I know we all want Chaol coming back from the Southern Continent and just being…overwhelmed to say the least by everything that’s happened in his absence. But I kind of think some sort of massive drama is going to go down there. And he’s just going to come back and be so done with everything already. So he just ends up even more done with still more drama being heaped onto his plate.

 Like, Aelin is in an iron box being controlled by a demon fae queen? Wonderful. Dorian has decided to start banging a lethal witch queen? Great. Someone has to die in order to correct Elena’s past mistakes? Fantastic. An army of assassins turned up on my doorstep along with another army led by another assassin from the wastes? Uh-huh, and? Oh we’re on the brink of an all consuming, apocalyptic war with the Valg, our queen and greatest hope against them is actually Lysandra pretending to be Aelin, our king has lost his kingdom, we have the definition of a ragtag army which is all that’s standing between us and the destruction of our world? Sigh. When do we start? 

He’s just going to be…so you’re telling everything’s gone to hell and nothing’s gone to plan at all? Did you expect me to be surprised by this? What else is new? This is what we’ve been doing since the start.   

Man Gaardus is such a funny fucking thing to remember.

Like, not only was he hated by pretty much everyone in universe, both for being a psycho murderous monster and breaking the red star, but he’s also unanimously loathed by the fandom for being like, the worst excuse for a combiner ever, introducing the red star and the terrible fuckery it added to the entire Bionicle storyline. 

He kinda just looks like Bionicle’s last, pathetic dying breath, one final poor attempt to take the story somewhere interesting, only for it to be horribly received. 

And I mean look at him. 

I WANT to hate him. 

  • wymack: *says some generic inspirational shit*
  • me [holding back tears]: he cares about his team so much. not just as players, but as individuals. he believes in them no matter what they do to try to prove him wrong and it always works out in the end. he just wants brings the best out of everyone and nothing and no one will ever convince him that it's a lost cause. this coach will do more for his foxes than some parents do for their own children. he deserves the world.

As if I needed any further reason to adore this man  ◕‿◕

Imagine Edward trying To Flirt With You

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“Uh huh,” you nodded, flipping through the case files you needed to bag this last drug lord, “and…?”

“Yes! And… and…” He started to speak, but fell silent. After a moment, you looked up to see if he was still there.

“Ed?” You asked, concerned as he stared blankly at you, “Are you okay?”

“…What? Yes, of course,” he insisted, beginning to ramble, “I just…I knew exactly what I wanted to say, but then I actually got over here and I forgot because, gosh, you’re so attractive and when I look at you my brain feels like pudding and you make me want to throw up, but not in a bad way! Of course, not in a bad way, at all. I like when you make me feel like throwing up and everything I’m saying right now should really just be in my head, but my brain doesn’t seem to want to block it out, so I’d very much appreciate it if you please asked me to stop talking.”

“Ed?” You gave him a small smile when he went silent, “You can stop talking, now.” It didn’t really matter what he said, he’d won you over already months ago.

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He is the best trash son. His assholishness tbh is such an integral part of his character. TALK TRASH SON WITH ME.

[I mean lbr here he’s essentially a glorified school bully. I’d bet money that like. Cid gave him a position and title (that being the DC) to like, try to channel some of that aggression more constructively? and like, this doesn’t make him an intrinsically bad person!!! we know from the clapping scene after the SeeD exam and the fact he broke out of detention to save Squall and Co.’s sorry asses (and protect Garden’s reputation, lest we forget) that he’s a jerk but not a Bad Guy. He’s just. angry. and misguided. and for fuck’s sake, he’s a teenager. Teenagers do stupid fucking shit.]