Below the cut is a gif hunt of one of my favorite fcs of all time, Dudley O’Shaughnessy. He is a male model and is half-black, half-English. None of these gifs are mine (though I intend to make some of my own soon) and if you see one of yours and would like it removed, please contact me. You can find another great hunt for him here. The following are all small/medium.

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Know who my favorite male character in steven universe has to be?


The first time we see him, he’s the classic love struck suitor, trying to attract Garnets attention and not taking no for an answer the first time. We see him get shot down, have Garnets little talk about love, and then move on.

Next time we see him, he has utterly moved on. It’s not really even mentioned. He’s not angry, he’s not bitter, he’s just…Jamie. He’s still who he was before, embracing his love of theatre. He’s happy, he’s enthusiastic. We even see him portray Garnet, and he doesn’t use this as a chance to “get back at her” he doesn’t portray her as cruel, or bitchy or any other the other words some guys use when a woman doesn’t have an interest in her. He portrays her fairly accurately (for a man wearing a box on his head).

Can we have more male rolemodels like Jamie in todays media showing guys how to handle a womans rejection in a healthy manner? Please?