Oh boy

Oh boy

I completely trust that Watanuki will make the choice to forgive Doumeki because of reasons but EVEN SO. 




I love these dorks. 

So much. 

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Hi can I request some headcanons for Mccree, handsoap and before the fall Reyes with an s/o who's like really good at art? Like they walk in while they're working but they don't knotice? o3o I hope you mods are having a wonderful morning/evening<3

I am having a wonderful evening thank you very much  (。◕‿◕。)


  • He would be the most surprise out of all the guys.
  • Like one rainy  day McCree walks into his s/o’s room without knocking and sees them painting a beautiful portrait
  • McCree would be in awe and super impressed.
  • “My, my, would you look at that? Darling you are an amazing artist! Why didn’t ya tell me so?”
  • “Paint me like one of your french girls,” He would always joke


  • Hanzo would know of this skill for a couple weeks now. He is quiet and sneaky ninja.
  • However, the first time he sees his s/o drawing, he is so drawn in it that he just stands there, leaning on the wall, arms crossed, and silently observing them
  • A gentle smile grazes his lips as he quietly sneak up on his s/o, wrapping his arms protectively around their form as they draw.

Gabriel Reyes:

  • One day when he made dinner for the two of them, he called for them to join him only for silence as his response.
  • Grumbling under his breath and with both of their dinner plates, walk upstairs into his s/o’s office.
  • To his surprise his s/o has headphones on and is working on a canvas drawing.
  • He had zero clue they could even draw a straight line without using a bloody ruler!
  • Reyes yanks the headphones out of their ears, kisses them on the cheek saying, “Good work. Keep it up.” and places their sharings on the table next to them
  • He will silently go find a spot for himself in the office and eat while watching them draw and taking small bites from their meal.

As you can tell from the mass amount of writing Reyes is one of my muses tbh

~Mod Rose


link has reached his final form

Don’t people wonder why update accounts and stalkers gained more access in the past year? And that their access was almost completely exclusive to Louis when before he could go off the map for 3 weeks at a time?

I remember back after TMH tour and MM promo was over we didn’t see Louis for 20 days. TWENTY. Nobody had ANY idea where he was until his voice showed up in the back of that 5sos keek and even then we still didn’t see him for a few days until he showed up back in the UK.

The second this party boy image took off, suddenly update accounts knew where he was at every second. This isn’t a coincidence just because Louis was ~newly single.

Are you that interested? In my brother's old regimen.


Friendly reminder that Nanase Haruka actually got out of a pool and spent who knows how long staring at a piece of paper just because it was written by Rin.


Just another day where our favourite 91-liners take pride in dissing each other.

[Maslansky] originally thought she’d be custom-making all his eggplant-hued clothing, but, “we were very fortunate to find that last season, designer Paul Smith was all about purple.”

The streamlined fit of Kilgrave’s suits and coats also plays a part in his backstory: The baddie could walk into any bespoke menswear shop and instantaneously mind-manipulate the proprietor into tailor-making “eight suits” for him (and gratis, obviously). But in real life, those Paul Smith suits fit Tennant like a glove. Turns out, the actor developed quite an affinity for the Euro-fit silhouette, too. “He really loves the tightness of the pants and the slimness of the jacket,” Maslansky says. “I think it helped him as an actor, to put him on edge all the time. [The silhouette] just really made him feel sharp.”

- From the great interview with Stephanie Maslansky about the Jessica Jones costuming (which also includes all the details on Jess’s jeans and coat as well).