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Unpopular opinion: Makoto Tachibana is the cutest uke.

Send me unpopular opinions (no more please >v<)

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Dark ngozi show me zimbits with parents who are loving and supporting of their relationship

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I'm just curious why you draw Cas so smol, (I love it btw he'll always be so adorable) but I'm just curious! :3

I’m simply following Dean’s lead and for Dean Cas is short.

The above beautiful picture aside, I actually I simply enjoy height differences and love to draw it. So if they’re of a similar height like Dean and Cas I have no problem exaggerating the height difference.

Like the show sometimes does as a part of cinematic story telling. When Castiel was vulnerable during the end of season 7 they routinely filmed him looking small.

Filming choices aside, someone has to be smol so that I get my fill of height differences and because Cas is shorter than Dean I chose him to be smol. ;D 

And Cas is kind of what I think of when I hear “smol”:

So cute.

Boy in luv Jungkook imagine


That’s how I would be described.

The popular girl who doesn’t want to be popular.

To be honest, I’m only popular because puberty hit like a bus and I got hot. All the guys chased me, but I don’t want just any guy. You see my heart is set on one, one special guy. That guy is named Jeon Jungkook. The cute shy guy that’s it’s in the back and doesn’t really talk to anyone. He’s adorable and something about him is so intriguing. Just another Tuesday, history with Jungkook, anatomy what did jocks, calculus with the nerds, lunch with Jungkook, and English with Jungkook. Maybe I’ll talk to him today, or at least wave at him.

“Hey (y/n)” A group of Jocks called to me. “Hi” I have fast reply and continued walking. I walk down the halls and heard a door open, but when I turned around there was no one. I open my locker and placed my books inside. I stepped back and someone slammed my locker closed. My eyes met the persons. Jin, one of the only people Jungkook will talk to. He grabbed my hand and suddenly began leading me down the halls. Finally, we made it to a dark classroom. Jin lead me inside. “Wait here” he ordered before walking out. Never have I been so confused in my life. A light turned on above my head and I saw a silhouette. “Who’s there?” I called out. The figure moved closer and stepped into the light. “Jungkook?” He stopped and looked up at me holding a rose. “(Y/n)” he spoke, his voice coated in a thick layer of nervousness. “Y-yes?” I stuttered out. “I’ve liked you for a while now, and seeing so many guys chase you made me realize I need you, I can’t let them take you away from me. He paused for a second. The pounding of both of our hearts was evident. "Will you be mine?”

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Okay but those two pics of Lu with your caption "stop him" like he just looks so adorable and like he shaved so he looks so tiny like such a tiny adorable Luke I feel blessed to have him in my life even tho I've never actually met him like he's just an adorable person and so are the rest of the boys like my heart😍

He’s so cute and i love him 


okay but have you considered little old lady fanclub

(because if there’s one thing conversations with my grandma and her crew at the old folk’s home has made clear to me it is that polite young people with nice arses are a desirable commodity at all ages)

my friends had soundcheck for the seattle show and like someone asked calum what the most stereotypical american thing was and calum started talking about how their bus driver like had a can of string cheese and was just pouring it in his mouth and like in the middle of it luke just casually sat on the edge of the stage and was like “does anyone remember how spongebob’s parents looked like cookies?” like he literally just had an existential crisis over spongebob’s parents looking like food i’m fucking laughing he is such a goofygoober I love luke