"what could possibly be worse than a zombie?
a drunk zombie!”

- a drunk zombie, a in the flesh drinking game

as some of you might know i re-watch in the flesh a lot, and i’ve found out that it’s a whole lot less heartbreaking easier, so i decided to make a in the flesh drinking game!

take a sip of your drink when:

  • someone makes a biblical reference
  • kieren wears more than two layers of clothes
  • a keaton henson song plays
  • philip is being awkward/ says that he is just doing his job
  • amy calls someone by a nickname
  • steve talks about blue rays
  • kieren says something sassy
  • a character talks about getting away from roarton
  • there’s a close-up shot of kieren’s face

finish your drink when:

  • kieren and simon kiss
  • someone dies
  • there’s a close up shot of one of kieren’s paintings/drawings

have fun and drink safely!


That dragon has slept for 60 years. What will happen if your plan should fail? If you wake that beast?

Dr. McCoy prepared his examination.
A formality; part of his job. One he had to do.
Except that he couldn't. Not just then, anyway.
Turning, he walked away from the gurney. McCoy was angry at
himself as he sat down.
Kirk wouldn't have approved. Doubtless he would have chided McCoy
about his failure, would have made some stupid, half-assed joke
that would have. . .
Closing his eyes, McCoy struggled to regain control of his
emotions. He was failing miserably.

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cause underneath the manly sheen
it is my brother, a boy named Dean


teaser for Jongdae’s first solo song 최고의 행운 (Best Luck)  [“It’s Okay, It’s Love” OST]


a-ya did you even try

"How long have you been following me?"
"…Since the start."

#i love the fact that sherlock’s been watching John work his own case #what makes me happy is that john WAS slowly but surely working the case and doing a damn fair job of it #sherlock is just quicker #but john watson is still a smart motherfucker


I know I’m amazing.




Miles & Monroe (feat. Frank) | 2.18

"Your safewords are no good here."


2014 Japanese Nationals Dork’s Men’s Medal Ceremony (x)



Your parents disapprove of you being a writer? Write anyway. Parents will always find something to disapprove.

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You know what? Hating on the character is one thing

But I’m soooo sick of seeing people hating on COLIN.  Like it’s HIS fault Hook is popular. Like somehow he did some kind of voodoo or something.  Really?  Get over yourselves.  SORRY people respond to him and like him.  SORRY he’s a fantastic actor who’s doing a lot with the storyline they’ve given him.  IDK what your problem actually is — except, maybe you’re IDK, JEALOUS? — but it needs to stop.

Look, I know you want to bury your heads in the sand and pretend that things that are BLATANTLY OBVIOUS don’t exist, but here’s the facts, cupcakes.

  • Hook has ALWAYS been meant to be a love interest for Emma.  Since Colin got HIRED. BEFORE that even, they were auditioning YOUNG, HANDSOME MEN for the role (Gil McKinney was up for it, as well!). 
  • Emma Swan in THE MAIN FUCKING CHARACTER.  Her love story is going to be a BIG PART OF THE SHOW.
  • Ergo, HOOK, being, ya know, HER LOVE INTEREST, is getting a lot of buzz.  AS HE SHOULD.

As for media attention — the network isn’t in charge of the media.  The media locks in on whatever it wants, whatever it thinks is going to generate hits on their websites/sales of their magazines.  People. Like. Hook.  Nobody is doing some kind of evil magic here, people like the guy.  So yeah, the media is going to use that.  Why the fuck woudn’t they?  Hell, even people like you, hating on him, are still TALKING ABOUT HIM ENOUGH TO KEEP GENERATING BUZZ.

No one fucking complains when they write articles about ANYONE else, and it’s like you honestly seek these things out, because they DON’T really focus on him this crazy exorbitant amount.  Regina/Lana Parilla gets a LOT of focus too, ya know.  But casual viewers, who aren’t on sites like Tumblr or Twitter, don’t really seem to notice anyone being ~spotlighted more.

You’ve decided to make him your number one most hated, and in doing so, you bring all the stuff that IS written about him to your attention and then whine about it.  He’s a series regular. He’s Emma Swan’s love interest.  He’s a big deal.  Either get used to it, or find a different show to watch, because I honestly don’t know what you want here.  Literally, if it was ANY OTHER CHARACTER, you’re fine with it.  The second it’s Hook, suddenly the world is ending, and that says more about YOU than it does anything else.

No one else on the damn show seems to have any problem with him or his character or storyline, and if anyone should be annoyed, it would be them.  But they all seem to love it and him.  How ‘bout take a page from your so-called “favorites” and just be gracious for once?  Instead of a group of embarrassing, whiney, entitled brats? Because that’s what you act like, and it’s humiliating to be associated with some of you.