Phichit Chulanont, Baby Whisperer

With the major gearing up to the Grand Prix series, Phichit had been all but banned by Celestino from visiting St Petersburg, months before Misha was even born, in fact. 

He had been begrudgingly okay with this, honestly, happy to commence ‘god parent duties’ from afar. It was all gone once Viktor had posted the obligatory instagram of Yuuri holding little Misha, captioned with the announcement of his birth. He was just too adorable. Sorry Celestino. 

So, a week later, we find Phichit knocking on Viktor and Yuuri’s door at 2am, suitcase in tow. Of course he hadn’t just shown up without telling them he was coming, but Phichit is about to discover something about couples with new babies, particularly first time parents, is that they tend to be forgetful of everything that isn’t their child.

Yuuri opens the door after five awkward minutes and he looks absolutely wrecked. And Phichit has seen Yuuri tired before, many times, after all they were in college together. He’s never looked quite so zombie-like than this. 

“Oh,” he says, “hi Phichit. Did I oversleep again?” 

“Uh, Yuuri?” 

He smiles stupidly. “Celestino won’t be too mad.” 

Phichit is somewhat terrified. “You do realise we’re in Russia, right?” 

From across the house, Phichit hears a high pitched wail, followed by “I’ll get it!” 

“Phichit?!” Yuuri finally realises, and throws his arms around him. 

Perhaps Phichit would have been a little bit put out at the fact that his best friend forgot he was coming under any other circumstance, but Yuuri just looks much too tired. Still, Phichit follows him inside, and they sit down on the sofa until Viktor emerges, Misha in arms and still sobbing. 

“He can’t still be hungry,” Yuuri practically whispers. 

Viktor, surprisingly looking just as out of it as Yuuri, just shrugs. “He wouldn’t stop crying.” 

“He never stops crying,” Yuuri mumbles, sounding ever more like a broken man. “I’m sorry, did you want to hold him?” 

Despite his sympathy, Phichit finds himself nodding enthusiastically, and takes him carefully from Viktor. It’s love at first sight. Honestly, the pictures he’s seen didnt do the boy justice. He’s the most precious thing Phichit has laid his eyes upon, other than maybe his hamsters. 

Viktor and Yuuri are staring at him in shock. 

“How did you do that?”

“Do what?” Phichit says, rocking the now sleeping baby. 

Viktor looks at Yuuri. “Can we keep him?”

I May or May Not Be Internally Squealing...

every time I think of what happened on the way to my Tech class.. (Which I’m currently in) Okay, so, this guy I like rides the same Tech bus as me and lives in my town, blah blah blah. He and one of my other friends likes to tease me and what not. They’ll stare at me with such serious faces, and that’s enough to make me burst out laughing. They were doing that to me today and I finally decided to see if I could match the cute guy’s stare level. Plus, it was just another excuse to look at his gorgeous eyes!!! Okay, anyway, so I did the thing, smiling the whole damn time, but I lasted quite awhile, and now that I think about it..maybe he thinks my eyes are pretty too…Maybe he likes me too..Maybe he’s flirting with me too! So yeah, probably not, but I feel all nice and tidy because of it..<3

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keishota  asked:

Man, I just really like how you draw Teruki! He just looks so adorable in your style~! I immediately squealed whenever I saw your Teruki! Hnnng~ My heart! <3

Oh my dear!! thank you so much I love my boy with all my heart

Ofc Mob is my son too, precious and loved but… Teru is… special!, I feel like he’s always struggling with things(?)… Doing all his best to be a better person, to be accepted while he had no one in his life to guide him, no one till he met Mob. 

I believe things had been hard for him and he needs to be loved. I’m sorry hahaha! I have so many feels I wish he would have had a Reigen just as Mob had. … someone to tell him what was good and what was bad, someone! He’s been lonely for too long .. ToT.

Phichit somehow talked them into doing this pose and it probably broke their social media 😂😂