You’re Nuts Dude (Tom Holland x Reader)

Note(s): Sorry I haven’t written anything in a while dolls! I’ve been camping so there’s not much time >.<  I think this is the longest imagine I’ve written so far! Hope you enjoy it dolls x

Warning(s): nothing, just major fluff and feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelsssssssss

Summary: Remember that girl? Who didnt believe Tom was Spidey? Yeah? Well she sure as hell does now.

Tom sighed as he slammed his temporary locker shut before slinging his backpack over his shoulder and stalking off. He couldn’t wait for this day to be over,  it would be his last time setting foot in this school. The last time he’d be publicly embarrassed in front of at least thirty science wiz kids. He’d finally be free.

It had been a joke when he suggested to Marvel that he spend sometime in a High School, since he was British and had no clue how High Schools worked. Apparently Marvel thought that it would be a good idea and so three weeks  later the British actor found himself outside the Bronx School of Science with a fake name,a  backpack and a pencil case.

His time at the school hadn’t been a complete nightmare. There was this one girl, who coincidentally was in all of the classes Tom had to attend. She had these, mesmerising (eye colour) eyes that complimented her soft (skin colour) skin, along with a smile that could light up an entire room. She was incredibly sweet and so smart that Tom would’ve been lying if he said that it wasn’t a turn on. Tom had remembered her name to be (Y/N) and he’d heard that she’d been practically guaranteed a place at Harvard University in the future.

The bell rung above the young actors head, signalling  the final period of the day. With a huff Tom made his way to class, praying that  time would pass quickly.

Tom couldn’t help himself from staring she was just so… beautiful. He was transfixed with the way  she bit her bottom lip as she concentrated on solving the equation written out on the board. The way her hair would fall over her face as she worked, and how she would constantly have to brush behind her ears to prevent the luscious (hair colour) locks from obstructing her vision.

God, she was perfect.

Tom rested his face in the palms of his hands, his elbows resting on the desk for support. He gazed at her dreamily, wondering what’d be like to kiss those pretty pink lips, he bet they were soft and tasted of vanilla. He wondered what it’d be like to spend a Sunday afternoon with her, cuddling up in tons of blankets. He wondered-

“Mr Wilson, are you with us?”

At first Tom didn’t respond, still not used to being called by his fake name.  The professor standing at the head of the classroom called out again, attempting to gain Tom’s attention. All the while is brown hues were kept trained on her. “Sam Wilson?”

It wasn’t until she had turned her head to stare at Tom curiously that he realised he was been called. Sam Wilson. How ironic, marvel seriously couldn’t think of a better fake name.  He swore Anthony Mackey hated him anyways. Tom shook his head quickly, breaking out of his reverie and turning his attention to the teacher. “Ah-uh-um…y-yes sir?” Tom replied with a stammer, crumbling under the pressure of her intrigued gaze.

(Y/N) had her head turned to face the boy, an eyebrow quirked with interest. A smirk played at her pink lips as she eyed Tom, a mischievous glint in her       (eye colour) eyes. “Do you know the answer Mr Wilson?”

Tom’s head immediately snapped in the direction of the teacher’s voice, he glanced down at his worksheet only to see it completely blank. Damn physics. Damn (Y/N) for being so god damn attractive. And distracting. He looked back up at the teacher and shook his head with a blush, feeling 30 pairs of eyes trained on him. “Maybe if he stopped staring at (L/N) like that, he’d actually be able to get something right!”  A kid called out, sending the class intro streams of laughter.

Tom bowed his head, slightly embarrassed. Out of his peripheral vision, he could see the (hair coloured) girl, turn away from him to flip off the other student. “Why don’t you shut up Alexander?” She snapped fiercely. “Let him stare! At least he knows he’s good enough to get some”.

The class was sent into fits of laughter, as Alexander ducked his head. (Y/N) turned back to look at Tom, a grin gracing her supple lips as she winked at him, he only nodded sheepishly in response before her attention was stolen by the teacher, who was attempting to silence the class.

After a few minutes of the teacher blabbing on about half-lives and the life cycle of a star, (Y/N) turned to face the British boy sitting next to her, doodling in his notebook. “Hey man” she called out, gaining Tom’s attention, their eyes met and she could see that Tom’s brown hues had a hit of nervousness in them. “What’s your deal?”

Tom’s mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water. This was the first time that she had talked to him directly and being the stupid teenage boy he was, Tom desperately wanted her to like him. He could make up some kind of lie? But then that would totally backfire on him since he’s a terrible liar. He could also tell the truth? I mean who wouldn’t find playing spiderman awesome? Not to mention the fact that honesty is the best policy.

“You wanna know what my secret is?” Tom blurted out before his brain could catch up. The girl beside him, only nodded. The boy sighed, before looking her directly in the eye. “I’m Spiderman”


“My name isn’t Sam Wilson, it’s actually Tom Holland” the boy continued, in hopes of impressing the intelligent girl beside him. He quickly dropped the fake American accent to continue. “I’m British and I’ve been sent here undercover by Marvel for the past 3 days”

(Y/N) eyed him with a curious look before bursting out into fits of giggles, Tom watched her incredulously. She sure was gorgeous when she laughed, the way her smile reached her eyes where they would crinkle at the corner and- But she didn’t believe him?

“You’re-ha-so…funny!” The girl said between hushed giggles, leaning on the palm of her hand, smiling at Tom. He shook his head, a blush rising on his cheeks as the bell rung, signalling the end of class. (Y/N) briefly looked up, before leaning over her desk to wink at Tom.

She stood, picking up her bag and packing away her belongings before slinging the bag over her shoulder. Tom mimicked her actions, now standing opposite her awkwardly. “You’re a great lab partner” she said, grinning at him.

“T-thanks”. Tom stuttered “you are too”

She smiled, looking down at her feet. With a blush she looked up at Tom, moving to walk out of the class room as it cleared up. “I hope you have a nice weekend, ‘Tom Holland” she whispered sweetly, air quoting ‘Tom Holland’. “I’ll see ya on Monday? Yeah?”

Tom smiled at her sadly. “Yeah Monday…”

(Y/N) smiled as she stepped off the plane in Atlanta. The warm breeze, weaved its way through her lose (hair coloured) locks, causing it to gently sway in the breeze. She happily hopped down the steps , excited at the thought of exploring the state.

It was to be (Y/N)’s first time in Atlanta and she would be visiting her favourite person in the whole world. Her cousin, Laura Harrier.

(Y/N) and Laura had been extremely close since they were young, they did everything together and were practically like sisters. Although there were a good  six years between the two girls, they were almost identically alike.

The girl patiently waited for her luggage at the conveyer belt, her mind absently drifting of all the things she could do and explore in Atlanta. Her flower patterned suitcase went round the conveyer belt around at least five times before it was taken off by someone near by.

“I believe this belongs to you madam” the voice called out, grasping hold of the girl’s attention. (Y/N) turned, her (hair colour) locks bouncing as she did so. As she did, she was met with the beaming and radiant face of her cousin, Laura. The two girls squealed as they pulled each other on for a long and comforting hug. When they pulled away, Laura held her younger cousin at arms length, before giving her a twirl, causing the young girl’s sun dress to spin around with her.

“Laura!” (Y/N) chirped, quickly hugging her cousin again. “It’s so good to see you! I missed you so much!”

The older brunette, held her cousin at arms length, admiring her features. “I’ve missed you too! Look at how much you’ve grown!” Laura gushed, smiling down at her shorter relative. (Y/N) pouted playfully, softly smacking Laura on her arm.

“You make me sound like a baby” (Y/N) whined in a playful manner. Laura laughed at her, a mischievous glint in her brown doe eyes.

“That’s because you are a baby

“I’m only six years younger than you”

Laura smirked, wiggling her eyebrows teasingly. “Exactly”

The pair begun to walk out of the airport, sunglasses pulled down over their eyes avoid the paparazzi. They managed to make their way to Laura’s sleek black car, where her driver loaded in the luggage and opened the door for the pair. “So I was thinking-” the twenty seven year old actress begun. “That we grab a bite to eat at this adorable little corner cafe downtown before we drop your bags off at the hotel and-”

“Sounds like you’ve got this all planned out” the (hair colour) girl grinned, an eyebrow quirked at her cousin. Laura rolled her eyes in response, before digging in her purse as her phone rung. She gave (Y/N) an apologetic smile, before answering the call with a hushed whisper. The younger cousin let out a hushed laugh, looking out the window as she did so, admiring the streets of the state she’d never been to before. The sun reflected of the roofs of cars, creating a glare with an array of colours. The sky was as clear as day, only small fragments of clouds dotting the pale blue abyss or disappearing into small wisps of white.

“Sorry about that” Laura’s voice pulled the younger girl out of her thoughts . “Tom managed to mess up a scene at the studio and they want me to come in to shoot it again”

Wait?” (Y/N) called out in shock, causing the driver to hit the breaks.  The pair of cousins were launched forward by the force, almost colliding with the backs of the chairs. “Scene? as in movie scene?

Laura laughed, slapping her cousin on the leg. “Well duh? I’m an actress! Silly!”

“I know that!” (Y/N) exclaimed, an expression of shock displayed on her soft features. “But you got a new role! Congratulations girl!”

The older brunette blushed bashfully, smiling a bit. The driver revved up the engine, moving along with the traffic and making a left for the studios. “I was going to surprise you, since you’re such a big marvel fan…”

Laura trailed off, winking at her cousin. (Y/N)’s jaw dropped, her (eye colour) doe eyes widening. This only meant one thing. “You’re in a Marvel movie?!”

It took all of the young woman’s will power not to scream in the car. All the while her older cousin and best friend sat there grinning. The younger cousin waved her hands about excitedly, having been a fan of the comics all her life and having a cousin in the newest movie was a big deal to her. She was proud of her cousin and was so excited to see how she would perform. Although (Y/N) was never really into the movies, she’d definitely be seeing this one in support of her elder cousin. “Yes! This is crazy right?” Laura gushed, grasping her cousin’s hands.

“So crazy!” (Y/N) grinned. “This is all so exciting!”

“Just wait until you meet the cast” the twenty-seven year old actress stated, absentmindedly, leaning over to point the driver in the right direction.

“The cast?!”

Let’s just say, (Y/N) almost deafened Laura and the driver.

After dropping off (Y/N)’s luggage at Laura’s trailer, the pair headed over to the lunch trailer to grab something to eat. The two cousins made their way up the steps together, Laura was chatting excitedly about the friends she had made a few months into shooting whilst her younger cousin absentmindedly day dreamed. She was about to meet the cast of a marvel movie. Right on the other side of the door could be stars like Robert Downey junior, or even Chris Evans!

They made their way through the door, opening it up to find an arguing  group of actors and actresses roughly their age. “One hundred percent Gryffindor student!” A male voice called out, as if his opinion wasn’t obvious enough. “I mean who’s gonna go 'Yeah I wanna be in Hufflepuff!’”

“A lot of people actually” a female voice interjected. “Eddie Redmayne in fact.”

(Y/N) rolled your eyes at the conversation. Any Harry Potter fan would know that Hufflepuff was J.K Rowling’s favourite house.  She looked to Laura who was already shaking her head with a knowing look. “I know what you’re thinking, and honestly they’re not that bad. Not everyone is a Harry Potter nerd like you” the older woman chuckled. (Y/N) grinned, taking hold of her cousin’s hand before heading further into the trailer. The pair headed straight for the snack table, gaining the attention of the cast.

“Hey guys!” Laura chirped, causing heads to turn in her direction. Three pairs of eyes connected with the two cousins.

Laura!” The group chorused, attacking her with hugs.

“What are you doing back here girl?” A voice she recognised to be Zendaya’s, questioned. “I thought you had the rest of the day off.

I did“ Laura giggled, with a smirk, her gaze drifting lazily over to a brunette haired male. “But someone, managed to mess up a scene. So I had to come back”

Of course” Zendaya laughed, her hair bouncing around as she playfully shook her head. Her brown eyes shifted to the figure standing behind the twenty-seven year old. “And who’s this cutie?”

At this point everyone had gathered by the table. Laura stepped aside, revealing her cousin to her friends. “Everyone, this is my younger cousin, (Y/N)”  Laura babbled sweetly. “She’s visiting from the Bronx!”

“Hey everyone” she whispered shyly.

As soon as the name was uttered, Tom’s eyes flickered up. That was a  name he hadn’t heard for years. He was certain that he’d misheard his co-star. As far as he was concerned, he’d seen the last of that girl after his time in high school. One of Tom’s biggest regrets was not giving her his number. If he had a pound for every time he’d thought of her, he’d be filthy rich, or even more.

The British actor swallowed the lump in his throat as he watched Laura and her  younger cousin make rounds, meeting everyone. She’d already met Zendaya, and was now talking with Jacob. 'This couldn’t be her, no way.’ He thought, it was highly unlikely, it was virtually impossible, it was-

You?!” She shrieked, her (eye colour) doe eyes widening as she dropped her bag. Tom’s mouth dropped open. It really was her.

(Y/N) (L/N). The girl he constantly thought about for the last 3 years. All the while, the three remaining actors eyed the pair curiously.

“Do you two…know each other?” Jacob asked. A small blush rose on Tom’s cheeks as he tried to make eye contact with the girl opposite him. He noticed how her eyebrows were still raised in shock and how her eyes shined with recognition.

“Yeah…” (Y/N) spoke cautiously, reaching down to pick up her bag, sadness etched into her voice “Sam went to my high school for about three days, he disappeared and I never saw him again.”

Zendaya, Laura and Jacob eyed each other weirdly, before looking back at the confused pair. “Sam?” Zendaya laughed. “That’s Tom sweet cheeks”

Tom grimaced, as (Y/N)’s expression twisted from one of shock to one of confusion. The atmosphere was tense, you could cut the tension with a knife in there. A small, pink blush dusted her cheeks, as she tried to piece together the situation. “But I-but-he-we”

So this was the girl Tom talked about in his interviews” Jacob teased with a wink. “The pretty girl who didn’t believe he was Spidey, the one who called him crazy?”

Laura looked at (Y/N), shocked. “You’re that girl?”

(Y/N) stood opposite Tom, blushing hard. She had no idea what was going on, or how to wrap her head around the situation. Sam was Tom. Tom was Sam. There was no Sam. The cute nerdy boy from her physics class was Tom Holland. The Tom Holland. An actor.

Before anyone had a chance to speak, a stage hand came in to ask for the young actors. Laura was needed in hair and makeup so she could re-shoot her scene. Zendaya and Jacob were also needed as they had a couple lines in the scene. Tom had to reshoot his part a bit later as he had to put on the suit.

“Make sure she doesn’t die!” Laura called out as she left, causing both Jacob and Zendaya  to laugh out loud. They soon exited , leaving Tom and (Y/N) alone. Since it was a nice day out, Tom offered to take the younger girl on a tour of the sets. They explored the prop rooms and costume areas, they also talked about the movie. Tom did is best to make sure he didn’t tell (Y/N) any spoilers. He loved seeing how her eyes lit up as they walked between sets and admired different props. He loved the way her small fingers trailed over the costumes carefully, as if she was afraid to damage them.

Suddenly, the weather changed from sunny to dark and dreary. The grey clouds chucking down buckets of rain. The pair growing cold and soaked, ran quickly back to Tom’s trailer to seek shelter. Once inside, they shed their jackets that clung to their skin and Tom quickly changed his shirt (not that (Y/N) minded, she liked the way Tom’s abs looked). He timidly offered (Y/N) a spare shirt of his own and was waiting for her to come out of the bathroom.

The girl stepped out of the cramped space, her now wet clothes folded into a neat pile as she let Tom’s white shirt flow over her body. Her bare feet padded over the carpeted floor, as she made her way to Tom’s leather couch on the far side of his trailer.

He was scrolling through his phone, replying to fan’s tweets and liking Instagram fan art. He barely noticed (Y/N) sitting down beside him. She drew her knees up to her chest, resting her arms on them before propping her chin up. The       (skin toned) girl coughed lightly, capturing Tom’s attention.

“So, Monday huh?” She whispered, with a light chuckle, remembering their last conversation. At this point, Tom had slipped his phone into his back pocket.


They both laughed, it was almost as if they were reliving the conversation. There was a silence that swept over the pair, the only sounds coming from the rain beating on the roof of the trailer. “You know, I didn’t think I’d ever see you again” Tom spoke after a little while. (Y/N) looked up at him, taking in his soaked and adorable appearance. The way his hair fell over his soft brown eyes. God he was cute.

She let out a small laugh. “Don’t you think I should be the one saying that?” Tom let a small smile grace his lips as she talked. “I mean, I was looking forward to seeing you that next Monday, I came back to find out you had gone, gotta say, I was heart broken. Mr Wilson

Tom laughed at his fake name, before shifting fully to face her . “I’m sorry I left without saying goodbye”

“You better be sorry” (Y/N) scolded playfully, slyly grinning at the young actor. “I had just worked up the courage to ask you out, I really liked you, y'know?”

It was Tom’s turn to be surprised, he couldn’t believe the girl he was crushing on liked him back. “Y-y-yo-you liked me?” He stuttered, his hand reaching to rub the back of his neck . (Y/N) nodded bashfully, smiling at Tom.

“Don’t think I didn’t notice the way you stared at me, I thought it was cute!”

Tom couldn’t help but hide his face in a pillow, when (Y/N) laughed at his cuteness he chucked the cushion at her, hitting her square in the face. She squealed, trying to push herself away from him as the British boy launched himself at her, his fingers attacking her sides.

“Puh-pah-please Tom!” She begged between breathless giggles as he tickled her some more. Eventually, when her laughs turned to wheezes, Tom ceased his tickling. It was only then that they realised the position they were in, her back was to the sofa and Tom was laying between her legs, their faces pressed close and his hands by her sides.

(Y/N) looked Tom directly in the eyes, admiring the little flecks of black in his brown hues. “I can’t believe I didn’t notice that you were actually Tom Holland”

Tom smiled gently. “And I can’t believe I didn’t ask you  out sooner”

(Y/N) noticed how the air in the room had become scarce, and how hot her body felt pressed up beneath Tom’s. She thought back to how hard she’d been crushing on him during her senior year and how much she’d thought about letting him get away. Even after all these years, her feelings for him were still strong. She let her (eye colour) hues flick between his own and his lips.

At the same time, Tom thought about all the months he regretted not trying to stay in contact, he thought about all the times he wished she could’ve been his. And here she was, wrapped up in his arms, close to him. Before the British actor could even process what he was doing, his eyes had fluttered closed and he was pressing his lips to hers.

The kiss was sweet and full of so many unspoken emotions. The girls soft lips melded perfectly with Tom’s as they captured one another. (Y/N) let her small hands travel to the nape of the boy’s neck, her fingers twisting in the small hairs that resided there. The British actor snaked his hands around her waist, pulling her closer. The bare skin of her smooth thighs creating a burn on his arms as he lifted her. When they pulled away, (Y/N)’s eyes were still closed. Tom grinned, pressing a small kiss to her nose, causing her to open them. She smiled up at him.

“Wow” she breathed, causing the man above her to nod in agreement. “I guess we better thank Marvel, for sending you to my school or otherwise this wouldn’t have happened”

Tom gave the girl in his arms a toothy smile as she lazily gazed up at  him, her soft fingers tracing patterns on the bare skin of his arms. “And I guess I have a new story to tell in my interviews”

“You do?”  She smirked. “What’s it about?”

“It’s about how I get the girl that didn’t believe me and how head over heels I am for her” Tom murmured, leaning in for another kiss. (Y/N) sighed, contented.

“Is that your way of asking me out Mr Holland?” (Y/N) teased causing the actor to roll his eyes.

“And  what if it was? What would you say?”

The young girl pretended to ponder for a second, before leaning up to Tom’s ear. “I’d say, 'you’re nuts dude’” she whispered “do you know what I’d say next?”

“What would you say next?” The brunette boy whispered back, leaning down, so that their lips were almost touching.

“I’d say…hell yes”

living with boyfriend!tom

-so the relationship is getting serious now and tom decides to make the move to US to get a place with you

-this is like a huge deal for him living so far away from his family but he’s excited to start a life with you

-you two would prob find a nice apartment that is convenient for your career/student life and when tom has a chunk of time that he is free from work, you guys would move in all of your stuff. you’d jokingly be like “look at my strong man carrying those boxes” and tom would immediately drop a box “shit” lol

-tom’s parents would come visit your new home and bring a cute lil housewarming gift

-there is ALWAYS music playing in your house

-domestic!tom !!!!!!

-the two of you grocery shopping together would be a disaster bc you’d always get way more shit than you needed

-since he never cooks during the times when he’s away working, he would definitely appreciate home-cooked meals. sometimes he’d call his mom to get the recipes for his favorites and make them for you.

-when you’re the one cooking he always tastes everything as you’re making it

-snuggling up on the couch with his head in your lap running your fingers through his hair just talking about life

-he always says that one of his favorite parts about being home is just being able to lay next to you in your warm bed after a long day instead of going back to an empty hotel room

-morning coffee/tea together

-stealing tom’s clothes & occasionally he’d steal something of yours too

-tom’s favorite chore is definitely doing the laundry because he likes how warm it is and the way it smells and also bc it’s the only way he gets his clothes back in his own closet

-getting annoyed when tom uses all the shampoo and then just leaves the empty bottle in the shower 🙄

-“did you eat the rest of my cake?” “…..no”

-sticking your feet on tom’s lap while he’s on his laptop or reading something and then making eye contact and not-so-subtle-ly wiggling your eyebrows at him until he rolls his eyes and puts down what he’s doing and gives you a foot rub

-neither of you are particularly morning people so mornings tend to go like “okay. we really need to get out of bed now” “…..yeah” *5 minutes later* “seriously, let’s get up.” “okay. you first”

-tom not being able to take his hands off your legs literally every time you get out of the shower after shaving them

-tom begging to get a dog from day 1 in your home together

….and probably a lot of other things wow we have a lot of thoughts on domestic!tom so hit us up if you want more. remember to request whatever blurbs/one-shots/drabbles/lists that you want to see us write!

xoxo, L & A

predictions for descendants 3

-mal gets her edge back a little (or a lot, please)

-bal dies a beautiful, much anticipated death (and hopefully all of the other forced hetero ships they’re pushing)

-some actual gay shit will happen (it’ll be a couple years before they make another one, right? disney will be ready for it)

-the fact that maleficent is still on the isle has to be significant somehow

-mal’s gonna want that spell book back at some point. i mean, come on, she’s not seriously gonna completely change who she is for some stupid boy, is she?

-chad’s gonna be the antagonist. he’ll turn evil. maybe he’ll get with uma and she’ll help him overthrow ben on the condition that he frees the people of the isle when he becomes king, and they’ll fall in love, and experiencing love will turn uma good or something like that

-fairy godmother is gonna wanna raise dizzy as her own

-chad will turn dizzy (his step cousin, right?) evil and mal and evie will have to try to keep her safe and turn her good again. the wand will be an important plot device again, probably

-mal’s the main character so she’ll have to do something… um… maybe she’ll struggle with her feelings for evie. like, evie’s helping her through her breakup with ben and something happens and they’re both like… boi… and they get all weird around each other and have to work through all that shit

-mal will probably change her hair again. i wanna see her get her old hair back. definitely get rid of the bangs

-talking dog does something important somehow. or they turn him back into a normal dog. if he’s just an annoying accessory like total from maximum ride, imma be so pissed

-aurora comes back. maybe the vks will get her on their side and use her to try to stop chad

-the vks will have to face their parents again. idk which direction they’ll take that in. maybe their parents will learn to love them. the entire theme of descendants 3 will probably be something about the importance of love in all of its forms or something like that

-if jay and lonnie get together imma shoot myself

-ben goes beast. maybe it happens during a fight with chad over the title of king? and then there’s a ton of chaos, and neither of them is king. then mal becomes queen, and evie also is queen eventually bc she and mal get together

anyone have anything to change or add to that?

the way louis never looks at the camera when he has to made up stories about one stunt or the other, the complete lack of connection, emotion nor feelings when he speaks about what is supposed to be his life….when will he ever be free from these disgusting leeches WHEN

Marley is up for adoption! He is free of any ailments and checks out healthy at the vets :) Here is some info about him:
He is a Kingpin, weighs 231 grams. Hatch date is August 10, 2016. He is a sweetheart, but a little head shy still. He is picky like his mama used to be and refuses all but live ra/ts, so adopter must have access to live. Parents are the famous Leliana:

And the lesser known but just as sweet Thresh:

However, because of weak genetics in Thresh (who is retired to pet only), Marley must be sold as pet-only to stop the genes from being passed down.
I have eased up a bit on requirements for him. You need to have knowledge on ball python care, and have done a TON of research on them. If you are currently preparing an enclosure, a picture of it needs to be submitted to me. You must have access to live food, permission from any house-mates, and be able to either meet up with me if you live close or have a physical address I can ship him to. 
His adoption fee is $80, plus shipping if we ship him (Which can average from $40-$60.) 
Message me with any questions or inquiries! :) 


Stiles began piano lessons when he was young. Being the best out of his teacher’s students and he always got praise for it.

He stops piano for a while because of his mom’s death and how his dad spirals out of control with drinking.

So, he can only pick up on his piano practicing when he has free time. Since tight money meant no more piano lessons.

So he goes to local churches a lot to practice or sometimes ends up in a cafe with a piano in it.

It’s a rainy day that has Stiles stumbling through the door of the church and he’s crying. His dad’s temper was always bad but it rarely got to the point where he was hit. He almost sobbed in front of his father but instead turned and bolted out of the house. Not even caring when his dad called out after him.

He settled down in his favorite spot and sniffled as he let his fingers run over the keys. He felt calm now. He pressed down and closed his eyes as he began to play a song he knew by heart.

His hands moved on their own as the song filled the church. He didn’t care about anything else going on around him. He didn’t have to when he was in the moment. He was at his best when he was playing piano.

And he’d keep playing until someone would stop him but he knew no one had the guts to. He was just so happy playing and people always loved seeing his smile.

The song ended with his thoughts and he leaned his head on the keys. It made a jarring note together but Stiles didn’t care. He just didn’t want to go home.

A clap from the other side made Stiles sit up right and open his eyes. He saw the man and glared at him.

“Nice work. I’m sure if you were being taught then you could concerts.” The man smiles and is holding out a card for him. “I can help you with that, if you’d like.”

Stiles eyes the card but takes it. He sees the lavish writing and it states: Peter Hale.

“Sorry but I can’t afford that.” Stiles goes to hand back the card but Peter pushes it back to him.

“Keep it and come in. I’ll decide if you have to pay or not.” Peter then starts to walk away. “I’ll see you soon!” Peter waves a bit and Stiles frowns.

He doesn’t know who the guy is but he seriously wants to punch him. He sighs and looks down to the card in his hand. If he does this then he’d have a chance. A real chance. He looks at the name again then up to where the man left to. Maybe he’d just have to show up.

July 23, 1917 - Prime Minister David Lloyd George: We Will Make Peace Only “With a Free Germany”

Pictured - Lloyd George addresses troops. He was an exceptional, fiery orator.

Days after the Kaiser made a rare public appearance promising a “Second Punic War against England,” British Prime Minister David Lloyd George spoke about his own resolve to win the war. A radical Liberal, Lloyd George had framed the war since the fall of the Tsar as a struggle between democracy and the autocracies of the Central Powers. “We can make a peace with a free Germany,” he spoke, “It is with a Germany dominated by autocracy that we cannot make any terms of peace.”

In the United States this rhetoric also dominated. Most Americans celebrated the fall of the Romanov standbys and hoped that their entry into the war would make Europe a continent of democracies. Talk about democracy also helped sway the nation’s large German and Irish-American populations to support the war. For German-Americans, the war became one against Prussianism which would see the rest of Germany be able to break free of aristocratic bonds and become democratic like their immigrant relatives.

Westboro Baptist Church is like “God Hayes everyone other than us” while the Puritans were more like “God hates everyone *including us* but chooses to not act out wrathful terror on us for capricious and arbitrary whims that He is nonetheless free to change whenever He wants”

Be More Chill Beach Day Headcanons

-Turns out Jake has a mom van, so everyone and yes I mean everyone rides in with their stuff uncomfortably in their laps

- rich is almost certain that if you find an empty life guard chair it’s free reign, hes also almost certain that sometimes to get the life guard chair empty you have to intervene

-Michael brought an entire cooler of just sodas that only he can have. Jeremy is allowed to have 2 and only 2, no mountain dew for jeremy too

-Michael decks it out with an umbrella, beach chair, and ds, and puts only his legs in the sun

-Jeremy and Jake both rock crop-tops together and who’s gonna fucking stop them

-Christine runs around and collect sea shells, she also brings back smooth rock’s for Michael

- Jake was scared to touch the water cause it’s cold so rich fucking picked him up and threw him in .

- rich: FOR THE PEOPLE *faceplants in water*

- Chloe and brooke wear a cute romper and swim suit cover ups and walk along the beach together

- Chloe complains that the beach is cold and gross and stupid but then doesn’t wanna leave

-Michael hates the texture of sand on his feet so he stays on a little island the whole time, leaving only to draw in the wet sand

-Jeremy ran into one of those four wheelers by accident and the driver chased him down the beach

- Jenna live tweets the entire adventure and a lot of it is key smashing and random out of context quotes

- Jake quietly wonders if hed be hotter if he became a life guard

- rich reassures him “nah bro look at you, you’ve already got it all. These beach dude don’t deserve you” “wow bro you’re so right..”

-Christine gets super happy with all the footprints she’s made on the beach


- Jeremy just kinda sits in the really shallow areas and let’s the waves wash over him and digs his feet in cuz he loves the feeling of the waves pulling the sand away.

-Christine rocking a cute summer dress? Uhm yes

- Jenna has the bomb ass sun hat’s and giant thin frame shades

-jake almost got pulled out to sea but he’s fine probably

- rich, staring down blankly at the water: so many kids and fish have peed here…well time to join them

-“rich don’t you dare” is said a lot

-when the sun sets they all sneak back on with beers, christine is now designated driver

-“FUCK SCHOOL *dumps backpack into ocean*” “nonoNOPOLLUTION IS SO BAD”

- chrstine saw Jeremy sitting alone and made him a crown out of seaweed

-brooke got Attacked by a crab

-“NO ONE HURTS OUR FRIEND” “YEAH GO FUCK YOURSELF *throws rock into ocean*”

-jenna was taking a photo of a seagull when it swooped down and took her phone away, the proceeded to drop it in the ocean.

-brooke brought a bag full of candy and she ate the whole thing during the trip

-good for Chloe cuz now her kisses taste like cherry lollipop

-jenna brought a wireless speaker and there’s either Jams or memes playing there’s no in between

- chrisine took an adorable picture of them all sleeping in the car, she will use this against them in the future.

Everything has changed. (Seungcheol)

Group: Seventeen.

Member: Choi Seungcheol.

Additional Info: Member x Reader. angst. Brother!Au. Lots of curse words. And more stuff lmao. (I’ll do the second part soon!!).

Reader’s POV

Since my brother Seungcheol started dating that girl called Sohee five months ago, everything changed.

He started to grow more distant with the rest of the group and me; he spent all his free time with her, they always went shopping, went to parties, to the cinema… he did EVERYTHING with her. Everytime he was done with his training schedule, he ran to the dorms to get ready and do something with Sohee. There wasn’t any “Seventeen time” or “Brother and Sister time” anymore. It was always “Seungcheol and Sohee time”.

To be honest, none of us knew why Seungcheol was still with her, because she was actually a stuck up bitch. He never got to see her “normal-self”. Sometimes when he’s not around and we are at the dorms with Sohee -something really rare, actually- her real-self showed up; constant yelling at us, insulting me or some of the members, trying to flirt with Junhui or Mingyu -something that never worked- and picking fights with me, when I honestly didn’t bother her or anything.

The day I got into a “big fight” with her, I decided to talk to my brother about everyting that has been going on lately. All the members agreed with me, since we all wanted to open his eyes, because things can’t be like this anymore.

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What do you think are Jon Snow's best qualities?

I’ve had to shorten this down since Jon is such a precious person and has far too many great qualities, too many for me to describe, so I’ve narrowed it down to the four things I think are among Jon’s best qualities.

Loyalty/Ability to Inspire Loyalty: Jon’s loyalty is perhaps his greatest quality. Jon has the ultimate test when he is north of the Wall. It would’ve been so easy for him to abandon the Night’s Watch. He was free, he could do whatever he wanted, he was accepted, he was in love with Ygritte, and he could’ve stayed with her and had a happy life. The fact that he sacrificed his own happiness to stay true and loyal to the Night’s Watch proves how great his loyalty is. Another example is when Sam, Grenn etc bring him back when he plans on deserting, but he remains loyal. Jon’s loyalty to others in turn makes him inspire loyalty. He was voted Lord Commander, the wildlings were loyal to him, he has trusted companions: Sam, Sansa, Davos, all of whom are loyal, he was named King, all because his own loyalty inspires others to be loyal to him.

Kindness: Jon is one of the kindest characters in Game of Thrones, a trait that is seen in all the Starks, but Jon especially. Kindness is so undervalued in fandoms, and is often seen as ‘boring’ but Jon being kind to others is what made me like him in the first place. Counting himself out so there were enough wolves for the Stark kids, helping Sam, saving the wildlings and letting them south of the wall. There are many instances of Jon being kind and he’s just a wonderful human being.

Love for Family: Despite being an outsider, Jon absolutely loves his family, another undervalued trait. His relationship with Arya is one of the best in the show, and he also has a great relationship with Robb and Bran (not sure about Rickon since we don’t really see or read anything, but I assume the relationship is quite good). Although his relationship with Sansa was strained as children, it is clear that they do love each other as siblings because of their interactions and the fact that they are able to bury the past between them again shows Jon’s love for his family.

Protectiveness: Jon is extremely protective over those he cares about and those more vulnerable than him. When Sam first arrives at Castle Black, it is Jon who takes him under his wing and protects him as best as he can. This kind of links into the loyalty and kindness parts as by protecting Sam and being kind to him, Sam is loyal back to Jon and is easily Jon’s best friend and most trusted companion. We also see protectiveness over family, whether it is in the book or the show. In the books, Jon sends Mance for Jeyne Poole believing her to be Arya, wanting to protect Arya and keep her safe. In the show, as soon as he is reunited with Sansa, he makes it clear to her that he will go where she goes and will protect her. Sansa at this point doesn’t believe anyone can be protected because of what’s happened to her, but Jon will not let anything happen to her, demonstrating his fierce protectiveness over family.

There can be many more since Jon is just a wonderful person. He does have flaws, he’s not perfect but his qualities far outweigh them. Feel free to add your own views on Jon’s best qualities.

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Mermaid matsu head Canons?

The matsu brothers live in the ocean everyday they come to the shore of a beach to interact with le humans

Oso is a little shit and he comes up to get free food, he will chase off seagulls and steal their food, he also is the person that steals your bikini while you’re swimming with in the water. One time he was trying to sneak into a nude beach with a reluctant choro and he only found old ladies there

Kara’s tail is so fucking shiny that some people think there is a second sun trying to blind them. He believes that they are descendants of sirens (ya know the ones that lure sailors and then they are never seen again) but since he doesn’t know how the sirens lured in people he bedazzles himself in glitter and struts painful poses in hopes that he will attract his karamatsu girls, because of him sunglasses are mandatory if you want to go to that beach.

Choro thinks that talking to humans is a horrible idea and that they are all going to die because of it, but one time he heard someone playing nyaa chan’s song on the beach and he fell in love, he spends his days in the water trying to convince his brothers to go back home and get away from humans if any females come in the water he flees.

Ichi stays in the water with esp catfish he watches humans from afar he is too shy to interact with them and they are too afraid to interact with him because of his intense resting bitch face, some times he lights on fire in the water while watching couples interact

Jyushi loves playing water sports, and he also likes talking with humans he is known as the demon of the sea because he has a bad habit of trying to play underwater sports with humans and almost killing them he’s a good boi though, he likes to go around and pick up everyone’s lost goggles and sand toys and put them back on the shore so that their owners can get them 

Totty with his expert manipulation skills convinced a human to buy him a water proof phone he can only charge it on land though he spends his days trying to be cute and letting people admire him. He met atsushi when he fell off his boat (atsushi can’t swim) and ever since he’s been using that to get stuff from him

-mod trash can ichi 

Superheroes fight for everyone

Bruce Banner volunteers at Planned Parenthood, in his spare time, he works (for free) at clinics in underserved neighborhoods.
Steve Rogers marches at BLM protests, when things get tense, he acts as a shield in front of protestors of color so they can keep marching without fear of violence.
Tony Stark puts on his Iron Man suit and escorts trans people to the restroom when they feel unsafe.
Clint Barton works to make sure that disabled people are accommodated everywhere they go.
Thor volunteers at a homeless shelter. After seeing the conditions in most of them, he opens his own.
Natasha Romanoff helps foster kids find safe homes and community spaces where they belong, she gets kids and teenagers off the streets and out of dangerous situations.

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Not exactly sure if she should approach him, Sophie sighed in front of the locked door, looking at her sketch book as she drew something on it. While doing so, she felt her heart ache a bit, relating to Mute's pain in a level he would probably never know; but all she could do was try to comfort him. When she passed the paper below the door, butterflies popped out of it, flying around him in a playful manner; just a small gift. With a sad smile, she turned to go away.

-Mute looks down at the paper seeing it slid under he watch a butterfly emerge. The male huffed as he saw the thing fluttering around him. getting up and opening a window he lets the butterfly free.-

“..thing was gonna die if it was cooped up in here.” 

-He mumbled under his breath as he walked over to his desk and closed his laptop and lied his head on the desk with his hands crossed used as a pillow as he closes his eyes. Mute has not slept in his bed for months now and can be seen sleeping on the couch or at his desk more than anything.-

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Shmi/Mace? I'm intrigued would this be an AU ship? Would he free her?

Oh yes, definitely. Mace wouldn’t be able to live with the knowledge of having left her there, and go back to Tatooine personally to free her. @friendfinn and I came up with her becoming a Jedi Healer in the Temple and tentative but deep love blossoming between kind Shmi and gruff Mace who is secretly a softie, but only Shmi (and Depa, his Padawan) gets to see it! Also Anakin having to deal with MACE WINDU of all people becoming his stepfather, so comedy gold.