DWTS Finale Post

Warning, DWTS Spoilers ahead!

Dancing With The Stars was amazing tonight! :D

So proud of how far Frankie came. I was rooting for him since Day One. He was just so adorable and charming in each number.

Lindsey’s freestyle the night before was my favorite dance of that night, and no doubt she was amazing all season long.

And OMG, Jordan! Jordan was spectacular in every single dance number, and I’m so happy he won. He definitely deserved it!

This top 3 was so amazing, and they are all champions in my eyes. ❤

there’s something really cute, innocent, and unexpected about keith liking hippos. like there’s no deep reason about it or whatever like with his knife and the hidden meaning or the shack. he just likes hippos. thinks they’re cool. probably read a book or two about hippos when he was younger and he’s just like… “yeah, hippos are badass.”  

Rain, rain...don't go away

Tadashi Hamada x Reader

“Oh, you have got to be kidding me,” you mutter to yourself. The campus of San Fransokyo University was already practically flooded with the amount of rain San Fransokyo has gotten, and it’s yet again caught in the middle of a downpour.

The forecast promised sun today. Never trust meteorologists.

Sighing to yourself, and thanking any god up there that you didn’t wear makeup today, you pull your hood up and cinch it around under your chin. And then, after checking that your books and phone are secured safely in your bag, you run out into the downpour.

The campus of San Fransokyo University is huge, with a separate institute for each area of study, the commons, and then the main buildings where everyone takes their required classes. You’d think in a place that big they’d allow taxis, but that’s a no. So you have to run through the pouring rain to the nearest populated area, which is probably a mile away.

Your shoes squelch beneath you as you jog, and with a pop, your left one falls off. Your eyes widen as you step into the freezing rain with just your sock and curse to yourself. Just as you reach down to grab your shoe, the rain stops. Looking up, you see a young man of about your age with smiling brown eyes and dark hair that sits underneath a Sanfransokyo Institue of Technology ball-cap.

“Did you forget yours?” he asks, glancing up at his umbrella to indicate what he’s talking about. “It’s a bad day to make that mistake.”

It takes all of your willpower not to snort. “Tell me about it,” you mutter. You pull your shoe back on with another loud squelch, and then stand up to face the man. He’s quite a few inches taller than you, and as you get a closer look at him, your heart sinks further inside of your chest.

You curse any god that’s up there for you not wearing makeup today. Here you stand-dripping wet-with a waterlogged hoodie cinched around your neck, in front of one of the cutest, and obviously kindest guys you’ve ever met. And to top it all off, he found you wandering around in the rain with only one shoe on. Great.

You point up at the umbrella. “Uh, thanks.”

He smiles kindly. “You’re welcome. My name’s Tadashi.”

You smile back and shake his outstretched hand, which is awkwardly close to his body because of your close proximity underneath the umbrella. “(y/n) (l/n).”

"Well, (y/n) (l/n), what do you say we get out of this rain? My aunt owns a café just up the road from here.”

"Oh, thank you so much, but I should really find a bus stop so I can catch the five o'clock home.”

You might’ve been imagining it, but you think you saw his face fall just a bit. But before you can decide if you were right or not, it brightens up again. “Well, then I’ll walk you to the bus stop. You’ll get sick walking in this rain.”

And he starts walking, and you have to scramble up to keep from getting hit with rain again. He chuckles at your rush, and you roll your eyes and punch him in the arm gently. “Hey!” he protests.

You smirk. “You deserve it.”


You let out your first true laugh right then, and the two of you make easy conversation as you walk to the bus stop. At one point, you un-cinched your hoodie and pulled your hair out, hoping it would dry at least a little bit. You learned that Tadashi is a student at SFIT, and he’s lived in SF all of his life. When the two of you finally reach the bus stop, you’re surprised at how down you suddenly feel.

The two of you step beneath the metal awning, and you giggle as Tadashi pretends to shake out his arm that’s “sore” from holding the umbrella. “Thank you, Tadashi. That was extremely kind of you.”

He smiles softly once again. “Anytime, (y/n).” He looks at his watch and sighs. “I gotta get home though. If I’m not in time for my shift, Aunt Cass will kill me.”

You smile. “I’ll make sure to stop by the café sometime.”

His eyes are completely genuine when he says “please do,” and your heart flutters. Tadashi’s face is flushed as he pulls his umbrella back up and over his head. “Until next time, (y/n).”

You smile. “Until next time.”

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