Daryl said angrily pushing Tyreese off of you.

“She wouldn’t want you to act like this.” Rick spoke quietly and calmly. However those words pushed Tyreese over the edge and he delivered a strong punch to the side of Ricks face. However Rick fought back and soon a full blown fist fight had began only to be stopped by Carol screaming at them to quit it.

Once the two stopped you helped both Tyreese and Rick into Hershel’s cell which had become more of a minute clinic. Rick was treated first, then Tyreese. The only difference between Rick and Tyreese was that after Tyreese was checked on, he went immediately out and dug the graves of Caron and the other man while who knew what Rick went and did. But those two were the least of your worries. Hershel called a meeting. A plan needed to be made.

The step-son/daughter (open to all)

After 15 long years of marriage and a year’s worth of divorce procedures Anthony and his wife were finally over. Probably for the best considering they ended up resenting each other but alas he would also have to say goodbye to the kid he raised for a decade and a half.

Hence why he texted them to meet him for a drink.

“Of course you can” Anthony re-assured them when they asked if they could still hang out with him. “We can still be friends, the divorce doesn’t change how you and me feel about each other,right?” Oh but it did, sure he raised them as his own kid but damn, they had blossomed beautifully. He couldn’t help but to smile as they looked at him with such worry that they wouldn’t see him again.

“I mean you still like me the same, don’t you my dear?”


You were made of gold
Before they threw you for the swine
They betrayed you
They are the ones who made you suffer
They are all liars
Looking you in the eyes
And stabbing you in the back
They are spoiling in their disloyalty
They laugh at your pathetic attempts of resilience
There is no beauty within them
There is no truth within them
They deserve to die
They all desereve to die
And as it went, it took his arms
So he will raise them with harm no more
And his arms were a part of his physique
But they felt as the possession of someone else
Then came Bargaining

anonymous asked:

I honestly hate pit bulls. I've been attacked by two of them out of nowhere unprovoked. And one that I had, killed and ate my cats. And he was raised with them and I personally thought he loved them too because he always laid with them and they loved each other and the cats adored him too but in 2 weeks time, he killed all 3 cats on 3 different days that I left my home for a bit. I got rid of my pit, and haven't ever wanted another one again. It's not worth the price of another animal to me.

That’s absolutely horrible. I’m sorry for your loss. Being raised properly however, isn’t the only factor that plays in how they behave. Breeding has a lot to do with it. Sometimes, if you take two pits with horribly aggressive backgrounds and breed them, the chance of having an offspring that is aggressive is highly likely.

oh my god… its just setting in that louis is going to have HIS OWN BABY…. he’s going to raise them and love them and hold the newborn when they’re born….. im SCRMENING hes going to play games with them and play PEEKABOO WITH THE BABY and mayb tweet pictures of them wearing cute superhero baby clothes….. OH YMGOD louiS IS HAVIGN A BABY