here are some new headcanons of mine for teru! i’m pretty dead set on all of them but of course there’s always room for change. i’ve put a lot of thought into this and did lots of research. i’m very happy with my decisions, so let’s get to it! 

✿ family heritage: teru’s mother is half japanese, a quarter native ndn and a quarter split into brazilian and chilean. teru’s father is afro latino. half black and half uruguayan. *edit: added argentinian for teru’s dad (instead of half black and half uruguayan it’s now a quarter uruguayan and a quarter argentinian)

✿ sexuality and gender: teru is a demiromantic pansexual who is gender nonconforming and prefers he/him pronouns even when presenting as fem.

like i said before there’s always room for change, but so far i really like and support these. i didn’t get around to mental and physical health yet but i’m working on it. those don’t come as easy for me, much more time is needed… though for right now this will hold me over until i get to those topics *sweats*

Grillby would offer you some sanity… but he never touches the stuff.

I seem to be in a mood for Horrortale. *hella unsure if Grillby even has a horrortale equivalent nor did I look, but this random playtime with the brushes wound up looking Grill-bish.*

I…forgot my brother still goes to anime club.

Wow what a nerd! (says the nerd)

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“I hear you talking shit about me.”

          “Kidd, come on…not even you can deny he went a bit overboard with you and Asura. One completely psycho-chaotic and then you, obsessive and OCD to the max. You’d think the guy would learn to balance things out a bit.”