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Hi! How about your favourite 1D harmonies? Bonus question: whose voice would be best suited for a career in country music? Thank you!

Hi there!

Drum roll…

Top 1D moments of harmony

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1. If I Could Fly, 2:12. ONLY

2. Little Things: 0:48-1:14 and basically everywhere there are two voices

3. Fireproof: the whole damn song

4. Once in a Lifetime: 0:49-1:14. Damn.

5. Story of My Life: 1:14-1;19. Frozen

6. One Thing: 0:49

7. Don’t Forget Where You Belong: 2:25-3:25. HOOOOOOOO

8. What Makes You Beautiful: 0:46. If only you could see

9. 18: 2:44-4:00 (looks kind of like I’m citing gospel because I AM)

10. Night Changes (acoustic): 1:50-2:25

11. Through the Dark: 1:56. Oh they’ll carry you over.

12. Hey Angel: 2:31 (not in the video, in the studio recording). Back seat of his car.

13. Fool’s Gold: 1:02-2:00. Those magical fourths

14. Change My Mind (This is Us version): 0:34. Baby, if you say, you want them to stay

15. Gotta Be You: 1:58. But if you walk away. 

Anon, they could all be country stars. 

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Harry: Lucinda Williams’ Blue.

Louis: Bonnie Raitt’s I Can’t Make You Love Me.

Niall: Bob Dylan’s Girl from the North Country

Liam: Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now, as performed by Willie Nelson

Zayn: Eric Clapton’s Have You Ever Loved a Woman (I cheated. It’s blues)

Thank you for the ask! It was fun.


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What kind of music do u think the boys listen to ive been thinking about this for a while I need to know


  • yuuri: i imagine yuuri likes a bit of everything but listens mostly to indie and instrumentals? fjksljfklsd and idk why i can see him sometimes skating to kodaline and viktor is like “please lighten up a bit” lmao
  • viktor: i think his taste is all over the place?? if you checked his phone you’d find obscure operas that he’d know absolutely everything about and then a LOT of 80′s songs (to which he nods and says “wow it really brings me back to my childhood” viktor you were born like four days before the 90s please), a lot of jazz that he likes to listen to in his warm up, some loose songs from musicals that he likes and, of course, a lot of recent pop songs that he loves to sing at the top of his lungs and knows the choreography by heart.
  • yuri: i can definitely see him listening to punk on a pretty regular basis (and voiceless-screaming all the lyrics - i mean trust me idk about you but i can’t make sense of punk lyrics most of the time??? i need to check on the internet), death metal (just to be edgy and attempt those gutturals at home when no one is watching) BUT ALSO some obscure rap and really catchy pop songs that are his guilty pleasure lmao

I’m either paranoid thanks to marble hornets and wtnv or weird things really do keep happening to me

I know the movie Juno happened awhile ago but I’m still not over how fucking gross Jason Bateman’s character was like??? He was like in his 30s/40s, solely listened to the music of his “"youth”“, read comics featuring Japanese schoolgirls, and legit tried to strike up a romance with a pregnant teenager like the movie was pretty funny but he made me so uncomfortable I could never watch it again

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what do u think davey would do on a Bad Health day

well he would go home and go somewhere private and quiet like his room. he could journal or cry and let his emotions from the day go. then he would do something that makes him happy, like read a book (or modern: watch a favorite show on Netflix!). he could cuddle up in some blankets or open all the windows and let the smell of rain inside. he would get something nice and warm and filling to eat and listen to some upbeat music. he would go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep. and he could dream of seeing all of his best friends the next day.
(hey, anon, it’s going to get better. 💙 I love you and hope that you have a safe and relaxing evening.)

Fanfic on tape 4

I lied!

This thing where they try to figure out what to call one another now is killing me, especially the way Junko says “Nobuaki-senpai!”

Aahahahaha. *crawls out of well moaning sasuuunaruuuu foreeever”

For the record (pun intended), in the scene following jazz bar where Kaito is listening to music… he listens to old American rock (check out the YT playlist). I always felt like he named his first book of poetry after a Jimi Hendrix song. I wondered if they’d play anything like that in the b/g.

Awww, Rin, calling Kaito shisho just like his little buddies in Naruto…

Right… I was going to Starbuck’s to write… fanfiction… because… that’s… more interesting than listening to a fanfic on CD… voiced by the people who play the characters that I write about in my slash fanfiction. Paradox.

Every time Nobu says “aniki” take a shot! Bless Noriaki for taking this on because he has a million thousands of lines and he is blowing me the fuck away in this, like, for serious. I am so impressed with him.

i envy people who have dreams with clear rational plots like “i was on my favourite tv show for a day” my dreams are like i’m in a diner and i’m pregnant. i leave the diner and i’m in a forest watching the pregnant woman who is no longer me. she turns around and now we’re in a jeep and she’s my dad. we’re listening to music which is somehow numbers. he asks if i remember the time we went to pakistan and i say yeah because i do. i wake up and remember i’ve never been to pakistan in my life.

I love thinking about how normal a teenage boy Baz actually is. He’s easily annoyed by his younger sister and rolls his eyes at his embarrassing dad. He cares about his grades so he spends a large portion of his time studying and doing homework. He plays football. He takes violin lessons. He acts really awkward around his crush. He also has a lot of teen angst involving said crush.

If he wasn’t a vampire and the war wasn’t a thing Baz would be the most average teenager okay


I think Yuuri knows how to play the piano!

“Hm? Is that a piano?”

Yuuri looks up from where he’s sorting out his laundry, a sock in one hand and a shirt in another. He puts the sock to one side and begins folding the shirt, Victor’s shirt that he keeps forgetting to give back. “Oh, that? I got that keyboard a long time ago—before I went to Detroit, even.”

Victor tilts his head from where he sits on the bed, feet stretched out before him. Blinks and looks at Yuuri. “Do you still play?”


“Play for me?”

Smiling, Yuuri sets aside one of Victor’s scarves and stands. “Any requests?”

“Your song,” the Russian says decisively after a heartbeat of thinking. “Yuri on Ice.”

“Hmm. I never learned it,” Japan’s top figure skater admits. He shakes his head and pulls out the keyboard from where it sits propped against his closet. “But I can try.”

“You can do that?” Victor asks. The words, You’re that good at playing? go unsaid.

Yuuri shrugs, plugs the keyboard into the wall and turns the machine on. “Sure,” he answers, fingers running over scales like water pouring from a fountain. The sound is crisp and clear, and Victor finds himself pleasantly surprised. He wonders why.

“I’ve skated to this song so many times it’s practically engraved in my head,” the brunet continues, moving into arpeggios and rhythmic exercises. The keyboard moves slightly as Yuuri presses into the keys, the device pushing into the yielding mattress. “Just give me a second to warm up.”

As Yuuri’s fingers drift over the keys, Victor swings his feet back and forth. “How did you start playing?”

Yuuri’s fingers don’t stop, unheeding of or perhaps disregarding the conversation. Yuuri turns to look at the older man and hums. “I saw a video of someone playing the piano and decided to learn.”

“Did you take lessons?”

“For a time, yes.”

“How old were you when you started?”

Yuuri huffs a laugh from his nose and tests out various chords. “Is this an interrogation now?”

“Well, I never knew you could play. Is it so wrong to want to learn more about your boyfriend?”

“Mm.” Yuuri pauses, looking down at his hands. “I started when I was relatively young. Six, I think?”

“That is young.”

“Well, I stopped being so serious about it when I began taking ballet lessons. And then skating took up most of my time after that.”

“But you still play?”

“I still play.”

Yuuri begins then, starting with the sixteenth note triplets, and Victor closes his mouth and just listens. It’s lovely—reminds him of when he first listened to it, half asleep and with Yuuri excitedly leaning over his lap. Reminds him of his former student, of his lover before they became lovers.

“You’re very good at this.”

Closing his eyes and letting himself visualize the music inside his head, Yuuri leans back and feels his lips quirk into a half-smile. “I’m not the type to let a skill atrophy without practice.”

“That’s not you, no,” Victor agrees.

And they both listen, then, to the music pouring out of the cheap keyboard roused from its sleep. He times his breathing to the swelling of the melody, to the rise and fall of the notes, to the cadence of the moment. Victor leans against Yuuri’s shoulder and Yuuri leans back, the two of them content to relive their memories through the passage of sound.

It’s a peaceful moment filled with peaceful feelings. Victor tells himself to ask Yuuri to play more music for him from now on.

I love how solangelo fics are either

“My love, could you pass the salt please?” Will said to Nico as he smiled. The light of his life passed the pale canister across the table with a graceful hand


“Nico, you twat, pass the gods-awful salt. My lunch is dryer than your sense of humor, you stubborn dishcloth.” Nico flipped Will off as he continued to listen to his music

And there is no in between

let’s talk about our son Even Bech Næsheim. remember when Even asks Isak what type of music he listens to in episode 2? and then adds if you listen to music. he’s clearly eager to talk about and maybe bond over music. the guy has a nas poster and a guitar in his room and would later send Isak song lyrics to convey how he feels, so it’s pretty safe to assume he’s not just a casual listener. he needs music. yet he doesn’t automatically assume Isak to be the same?? what an amazing human. Even doesn’t generalise or make assumptions, and sometimes he corrects people who do as we can see him do with Emma, and this is why meeting him changes Isak’s whole life.

Isak very much sees the world in black and white, and he struggles to position his identity in it because he feels like neither colour truly fits. he doesn’t have a problem with gay feelings, what he does have a problem with is the label and the baggage that comes with it. then along comes Even, showing him that beyond black and white there exists a whole world of grey. in the pool scene Isak is born as his true self. but it’s not just the kiss that is important in this scene, it’s what Even says after briefly kissing Isak under water. tror du det er noen regler her, do you think there’s any rules here. this is what ultimately saves Isak. not Even’s affections but Even as a person. it’s Even who shows him that the rules he’s tried so hard to play by were all made up. it’s Even who shows him that you can get stoned to nas and lip sync to gabrielle, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. there are no rules. alt er love. everything is love, everything is allowed.

and honestly? to me personally this is what makes theirs one of the greatest love stories ever told. they don’t just fall in love with each other, they save each other, and it all happens so organically. even if you say life is but a continuum of random incidents followed by random results, i really do think that it had to be them, that out of all the possible loves that could have been, this is the one that had to happen. that in this exact moment in Isak’s life it couldn’t have been anyone else, not Jonas or Julian Dahl or some random guy from grindr. for him it had to be Even Bech Næsheim. 

Ok but why is no one talking about uncle Rick saying nico listens to techno pop?
Why are we not talking about talking about everyone assuming he listens to dark music but actually he’s listening to lady gaga? Why are we not talking about him smiling and humming to himself and everyone near being oddly terrified? Why are we not talking about him and will dancing to Mika in nico’s Giant empty cabin and having the time of their life? This is such a good and pure fact why is no one taLKING ABOUT IT