God I love you. I love you so much. Everything about me loves you. My heart loves you, my mind loves you, my conscious loves you. Everything. My mind is so entangled with the thought of being with you, that I can’t stop dreaming about you, I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re all I want, you’re everything I want, everything I love and need. Every part of my soul knows it. You. Baby, you. Are mine, and nothing will ever stop me from loving you, nothing in the world can change the way I feel about you. You. Are. Mine. I love you so much, and I can’t bare a life without you. Where there is no you, there is no me. It doesn’t feel right, Im missing the other half of me when you’re gone. I love you so much, it’s scary what I’d do for you. Please just know that I want you so bad, I need you so bad. Don’t ever convince yourself that I don’t want you or love you or don’t want to visit you or kiss you, cause hell I so fucking do. I do with all my heart. Of course we’re setting our boundaries, but that doesn’t effect how deeply in love with you I am. It never will. It will be hard babe, but I really don’t care. As long as you know I love you, as long as I can go day by day giving you cute surprises, as long as I can cheer you up when you’re stressed, as long as I can be there for you, as long as I can support you in every way possible, I don’t care about the rest. I love you. I’m yours to keep. I’m yours forever. I really love you. I love you so much, it hurts to not be with you. I love you so much, I dream about you everynight. I love you so much, I can’t live my life without you. I love you so much, you’re the only thing I’ll ever want, ever need. You’re my universe and everything in it. You’re my man. You’re my strength, my courage. You’re my other half. My king. You are mine. All mine. I love you more than anything babe, I do. I really do. You’re all mine, every single part of me, loves every single part of you. And will forever and always.
Will He...

Will he like to be inside of me

Will he seek my warmth

Will he touch me with tender hands

Will he push me up against the wall

Will he growl a moan barely audible

Will he pull me in so close to him

Will he feel me breathe gently on his chest

Will he spank me when we fuck

Will he smell the fragrance of my hair

Will he taste the lip gloss on my lips

Will he remember the scent of grapefruit

Will he say that he’s missed it

Will he go all in balls deep

Will he know these words are just for him

Will he tell me he can’t wait to see me again

Will he drive me crazy with his kisses

Will he continue to overtake my thoughts

Will he…


Memories of his mouth locked onto mine

Thoughts of his fingers all over my slick slit

His tongue colliding with mine

Taking me to a place I’d been longing to find

My gasp, his moan

His hand all over my tits

Leaning over me, I felt so small, so protected

So passion filled was that time we spent

Memories to linger keeping me wet

I long to again feel his hands all over my tits

I wait impatiently to once again have his fingers in my slit