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similar to the abba headcanons, keith and lance probably just have the same exact music taste. au where they share an apartment and they clean while listening to disco music. eventually it just turns into a two person dance party as soon as the first notes of stayin' alive by the bee gees makes it through the speakers

YES gah, give me all of these two being cute together. 

I’ve always imagined Keith as an “Am talk radio” kin of guy who doesn’t really listen to a lot of music, but when he does its like…. why would you pick /that/ song? You know? Haha so he’s got a lot of really obscure favs, like Abba xD 
But Lance listens to like EVERYTHING, especially like really upbeat music like Abba and Katy Perry and Ke$ha and stuff like that. These are just my own personal head cannons, not to discredit anyone else’s or anything. 

But what if Lance and Keith bond over Abba and that’s like the ‘transition drug’ for Keith? Like one day he plays Keith like 5 Abba songs in a row and has to leave for something and Lance’s phone just keeps playing music. Then Keith  listens to the next few songs, being too polite/ confused/ interested to turn int off, and realizes “ Oh, yeah. Lance actually has some pretty good music on his phone. I like this.” 

And Lance slowly teaches Keith about all these bands, BeeGees being one of his favorites. And at first Keith just doesn’t get them, you know? Because in my personal experience you either LOVE the BeeGees or you just don’t get the hype. But the way Lance is dancing is so dumb and cute and he has the biggest smile on his face and it makes Keith want to like the BeeGees. But Keith is so socially inept he just… doesn’t sing because he doesn’t know the words, and he doesn’t dance because he can’t get the beat, and he rolls his eyes and tells Lance he’s an idiot, but a cute idiot, and changes the song. Lance lets it slide because they don’t have to like all the same music. 

Then one day a few weeks later Lance comes home to find Keith washing dishes or something and he nearly dies. Because Keith is swaying his hips and softly singing Staying Alive, except the only words he knows are “ staying alive” so hes just kind of mumbling the rest of the words in beat and he’s trying to do little disco moves with his hands and he’s splashing water on the counter but neither of them even care. Because if that’s not the most precious thing Lance has ever seen, then he’ll grow a mullet too. 

Fast Forward to a few weeks/months later to your post. Where they now always clean while listening to dance music. And it always just turns into a two person dance party, which is usually started by Lance and finished by Keith.

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What they smell like: not to play right into fanon stereotypes, but I think he absolutely smells like designer cologne

How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): shirtless in sweatpants lmao, I like to think he sleeps on his belly idk

What music they enjoy: HONESTLY i don’t think he’s a huge music listener, he probably hands levi or mike the aux and lets them pick what they want. He usually doesn’t care what they play he’s just like levi i like this one :)

How much time they spend getting ready every morning: even my mans isaysama confirmed tht erwin is crazy about his neat hair, so I think he takes his gotdamn TIME in the mornings so he can be a perfect ten all day

Their favorite thing to collect: probably some boring shit like paperweights

Left or right-handed: idk it seems to me that he’s ambidextrous based off how well he handled not having a right arm. either he’s ambidextrous or right handed and just really good at adjusting

Religion (if any): he’s probably agnostic or smth, like he might’ve thought about religion once for like 2 minutes and was like “nvm i have shit to do”

Favorite sport: I think erwin smith would accidentally turn on football while trying to find the discovery channel and get wildly confused and resolve to never watch a sport again

Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): probably sightseeing. I could make this deep but I wont. he’s a hoe for good views and landscape

Favorite kind of weather: he’s a rockstar in every season I think he’d like colder weather, plus he looks really good in peacoats and he’s aware

A weird/obscure fear they have: moths. idk he fucking hates moths whenever one gets in the house he makes levi get it

The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: all of them. when he says he’s gonna win the stuffed horse Erwin Smith means he’s gonna Win That Stuffed Horse, God Damnit.

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BigBang Reaction to when They're  Collabing  with a Metal Band and The Lead Singer Approaches Them and Says that She is Actually a Huge Fan

GDragon: Jiyong would be so curious about your group. I can see him being into some of the style you’d often see metal bands wearing. He’d ask your manager questions about you and your band mates. When he finally met you and found out you were a fan he excited to get to know you.

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T.O.P: Might be slightly intimidated by your look. He would be in awe at it thinking that it was very edgy and stylish. After reveling you were a fan of BigBang he would be a bit taken aback by the difference in the music you made and the music you listened to.

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Taeyang: He would be a bit nervous about the collab. When you say you’re a fan it would ease his nerves and he would be 100% ready for the collab.

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Daesung: Tries to connect with your group and get to know them to hide his nerves. Hearing you like BigBang would both calm and excite him. He would stick to you like glue throughout the whole collab. He would be so cheerful about it knowing you knew them.

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Seungri: Would get cocky about it. When you mention you’re a fan he would make some flirty comments to make you blush. When you start giggling he would continue seeing it as encouragement.

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We always see sent pics of Pete with ear buds in. In Civil War he walked into his flat with them in as well. What do you reckon he is listening to?

Hmm I feel like Peter’s the kinda boy that listens to some generic popular music you know?? But he’d listen mainly to bands I feel, maybe have some underground indie bands or musicians, nothin too hardcore tho! That’s what I think at least haha 

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What if Rex was super dominate in public but with a significant other he's really submissive. Like he'll do whatever he needs to mske them happy. Even if that includes stepping on their head cause their into that

pretty much, pretty much. actully he acts though in public but at home he just wants to read books and listen to classic music

There were a few things Aiden did that night. He played his guitar and wrote for a bit, listened to music, drank, smoked. All while he was waiting for Nyx to get home. It wasn’t that he didn’t like that she was out a lot, he understood it. She worked while he did his best to play music in bars that would let him or played on the street. She couldn’t make her hours like he could so he didn’t judge her or get upset when she came home late. It wasn’t until recently that he started feeling like her being gone meant something more than work or a late night drink with friends. Aiden knew Nyx, he knew her better than anyone and he had a bad feeling. Was she getting bored? Did she feel trapped? Aiden knew he’d felt that way before in different relationships or even with roommates. He knew Nyx was like himself and maybe it was all too good to be true? To finally find a person you didn’t feel trapped with? Maybe that was all a fantasy in his head? He couldn’t help but feel hurt about it or even jealous. Making himself believe she was hanging out with other people, people that were more worthy of her time. It was fine to hang out with people other than him but it felt like there was more to the story that Aiden was allowing himself to be blind to for months. Aiden always assumed the worst especially when it came to his heart hurting over something or someone. Was that wrong of him, probably but when have Aiden ever been in the right?

Benedict - Bic pen on Strathmore Bristol smooth, 16-18 hours. Ref pic this lovely edit by cumberbum… thank you. open in new tab. [my art tag]

I am so goddamn proud of Yoongi




Quick sketch of a young Reinhardt, complete with ‘glorious’ hair and that Gibraltar tan. Not gonna lie, he ended up looking very knight-like in my opinion, which I am 110% okay with! I figured since he’s german and has white hair in game, he likely had lighter hair in his youth. Coupled with those baby blues, it’s no wonder he’s as charming and charismatic as he is. 

I didn’t know I needed this in my life til today. Now excuse me while I go hyperventilate into a pillow…