Kisumi and a macaron-covered cake

Happy birthday, Kisumi! 

“You know, maybe before some fifteen year old fuck boy comes for me and calls me ‘Gramps’, he should get his finger out of his nose and figure out his wardrobe issue. Blue nikes, green basketball shorts, high white gym socks and an ugly-ass South Park shirt that hits the knee? At least ‘Gramps’ still knows how to dress himself. Oh no, I’m becoming a salty old man. Someone punch me.”


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I work in a toy shop and we have lollipops on the checkout and today a little boy who was with his dad asked if he could have a free lolly. I said "sorry they're 18p, you'll have to ask your dad" and his dad got two, one for him and his son, unwrapped them, gave one to his son and licked his, and refused to pay because "18p is practically free, there's no point in paying." However he said it in front of my manager and we have a strict policy of banning shoplifters, no matter how cheap the item!

Okay, hear me out on this: AU where Ziam participate in one of those reality/dating shows where people are taken to a paradisical island and must date naked.

Liam goes because he doesn’t have much of an issue with getting naked. He’s grown confident about his body and he’s always up for trying something new. His plans are to enjoy his time there, get to know people, and maybe find a nice boyfriend. If nothing works, hey, at least he got a free trip to a warm place. He doesn’t think surfing naked is a good idea (the thought of fins or leash near his unmentionables hanging loose make him shiver) but maybe after recording their parts they’re allowed to enjoy some clothed activities or something.

Zayn goes for a slightly different reason: he wants to get past his inhibitions, and somehow the best do to it is getting his bare arse (even though the contestants privates are blurred to the audience) on telly. He also doesn’t have too much of a choice because Louis submit his profile for him. Like, Zayn filled everything in, but then wondered if he should really click send, and Louis had gone “for fook’s sake, Malik!” and hit enter for him. So yeah, when Zayn is actually contacted about being selected, he’s a heap of nerves but agrees on going.

I guess, we could have them meeting before (like sitting beside each other on the plane, after Zayn offers to swap seats with someone else). It may be against the rules, and he doesn’t know, but it’s not like anyone’s going to snitch on him. Plus, he gets to sit beside the fit guy with a radiant smile. They have a bit of small talk and Zayn ends up falling asleep on Liam’s shoulder. Obviously, Liam doesn’t say anything and when Zayn wakes up drooling on Liam’s shoulder, he just wants to jump from the plane with no parachutes. Lots of apologising whilst Liam says it’s fine and maybe throws a few compliments in there. ;)

Now, because things are never easy, Zayn and Liam aren’t paired up for the first round. What happens in the island is that the potential couples are assigned randomly. In fact, let’s give them a bit of hell: Liam’s paired with a very obnoxious bloke, who’s too fixed on Liam’s snake habitat to actually pay attention to him as a person; Zayn gets a REALLY sweet guy, but the bloke isn’t Liam. (And he goes for a hug, basically smashing their bollocks together. Awkward all around.)

The rules are two dates (on the same day) per pairing and they’re all reassigned to someone new. Ziam go through the whole show separated and it’s funny because they start to show they’re not interested in the other guys. Like, they blatantly do so. It gets to the point where they’re both known as the most obnoxious participants, but they can’t be booted from the show for this, hence why they’re the only pair assigned directly by the host near the end.

When they’re finally set to go on their two dates, everybody is surprised to see the two snog before the first date even properly begins. After that the fact that Liam and Zayn know each other (from the flight) comes up. Both are then booted from the show. They don’t win any of the prizes (a new wardrobe for their next dates back to their current lives) reserved to the couples formed there, but neither seem to bother much because they’ve found someone they want to date, and that’d been the goal all along.

Bonus: hugging in the show can be pretty awkward.

i think that’s the real tragedy of anakin skywalker - how kind he was.

this is a kid whose first instinct, when leaving his mother behind, is to turn backward, hug her, and tell her he can’t do it. when his best friend (kitster) says goodbye, anakin says, “i won’t forget.” he wants to become a jedi to satisfy a boyish wonder - he doesn’t even consider power or the force at all - and because he wants to free the slaves. he fixed up cooling systems for the old lady jira who ran a shop in the square (and she said there was no kinder boy in the galaxy), he saved the life of a tusken raider and protected him throughout tatooine’s harsh night, and he even - at 5 years old - chased a bunch of banthas into a sand dune to save them from being shot.

he’s told he’s done a great, wonderful job after he wins the boonta eve, and padme and his mom are congratulating him, and you know what the future darth vader does? blushes, looks down, says, “just feeling this good is worth anything.” yes, that’s a direct quote from the TPM novel.

all of this by age 9 - and that’s supposed to be kids’ selfish age, when they’re just starting to learn what sacrifice is.

and then he became a jedi.

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I KNOW RIGHT, I TOTALLY AGREE MAANNNN. According to Topaz himself though, “justice” meant freedom for him I guess, and Fyodor gave him that. He wanted to be free from that collar and Fyodor broke it. Unfortunately, breaking the collar meant his death too. But I think he was pretty aware about that. I believe he wanted to die instead of being chained all his life, and Fyodor knew this too. So he got his justice, but in a very twisted way… :( Let’s cry together alright :(


his name is Farrin Naruja, but he goes simply by Yomi.

His horns were shaved down to lil stumps and he’s a highblood hemoanon. I’m considering having him be a seadweller whose fins were surgically replaced with landdweller ears and his gills (at least on his neck) covered up. 

He comes off as aloof and probably kind of shady, but he’s prone to acts of kindness without ulterior motives. honestly be probably seems like he has ulterior motives all the time and he never does.

Feel free to ask him stuff -w- 

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What was Graves’ interview at the beginning of the game for exactly? Also, did he watch Free Iwatobi Swim Club?

The interview was partially just to have some fun, BUT it is also important to his route! The answers you get points for are the ones he personally finds appealing, so it counts cumulatively for one of his flags! 

As for Free, originally, I’d thrown it in just as a little wink more on my part than his, but there ended up being more than a few cats in the cafe named after sports anime characters (BLESS YOU FOREVER kickstarter pals!) so i kind of think maybe he’s a bit of a weeb after all…..


Wyatt was one of the first people to get into the Real World house, and he had actually been there for about twenty minutes before anyone seemed to show their face. So of course, he made sure to scope out the place and find the best room in the house. Which just so happened to be a room with only one other bed. He was a bit hesitant about that at first, it was scary to share a room with a stranger but honestly, if he found the right person he wouldn’t fully mind. Over time the house slowly began to fill with more people, but Wyatt mostly hung back smoking on the back porch.

It wasn’t until he heard the door slowly slide open and the screams and laughter amplified, forcing him to roll his eyes out of instinct. He pulled a subtle smile across his lips as he slowly extended his free hand to the other. “Wyatt Michaels,” he introduced, bringing the lit cigarette to his lips as he took along drag. 

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What if Aku's s/o was sweet AF. Like, she is a candy store themselves. What do ya think abt it? :>

*Slams hands on table* I am all for this and I am going to write this right now!

How he had gotten a girlfriend like this, no one knew. Heck, not even the Matsuno brothers knew how Akumatsu got the world’s sweetest girl while they were still chasing Totoko like a bunch of horn dogs. But, right now they were seeing one of the oddest things.

Akumatsu’s hair was being pinned up in pastel and cutesy hair pins and ribbons by his girlfriend as she sat in his lap and they talked as if nothing was wrong. What the heck, if they even came close to him their fingers would have been bitten off, yet she was able to play with his messy hair! Silently deciding to leave for some drinks before he got free and decided to run after them, the group of brothers walk away from the door they were watching the couple through.

Akumatsu mumbled, glancing over at the cracked open door, “They’re finally gone.” He knew his brothers were watching, but he was too preoccupied to even care. After all, having his girlfriend in his lap can make it pretty hard to chase after those annoying sextuplets.
She just giggled in response, “Well, they must have wanted to join in! They might have enjoyed hanging out with us!” She chirped out. Damn, her voice was so cute and sweet, not one hint of anger or annoyance was laced into her words. She pulled back his messy bangs and pinned them back with a particularly cute pin with a large bunny head smacked in the middle.

“There we go, all done! you look so cute, Aku-kun!” She placed a sweet and chaste kiss on his nose and lips, causing his cheeks to flair up with a blush. He scoffed softly, glancing away to try and get it to die down. Only she was able to make him this flustered, and she knew that.
But, she only laughed him turning away from her, “Aku-kun, you’re so cute, I love you!” Her arms wrapped around his neck. A hint of a smile etched it’s way onto Akumatsu’s face as he turned back to her, pulling her into a kiss after muttering back an ‘I love you too’.

So, how he got such a sweet girlfriend? My friend, even he doesn’t know.

Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Kuroken
A/N: Trying to pull myself out of this funk by writing kuroken. Kuroken helps with everything.

“I hear they built a new fountain in the park right outside campus. Wanna check it out?“ 

Kenma glances up at Kuroo as they walk hand in hand down the sidewalk. The moon darts behind the clouds above them, their path lit only by the scarcely placed street lamps. The park would certainly be lighter, more welcoming. Kenma supposes it’s not a bad place to take a nightly stroll. 

This has become a routine of theirs. Every evening when the inevitable nightmares come to plague him, Kuroo shakes him awake and suggests they take a walk. He seems to think the cool night air will help to clear Kenma’s head so when they return home he can sleep nightmare free. 

Kenma has to admit that he was skeptical at first. Kuroo gets a lot of far fetched notions in his head, making up stories about places, about things being lucky, more helpful than they should be given credit for. Yet somehow they all seem to work. At least the night walks have. 

He finally nods and Kuroo tugs gently on his arm, turning the corner they would have passed had Kenma taken any longer to respond. Kuroo doesn’t try to fill the silence with pointless chatter and Kenma is grateful for it. It gives him the chance to listen to the way Kuroo breathes as he walks, the shuffling grate of his feet against the ground because he doesn’t always pick his feet up all the way when he’s tired. It gives him the chance to feel the callouses on Kuroo’s fingers from weeks upon weeks of blocking practice and to move his thumb just enough to feel Kuroo’s heartbeat stutter against his skin. 

"Pretty sure it’s somewhere on this end,” Kuroo mutters to himself, giving Kenma’s hand an encouraging squeeze. “Oh!” Kenma can feel Kuroo’s heartbeats quicken in his excitement. “There it is!" 

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How do you think Bowie has impacted people who were different from everyone else?

That’s a good question! Well, he could impact people in many many ways, I think. He was different, too, that’s why people who were and are different cling to him. You know, it’s something about his songs, the way he sings them, you can feel a piece of his soul in every song. It’s something about the way he talks, too, his ideas, his views, he was free-minded, and for the 20th century it was REALLY something different, rebellious and in some ways still is. He couldn’t go unnoticed by the people who were different, he was someone who understands, like this great old friend, who won’t judge. You see I’m not speaking about the way he looked, I wanted to put attention onto other things, ‘cause it’s not just about looks, it can attract people but I don’t think it’s the thing that makes them stay. It’s his mind and his spirit that were ahead of the time that attracted people, that’s what I think. But mostly he impacted people through his music, that’s where all his messages hide. His music was unusual and when I first heard him I understood that this person wasn’t ordinary or at least didn’t want to be. So people who shared his thoughts found themselves in him. And as a result they were strongly impacted by him and undoubtedly still are.

Thank you for the question ♡