Kibum in “Wanted” Performance… ʘ‿ʘ

what if bill’s friends become all rebels and join the good side?!!

well well well…

first, bill hates magic symbol named kryptos… I NEED TO KNOW WHY

kryptos is the only one not laughing when Bill hurts Dipper…

“OH SNAP,,,HE JUST KILLED TIME BABY” look at his gesture,,, he seems very shocked about this… they’re all shocked

but after, they’re like: “oh yes!!!! it’s wonderful!!!!” and continue the party


and how is bill, with his friends…

he literally hurt his own friends!!!!!

they are afraid of him

look at this poor keyhole…


Seventeen reaction hyung line

“Svt reactions to their gf having a bad day or she was feeling stressed so out of no where she just passionately kisses them”

Seungcheol: As soon your lips touched his, he would automatically know something was wrong. He’d relax into the kiss and kiss you with just as much passion. “Ah jagi why do you do this to me.. But i know somethings wrong babe” 

Jeonghan: He would be very shocked by your sudden kiss, he would return the favor kissing you back but more submissive. After He would lick his lips and ask you what was wrong. He would know something was up you never did this. 

Joshua: Would resist the kiss at first just due to the shock but when he feels you pull him back to you he would kiss back but gentle letting you take control. He would pull back with his eyes heavy “Just tell me what you need” 

Jun: He knows when your stressed its like a flip switches. When you kiss him he would smirk into the kiss holding you close to him. He would pull away and whisper to you “Lets see how much stress i can take off of you” 

Hoshi; He’d pull back quickly just from being shocked but once he sees whats going on he will switch from soonyoung to hoshi real quick pulling you in again “You wanna do it this way?” 

Wonwoo: he would become very flustered at you being so passionate and well kissy. At first he wouldn’t know how to react maybe scratching the back of his head or even hiding his blush. Since you aren’t like this he’d ask “Whats gotten into you babe” before he let you go farther 

Woozi: Chances are woozi is the exact some way when he’s stressed. When you pulled him in, he would feel how stressed you were and he was too lets be real. “rough day” he’d smirk. yeah good luck ha ha..

Seventeen Reaction to You Beating Them in A Game

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S.Coups/Seungcheol: “Hey! Did you cheat or something?”  Being competitive as he is and losing for the first time he wouldn’t let it go so easily.

Jeonghan: Cheering after you won against him he would smile at you and say “I didn’t think you would be so competitive [y/n]” 

Joshua/Jisoo: He would be very happy for you. “Wow, you’ve gotten really good at this game!” Not being a competitive person he wouldn’t mind losing to you.

Jun/Junhui: It would take a while for him to realize he lost for the first time. He would be very shock about losing to you for the very first time.

Hoshi/Soonyoung: He would play around with you by pretending to act sad about it but wouldn’t mind losing a game to you. 

Wonwoo: As the game becomes intense and really wanting to win against him, you finally did it. But of course Wonwoo wouldn’t be too happy about it. “Hmmm, (y/n) I can’t believe I lost to you.” 

Woozi/Jihoon: *GIF says it all.* “Ah geez…” and laugh as he knew he was defeated by you.

DK/Seokmin: “Ah! I can’t believe I lost! I want a Re-match!”  He would cheefully say, it wouldn’t really bother him losing against you. He would want to play again just for fun.

Mingyu:  Being a sore loser he would say to you “You know, I let you win…” 

The8/Minghao: Like Joshua he wouldn’t mind losing to you. He just like spending time with you.

Seungkwan: After you beat him in a game he would act like he didn’t care about winning. After losing he would say some sassy comments. “Its just a silly game…there was no point of being competitive.” He would say.

Vernon/Hansol: “Did I really just lose?” He would laugh about it but of course would want a re-match with you. 

Dino/Chan: Since it was his first time losing he would quickly pout, not liking that he lost his favorite game to you. 

You’ve lost that loving feeling. Part 13.

Hi guy’s so here’s the last part. Thank you so much for all the reblogs, likes and comments on each part, it means so much. Please excuse mistake because I haven’t had chance to reread this. As always I hope you like this :) xxxx


                                  You’ve lost that loving feeling. Part 13

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Provenance - Part 2

Word Count: 2796

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Warning: Language

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Dean and you were back in his room sharpening your knives when Sam finally came back. He looked slightly shocked to see you in the room. “Hey…” he said hesitantly, testing out the waters.

“Hey, Sammy!” Both of you said. Sam smiled and threw a pile of papers on the table, sitting down to go through them.

“So I got the provenances.” He said.

“She just handed the providences over to you?” Dean questioned, raising his eyebrows.

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anonymous asked:

also the way he shock his head when asher told wes that whisky helps probably strengthens that theory

Yes, I agree with that. Some people get too emotional when they are drinking. And using alcohol to self-medicate doesn’t help ever, but it is especially dangerous for people who are trying to hide secrets. If you’re emotional and your guards are down, it’s more likely that something will slip out at the wrong moment. Like when Asher was drunk and rambling on and on about how people stage murders all the time. Like, he didn’t spill the information about Murder Night 2.0, but it did definitely piqued Oliver’s interests. And Connor’s facial expression at the moment was like omfg. 

And yes, maybe Asher believes that someone killed his father because it’s easier for him to deal with that outcome instead of him having something to do with his father killing himself. It’s easier for him to live in that denial than to face the truth. Especially since his mother has essentially disowned him and wants nothing to do with him. It’s upsetting and sad, and he’s choosing this outlandish theory, especially in the light of finding out that the murder quartet killed Sam and Annalise and Co. helped cover it up and how they covered up Emily Sinclair’s death for him. He’s in that world now and with that knowledge, his brain is choosing to believe something like that happened instead of the truth. 

These poor kids. All they wanted to do was go to law school and get this internship with THE ANNALISE KEATING and now look at how fucked up their lives are.

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omg imagine dylans reaction to a cute girl asking him out that would be so cute <3 btw your dylan fluff is killing me in the best way possible

omg he’d think it was a joke the poor guy like he’d probably like walk away in a bad mood because he thinks she’s fucking with him but like if she kept asking he’d probably be so shocked and like he’d be all blushy and say he was sorry for the way he acted and he’d tell her that she was really gorgeous and he’d love to go out with her, he’d probably be kicking himself for not saying yes sooner 

mess--in--a--dress asked:

Does Shawn know that Jennifer Bassett is Farkle's mom?

Nothing in canon suggests that (especially since he was so shocked that Farkle was Minkus’s son in HFTH…so I doubt he knows about Jennifer).

I really want there to be a scene in Legacy where he finds out though!!

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Ah, I've never really gotten a Valentine's card so... Matsu bros finding that out and their individual reactions? =///w///=

I wasn’t planning on answering any asks today but I’ll do it for you, anon! ;w; I’ll be switching the pronouns from ‘they’ to ‘you’ so it feels a little more personal!

Osomatsu: He’d be shocked! His sweet little s/o has never received any Valentine’s Day cards? That just won’t do! With whatever money he has, he’d rush over to a convenience store and buy the cutest card and a little bouquet of red roses for you! The card would probably have a cheesy or dirty pun on it. You’d both probably spend the day at home, watching movies and lazing about.

Karamatsu: Would also be offended that no one has ever given you any Valentine’s Day cards at all. Lucky for you however, he’s already planned ahead and has a whole heartfelt song written and tons of flowers to shower you in! He probably did intensive research on each flower’s meaning to get his feelings across! He takes you to a romantic spot like the beach or a park!

Choromatsu: This nerd would get a little disappointed. You’re so great, why wouldn’t anyone give you anything on this lovely day? He greets you on Valentine’s Day with a adorable card and some chocolates! Then he takes you on a date to a cute spot like a popular cafe or a really good movie!

Ichimatsu: He gets a little irritated that no one has ever given you that kind of affection. On Valentine’s Day, a very flustered Ichimatsu hands you a kitty themed card and little chocolates shaped like cat paws! You both take a long walk through all the cat hotspots before heading home.

Jyuushimatsu: He excitedly tells you that he’ll make sure you have a fun Valentine’s Day! He brings you a colorful card- obviously home-made- and lots of bright and loud flowers! His ideal date is to take you on a picnic and maybe get a little baseball in too!

Todomatsu: A little peeved that no one has peeved that no one has showered you in affections! His gift to you is pink roses and chocolates that he made himself! Then he takes you out to a popular bakery and shares some sweets with you! He makes sure to give you compliments the whole day and takes a lot of pictures!

I’ve never defended Bellamy more in my life lmao. Yes i drag him via comedic text posts just for the notes, but if anyone calls me out for real - I defend him…even to the Bellarke shippers. I’ll defend your faves, even if you won’t cause he’s (shocking I know) my fave too. Fight me about it

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(1/2 About an ask you reblogged; it was about Dean resorting back to his old ways because he was having a one night stand and drinking again -can't put links in asks) Maybe Dean also had a one night stand because he didn't know what to do about that statement from Mildred in 11x11. -yandt anon

(2/2) He probably already felt like he loved someone -leaving that up to interpretation, but having it shoved in his face, making him having to face the facts, that he actually loves someone, shocked him a lot. So now he’s trying to get past these feelings and forget them the only way he knows how to. (I meant to send this before the episode, but yeah….) -yandt anon 

That’s absolutely possible, and sounds exactly like Dean. Y’all’ve got a good point, there.

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"Oh. Hey you. Long time no see." The wolf had been returning from taking an exam. One of her increasingly rare adventures outside the home. Surprised, but not unpleasantly so, about running into a familiar face. Feeling sudden movement from the pup she placed a hand on her noticeably pregnant belly. (Nathan)

“oh hey.” nathan smiled widely at the older girl then looked down to her stomach. “woah! has it really been that long since I’ve seen you? how long have you been pregnant?” he asked in shock.

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So Shadowhunters isn’t going with the whole Jace/Clary we’re related?:(!, we’re not related!!:)? thing. Because the thing that Jace was trying to track Clary with in the last ep was the picture of Valentine that she drew and then through away. And if he recognized the pic as his dad, he would have been super shocked or suspicious or something right? It doesn’t bother me that much lol i didn’t really care for the siblingplot, but having Valentine as Jace’s father is a huge part of who he is, and I know that the TV show is different from the books but just wondering what Jace’s arc is gonna be without daddy!Valentine.    

alylu1999 asked:

Scenario where kise sees his friend / crush with curly hair for the first time. He didn't know they have naturally curly hair because they straighten it all the time. Please and Thank you!!!

(Sounds good darling! Enjoy, sorry it took so long! And sorry that it’s kinda short there isn’t really a lot that I can do with this request.)

To say that he was shocked would be an understatement he had never seen you with curly hair before, it was a totally new sight for him. You usually straightened your hair, or wore it up in a bun or pony tail. Kise had never really gotten to see you with your natural born hair before. But one day, he had seen you outside of the usual setting. You were at the mall, shopping for some new clothes because you had no school work and nothing better to do. He hadn’t recognized you at first but once he saw your face he knew it was you right away, even with the different hair. He approached you slowly tapping a hand on your shoulder causing you to turn around and look at him, obviously surprised that he was noticing you at all. 

“Oh, hello Kise-kun. Funny seeing you here, I’m not quite used to seeing you outside of school. “ You said smiling at him softly. 

“I could say the same about you Y/N-icchi.” he replied chuckling. 

He was still staring at your hair, it was so wild and beautiful. Beautiful H/C, H/L curly hair. He thought it was incredible, and didn’t understand why you didn’t wear it like this more often. 

“I don’t mean to stare Y/N-icchi, but your hair is so pretty” He said with a smile leaning out and twirling a lock of it around his fingers. “Why don’t you wear it like this more often? I love it!” He stated plainly smiling brightly at you

You could feel a blush coming to your cheeks and you were somewhat shocked that THE Kise Ryota was giving you a compliment, in all honesty you have had feelings him for quite some time but had never had the courage to tell him and you were so amazed by the fact that he had found your hair pretty that you didn’t even notice him grinning and giggling at the blush that had spread across your features. 

“T-Thank you Kise-kun, that means a lot coming from you!” you could feel your cheeks slowly turning an awkward shade of red. 

Little did you know, Kise had feelings for you too. So seeing you look this beautiful did quite a number on him as well, but he had more control over his emotions than you. He wanted to take advantage of this situation and spend more time with you. He racked his brain trying to come up with an excuse to see you. 

“Hey, Y/N-icchi, can I braid your hair sometime?” He asked hopefully grinning ear to ear. 

“S-Sure Kise-kun I would love that.” You replied with a smile. 

He silently jumped for joy in his mind, He was so excited to finally get to spend some alone time with you. He didn’t get you alone very often, so he would have to use this opportunity to his advantage. He couldn’t wait to get his hands through that beautiful H/C curly hair. 

continued | @askiyamisdaughter )

“It’s,” she tried to keep her balance but she was shaking, and started hyperventilating. She covered her mouth, trying to calm her breathing. “I-It’s mom..”

He’s visibly shocked to hear this–any rage seems to fade for now. Iyami manages to suppress a surprised ‘SHEH’ only so he can stay calm for his daughter.

“Ah–Hiyori, calm down! Everything will be okay…me won’t let her do anything to you, zansu…” He steps closer so he can place a reassuring hand upon her shoulder, hoping that she’ll calm down some if he reasons with her. “Hiyori…look at me. You’re a grown woman. Your mother has no rule over you anymore…h-how did she find you anyway? Is she… here?”