First I read your name—you caught my eye.
Next I heard your voice—you piqued my interest.
Then I saw your smile—you gained my attention.
NOW I am your loyal fan—you have my respect…

Hosoya-san, you never disappoint…I tip my heart to you, sir. Thank you for being born.

                      ♥♡ღ❤ HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!!!♥♡ღ❤

“But unfortunately, when you’re starting out and they have product to sell, they shove you down America’s throat, basically. It’s pretty ugly. So to be able to make fun of all that under John Waters’ wing was important to me.” - Johnny Depp about 21 Jump Street and Cry Baby. (Los Angeles Times, 1990)

  Like this greedy fuck isn’t passing the cost on to his customers anyway.

  The thing that really gets me is that he’s in every Papa John’s commercial I’ve seen, and I'll bet he’s getting paid (very well) to be in them. I’m sure he’s not appearing in them for free. Plus, he’s always got athletes with him. How much are they being paid?

  You can’t afford 14 cents to provide health insurance to the workers making it possible for you to make money, but you can pay Peyton Manning (again, I’m sure he’s not doing it for free) to say how good your pizza is?

  I’ve never eaten a Papa John’s pizza, and I never will.

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another thing to note though is that most of the monsters didn't know Frisk was a human (eg, the Snowdin shopkeeper, Monster Kid etc) so a long time must of passed for the monsters who recognized humans to pass away.

Funnily enough there is one noteworthy monster who can tell right off the bat that Frisk is a human: Gerson!

He knows Frisk is a human but makes no attempt on capturing or hindering Frisk’s progress at all, despite him being a veteran of the Human-Monster war.
He’ll even tell Frisk to be careful and buy his “junk” which are all really helpful to surviving.

Equipable items that increase our invincible frames after taking a hit.
Healing items, one of which can increase our speed.
All really stuff.

And he has multiple pairs of the purple soul child’s glasses and notebooks…which is odd….almost like that fallen human stuck around him for a while…?

And finally he will say this during the post game.

He knew we could free the Underground.
Gerson was outright helping Frisk.

Imagine Thor and Loki eating popcorn and watching this battle between Iron Man and Captain America from Asgard. 

 Thor: “I’m team Man of Iron, he gives me free pop-tarts every time I go to his Mansion" 

Loki: "Whatever side you are with I’m against, so I’m with the American Captain, plus look at him rocking that spandex” *is actually secretly hoping they both destroy each other so he has better chances at ruling earth" 

Luke and Father

Can we just talk about how Luke’s perception of his father changes through the series?

His first perception is what his uncle told him. He assumes his father is dead, and just a plain old Joe navigator on a freighter. This in turn makes him feel like he is the same, nothing special. Luke Skywalker son of no one.

Obi-Wan tells him that his father was a Jedi and his perception is meant to change. Little by little he feels that the confines of lies told by his uncle kept him grounded and plain. Now Obi-Wan offers him new meaning and adventure into the unknown, something he’s secretly dreamed of.

He is afraid at first, still subconsciously feeling he is a nobody, but once his Aunt and Uncle are killed, he is free to be a new person and his perception changes faster.

He recognizes now the potential and faith that Obi-Wan displays in him and starts to be Luke Skywalker son of a Jedi.

Along with this title comes the lie that his father is dead, killed by Vader. This gives him the drive to become great like his hero Jedi father before him. He knows he must defeat evil and become like the man that sired him.

He then finds out that Vader is his father and his perceptions of everything he is and has become shatter. He is left to grapple with the truth that the cruel enemy they’ve been fighting is his own flesh and blood.

He is a Sith lord’s offspring. Luke Skywalker son of Darth Vader. He refuses, however, though to give up all the dreams and imaginations that his father was a Jedi, a hero, and a good man. Luke, through everything he’s lived through, cannot hate nor condemn the man he had once idolized.

He sees the good and yearns for him to be redeemed to the light. Anakin is redeemed through the love of his son and finally Luke is accepted by the father he never knew, but the one he wanted.

He is Luke Skywalker son of Anakin Skywalker.

you have to face facts that dan is not just a typical normal guy who sits in his bedroom anymore. hes a celebrity. he gets given free designer clothes etc. no normal non-celebrity gets given free designer clothes. just dont ever think that dan is this “normal relatable guy” when hes not anymore. 

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First of all i love you and your blog love ♡♡ can i use Shuu as pillow please cause im having nightmares and i think i feel safe when he's near me

Shu: i guess.. just don’t move around so much, otherwise i don’t really mind

Reiji: yes please keep him, he’s free, no returns accepted.

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There are three things Bucky learned on his first official mission with the Avengers:
1. Steve looks smoking hot in his uniform
2. Stark is even more annoying when he’s given free reign of the comms
3. Bucky is not cut out for this avenging shit.

In honor of the new cap 3 trailer, here is the first part (prologue and chapter 1) of How Bucky Got His Groove Back! 

On Luke's Expression

Don’t think about the reason Luke looked at Rey the way that he did was because he had felt the awakening and hoped against hope that it was his son. And that the boy would find him. Perhaps he had left the map for his son, should he ever break free.

Don’t think about the crushing disappointment he would have felt to see someone else arriving.

Don’t think about him struggling, knowing that he cannot lose another powerful Force sensitive to Snoke so he has to train her, but being reminded the entire time of all he had lost.

Don’t think of him seeing that saber, something that should have been his son’s in a stranger’s hand.

Don’t think about the fact that he is standing near what could be a gravestone. For his wife, for his son? Who knows?

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You like people to think nice things of you when you say that H and L are in love and, they're good people etc when you clearly don't. Believing that two people are together and believing that there's true love between them while they're also in a relationship it's different and the former is definitely your case. Stop pretending to be someone you're not. And I'm convinced that you're lying on your stance on Louis too. You're a Harrie, anti Louis Stan. You're mean!

Oh and btw don’t worry, I’m not following you ;) I only follow people I know are real about their stances. Your posts are written in a way that so easily give away your real opinions, you don’t fool

I don’t think there’s much one could answer to this. I’ll just post these last expressions of yours as a precious legacy. And remind myself of how this world is a beautiful place made up by such incredible creatures. Cheers.