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"Ed Sheeran’s new album, imo , is lowkey adlock idek why" TRUE. like, the songs themselves are not adlock-y at all, but there are some lines that, if taken out of context, are definitely adlock-ish

 YEESSS– A hundred times yes –! 

Since most of us pretty much accepts that Shape of You is the top 1 – can we talk about New Man like– I have it on repeat today… and I just : oh wait … another lowkey adlock song. why– you ask, godfrey norton and a slightly vigilant ( and jealous ) sherlock holmes. 

its mostly a crack headcanon in my side but yeah…

im all over sherlock with furrowed eyebrows and john’s at the background, all curious, ( ‘what the hell is he .. doing?’) then he goes just right behind sherlock who doesn’t have a care in the world because he’s stalking his… girlfriend adversary’shusband’ ( oh how he loathes that term ) in instagram.. 

bonus if irene knows about it and she roasts him about it the whole day

I suppose [the success of Sherlock] is because I’m in some of it now. What? ‘Oh, that’s arrogant’ - it’s not arrogant, it’s truth. I’m in some of it, so they have naturally gravitated towards it. I have no idea why, I have no idea.
—  Martin Freeman, The Abominable Bride Behind-the-scenes (x)

Mycroft is trying to convince them that his brother still has utility–“There will always come a time when we need Sherlock Holmes”–and then sends him off on a supposed suicide mission. He just said that they need Sherlock; why would he suggest not even 30 seconds later to send him to his death? Answer: Sherlock isn’t actually being sent to his death because Mycroft absolutely has a plan to rescue him from that fate.


Mixed Signals: Approximately one month after the great Moriarty Return, Sherlock contacts Molly over the chat, but their fragile civility is too large an elephant for him to ignore. But where some truths are revealed, others are kept hidden.

(Note: this chat takes place roughly 7 - 8 months after the last chat, and this story is working with the theory that the Moriarty return is actually fake.)