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…this AU is going to kill me.

Alistair let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding, the world falling away from him as Evelyn came into full focus. He stepped closer, eyes silently asking permission for him to continue. Her hands came from behind her back, but still gripped the edge of the kitchen counter. Slowly, Alistair raised one of his hands, his fingers holding a slight tremor as he cupped her cheek.

He met her gaze again as another gasp left her, wondering if she was really ok with this situation. For him, it was a dream come true—all he had ever wanted was to kiss her, and it was amazing to realize he had probably wanted this as long as he knew her. Alistair settled his other hand on her waist, sighing softly at the warmth that was radiating through her clothes.

“Evelyn.” He whispered her name, his breath fanning over her lips as he dipped his head down, unable to close his eyes until the last moment as his lips hovered over hers.

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it should be zayn's high note on rock me, he kills it

I was going to do his high note in you & i, but I think that’d scare me and my phone would go flying lmfao 

Open RP: The Vampire Needs to Meet People

The Immortal sat out under the silver full moon, a leather-bound journal open. The small book was balanced on his knee, his right hand steadying it as he wrote on the smooth pages, wrote of his memories of a time long since gone, of empires that fell millennia ago, of people who were now long dead. 

He wrote, spidery writing covering the many pages of the book, trying to remember. Trying to remember what it felt like like to stand out in the sunlight without burning, what it truly laughing or smiling was, what having friends was like. What family was. What his name was…

He was a Vampire. He was Immortal, and yet he was lonely, though he was loathe to admit it. He told himself constantly that he didn’t need anyone, that they would only leave him when they found out about his nature, or he would have to watch them grow old and die. Or, if they were with him when the thirst struck… Would he be able to control himself? He was better off alone, yes. That’s what he told himself, but still, there was that part of him that longed for companionship…


RIP Captain Swan Fandom

4-1-15 (or 4-2-15 in other parts of the world)

Here lies the Captain Swan fandom, who died of CS feels when finale spoilers were released on this day. They are survived by a few lucky shippers who don’t frequent twitter or tumblr and who are fated to join their brethren when the episode actually airs.