Some renruki shipper just called Renji the ‘love of Rukia’s life’ like ok honey if the love of my life was the same person who’d choked me and tried to kill me and explicitly said he was going to take my to my death I’d get myself checked

Twenty six wasn’t turning out to be any better than twenty five. It was the morning of her birthday, and it went as almost every other day had gone.. although, what provoked today’s attack was different. She’d had the gun that she’d been told to carry, and her father was pissed. How dare she bring a gun into his home? But, thankfully, this time, Rosalie was able to run away after most of his anger had already been taken out on her, and she was screaming for help as she rushed down the street. Her eyes were black, her nose was gushing blood, and her lip was busted.. not to mention any other bruises beneath her clothing, but she spotted a person, and she let her voice carry, “Help me! Please! He’s going to kill me!!” She stopped running near the person, trying to catch her breath as tears rolled down her cheeks, “Is he coming? Does he have a gun? You’ve gotta help me.. I can’t do this anymore.”

this uber driver swerves every time he looks at his gps like violently like I feel like he might go into the other lane it’s literally killing me but I’m 2 mins from work so fingers crossed


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  • Someone who doesn't watch anime: *points at poster* So what's that one about?
  • Me: Oh, uhhhh...it's about these giants...man-eating giants...and the main character saw his own mother die before him.
  • Person: Okay...well, what's that one about? *points to another poster*
  • Me: Yeah, everyone dies in that one. It was really sad and I cried a lot over it.
  • Person: Uh, and that one? *points to another*
  • Me: This kid's parents died in a fire and he gets tortured by a cult so he makes a contract with a demon that says he can get revenge for the price of his soul.
  • Person: ...And the last one?
  • Me: This guy is literally the son of Satan and he joins an Exorcist group.
  • Person: How did you even get into this stuff??

bambam’s ending ment for #FLYinHongKong

bonus (aka where my heart broke completely):