This week in ramblings

Jul 22, 2015

  • Every time I see the word ‘cosplay’ I read Cosby
  • When you’re writing in your journal and go to click an emoji and realize you’re gonna have to draw it 😩 
  • “No chill for fake ones” is my favorite KL line #storyofmylife
  • The trumpet player in The Roots is fine. He wears the hell out of a suit. Looks like Jidenna’s uncle 
  • When you’re pouring the last bowl of cheerios and stop right before the oat dust falls in #winning 
  • Remember the Oinker Sisters on Sesame Street? They sang “I Gotta New Way to Walk” about crossing the street? 
  • Ryan Seacrest talking vs. Hulu commercial about Botox #nocontest #watchingpaintdry #noFallonbump 
  • Overheard and observed in the Starbucks parking lot today: Skinny, beweaved Black woman yelling out for “Buttons!” and storming around while on the phone. Says to person on the line “Fuck, I just lost my fucking bird! (Buttons, come here!) I let him fly around and I haven’t had his wings clipped yet… And now he’s fucking gone. Fuck!” #what #runbuttons

Good luck with Thursday, everyone