valeskaj  asked:

ok but that dad post i can't stop laughing at the thought of jerome as a terrible adopted dad. being handed a small child and the two of them just staring at each other like wtf do i do with this. "jerome he's 5 years old you can't give him a sword! and stop telling him dirty jokes!" then the kid starts crying and he's just holding it at arms length like please take it back i don't like it anymore hahahah

Oh my goodness!!!! This is hilarious…he would be like a lost kitten…a deer in headlights! He would honestly be such a meme, looking around desperately trying to get someone’s attention like, “please come get it, this isn’t fun anymore, I’m going to cry!”

I just have it in my head that if he were to have his own child with his doll face, he would take the role very seriously! He might be nervous at first, “what if I can’t love this child” (of course that all changes the moment he holds his perfect baby in his arms-right then and there it’s not just his doll face that he would go to the ends of the earth for) and then maybe fear and doubt, “what if this child doesn’t love me, my mother never loved me” -(that’s where his doll face steps in with constant reassurances and showers of compliments “What’s not to love about you, puddin’?”)

As the child becomes a young kid, Jerome would definitely take him/her under his wing -(his baby is his legacy after all, got to start them young)-much to his doll face’s dismay, he starts teaching his child the ropes/ the in’s and out’s of what it is he does “Just wait until you get a little older, I’ll show you the real action”

Enter teenage Valeska, Jerome is always wanting to take him/her with him on his jobs and crime sprees-always the master of chaos! Jerome’s S/O doesn’t always think it’s a good idea-(it’s hard enough for her to constantly worry about Jerome not coming back, but her child is too much to bare) in which case Jerome always reassures her

*sorry I got a little carried away 👀🤣*