chanelathena asked:

YO Who should I creep on next in Dreamy Days? I've already done Richy and Ichy.

Johji is my personal favorite. However, his story is a couple chapters shorter than the others’ stories, but hey, he’s sexy coffee guy.

I also highly enjoyed Ryu’s story. Ryu is a ridiculous human being but a totally great guy. He is one-of-a-kind…in so many ways. Lol.

Those are the two I would recommend.

I personally didn’t get much entertainment value from Haru as a character, and his story is kinda soap opera-esque, almost to a comedic point. I like Take as a character, but I was a little bored with his story (although his grandma and Haru’s amusingly deep hatred of Annan kinda makes it worth it).

Anyway, yeah, GET TO CREEPIN’!

this is my favorite photo of louis in the whole world

he looks like a rich soccer mom who just dropped kaetelynn and tuckerson off at school and is having a photoshoot done on her new wicker furniture so she can make up an invitation to next weeks tupperware party (and show karen shes not the only one who can rock a denim jacket!)