The tangy tale of Tessemae’s salad dressing. Made by Greg Vetter and his two brothers, it just hit Costco’s shelves. Lettuce, rejoice.

GREG VETTER: My brothers and I were wild as hell, and my mom had to figure out how to get us to eat our vegetables. She made this lemon garlic dressing, and suddenly we were just crushing salad at dinner. We played high school, college, and professional lacrosse, and the only thing the teams ever asked of our mom was to bring that salad dressing. When we went to college, she made it for our college houses in two-liter bottles.

I moved in with my girlfriend, now wife, and my mom made salad dressing for our house. One day in January of 2009, I came home to have lunch, and the salad dressing was missing from the fridge. I called one of my buddies, Smitty, who doesnot eat salad–he eats Taco Bell for lunch every day–and I was like, “Did you take my salad dressing?” And he said, “Yeah, I woke up, I needed it, I knew the code to your house, I got it, and now I’m eating spinach.” I’m like, “Well, bring it back.” He’s like, “Okay.”

Later I’m with my mom, and I’m like, “What kind of man steals another man’s salad dressing?“ I’m like, "I think we should bottle this. If I get us into Whole Foods, will you go into business with me?” She was like, “It’s never gonna work.” I was like, “That’s not what I asked you.”

I called Whole Foods and told them I was a food manufacturer, which wasn’t true. I got a meeting with one of the grocery buyers, and I walked in with a Tupperware container of salad. The guy’s like, “Where’s the packaging?” I’m like, “Dude, you’re busy, it’s lunch, I brought you a salad.” He looks at me like I’m on something, but soon he’s taking these pieces of wet lettuce and licking the dressing off. He says, “You have something special.”

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Jason Polan, responsible for the kristenwiig.com illustration above, is releasing a book called “Every person in New York” next month, with foreword by Kristen.

Jason Polan is on a mission to draw every person in New York, from cab drivers to celebrities. He draws people eating at Taco Bell, admiring paintings at the Museum of Modern Art, and sleeping on the subway. With a foreword by Kristen Wiig, Every Person in New York, Volume 1 collects thousands of Polan’s energetic drawings in one chunky book. As full as a phone book and as invigorating as a walk down a bustling New York street, this is a new kind of love letter to a beloved city and the people who live there.

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clyde donovan (south park)

My otp: Cryde
My most hated pairing: Ah I don’t think I have any lol I don’t like Clybe though.
My unusual otp: Clenny
My crossover otp: N/A
My brotp/friendship otp: Styde
Character headcanon: He’s pretty much a dork and like tacos, he would be the type to try playing sports he’s good at baseball and football, I imagine he would be a bit childish sometimes, and bothers Craig until he gives in to what Clyde wants pffft, Even though he eats tacos he would try to lose weight when he works out as he grows up.

A Gif that shows how I feel about the character:

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i got so excited 2 eat my left over…. mexican…. i even kept some leftover taco shells but i wake up and MY DAD ATE IT……….i cooked it….so well……. and he didnt even eat the taco shells so they have… no purpose now :~(