Ok but lemme tell you, all the balloon squad have such a soft spot for Mikael. Like they’re so protective over him and treat him like the baby of the group because he’s just so fucking adorable. They constantly wrap him up in their arms, showering him with cuddles and forehead kisses. And he totally takes advantage of their soft spot for him, flashing them that big beautiful smile to get his way. Sometimes Yousef will roll his eyes and accuse the others of spoiling him but he’s just as bad. Maybe the worst. Those boys are so soft on Mikael and Mikael loves it. 

  • Scorpius: Albus Potter is such an annoying git.
  • Lucius: Oh no.
  • Scorpius: I can't stand him.
  • Lucius: No...
  • Scoepius: But on the other hand...
  • Lucius: NO!
  • Scorpius: He's got the most beautiful eyes and dark brown hair and his smile is to die for! He's just so adorable and-
  • Lucius: Son of a bitch.