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Hello, I hope not to be annoying but I was wondering if you could do a BTS as jealous boyfriends? I love how you write ♡

thanks for the compliment and the request, anon! this kinda excited me. it’s not smutty but it is steamy. there’s a sprinkle of fluff to garnish. enjoy.

P.S. requests are never annoying. keep them coming.

BTS Reaction | To Someone Flirting With You |

Introduction: You’re at one of the hottest parties of the year with your boyfriend. What could go wrong? Apparently, your good-looking boyfriend noticing an equally good-looking man being a tad too friendly with you is what could go wrong. 


You don’t have much trouble finding Jin at the bar, his shoulders guide you to where he sat. As you flop into a stool next to him, he passes you a little glare. “You can’t trust men who flirt anymore these days.”

You smirk, knowing what this was all about. “Aren’t you a man who flirts, Jin?“

“Yes, but I’m me. I’m talking about other men.“ Jin swivels around in his chair to face the party behind you. He glares at the man who had been talking (a lit bit of flirting) with you most of the evening. “Especially, good-looking men. Other than me, of course.”

“Jin, you’re hilarious when you’re jealous.“

“Jealous? No way. Neither am I joking.“ He places a finger under your chin and moves your head so he can bore into your eyes. ”Men can be very smart when they want to. First they’ll say they just want to be friends. Next time you blink, you’ll be eating food cooked by another man.“ He sniffed in distaste as he caught another glimpse of the ‘other man‘.

You realize there’s a small possibility Jin might be drunk. “I promise I won’t eat food cooked by any man other than you, Jin.” You leaned forward and asked the bartender for some water. “Besides,” you swivel back to face him again. “He doesn’t like me that way.”

“AHA!” Jin exclaims, startling a few party-goers who had come for a drink. “He told you that, didn’t he! That weasel! Now, in a few days, he’ll call you, pretending he– “

“I meant- he probably doesn’t like me that way because he has…other preferences.“

Jin blinked. “Oh.” 

You shake your head. “You’re embarrassed now, aren’t you.“

“A little.“

You sigh as you sip your water. “Don’t worry. You’ll be fine tomorrow.”

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(have you ever noticed how beautiful his eyes are?)


The party is, as usual, boring Suga. Garish music and drunk people should amuse him, especially when he’s  the only one sober, but all he feels is a sense of distaste and pity. The only thing that proved a comfort to him as this one director yakked into his ear about his latest ‘masterpiece’, was you. Every time he felt the urge to tell the director what he really thought about his masterpiece, he would rake through the milling crowd to spot you. And when he did spot you, a shock would speed from his feet to his head, pulling the corners of his lips into a smile which he tried very hard to hide.

But this time, when he found you though the crowd, he did not smile at how hot you looked in that black outfit of yours, neither does he smile when he sees you laugh. All he can see is the other man with a hand on your upper arm. And believe he does not smile.

He’ll be at your side in an instant, face not betraying even a trace of the jealousy that boiled in his chest, and the bewilderment at his own reaction that simmered right underneath.

He slides a hand under your arm, holding your elbow with a gentlemanly ease that did not match up with the thoughts running through his head. “_______. We need to go now.“

You turn away from the man and smile at him. “Huh?”

“Someone from the studio called. We need to go.“ He fully ignores the man watching the both of you. Yoongi leans in and kisses you like nothing was wrong. “I think I left my jacket at the bar. Could you please get it for me?“

Still perplexed from the sudden kiss, you nod and head in the general direction he pointed at. He watches you walk away for a moment, fists deep in his pockets. When you’re appropriately out of sight, he turns towards the offender and pours every evil thought he’s had since he noticed him flirting with you into that single glare.

Truly, if looks could kill.

Later, when you walk outside with his jacket and find him waiting near the car, you can’t get a word in before he’s pulled you in for another kiss, this one longer and more frightening because of the sheer fervour behind it. When he finally allows you to breathe, all you can say is, “What on earth was that, Yoongi? I thought we had to–”

He’ll wrap his arms around you, tightly crushing you to him and murmur into your neck, “The things you make me do, _______.

Rest assured, you will not be using the bed to sleep tonight.

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Everyone knows him as the screaming ball of sunshine, but two things and only two things could bring out a different, unyielding Hobi. The first was dance, the second was you. Unfortunately, you discovered this the hard way.

When he sees the man flirting with you, and you ‘seemingly’ not declining him, he won’t step up and make a fuss. Neither will he make an excuse to get you away from the particular man. He’ll just step back, and arms crossed, one leg propped up on the wall, watch you from the shadows. Later, when you look around for him, it’s a shock when your eyes spot him half hidden in the corner, watching you search for him and yet not making a move.

When you ask him where he was, he’ll choose not to answer but to just grasp your hand in a way that promised many things. It doesn’t promise violence, or rage or even displeasure. It promised that something you felt when your favourite teacher gives you a bad grade, or chides you for talking in class. Except that in case of the teacher, this feeling did not send shivers through you, shivers that made you anticipate.

During the car ride home, he doesn’t say a word, but just keeps a hand over yours the whole time. Occasionally, when you reach a traffic light, he’ll take some time to sweep some hair behind your ear, deliberately letting his fingers brush the skin under your jaw, then letting them skim down your arm back to your hand. Everything he does heightens your senses and quickens your breath. By now, you’ve realized that you’ve done something wrong, but you can’t figure out what exactly you did, neither can you summon the will to ask him. He doesn’t look at you even once throughout the ride.

When you get home, he watches you as you take your coat off and hang it up. You decide to test the waters with a tentative, “Hobi?”

He sighs. Then he steps closer, letting his lips barely touch your forehead in a mockery of a kiss. “Jealousy doesn’t suit me. Please don’t ever let someone other than me flirt with you again.” You start with surprise as you realise the man at the party you don’t even know the name of is the cause behind Hobi’s sudden change. Or, you think to yourself, it could be the fact that you let him flirt with you even though you were with Hobi.

“Hobi, I shouldn’t have– I didn’t mean to–“

He breathes out, his breath gently stirring your hair among other things. “I know you didn’t mean to. I’m just…jealous. I’ll be fine tomorrow.“ Relief and longing almost makes you weak as he kisses you, hands in your hair. You inch closer to him, trying to initiate an appropriate end to all the brooding silences and loaded looks that passed tonight.

Keyword being trying. Hobi takes an abrupt step back and grins at your flushed skin. “Tomorrow, maybe. I was thinking I should sleep on the couch tonight.”

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The both of you walk to the car after what you deemed to be a nice bash.“That was a great party, wasn’t it?“


“The party. Did you enjoy it?“

He sniffed, running a hand through his hair. “To be honest, no. Remind me never to bring you to a party with other men.“

Straight to the point. That’s Namjoon for you.

You laugh and clap your hands at his grumbling tone. “What? Kim Namjoon, are you telling me you’re jealous?! Is the sky falling?“

He threw his hands up and groaned. “I wish it would. Even that would be better than this.“

You slid an arm around his waist. “Aww. My Joon is jealous. I’m glad I stuck around to listen to that man harp on about his new book. He was cute, though.“

He stops walking and pulls you in by your arm. “You can do better than that, ______.

You grin at his cloudy expression, and wrap your arms around his neck. “I already am.“

After a moment of deliberation, he pecks you on the lips, just a fleeting touch to remind you all is not forgiven. “Come on. I’ll take you out for dinner.“

“Oh no. We’re going home and finishing what you started.“

“You might regret that.“

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In your quest to find a place to hide from the flirt who just wouldn’t take a hint, you leave the party altogether, ending up in a apparently empty hallway that seemed to lead to particularly nowhere. You sigh as your shoes pinch your feet. You’ve been standing for so long you wonder why they weren’t numb yet.

You’d wanted to leave ages ago, but Jimin wouldn’t reply to your texts, neither would he answer your calls. Not wanting to leave without him, you’d decided to escape the stubborn man and find some place to hide and rest your poor feet while you’re at it.

You had kicked your shoes off ages ago. It seemed that your feet throbbed in time with the music that seeped through the walls. You sigh and look around for somewhere you can sit, but when you spot a footstool, you find someone has already occupied it.

Relief rushes through your head. “Jimin!“

He looks up, startled out of whatever reverie he was in. The corners of his mouth droops when he sees it’s you. “_____.” He notices your shoes dangling from your fingers, and his face changes to one of concern. “What’s wrong?”

You wave your hand. “Nothing’s wrong. I was running around looking for you, and my shoes weren’t the best to begin with. My feet are killing me.“

“Oh.“ He awkwardly dusts off his pants and stands up. “You should sit down. Come on.“

You look at him in doubt. His behaviour…it was unusual. He always had a smile in store for you. And the way he wouldn’t look at you directly or that he spoke only in short clipped-off sentences…you didn’t like it.

You warily sit down. “Jimin, is everything okay?“

He crouches in front of you, and gingerly stroked the reddening lines your shoes had left on the back of your heel. “I should be asking you that. Why were you running around anyway?”

You pursed your lips, disappointed as he avoided the question. “Well, for one: I was looking for you. I tried calling you but you didn’t answer.“

“I left my phone at home. I didn’t realise. I’m sorry.“

You shake your head, reaching down to place a cool hand around your blistering toes. “That’s not the least of it. Believe it or not, Jiminie, there was this guy from the party who just wouldn’t take a hint. I told him I was with someone else, but he kept following me around. Jesus, it got so annoying I had to leave the party and run a wild goose chase around the building to find you.” You sigh and straighten up. “And now I’ve finally found you. All’s well that ends well, right?”

You get no answer. Jimin looks bewildered as he takes in your words. “That’s it?

“What do you mean? Of course that’s it. My feet hurt because I was running away from a creep who–“ You stop when you see the relief and his sudden smile. “We’re not talking about my feet. are we? Jimin, did you think I would cheat on you?“

“Of course not–“

Your heart thuds when you realize he was sitting out here probably all night, thinking you didn’t want him. “Oh, Jimin.“ You takes his face in your hands and kiss him, just a simple assurance that you could never think of being with someone other than him.

When you break away, he shuts his eyes tightly and purses his lips. “I was jealous. I was being stupid.”

“Yes. Very stupid.“ You place a kiss on his cheek. “Let’s go home.“

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Your phone buzzes as V texts back. Thanking the heavens that he isn’t lying dead in a gutter some where, you open the text to see what explanation he gave for his sudden disappearance.

Except that he doesn’t. You see that he has only sent two cryptic messages as an answer to your question of where he had escaped to.

T: Outside in the garden

T: If you’re coming here, bring some cheese

You frown at the cheese part. You liked to tease Tae for being strange occasionally, but this was a whole new level. You sigh as you realise you were not dressed for a hike through the gardens. Tae better have a good reason for this.

Later, you swat a hanging tree branch away, and plant your hands on your hips. “Tae?”

“Over here.“ His voice, slightly slurred, floats up from a bit farther away. You trudge through the semi-darkness to where Tae has sprawled on the grass. “You’ll get grass stains on your clothes, Tae.”

“Well, I’ve already been on the grass for more than an hour. Might as well lie“ here for a bit more. Did you bring my cheese?”

“No, I …didn’t.” You notice a bottle next to him. “Tae, are you drunk?“

He grinned at you, and picked the wine bottle up. It was already half empty. “Only a little. Some fine wine, I must say. Shame you didn’t bring the cheese.” He focused on you, albeit with a little effort. “I dropped by the kitchens and managed to convince the head waitress.” He pouted. “Are you jealous?”

You laugh and decided to give up and sit down next to him. A conversation with a drunk Tae was way more funnier than worrying about grass stains. “Not yet. Was she hot?“

He nodded vigorously. “Very.“

“Maybe a little bit.“

He sighs and fold his hands over his chest. “I flirted with a hot waitress who gave me wine for free, and you say you’re only a little bit jealous. Maybe I should go find that man from the party who was flirting with you.”

You’re shocked to realize this talk of jealousy stemmed from him seeing that man from the party flirting with you. Tae had disappeared soon after that. You breathe out slowly. “That was nothing. He was just someone who couldn’t take a hint. He doesn’t mean anything to me.“

He clicked his tongue. “I hate being jealous.“

You lie down next to him. “I hate being jealous too.“

“When do you get jealous? I barely have any social life outside going on tour, the boys and you.“ His tone isn’t accusatory, but merely conversational. You knew this was the wine speaking, not him.

You turn on your side to face him and prop your head up on one hand. “Don’t forget the millions of fans that worship your every move and freak out every time you you bite your lip. That’s a pretty good reason to be jealous.”

He looks at you in disbelief. “My ‘fans’ are awesome, but they’re not you. You don’t have to jealous because of what they do.They’re just having fun.”

You poke his side. “I know that, silly. What I’m saying is, there’s always a reason to be jealous. That doesn’t mean you have to be.“

His eyes grew wide like a child’s. You resist the urge to laugh at his poor alcohol tolerance. “What do you do to not be jealous? What’s the secret, ______?”

You raise a hand and trace the lines of his lips. “I just remember none of them gets kissed by you like me. And none of them gets to keep you in on Saturday mornings like me.“

He grabbed your hand. “That’s a good thing to remember.“

“It is.“ You notice a blade of grass in his hair and sighing, pick it out. “Let’s go home. I don’t think I’m up for making love on a dirt floor, yet.“

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We’re all familiar with Jeonlous, so I don’t think I need to elaborate as much. 

Just one word.


The day after the party, you just decide its better to stay home than to waste all that concealer on a hopeless case. Even as you cast him a glare while you announce this, Jungkook only smirks.

Nobody messes around with Jealous Jungkook.

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Good? Funny? Steamy? Tell me what you think. You can tell me if you didn’t like something too. Don’t forget to request! 

P.S: I’m sure the Hobi one was a surprise to most of you. But if you want to see where i drew inspiration from, you should check out that bangtan bomb of jhope’s reacion when jin forgets the fire choreography before a show.

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a twist: everyone including Tony believes he has to sacrifice himself, hence the sad goodbyes, but in the end he comes back. with just enough angst to make us worry for a minute.

[dramatic setting]

Bruce: “Pepper, I’m sorry… he- he didn’t make it…”

Pepper: “No. That can’t be… he promised he’d come back, he can’t be-”

Tony: “What are you two going on about? I’m not dead!”

they turn to Tony, who looks very banged up but very much alive, and Pepper immediately runs to hug him with tears in her eyes, while Bruce is so shocked he can’t form a clear sentence “you- i saw- you died!”

and then Tony replies with a laugh “it’s not the first time I ‘die’ and come back, and you of all people should know”

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Okay so I usually try not to laugh, because if I laugh too hard, I'll snort. How do you think Gabe, Jack, and/or McCree would react to their S/O not doing their small chuckle and actually laughing till they snort?

(I used to be the same way, but I’m like that snort needs to come out so they know how funny they are!)


  • His eyes light up and he is just so damn excited to hear your real laughter. He starts laughing along cuz he is just so damn happy about it
  • If you look up at him embarassed he’ll tell you ‘That was the prettiest damn thing I’ve ever heard darlin’
  • It has now become his life goal to make you laugh and giggle in any way he can 


  • He is shocked at first, his eyes go a bit round and his jaw drops before a slow smirk begins to creep onto his lips 
  • He doesn’t try and make it a big deal but he’ll rope you in and hug you tight and chuckle low with you
  • ‘You were holding out on me’ he jokes with you before kissing you on the cheek


  • It catches hism by surprise and he gives a bark of laughter when you laugh, blinking in shock before looking at you in wonder
  • ‘Well that was different, guess I have to try and be funnier

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Hi! I love your blog and I was wondering if requests were still open? I'm sure you're probably overwhelmed with requests so I'm fine if your answer is no. But if you can, I was wondering if you could do mtmte Rodimus, Drift and Megatron who has a human s/o who isn't exactly "perfect weight", as in a bit pudgy? Like the s/o is really insecure and stuff and doesn't think their good enough but the bot disagrees??? (Because that's how I feel a lot) Thanks.

I don’t actually have that many requests rn, no worries! And thank you ^^

Rodimus Prime MTMTE

He already thinks his s/o is perfect and has no hesitation in telling them so, which means he’s pretty shocked to find out you don’t think you’re good enough. He doesn’t really understand why humans are so uncomfortable about body weight, but he’s determined to get your self image up

Anytime he notices you acting down on yourself (he’s gotten really good at noticing too), he lays on the charm extra thick. He’ll pick you up (or wrap and arm around you if he’s using his holomatter/mass displaced) to kiss you and compliment you, using nicknames like beautiful or sugar. Rodimus has got a lot of love to give and he’ll use as much as he can until you realize that you are good enough, no matter what those awful voices in your head say 

Megatron MTMTE

He could tell early on in the relationship that something was bothering you, but was surprised to find that it was you feeling inadequate. You were very attractive to him (it must be a human thing?), but it was clearly upsetting you. He doesn’t waste any time in discussing it with you, doing his best to remove any doubts you might be having

He’s hurt to hear that you feel like you aren’t good enough, and does his best to make sure you feel better. He’s not the best at comforting pep talks, they can sometimes come off as stiff, but you can tell by the little bits of extra affection he gives you that he’s really trying (he’s generally very reserved with affection). He honestly doesn’t fully understand why you think you’re too big or pudgy, you fit in the palm of his hand after all, but he does try to understand 


He knows what it feels like to not feel good enough, so he’s upset to discover that’s exactly how you feel. He immediately talks to you about it, asking why you feel this way and why you think your size affects how much he adores you. Drift is completely confused by human beauty standards (You’re already perfectly healthy? You’re already so small to him anyway?), but he’s dead set on getting your confidence back up 

He’s a bit more subtle than Rodimus but his approach is basically the same; lots of affection and sweet reminders. Drift will give you little kisses, rest his helm against your forehead, kiss your hand (which looks less silly when he’s mass displaced since your hand is so small compared so him), and give you little compliments. Not that he didn’t give you compliments before, he absolutely did but now he makes sure to word them specifically to counter your insecurities. He’s also there to talk if you need to, he wouldn’t want you to bottle up any emotions

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Hi! Can I request a fluffy Kaminari cuddling with his s/o?

Kaminari Denki 

He has a tendency to shock you whenever you come into contact with his skin and always has to apologise for the minor electrical discharge from his quirk. It’s something that you have grown used to after experiencing it for quite some time and even come to expect it whenever you initiate any kind of snuggles with him. He adores being the smaller spoon whenever you’re lying in bed together because even a man likes being held every once in awhile but more than anything he absolutely loves resting his face on your chest. Especially coming back to his dorm/visiting your house after a particularly bad day at school or working for some agency.

When his cheek is brushing against your chest you’re not convinced when he tells you that he enjoys this position because he can listen to your heartbeat and you know that all boys are perverts by nature but that doesn’t keep you from indulging him. He melts into a puddle when you card your fingers through his hair and lightly plays with it and suddenly you hear his adorable snores leaving his mouth since a gentle scalp massage works wonders at drifting him off to a sound sleep. You have your moment of awe while you admire his sleeping countenance but then a devious smile twitches at the edges of your lips and you take advantage of sleeping beauty by braiding his hair into messes of fabulous braids and clipping cute accessories to your handiwork. 

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Uhm think of happy Robbie asks... ooh, he's simple when it comes to showing his s/o affections since he likes physical contact and doesn't leave the house much, but he'd probably punch through a windowshop to grab something you offhandedly say you like and you're just stood there in shock he doesn't realise why it's bad, the manager is shouting and ppl are staring which is upsetting rob but you take his hand and run off,explaining that ppl were upset but thank him for the notion laughing so r=:)

Awwwwwwww yes! This! 
He wouldn’t understand why getting you something is wrong. Because you liked it, so you should have it. 
Breaking stuff comes naturally to him and being around Anti only encourages that behavior. So punching through a window to grab something wouldn’t phase him. And he wouldn’t feel any pain either. But you have to explain to a very grump Dr. Sneeplestein why Rob has shards of glass in his hand

DAY6 Reaction To A Girl Flirting With You

How would day6 react to a girl flirting with you instead of them? - Requested By Anonymous 

JAE: “Well, damn. I did not see this coming.” He would be shocked as hell. He would have no idea what to say or do but would just stare at you 

SUNGJIN: “…” He would be shocked and speechless. The poor guy would have no idea what to say before he started laughing in disbelief 

YOUNG K: “That’s my girl.” He would be low key proud that you got such attention as he wasn’t expecting it at all but would remind everyone involved that you were with him 

WONPIL: “You’re hitting on my girlfriend?” Wether it is a guy or girl, you were his girlfriend so he wouldn’t have it but would be very confused why she hit on you 

DOOWON: “What’s going on?” He would have no idea what just happened and would look to you for answers. You were his girlfriend so why was she flirting with you

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the first time i ever spoke with the boy im in love with, it was over snapchat after i added him. he literally asked, "who the hell is this??" he was popular and everyone wanted to be with him, and i was shocked he even messaged me. come to five months later, a breakup, and a confession, and he told me he was in love with me, and i had been hiding my own secret as well. he's my best friend, someone who picks me up on bad days, the person i can tell anything, and i love him entirely.


Momo baking a cake for He Tian’s birthday. And making all his favorite dishes. He Tian tearing up because it’s been a few years now that he didn’t celebrate his birthday. Momo finally caving and wearing a naked apron (the one his little devil bought him that says ‘Kiss the Cook’) because He Tian has been a pain in the ass about it.

“I’m only doing this once! Because it’s your birthday!”

He Tian too shocked, happy, and horny to say anything just jumps his bones.



» request: Hi it’s me again and I’m sorry for requesting so much 😂💖💖 I was wondering if you could do a Block B reaction to them coming home early from work and finding their s/o laying in bed sobbing and hugging their pillow? Like having a mental breakdown? If you cant then I understand!

» warnings: mental health, stress, panic attack/mental breakdown

I do not allow reposting of my work under any circumstances. Thank you!

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(@loving-lovi) dbsbdir I wish I could choose where to ask from anYWAYS how would Germany and Prussia react to their s/o coming home with a smol German shepherd for them? dndnrnrjsk German bros and puppies makes me w e a k I'm love it thank

Right! I feel ya friend!

Germany:….a dog?….for me?…oh wow, thank you s/o. He would be so shocked that he would just stand still staring at the puppy for a bit. It wasn’t until the puppy does a little bark does he swoop down, pick up puppy and cuddle him/her close. S/o will be able to see him sporting a huge smile!

Prussia: A PUPPER! SO AWESOME! HERE PUPPER PUPPER! WHO IS A GOOD DOGGO? YOU ARE! Super excited! Love dogs but really does have a soft spot for German shepherds in particular. Soon s/o will see Gilbert rolling around on the floor playing with the new puppy

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How would the demon kings react to their s/o having an eating disorder such as bulimia?

Originally posted by nicorobin

○He would be really worried about her when he will discover her eating disorder

○Convinced her to see a doctor and initiate procedures to heal

○Try to be there as much as he can, support her 

Originally posted by lawlu

○He would be really perturbated at first 

○Don’t understand why she do that and why she don’t just stop that 

○But after talking with Mephisto, he understand and he’s worried 

○Try to help her, but clearly don’t know what to do or say

○He woulld be shocked and really worried 

○You thought Mephisto was really worried? Wait to see Lucifer! 

○Would the best doctors for her, and make a individual support to be sure she will be okay 

○Will take care of her as much as he can (but he has health problems too so can’t be here always), pay attention at how and what she eat 

○But mainly how she feel 

Thanks for your request, i hope my answer please you even if i didn’t do Astaroth (bc we saw so little that i clearly didn’t know what to say about him). 

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Nazi brother anon: he just dropped a pocket knife on his leg and started bleeding everywhere, anD GUESS WHO WAS THE ONLY ONE HOME AND HAD TO BANDAGE THE FUCK FACE'S LEG WHILE HE PASSED OUT FROM SHOCK, HERES A FUCKN HINT IT WAS MEEE. Oof, sorry for yelling, I just finished cleaning blood off the floor.

Oh my god how dumb do u have to be to drop a damn knife on urself does no one practice knife safety anymore

Yeah, so Shiro’s body language speaks VOLUMES at the end of Collection & Extraction. I simply adore it and it’s what cemented Shallura for me. I need to gif it (since I’ve been meaning to), because it just really important, OKAY.

K: “Where’s Allura?”

Look at his defeated walk. He trudges over, still shell shocked over what just happened. He immediately clutches onto the closest object to steady himself.

L: “Shiro?”

He feels so guilty, he can’t even look at his teammates, even though they’re waiting for an answer. He’s still letting it all sink in. He’s mulling over how to break the news—how it’s his fault. (or at least he considers it his fault)

“She sacrificed herself to save me.”

Very clearly upset and still can’t look at any of them. He is so distraught by the fact that Allura put herself in danger to save his life and he couldn’t do anything about it.  She loves you.

P: “So, she’s still on that ship?”

H: “The ship that’s headed to Zarkon’s central command?”

K: “The place that’s way too dangerous for us to attack?”

*hand clench*

“It doesn’t matter how dangerous it is. We can’t let Zarkon get Allura.”

He finally looks at them. He’s made up his mind about how he’s going to fix this.

H: “But you said going there would be a huge mistake. You said for us to attack that place head-on would be the dumbest possible thing we could ever do.”

“I know. But now we don’t have a choice.”

He’s ready to save his space princess, goddamn it.

/ugly crying