A small post I decided to do for Seokjin’s birthday!!! 

  • He is really a sweet heart who took good care of their members
  • He love AMRYs a lot
  • He trended “car door guy” because of his stunning visuals
  • He loves to take polaroid
  • He would bring out his cutlery set out to public so he can eat anytime (HOW CUTE IS THIS?)
  • He has his own eating show called “eatjin”
  • HIS VOCALS. (who disagree come fight me)
  • He love Mario, alpaca and maple story
  • His toes are magical. He can open packet of chips using his toes
  • He cooks for his members
  • He won in a staring quiz
  • His best friend is Ken from VIXX
  • He doesn’t have much experience in singing or dancing BUT LOOK WHERE HE IS NOW (so proud of him)
  • He have an adorable dog just like him called Jjanggu
  •  He loves strawberries, but not strawberry flavoured things.
  • He doesn’t like chocolate, he likes chocolate flavoured things.
  • He pinched Jungkook nipples to wake him up (OMG? Hehe)
  • His traffic dance
  • He slayed in his vocal when WINGS #7 was out
  • His broad shoulders
  • His seductive lips!!!!
  • He is the oldest but sometimes he doesn’t act like one (gahhh)
  • He can speak Chinese
  • He lost his self-confidence once because it was the first time he wore a beanie
  • He love to give flying kisses
  • He always wave to fans at the airport
  • His wind-shield wiper laughter!!!
  • He danced in front of armys on 2015 ISAC
  • He has a lot of aegyo
  • His sweet smile 
  • He prepared/covered a song called “I love you” during his birthday and shared to his fans
  • He drove jungkook to school
  • There was a video where he and Jhope tried to practice their beat boxing and ended up laughing nonstop (MY FAV VIDEO)
  •  He is very humble (though he boast about how handsome he is) BUT HE is really kind and sweet
  • He is very very hard working
  • During AHL, he went to a stranger to ask if he could have his fries, and he took it shamelessly (jhope was so done with him HAHA)
  • He helped yoongi to put his contact lens
  • Sleeveless Jin during Danger era~~~
  • His magnificent acting skill

By: Currently-jin-ed :)

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haechan is so cute seriously he is so cute haechan is so cute btw did i say haechan is so cute?

im so happy people think so too omg hes seriously so adorable like i just have to see him and i’ll smile so bright cause hes so cute i just want to pinch his cheeks and bake him a nice cake and have him read me a bed time story cause his talking voice is sooo cute and have him sing me to sleep cause his singing voice is so unique and adorable and kjsdieu hes too cute 


Luke Robert Hemmings, the once quiffy, penguin loving, giraffe boy. 

Gosh, where to begin. I don’t really know what to say about Luke. He’s just so freaking adorable. From his beautiful blue eyes to the scruff on his face. I miss his lip ring so much. He’s just so asddfjkl;. I never use that, but that’s how I describe him. 

He’s just this shy, goofy, blue eye adorableness. My sister said that he made her hot guy list. I have a lot of pictures of his face on the big screen of his icy blue eyes. He’s just so freaking beautiful. I wish that he still has his lip ring. I was honestly mad that him and Michael took the out. I honestly don’t know what else to say about him, but that I would possible fuck him. Is that too much information? Yeah, maybe. 

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hello again, anon with the boyfriend back. :3 well, he's british, a complete mixture of dan and phil. he's my closest and best friend, he's looked out for me more than anyone over the past six months. even before we started dating everyone was shipping us and things like that. he's a complete and utter dork, but in the best way. we have way too many inside jokes, you can't mention something as simple as crepes around us without us dying of laughter. he's just adorable in every way. :3

So basically he’s adorkably perfect in every way


okay but have you considered little old lady fanclub

(because if there’s one thing conversations with my grandma and her crew at the old folk’s home has made clear to me it is that polite young people with nice arses are a desirable commodity at all ages)

my friends had soundcheck for the seattle show and like someone asked calum what the most stereotypical american thing was and calum started talking about how their bus driver like had a can of string cheese and was just pouring it in his mouth and like in the middle of it luke just casually sat on the edge of the stage and was like “does anyone remember how spongebob’s parents looked like cookies?” like he literally just had an existential crisis over spongebob’s parents looking like food i’m fucking laughing he is such a goofygoober I love luke