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Mark + 11! Please 💓

Don’t send in anymore numbers please, thanks ^^

“Dear Diary, …”

“Dear Diary, Mark was so cute today! The cutest boy out of everyone in class-

“Donghyuck I swear to god if you don’t give that back-

“He was so cute I just wanted to kiss his super cute face! He was so adorable and when he sneezed I almost squealed at how cute he was-

“Donghyuck!” You chase after your best friend in your house, trying your best to catch him before he can read anymore of your diary. That was private, and he knew that. How could he just read that when Mark was coming over soon? What if he heard?

“I asked him to come over to my house today, and we played Mario Kart for three hours. I started losing because I felt bad about how bad he was. Even Donghyuck is better than him- oh my god, I’m totally going to use that against Mark-

“Donghyuck, I’m going to use my fist against your face if you don’t give me back my di-

Suddenly, the doorbell rings and you and Donghyuck both look at the front door. You quickly rush to the door before Donghyuck can even try, forgetting about the diary all together. Mark was here, and that was more important. You quickly fix your hair before opening the door for Mark, grinning at him.

“Hi, Mark.”

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OMG babe that Jongin on the swing repost!! It is literally life!! I am so emotional after reading it because I can relate to it as I have done that before with my bf. He's a military man so he goes to training fields often. That picture caught my attention too because it is SO adorable and I hope he was doing just that at that moment. I wonder how they answer the phone with one another! Ahhh! I love them so much!! I hope you're having a great day sweetie!! <3 #jagi

Oh yes ;_; I could just imagine Nini sitting like that and talking on the phone with Soo, asking the other what they had done that day, if they’re doing okay, if they’re tired, how much they miss each other, and make sure the other is eating well and encouraging one another to work hard! 

It must be difficult to be away from someone you love? I really hope you’ll be able to meet your loved one soon~ (I wish the same for kaisoo :’) I hope nini comes home soon too)

And thank you cutie! I hope you’re having a lovely day <3 Take care ^o^ 

Phichit somehow talked them into doing this pose and it probably broke their social media 😂😂


*throws knb stuff at you* lately there’s so much aoka and takao on my dash all my feels are suddenly back o<-< rip my soul