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lmao so alyn is the only one who drives? what kinda car does he have?

no omg nathan!!! its nathan who drives - vera has her license and she has a car, too actually. i think i forgot to mention that lol.

but sometimes nathan will drive alyn to the therapy meetings (what are friends for?!)

I don’t care what car he drives, if he can even afford a car, I dont care what job he has and how much he makes, I don’t care who his family is, and where they came from…I just don’t. What am I supposed to do with that? I would walk miles barefoot with a man who’s religious, over sitting in a comfortable car with a man who’s not. I’d sleep on the floor with a man who’s God fearing over sleeping in a big comfy bed with a man who isn’t. I can sacrifice and compromise easily with someone who has a strong imaan. I can fall in love easily with someone who I know loves Allah more than they will ever love me.

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Banff Prompt: Just the most badass car chase you can write. I don't even car about who he is driving away from or trying to catch up to. Just Bucky knowing how to drive stick like an expert. ;)

“You may want to hold on,” Bucky grunts, and Steve makes a hasty grab for the door handle just as Bucky gets his hand on the cracked knob and downshifts at the same time as he yanks the wheel to the left.

The Charger flies in front of a wall of oncoming traffic - Steve even catches a glimpse of the shocked expression on a girl’s face from where he’s smashed against the passenger window - before careening into the intended destination: an alley that is narrow enough to have no business having a large car drive through it. The thought arrives just as Bucky plows over a pallet and bursts out onto the street again, rocking them both heavily to the left before the suspension catches up with them and he corrects, swerving them into the passing lane around a dusty blue Civic.

Bucky ignores the volley of honking and squealing tires entirely. The radio is still on, somehow, Dolly Parton singing Jolene as the car eats up the road beneath them.

“I don’t see anything,” Steve breaths, twisted around in his seat to see out the back window. The road behind them looks normal enough… “Wait, no, shit. Bucky - ” They’re back, black paint and chrome gleaming against the sheen of heat coming off the baked asphalt. Bucky’d taken a sharp exit off the highway a little while back, but Steve’s lost the thread of where they are now, barrelling through downtown, the cab bitter with the scent of sweat and exhaust. “Passenger has a gun,” he reports, grim. “Some kind of semi, I can’t really tell.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Bucky says, slamming in the clutch and throwing the car into third. They’re going way too fast for the street, but Bucky doesn’t flinch: he weaves around a tour bus, slips between two cars and guns it into an open stretch of road. Third, fourth: the old V8 engine thundering, Bucky’s left hand a vice grip on the wheel, his right surprisingly light on the stick, and Steve steals another glance behind them.

“Fuck,” Bucky mutters. “They’re comin’ in North. Grab something, Steve.” He grits his teeth against the wail of oncoming sirens, then abruptly drops down a gear, the car lurching with the sudden loss of momentum. Steve’s seatbelt kicks him across the chest.

“You can’t drift in a Charger, ” Steve shouts, realizing what is about to happen and bracing. “Are you out of your mind?”

Bucky doesn’t answer. They’re about to be pinched, civilian cars getting roughly squeezed out of the lanes on both sides, and in a second it’s going to be mess of steel and gunfire, but at the last second Bucky heaves the wheel to the right and cranks the handbrake between them.

Steve gets in one breath before Bucky lets out the clutch and puts the gas on the floor, counter-steering rapidly as they fly toward the exit, sliding around the bend in a haze of smoke and rubber before Bucky violently swings them onto a side street, and they are away, away.

my philosophy prof is pretty young and you can tell he’s fairly well off because of his clothes and the car he drives and he’s single and imma need yall to hold me back because my need for a sugar daddy is strong but he’s too ginuinely nice for me to use him for his money

XF Fic: Into the Fractured Night

Title: Into the Fractured Night

Author: @skylandmountain1013

Rating: G

Timeline: Post “Home Again”

Listen. I know everyone has done this. But I couldn’t get this out of my head all day. 

The scrub and trees of the shore fade into the billboards and the streetlights of the city as he follows her down the interstate. 

She had insisted on driving her own car (i need to control what i can today, she had told him), and he had insisted on following her to her apartment afterwards. He feels a fierce compulsion to protect the last of the Scully women. 

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omg imagine Saitama and Genos trying to learn how to drive a car.

- Saitama goes first because Genos claims he wants to take notes and learn from him.
- A little too aggressive on the accelerator and brakes.
- Jerks them back and forth every few seconds.
- Forgets that car is not indestructible.
- Genos sits securely strapped in, at first trying to appreciate his master’s skill at driving but eventually giving in and becoming the WORST BACK SEAT DRIVER OF ALL TIME.
- Saitama eventually gets so annoyed with him that he just lets go of the wheel and Genos has to lunge for it so that they don’t drive straight off a bridge (”You insisted we didn’t get the comprehensive insurance on this rental car, sensei!”)
- Genos tries to drive.
- Genos ends up driving like a little old lady with his shoulders all hunched up and everything.
- Saitama complains.
- Genos tells him that he isn’t used to driving around a ton-and-a-half of metal and machinery.
- Saitama asks him if that means he’s lost weight.
- Genos parks and very dramatically exits the car. Tells Saitama to get out so that he can incinerate it.
- Saitama rolls his eyes and gets back into driver’s seat.
- Road head.
- ????
- The end.

he spent 7 months saying he wouldn’t have any responsibility nor anything special to do during his break, that he’d drive his car and go to his mum and sleep and play football and when asked if he had any plan again he’d say his plan could have been a “LADS HOLIDAY” with the rest of his bandmates, same bandmates who couldn’t give a fuck about his son being born 


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Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Soulmate!AU

Word Count: 1,542

A/N: This sucks. Bye


‘’You will understand when you see her.’’ His mother had always told him. ‘’You just need to wait till you’re a little bit older.’’

Chanyeol was only 6 years old when his mother said these words. He didn’t understand why soulmates were important. He didn’t like girls, he thought that they were boring. He didn’t want to get married. He wanted to travel the world with his friends and drive expensive cars. He was still young after all, it was normal for him to think like but a simple smile from that special somebody could change everything right?

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if gods drove cars what kind of cars would they own!!

Hm.. Bishamon would probably own like, a lot of cars since she likes them and has fun fixing them up. So a ferrari, lincoln, some classics, and yes, even a motorcycle.

Yato would drive some crappy ass car that he got probably from the junkyard (if they do police auctions in Japan, then for sure he’d buy a car that was part of a high speed getaway bank robbery). The brakes make a LOUD squeaking sound but he can’t get those fixed, nor can he get his drivers side mirror fixed. Hard life.

Takemikazuchi… He would drive the top of the line car. The one that came out JUST this year because he needs to SHOW how much better he is at EVERYTHING. Of course, it’s hella expensive and ugly and he thinks he’s all cool for buying it but other gods hate his big ass ego and decline all carpool rides with him. Takemikazuchi just doesn’t understand why he’s always alone.

If Ebisu were still big enough, he’d drive something energy efficient and eco friendly because he is such a caring little goldfish. He’s the guy who would call the number on the back of the truck and tell them how great of a driver they are.

Kofuku walks. Or Daikoku carries her.

Exo Reactions To The Moment When They Realize That Their Daughter Is Growing Up

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *acts like he’s okay when she drives off in her new car to hang out with her friends, but over-dramatically lets out a sad sigh at the thought of his daughter not needing him to drive her places anymore*

Chanyeol: *silently watches from a distance when his daughter brings her partner home & says that they’re moving in together, feeling like he’s losing his little girl & not wanting to let her partner take her away from him*

Chen: *pridefully grins while he listens to you talk to her about graduating from school, beaming over how proud he is that he produced such an ambitious & well-rounded human being, feeling proud of himself in turn*

D.O.: *happily smiles when she comes in & tells him about getting a job that she really wanted, talking to her animatedly about her future plans & feeling nothing but excitement that she’s making her dreams come true*

Kai: *wedding dress shopping with his daughter & you when he goes quiet, thinking about when she was little & comparing it to now, not wanting to let her go but feeling happy that she’s doing well in her life*

Kris:  *eating breakfast when his daughter slips a college acceptance letter in front of him, he looks up at her, confused for a moment & then gives a small smile, but inside he feels his heart sink at the thought of her leaving*

Lay: *confused as he hears you talking to her about college, thinking she’s too young & taking a quiet moment to count up her age in his head, then staring at her for a long time as it finally sinks in that she’s growing up*

Luhan: *at the airport, watching as his daughter walks away to board her plane for her new job overseas, trying to hold in his tears & seem strong but feeling himself breaking down as she disappears from his sights*  

Sehun: *goes quiet as his daughter & her partner announce their engagement, thinking to himself about all of the changes that are happening & not speaking for the rest of the day as he’s stuck in his own mind* 

Suho: *pretends to cry when she says that she’s getting her own place, but then grinning at her  telling him how excited he is for her,  feeling sad that she’s leaving home but supporting that she wants to be independent*

Tao: *actually starts crying when his daughter comes up to him & asks him to show her how to wear makeup, torn between not wanting her to grow up but also really kind of wanting to teach her his makeup secrets*

Xiumin: *dramatically gestures to his heart when she says she’s old enough to make her own lunch, but smiles at her & kisses her head before walking away & sighing to himself at the thought of her not needing him anymore*

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this took me like three days to type out and it takes up like 5 pages on google docs buT HERE YOU ARE BUDDY


4 - Driving headcanon

When Tate was young, he was apart of a little league team, and it was always Fiddleford who was called upon to drive the team around. He owned a large minivan, which was covered in dents from angry child fists and stray baseballs. Just imagine your typical soccer mom driving, and that’s exactly my headcanon for Fiddleford’s type of driving (including him using fake swear words when he gets road rage; “Use your turn signal, you bumbling Betsy!” “The light’s GREEN, goose face!” “Cut me off again and I’ll toss your salad, you son of a stinger!”)

Of course, in his older age, Fiddleford isn’t allowed to drive anymore. But if he’s ever in a car with someone, he’s got the strongest case of second-hand driving imaginable. Do not drive with him unless you want tips on your driving technique. He’s been driving around preteens for years, he knows what he’s talking about.

6 - Hugging headcanon

It’s not uncommon for Fiddleford to casually sling his arm around anyone he considers not-an-enemy. Anyone who is Fiddleford’s friend has faced many of his hugs before; they’re short and sweet and casual. He’s hugged all of his friends, most of his professors, and a few strangers (though mostly on accident).

When he needs a hug, though, it’s a lot different. His arms may seem tiny and scrawny but he can hold an iron grip when need be. He’ll hide his face in your neck and whine softly and never want to be let go of. Few people have been hugged by him in such a way.

When he’s older, he’s a lot more hesitant to hug. However, when he does hug someone, he wraps his arms and legs around them. He’s probably gonna hang off them for awhile. Do not let him fall.

7 - Kissing headcanon

Fiddleford would kiss every inch of someone’s face, because he wants them to know that every inch of them is loved. When it comes to more intimate, elongated kisses, whenever he pulls away he mutters a quiet “Golly” or something along those lines. He will never, ever kiss without asking first, even if he knows the answer is yes (in a fiddauthor context; he also totally has a tendency to kiss each of Ford’s fingers, especially when Ford expresses his dislike for them).

9 - General physical contact headcanon

Younger Fiddleford is a pretty touchy feely person. Like I said before, he’s a pretty huggy person to anyone he considers a friend. When he’s older, though, he’s a lot more hesitant to touch anyone, thinking no one would want to touch him. However, he tends to hang off of people that he’s most comfortable with, such as hanging off their arm or riding on their back.

11- Wardrobe headcanon

TACKY!!! FLORAL!!! SHIRTS!!!! He’s got a tacky floral shirt for every occasion. He’s always wearing one under his labcoat. When he is older and it’s post-Weirdmageddon, he gets back into the habit of wearing his ridiculous floral shirts (Tate never got rid of any of them) and it becomes a rarity to see him without them on.

14 - Dancing headcanon

Who cares who’s watching? Fiddleford’s having FUN! When his jams start playing, there is no stopping the whirlwind of movement that is Fiddleford Hadron McGucket stepping around and flailing his arms in his attempt of a dance.

There is no rhyme nor reason to his dancing, but there’s passion behind it and he’s having SO much fun, so no one has the heart to stop him. Just stay far away, in case he accidentally smacks you in the face.

Quite honestly all I’ve been imagining while writing this is this video

15 - Singing headcanon


Okay, sure, Fiddleford has a horrible singing voice, but when he sings, he’s having so much fun and you can’t help but sing along.

16 - Anger headcanon

Fiddleford is very tough to get angry. When the seeds of anger are first planted, he tends to repress it, thinking that the source of his anger will come to their senses before Fiddleford has to get too angry. When his anger swells, though, he goes ballistic. He might say things that he doesn’t quite mean, and will storm off to fume on his own. It’s best not to let him be angry alone for too long, or else he may impulsively do something he’d regret (from deleting a phone number from his phone to starting a cult).


3 - Sleeping headcanon

Ford Pines having a night’s sleep is a blessing. Ford Pines having a GOOD night’s sleep is a flat-out miracle. When he’s not having nightmares, Ford curls up and is knocked out completely, and can be found sleeping in the strangest places (the roof, the dining room table, overtop one of the gift shop attractions etc etc). Despite his seemingly deep sleep, Ford’s actually a very light sleeper. If he hears something off, or so much as feels uneasy, he will wake up and jump into action at once.

Stan is considering soundproofing Ford’s bedroom just so that the guy can have a nice long sleep. Ford would never approve, though; he likes to hear every sound in the Shack to keep an ear out for anything out of place, such as a potential threat.

(He will never tell anyone this, but he sleeps a LOT easier when someone else is in the same room as him.)

5 - Bathing/showering headcanon

Before the portal, Ford’s bathing practices were similar to Dipper’s; he’d constantly forget to bathe, finding it to be a waste of time that he could be using to hunt monsters or work on his research. Sure, he’d remember to take a brisk shower before leaving the Shack, but the problem with that is that he left the Shack very sparingly. After he found out about Bill’s deceit, he didn’t bathe at all, terrified that the moment he let his guard down, Bill would come in for the kill.

After the portal, though, it’s a much different story. He’s got a lot of wounds and scars to clean out, and the dimensions he was stuck in didn’t have the luxuries of showers or bathes. He’ll spend hours at a time taking long, warm showers, if just to listen to the running water and have some peace, and warm bathes are just as soothing for him. It takes a long time until he’s able to stop wearing clothes into the shower or bathe.

6 - Hugging headcanon

Ford has never really been one to hug. When he does, though, boy howdy is it a hug. When his defences are low and he trusts himself enough, he will wrap his arms around someone and probably won’t be letting go for a long time. He wants to protect whoever he hugs, and throws his entire body over the recipient of the hug as if he’s acting as a human shield to a danger that’s not coming. He may start crying during the hug, but he’d never let anyone know. Trust me, he needs this hug more than you know, just let him hug you.

9 - General physical contact headcanon

Ford’s been though a lot, and it doesn’t take the family long to learn NOT to startle him (Soos once tried to get his attention by poking his shoulder, and Ford near shot his arm off) (don’t worry, Soos wasn’t harmed nor too offended over it). Do not touch him without verbal warning, or else he’ll either jump 5 feet in the air in surprise and shriek, or pull a weapon you (usually both).

Even still, Ford’s a surprisingly physical person, albeit in small ways. When Mabel takes him out to the market to shop, he lets her ride on his shoulders. When he and Dipper go into the forest together, he keeps his hand over Dipper’s shoulder. Little physical interactions like this put him at ease; he likes to know that the people he cares about are safe, and can get antsy if he doesn’t have his hand on a loved one for awhile, and he can start to think the worst. It takes Stan while to understand why sometimes Ford will just grab the cuff of his sleeve, or mandatorily check to make sure the family is breathing while they’re asleep, but he’s learned to stop complaining about it.

13 - Nickname headcanon

Oh jeeze.

Y’all know as well as anyone how Ford was commonly called Sixer, a nickname that he embraced. However, like many other things, Bill Cipher ruined that name for him. Ford can NOT stand being called Sixer, IQ, Fordie, or any of those names that Bill used on him, and being called these names can either make him mildly annoyed or send him into a full panic attack.

Most people know to just call him Ford, a nickname that gives him his own identity but is still his own. He doesn’t mind being called Poindexter by Stan, though. Wendy and Soos also have a habit of calling him ‘the Author’, and Ford’s the first to admit that it gives him a bit of an ego boost.

(also whenever fiddleford calls him ‘Doctor’ ford literally melts he loves it so much but he’ll never admit this)

14 - Dancing headcanon

He can not.

I don’t know what else to say here. The guy’s got two left feet. He does not dance.

17 - Soft spot headcanon

I think Ford would be a huge HUGE fan of being pampered. Like, he doesn’t take care of himself much, but he loves loves LOVES it when someone else cuts his hair or does his nails or something along those lines. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and let someone else take care of you for you. There are VERY few people that Ford trusts enough to care for him while he just closes his eyes and relax.

Luckily, Mabel Pines is more than willing.

She’ll also paint his nails sparkly red and do his makeup and stuff along those lines, but Ford absolutely adores it.

he’s also got a soft spot for wacky hillbillies hyuk hyuk

18 - Favorite possession headcanon


19 - Favorite photograph headcanon

Before Mabel and Dipper leave for the summer, Mabel probably copies all of her favorite pictures from the summer and let’s Ford and Stan have them. No one thinks Ford the sentimental type, but if you go into the basement, you’ll see tons of these photographs pinned up everywhere. In most of these pictures, Ford has a surprised expression, given Mabel’s tendency for candid pictures. There are also a bunch of pictures of Ford napping, with a comment written in sharpie ‘HE SLEEPS!!!’ However, Ford’s favorite picture features all four of the Pines family (plus Wendy and Soos and probably Fiddleford), and everyone’s laughing, especially Ford. He can’t explain why, but that picture in particular makes him feel really good.

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do you ever get sad when you think of how louis said all he was looking forward to this break was a lads holiday, hanging with his family, and driving his own car around and all he's done since break has started was take the annual winter girlfriend ski holiday, be stuck in LA for over a month without seeing his siblings/grandparents, and hiring charter cars to drive his ass around.

I think he knew it was coming

it's a risk to even fall.


He grinned letting her lead him out of the party. The alcohol warmed him and he felt a little lightheaded. She would have to drive he knew. “Will it be in the car again?”

“I’m thinking your place,” she said as she unlocked the car door and helped him into the passenger seat. She quickly shut the door and returned to her side. “It’s just not the same in my car…” Like hell he was getting laid. He was way too drunk to consent, and while she doubted sober Damon would protest, he wouldn’t be any good in this state.

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Sometimes He Goes Back

Summary: I had a Sam and Sarah crisis after watching episode 1.19, Provenance. This wouldn’t leave my head.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Sam Winchester and Sarah Blake

Word Count: 708

Warnings: Language, mentions of death, mild smut, nsfw

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Sometimes he goes back. Dean doesn’t know, Sam’s never felt the need to mention it to his older brother. There are some things he needs to keep to himself. Sarah is one of them.

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I've seen a lot of Modern AUs having Hiccup be unpopular and a loser but.. I don't really see that happening. He was unpopular for his TIME PERIOD but I think he'd be popular without even trying all that much. He certainly is a looker, is good with tools and is smart and is funny. Hell modern cup is probably into extreme sports as well and if his status remained the same. Probably rich. I don't see how he could be a loser, introverted perhaps. But introversion=/loser

Anon here continuing with my modern au rant lol. Also Hiccup does not listen to authority when he rather do his own thing which in the eyes of many could give him bad boy cred as well. Plus like in ur AU. He prob drives a sweet bike/car. The adrenaline junkie that he is

Introverted =/= Loser, indeed.

I have some age-old rants about the misplaced ‘nerd role’ transferred on Hiccup in a modern AU (particularly the glasses-bit). He’s a soul that would rather do his own thing than work a system like life is just a bunch of stepping stones. A smart kid that has better things to do than school, hence why his grades are mediocre. A student that has a lack of school spirit, which drives over-achievers, rally-organizers like Astrid insane.

Modern Hiccup is a loner, maybe a bit of an outsider. Not a loser. Not in modern society.

And yes, a penchant for thrill, but intelligent enough not to show off. He’s the kid who asks his father if he can skive off school and go skydiving on his birthday and then silently takes the flack from Astrid the next day for not showing up for their group project and how she’s not going to pull his dead weight anymore and he cuts in and says he promises to do his part but she insists that that’s not the point and he’s so unreliable…

And he fumes a bit thinking of a time when they were tiny tots and friends and when she would have remembered that yesterday was his birthday.

Ah, little high school fights :3

Empty Glass

A Sleepy Hollow story based on the spoilers, pictures and ONE promo for episode 309/One Life. BUT mostly for the phrase written on the mirror. You know what I’m talking about. Warnings: Crane has taken up trying to escape from this pain at night with drinking and one night of left over prescription pain killers. And all errors are mine. Sorry about the weird formatting. Tumblr isn’t my friend right now. 

He had always enjoyed a drink while sitting on the porch swing and waiting for Abbie to come home, swirling the amber liquid around in the glass. He only felt truly content once he saw her car pull up the drive, waiting for her to take her shoes off and come out and join him. They would discuss her day and what he had cooked for dinner and it was all the simple ebb and flow of everyday life.

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