160328 Exoluxion Epilogue
  • *when Kyungsoo was picking a question during Q&A*
  • Fans:So cute.....
  • Kyungsoo:What is so cute about this??
  • Fans:*screaming*
  • Kyungsoo:I'm asking this sincerely.
  • Fans:*still dying over his cuteness* So cute so cute!!
  • Kyungsoo:Cute???..... *defeated*
  • Fans:*laughs* *still calling him cute*
  • Kyungsoo:Stop saying that (i'm cute)
  • Fans:SO CUTE SO CUTE!!!!

Scott + looking at Stiles as if he’s literally the center of his universe

Part I: Stiles


« Friendzone. Has a woman ever done anything worse to you than put you on a friendzone? » — Daniel Radcliffe at The F Word red carpet in Toronto. (x)


to the man who makes my heart flutter with whatever he does ;
to the man whose voice is able to melt every part of my soul ;
to the most adorable, most precious, most charismatic, not very handsome but most charming person ;
thank you for being such an extraordinary and wonderful leader ;
keep smiling, keep shining, keep being yourself, because you deserve more than the world ;
happy birthday kim sunggyu, i love you to the universe and back ♡


the way he claps his hands♡


And lo, Butch Deloria learned something about himself that day.

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The man’s voice spoke again: “Are you very tired?”

“Oh, tonight I gave you my soul and I am dead!” Christine replied.

“Your soul is a beautiful thing, child,” replied the grave man’s voice, “and I thank you. No emperor ever received so fair a gift.”

- Phantom of the Opera - Gaston Leroux